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Found 6 results

  1. Hey, guys, I just posted my most recent story: Ponies Protecting Ponies. The premise is pretty simple: a select few background characters are members of a secret organization acting behind-the-scenes, and this story explores their involvment with Nightmare Moon's return in the first two episodes. Originally I was going to do an episode-like format with each chapter parodying a different episode from the show, but just after writing up the first two I had around thirty thousand words, and I realized that I had something much bigger on my hands. I may still treat this like a pilot or a movie that spawns a TV series kind of thing, but I'm waiting to see how reception goes first. So far I've only got the first chapter up, but the next (and much larger) chapter should be out before too long. If you want more information on what this story is about and the concept behind it, feel free to check out my blog page about it; bit of a long read though. Hope you all enjoy!
  2. If Lauren Faust's original visual concepts for the Mane Six gone through unchanged, we just might have had this right now (click the pictures for full-size views)... I really like these old, G1-inspired designs, but the current ones look a lot better in the Technicolor universe they've created for the show. Here's some more history for ya!
  3. So I posted a new fic and you can feel free to read it. Warning, the prequel is clop with plot so you have been warned. Link:
  4. Don't get me wrong, I love MLP. But what people don't seem to realize is that it would probably be a very different show if Lauren Faust could have done anything she wanted with it. Hasbro changed a lot of what she had planned, and I'm sure if she worked for a looser company she probably would make it differently. (So people stop acting like its such a huge deal that Hasbro made them make her an alicorn, and "its all for toy sales!" because they made her do a LOT of junk, and it was ALWAYS "All for toy sales!" Cartoon Network gives the people who make their shows more creative freedom, in my opinion. The Powerpuff Girls was made for CN and they basically let Craig do whatever he wanted with it. (Just watch: The Powerpuff Girls. Who what when why...who cares? It shows how he made it.) If the Hub/Hasbro let Lauren Faust do WHATEVER she wanted with it, do you think it would be even better? Most of us know she would have used different designs based on G1 ponies. They are Surprise, Twilight, Posie, Sparkler, Applejack and Firefly. Hasbro made her change their names and color schemes to match G3 ponies. Most bronys don't like their ponies to look different so when they see these designs they automatically dislike them, and I'll admit I like some of the newer designs better, but I think they fit Laurens vision, and their personality better. Especially Surprise. First of all, as much as I like Pinkie Pie.......Pinkie Pie? What the hay is that supposed to mean? Shouldn't have something to do with her love of parties, or making ponies smile? And I'm guessing she likes to bake which is why she has Pie in her name but she doesn't love to bake all that much. It could mean something like how clowns use pies in their joke a lot, but I think the name Surprise better. Also her colors are a lot better IMO. They make her look even cuter! Also I think Fireflies color scheme fits her better (although I'm not so much for bright pink and bright blue together) because it shows that you can be a girl (pink) but still be tough and tomboyish (blue) I'm not in love with Sparkler however, because white is a cleaner color and goes with Rarity better. Also, she was planning to name Applebloom Appleseed. She changed other ponies colors and names too. But enough about the colors and names. I think other things would be a bit different too. The Hub is for little kids, so there can be very little violence, or adult jokes. The Powerpuff girls was lighthearted but still had some violence (and surprisingly a lot of adult jokes XD) I'm not saying I like the Powerpuff girls better then MLP, or that MLP isn't good, but I actually think it would be even better if Lauren had more creative freedom and everything was more like in her vision. What do you think? (On a side note, Lauren Faust did NOT creative the Powerpuff girls, her husband did. She had just as much to do with it as the other writers and designers.) (On another side note, does anyone else think they based the CMC on the Powerpuff girls? Applebloom is kind of the leader, and has red hair and a red bow, like Blossom. Sweetie Belle is the cutsie one and a bit more girly and naive, like Bubbles. And Scootaloo is a tomboy like Buttercup.)
  5. I'm sticking to that head canon. I've decided that if I'm gonna keep on using Illustrator, I should do some more practice with the program, especially with layer management and shading. Don't have time to explain why Amethyst's cutie mark is incomplete. Also, a bajillion brohoofs to the poster who can tell me which Doctor's sonic screw driver that is. May have to click on the image to see it clearly, though. UPDATE: Here's the complete version! I actually had a fun time doing this one. Not exactly good, but I think I'm getting marginally better. Here's the DeviantArt page for everybody who actually likes this.
  6. So, I was derping around in school the other day when I decided to work on some Alpha Foals. So far I only have Berry Punch finished, as well as a quick doodle of Sparkler and Noi, but the other three'll be up later! Berry Punch: Sparkler and Noi (Note: Their eyes are white because they're ghosts! ) I really only uploaded to get your guys' opinion: am I a good artist? EDIT: Hooray for updates! This may not be update art, but I felt like drawing it. :3