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Found 18 results

  1. I recently made a collection of 'creature' sounds, and I would like you magnificent pone pones to guess what I used as a source sound effect to make the sound file. It's a dumb idea, but honestly, I'm just curious to see if people can guess where I get the bases for some of my crazy files from. Anyways, audio file is right HERE! Soundcloud link.
  2. Perhaps one of the most important elements of a song is the sound of the instruments. Nowadays, most people have turned to the synthesizer, which is perhaps one of the most powerful musical instruments up-to-date. It can produce a wide variety of sounds. Even so, companies have now produced what are called "sound engines" that aim to create a sound so perfect, that it almost sounds like the real thing. Nonetheless, people have taken this a step further by pushing the limits of the sound engine. In this thread, you will find various resources from yours truly on creating sounds that can and will improve the quality of your creations significantly. All sounds you will find in this thread are produced from the Korg Kronos 88 workstation. However, even if you don't have the Korg Kronos, you can still do alot with the effects paths, instruments and other elements in your own DAW. Every sound is based off of one of four simple sound waves: sine, square, sawtooth and triangle. There are many other types of waves such as step and exponential waves, but these are more complex. In addition, there is a variant of the squarewave known as the pulse wave, where the peaks and bounds of the square wave are of different phase. A phase is a single instance of a wave. Here's an example of a single sine wave phase: A phase is consisted of a leap and bound. Rolling back to the pulse has a skinnier top end than a standard squarewave as shown in the picture below: Now that we got that out of the way, it is time to apply this knowledge to creating custom sounds. Let's say you're making a piece that calls for a solo instrument such as a violin. You don't have a virtual violin...what are you going to do? Simple, you can make one from scratch using the knowledge you have soundwaves. of the five basic soundwaves has a mellow type of feel...? The answer: The Triangle wave. So, a triangle wave alone simply cannot produce a violin or wind instrument sound. It has been stated that most synthesized wind instruments originate from the square or triangle must transform it into the instrument by changing the attack time, equalizing and adding some vibrato if necessary. For a more brighter wind instrument sound, a subtle sawtooth may be added, but we must not make the sawtooth overpower the triangle/squarewave combination. After all work has been done, we get something like this: Notice the reverb and the sawtooth decay after the initial square/triangle combination wave has fully decayed. This is supposed to simulate either string vibrations or location that this sound is being played at. Next, let's say you want to make a song about our favorite bubble cutie-mark mare Derpy Hooves. Her cutie mark is bubbles...but you don't have a bubble sound. What are you gonna do? Well, if you have a sound engine in your DAW that has filter controls, your cutoff control is your big one here. Turn that all the way off. Next, turn your resonace up close to, but not all the way. Finally, turn your EG Intensity knob all the way up, that is, if you have one. You may fiddle around with other parts of the sound engine to fit to your taste, but here's what you should get: The second run of this sample is with added ring-modulation, which is basically tremolo beyond it's maximum capacity. It gives the sound a "retro" feel, sort of like pac-man. So as you can see, there is a lot of potential with the five basic soundwaves. I'll start with these two custom sounds and add more as I go on. Happy creating!
  3. So back when I had friends (It's a long story and I'll be more than willing to tell when I run out of ideas), I was really into the music genre of Vapourwave. This style of music captivated me because of just how hilariously stupid and simple it was to make and listen. Because of this, I ran out and snagged my very own copy of FL Studio just to make Vaporwave. Yeah, very good investment. Now of course, I try to learn it here and there, which, in fact, I have written and composed a few good pieces. But back to the story, I told my former friends about this new discovery and exposed them to it as much as possible. Naturally, they'd never heard of it, but immediately fell under that same "So stupid it's good" spell as I had. No, they didn't want to make it and were just happy to have a quick listen, but I was ready to go the extra mile. Now, having not been born into that "early 70's" commercial and jazz era, I had no idea where to find the source material and begin making this masterpiece. The only songs I had on hand were a few Metal arrangements composed by none other than DAGames. At the time, I just wanted to get my career on the road and didn't exactly care for quality control, so, I booted up FL, messed around with the settings, slowed it down to about -37% and... well... I'll let you be the judge of this piece. (I was able to extract it from my Google Drive before my laptop shut down. See "I AM A COMPUTER") Having embraced the severity of quality it was radiating from my headphone speakers, I soon came up with a name for this newly bred beast of a genre. I insisted that it'd be a new hit, but I never got around to having it published. So, I present to everyone here, my timeless masterpiece... Meet Deathcore, the very embodiment of emo hell. (Trust me when I say it's bad and I think runs at about 8 minutes.) -RealityPublishing
  4. So...I just wanna know if there's anyone out there who likes Aviators and his music as much as I do. I'll just post his YouTube and SoundCloud links for now, and if this catches your eye and interests you, go ahead and let me know! Once again, if there's something that you think you might like, just say so!
  5. 1. Twilight Sparkle, groaning as she is upset ("Uurgh!") 2. The galloping sound effect used for FiM ponies (it sounds somewhat different from actual horse gallops, even on hard surfaces) 3. The trotting sound effect for FiM ponies (ditto). Some people who make FiM animations have managed to use these sounds, so where would you find these sounds and other stock FiM sound effects?
  6. Sound effects can be a cool thing to add... Right?... Well this concept comes from a hope within... Imaging "you" making a topic. You want to make an interesting topic. You want to also make it seem funny. You click a button that has sound effects you can use when another person clicks on the topic. Like rarity's Oooooohhh! This can be something huge for this website. Other ideas can include adding music for the theme of the topic. Like the instrumental of the FIM intro. Anyways thank you for reading... Bye!
  7. I am doing some research on how sound effects things. Does anypony know what frequency a bass drum vibrates at? I would test myself but i don't have one at my disposal. Also, does amypony know the frequency at which aluminium resonates at?
  8. In your opinion what are some of the best, or at least your favorite, VG Music Soundtracks? I'll always have to give props to Sonic for both stage and boss themes (Yeah, I love Crush 40) But other than that I love Wild Guns, Wild Arms 2 and Castlevania. And I haven't played these series' but from the music I've heard of them they could possibly end up my faves. The series' are: Persona and Ys.
  9. title pretty much says it all, rate in on what every scale you see fit and for those who doesn't know what gifsound is it's basically a website where you can match gif with youtube vids. and please keep it SFW well since somepony is going to have to start this up and have fun
  10. How can i speak without a voice, can anyone see me? I try to call help but without the sound of my voice people just walk by. Does anything that i say even matter when no one is there to hear me. Is it worth it to even try when you see that it isnt working. How can i know what i sound like if no one hears me. Do i sound like delicate light creature or the exact opposite. Can i define who i am if my voice is not heard. Is this why people around me cant listen what i say? Why my voice cant be heard. There are times when i say things waiting for an answer that never comes, other things come into peoples minds before my voice. I seek help but i see only ears who are deaf to my call. There is more than just a voice in a communication between people. I cannot deliver my message clearly with my voice. I try to deliver it by other means but no one is there for me. No one listens my silent messages. I feel like a foreigner no one understands my language I am only one of my kind they say i am special but is that even good thing when I am alone even when there are people around me. They can hear me. Just me alone. Me no one else.
  11. "Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha-*snort*" You know that sound, commonly played in fanworks whenever she is around. What episode has this commonly-used, quick laughing sound.
  12. heard it right. You are capable of performing manipulations on soundwaves with your mind. However, only you can hear them, no one else. These manipulations work best on instrumental versions of songs. In order to perform these manipulations, you must tap into the music. This requires you to focus on EVERY detail of the music. With maniputations, you can perform vibrato, pitch bends, slides and other crazy and cool stuff. Here's a guided breakdown on how to do the basics. For the best effect, listen to the song through earbuds or high-quality headphones. 1. Pitch bend: Close your eyes and Tap into the song. As said before, this requires you to focus and block out your surroundings. Try to envision the individual sound waves. When the time is right, pretend to pinch one of the sound waves and pull it up. You should hear the pitch bend upward. To bend the pitch down, push down on the wave and release. 2. Vibrato: Follow the steps until you have pinched the soundwave. Lightly shake your wrist or arm. You should hear the note of the song modulate up and down, creating that vibrato effect. It's best to do this when you have a long note 3. Slide: Follow the steps until you have pinched the sound wave and have it in your grasp. Slowly move it to your left to slide down, or to your right to up. The slide is best used for expression. 4. Flanger: Follow the steps until you have pinched the sound wave. This time, take your other hand and pinch the bottom of it. Pull it on either sides to split it. Bring it back together again. Keep doing this process. You will hear the flanger as you go. There are many more manipulations that you can do. This thread will be posted when I find more manipulations. For now, good luck! Hope to see some great results!
  13. I head an idea for game, so thought might post it. The idea is that one post music from youtube other sources of media. And ask the nest person what come in mind when here this tone, what pop up in your imagination. For example describe scene taking place in your head. Your just try explain what music make you feel. Try to find music with none our, as less vocals as possible. I want music to paint you scene, not the words. Now with dos rule's stablest, I will post the first video. And then next person get describe what happening in his/he imagination. GO! What come's to mind?
  14. hey bronies I would like to know which headphones would you guys pefer out of all of them available in stores and on websites c:
  15. As a few friends of mine and I were Role Playing on Skype, I came up with an idea that, since this RP was long, we should create a YT series of it. This means that we'll need as much help as we can get. Just like Double Rainboom, we'll have separate teams in order to make this work. We'll need an animation team, a sound effects team, a music team (creating both background music and songs to be sung), an artist team (creating posters and art displaying the series), a few voice actors/actresses, a background art team (creating backgrounds for each scene), a puppet making team (creating puppets of each character in the series),...and that's all I can think of at the top of my head. Anyway, what we're currently looking for is a high quality artist to create one (if not more) movie poster. If any of you guys say yes, then contact me or Drew on Skype (use either Shadow Lux100, or DTF) Don't have Skype? Then contact us on our homepages. We're looking for as many helpers as we can, so please help us out! Assistant Director, ~Shadowlux100
  16. 1. Look at the GIF posted by the user above. 2. Find a YouTube video with fitting sound. 3. Use to combine them. 4. Post a GIF of your own! I'll start:
  17. Hi everypony! So, my little niece who is turning 4 in a couple of weeks absolutely love MLP:FiM. My idea is to make a very short animation for her with the Mane 6 personally wishing her a Happy Birthday. However, I am absolutely lost when it comes to animation and sound effects and such. I was hoping some of you guys could help me make this happen! The animation would honestly only be like a couple minutes. I just think she would be so happy with a gift like this So, I originally get the idea that it would start with Twilight talking to a camera. Making it easy for the animator since the the viewpoint would stay in that fixed point. One by one eventually all the Mane 6 manage to get a little snippet in there. I know animating in MLP style is a lot of work, but I figured 2 weeks or so was alright for only a 3-5 minute animation. Please just let me know if any of you want to help!
  18. For those of you who synthesize music using FL Studio (and some other music DAW's), you may have heard of .vst instruments. They're small files that you simply download to your computer, load up in your DAW, and link to a midi file (or write something yourself). It's a great way to introduce new sounds to the mix, especially if you're getting tired of your usual instruments. My question to the rest of you is this: What are your favorite free VST instruments? It could be anything - violins, pianos, additive synthesizers, effects, etc. While the saying "you get what you pay for" certainly applies here, I've found a few gems lying hidden here and there on the internet, such as T-Force Alpha TS V 1.03, Superwave P8, and D-Blue Glitch V 1.3 beta. Granted, they aren't nearly as powerful as software like Sylenth 1 or Nexus 2.0 (the full version of which costs about ~$2800), but they have done amazingly well for a simple free download. Any gems/particularly useful tools that you guys have come across?