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Found 12 results

  1. The subject of ghosts has always been an interesting one for me. Not only because of how others react, feel, or believe/disbelieve in ghosts but also for how encounters or situations can be interpreted differently by thoses people involved. I myself feel the idea of ghosts can be divided into a few groups: that of spirits, as in beings that have never had a body and that more often than not have a negative effect over the living. Then there is the impressions or memory left by those who died, not so much the actual ghost of the deceased but more a strong emotional 'imprint' left behind. Perhaps in more rare situations it may actually be a loved one being allowed to come back to deliver a message or bring comfort. Then, finally, there is the deception of the senses that bring one to believe there's something there when there's not. These I believe can all be true interpretations of ghosts and to their existence. Yet, understandably, it is not always clear or easy to tell what a person is experiencing is one of the above, hence why there is so much disagreement and varying opinions on this subject.
  2. I will probably get panned for this, but in my experiences that I have had, there are some things that I couldn't explain away. By natural I'm a very Vulcan-level individual. For those who don't get the Star Trek reference, I'm very logical-minded. I try to explore every angle of something before I come to a conclusion. And this is a thread for those who have had Paranormal Experiences. My first post will be long, but it is one of my most prominent stories, and it is about Shadow People. For those who do not know what a Shadow person is, visit here: Now, on to the story: About six or seven years ago, when I lived in TN there was a state park not too far from my apartment. I enjoyed going there to hike as well as visit the playground. Now I was in my mid-twenties and I would always go there when the kids were either in school, or it was just before dusk and no one was there. I liked the swing-set, it holds nostalgia for me. So, when I would go, I'd take my headphones and sit on the swings. These were tall swings, not those short squatty things only meant for 6 to 8 year olds. These were tall enough that an adult could comfortably fit in them and swing. I know it sounds childish, but I enjoyed the wind in my hair, listening to my music and it taking me back to as simpler time. I'll repeat that I never went when kids were there, that would just be... weird. Anyway, I enjoyed going there so much that when a friend from KY decided to visit, I took her there. It was just after sundown, and nighttime was my favourite time to be out there. We got to the swing-set and just began chatting it up about our usual nerd things and enjoying ourselves. After being there for about 20 to 30 minutes I notice something walking towards us. It's a silhouette of what appears to be a man of about 5 ft 8 to 6 ft tall. A shadow figure that began to approach us out of the darkness. Now this swing-set is situated about 12 to 15 yards away from one of those "shelters" they call them. Just an overhang roof with four wooden posts with benches and tables underneath them on a concrete platform. Next to it is the public metal/iron BBQ grill that they have set up with a charcoal pit. You know, these are the areas were park goers can throw a kids birthday party, or have a family get together and whatnot. Next to it is a light pole. It is on at this time, as it is dark. My friend at this point begins to get nervous. I tell her to just not acknowledge him and keep talking. At first I was thinking it could be a policeman or a park ranger about to ask us what the hell we were doing out here. Since we weren't doing or carrying anything illegal, it didn't bother me. But watching out of the corner of my eye and talking to my friend to keep her calm, this thing began approaching even closer, and though it's legs were moving in a walking fashion, it was so smooth it almost appeared to be gliding. It was at this point that my gut really began raising the red flags and I suddenly got suspicious. If it was a policeman or a ranger, they would have said something by now because we were certainly within earshot. My friend turns to me again, voice shaking, saying she is getting uncomfortable. I said to keep ignoring them, and that I'd protect her. I assured her about the butterfly knife in my pocket and it seemed to ease her a bit. Then the thing began walking again, and approached the pool of light that the pole was giving off. As it stepped into the circle of light, a pit began to open up in my stomach and my protective nature flared. Nothing on this shadow figure lit up. Even standing under the light, it still remained a black mass, shaped like a man. No features were describable and it was just a pitch black thing. Another odd thing to note is that it stood stock still. There was no rustle of clothes or hair in the wind on this figure, no shifting on the feet, no movement of hands, nothing. Instantly, I made up my mind on the thought that had been nagging me for the past two minutes: Shadow-person.My friend didn't have to say much as she asked me if we could please leave, and I agreed that was a good idea. We slowly stood up and began walking towards the path that made a wide berth around the shelter. Taking this path put the shelter between us and this thing. I made sure to also put myself between it, and my friend. She practically cowered on my side, clutching my arm. I told her to keep talking to me as normal, don't acknowledge it, and keep looking at me, just act as if you're conversing with me. I persuaded her to talk about a show she was very fond of at the time, and it kept her distracted as we walked. Every few moments as we semi-circled around it on this path, I would turn my head only slightly and look to the parking lot as if searching for my car. I used this opportunity to cut my eyes to the side and watch it, to make sure it didn't start following us. What I did notice, was that it's head ever so slowly began to follow us. Like the slow movement of an oscillating fan. It kept up with our pace. I tightened my grip on my butterfly knife in my jacket pocket and we as naturally as possible quickened our pace just enough to where we got back to the car without incident. I realise that a knife would do nothing against a Shadow-person, but it was what made my friend feel better, and it kept me grounded. It never moved towards us, it just stood there, stock still, only it's head turning to follow us. My friend opened the door the moment my car unlocked and she closed it behind her, locked it and gripped the sides of the seat. I slid in nonchalantly, and started the car, put it in reverse, then drove out as per normal. Making no indication that we were running or panicked. Again, I didn't feel whatever that was, was human. It didn't feel human, and I've dealt with the Paranormal before. So, while I didn't feel terribly frightened, my friend was terrified. Besides the very clipped conversation we had about it on the short ride back to the apartment, to my knowledge my friend never spoke of it again to anyone. I have since lost touch with her, as our lives ended up taking us in different directions and I haven't talked to her since. There were two reasons I didn't feel frightened that night. One was that I felt I needed to protect my terrified friend, and secondly, I've dealt with Shadow-people before. I have another, but I will save it for another post. What are everyone's thoughts? And have you or someone you know had a Paranormal experience or encounter? If so, please share! While we will have discussions on what it could or could not have been, please do not make fun of, insult or be condescending to anyone. I am making a place for people to seriously talk about their experiences, emotions and instincts on situations that they have encountered. Extra: If you do have any supernatural type questions, please feel free to contact me! While I am not official recognised by any "official" religious order, I am part of a group of practising Pagans who worship and perform either together or individually. Such as, I was appointed the High Priest of my order and have become a confidant and adviser to my group and general community.
  3. So, after I have begun watching Most Haunted on Youtube, it has gotten me thinking about things in my past and recent-ish events. In the past, with an ex girlfriend of mine, we decided to do some amateur 'ghost-hunting' after discovering that there were three distinct areas around my parents' house that at night time, and even during the day, that my dog when going even near them, would whimper and cower, trying to get away from them, which is odd, because he was a Golden Labrador and usually very friendly and happy. So during these 'ghost-hunting' sessions, at the first area where my dog would cower, which was a street near my parents' house, we picked up lots and lots of little white orb The second one which was my high-school oval,. we picked up not so many orbs, but they were larger and brighter ones there. And the third one, which was a small playground near my parents' house, the one where I used to go to go on the swings, smoke a cigarette and think for a while. We picked up only two orbs, but they were massive and bright red. At the time, my ex girlfriend told me that red meant evil, aggressive, which obviously freaked the hell out of me. But come to think of things from my past, what I've read on a site about orbs, I am more inclined to believe that it is: So, sadly as this was about 10 years ago, I no longer have the photos, but the white orbs were small, some even barley visible, but the red ones were rather large. I'd say about the size of a cat's head, maybe half.. How-ever, about two weeks later, I find out my ex-girlfriend had been cheating on me, using me and abusing me all along. She soon leaves me because her dad 'made' her choose between me or her cat, but I think that was a cop-out (though her dad was a right royal b@$$T@RD) it is possible I was being protected and not having evil spirits after me. Another thing, apparently, because I am not cis-gender and not with the sexual norms (I am transgender and panromantic), I am more susceptible to the spirit realm and I am more sensitive to it. So my question is, are there any other believers in the paranormal and spiritual here? Have you had any similar experiences or heard of anything?
  4. HELLOOOOO EVERYPONY :D ! Have you smiled today already???? GOOD. Because things are going to get a little bit... Spooookie Wookie over here. Someone call Rainbow Dash! Because this is where we will share those peculiar stories of ours that very few people would dare to believe, stories that are not in any possible way beyond the stallion imagination, but surely are beyond comprehension. Spooky Pinkie Pie Laugh Here. Without further ado, I will share a story, a story my mother claims to be the truth, a story I chose to believe in because it was as well the REASON FOR ME TO BE ALIVE HERE AND TODAY! Note: since this is a real story, I won't refer to myself as a filly in here: If you wanna skip the introduction, the actual story starts down here: All the events can be traced back to a single not so sunny Sunday, back in 1992. At those times, I was only a single year old, far from being capable of understand my surroundings or anything else besides my unstoppable desire of eating and sleeping. I do not actually remember this day, I know it happened because my mother told me: that Sunday, she was alone at home, taking care of me, probably feeding me, since, as she recalls, this whole event took place in our kitchen. My father was traveling due to business of which I have no memory of, and my ever so caring mother was feeding herself with a very simple idea: I will skip school tomorrow (she's a teacher) in order to take care of my son, this way he does not have to be left with my mother. She had already made all of the arrangements for the next Monday when it happened: My mother tells me that, while she was washing some dishes, she felt a hand touch her shoulder. It couldn't be my hand, for I couldn't even reach her knee at the time, much less her shoulder. And it couldn't be anybody else, for we were both alone at a fairly big house, which only helped my mother's ever rising fear. She turned her back and her eyes met a bald man she had never seem before, he had a warm smile and a funny pair of glasses, as she recalls. For some reason, she was not afraid of this man she never saw in her life, just startled. Later she confessed she never fully understood how she didn't actually panicked at the moment. The bald man said this exact words to my mother: "Go to school tomorrow" And that was all, he vanished right away, leaving my mother paralyzed and, according to herself, me crying at some point of the kitchen. My mother decided she'd rather obey what the voice said: so she make all the arrangements for me to be left at my grandmother's house while she'd be teaching at school the entire day. Monday came and things went as planned... Until my mother got back home to find out... Yes, exactly, our house had been assaulted during the morning: nothing was left behind: my father's then new computer, microwave stove, actual stove, fridge, clothes, EVERY THING you can imagine was taken away from the house, except what was way to big to be carried, like the piano and the wardrobe. After asking to our neighbor, he said there was a truck in front of our home, and that the man on the truck claimed that my family was moving, which made everyone's suspect's go to zero. And after the horror of seeing years of economies and lots of wedding presents being replaced by nothingness was gone, my mother could only remember of one single event: She was meant to be at the house. With a baby. God knows what would have happened if they were to find us while robbing the house. ________________ This is my supernatural story. YOUR TURN, SUPERPONY!
  5. For those of you who don't know, I'm a bit of an Avatar fan. And by that, I mean massive huge fanboy. So when I saw the trailer for Book 2 of Korra, things happened in my head. I suppose you could say that I'm excited.
  6. We should totally create a spirit that we could summon easily and without getting too many supplies. What spirit would you guys like to create? A pony? A god? A god pony?
  7. What do we know about Discord? He's obscenely powerful (possibly the most potent being in the show thus far), capable of warping reality itself, and all sorts of other magic. He's very old, most likely immortal. He's been referred to as a 'Spirit', 'of Chaos and Disharmony'. It's my personal head canon that Discord is the embodiment of chaos, and is thus not only a primordial being that's been around since the near start of time, but whom also represents a fundamental law of nature, and cannot be destroyed. I've mentioned this head canon all over the place, and it's certainly nothing new. However, branching off of that head canon, I can only find fascination in other possible spirits or beings that play a key role in the nature of Equestria, the world its' in, and the universe of MLP:FiM as a whole. Here, you may post ideas you may have regarding beings or deities or other spirits you picture in the world of ponies. Note: I'm also going to list Discord, to make the list feel more complete, and to give people a contrast reference point. At this point, other than Discord I only have one idea that I've flushed out in full, but I have other ideas in the process of being thought out, of which any of you are welcome to contemplate and post about in your own ideas as well: Death/Endings Life/Beginnings Magic (Source of power for all magic in the universe?) Destiny (Maybe it's a spirit or divine entity/magical presence that gives fillies' their cutie marks.) -- Discord Ageless Primordial Being Embodiment/'Spirit' of Chaos One of the oldest creatures in existence, Discord is the physical manifestation of chaos, something many believe to be one of the driving forces in the original creation of the universe, and perhaps, even predating the universe itself. All other beings in nature know that he's a very big player, bringing much to the table in way of influence of what he can do to reality if he so wishes. Thusly, many outright avoid him or even fear him for both his power and humor, both of which hinder other creatures. After all, most beings, even evil beings, don't care for absolute chaos and nonsense. While in modern times Discord has learned the value of friendship, and in a broader sense the emotional connections one makes with others, he is still nevertheless a powerful being and a prankster. Seasonal Quadruplets: Harvest, Hibernal, Heartfelt & Heatwave Many thousands of years old Manifestations of Nature Spirits of the Four Seasons As societies of creatures first began to develop and shape the world into what it is known as today, many spirits and other powerful beings were born into existence, to aid in the guidance of the world. The four sisters of the seasons, Harvest (Autumn), Hibernal (Winter), Heartfelt (Spring) and Heatwave (Summer) were the original keepers of the seasons of the world, and to a large extent, its' weather patterns as a whole. Hibernal and Heatwave kept their seasons longer than their younger sisters, as they were both competitive and stubborn. When Discord took over the region that would be later known as Equestria, the sisters were forced to flee; their relatively peaceful weather-based powers were no match for his reality-warping abilities. When peace and order was restored to Equestria by Celestia and her sister Luna later on, they sought out the four sisters and persuaded them to return. However, as centuries went by, Equestria's localized flying species, the pegasi, took over the weather pattern responsibilities, and thus, the control of the seasons. While the Seasonal Sisters continue their work in many places across the globe, Equestria is no longer one of them due to this reason. -- I'll add to my list as time goes on
  8. As per tradition, we will start the night with two movies, which are listed below, followed by a marathon of random episodes which will begin at approximately 8:00 PM EST and continue until the new episode airs, which we'll stream live at 10:30 AM EST on Saturday morning. Jurassic Park Showtimes 4:00 PM EST 10:00 PM GMT +1 Spirited Away Showtimes 6:00 PM EST 12:00 PM GMT +1 So grab some snacks, get comfortable, and prepare to fill your head with dinosaurs, spirits, and ponies! Rules Don't spam. That means no <3 <3 <3 <3, johnmaddenjohnmaddenjohnmadden, as;dlfkja;ldkfj, eeyup eeyup eeyup, or anything of the sort. Keep discussion on topic. This event is for watching movies and ponies together, not random chat. Try to keep all discussion at least somewhat related to the video. Don't Roleplay. This is not Roleplay World so do not RP in the chat. Follow the global forum rules. This is an official MLP Forums event, so all forum rules apply, no exceptions. If you break a rule once, you get a verbal warning. If you continue to break the rules, you get kicked. If you still insist on breaking the rules after being kicked, you get banned from the site. In the event that a movie can't be shown for whatever reason, we'll just watch ponies instead. Feel free to contact me if you happen to have any further questions on the subject. If not... Join in on the party!
  9. Perhaps I'll update this later... but anyone else in love with this show when you were younger? You know, the one about ghost fighting? Kind of super-stuff? It's by the same guy who made Fairly Odd Parents and Tuff Puppy? If you don't... well, I don't know why your here. Yeah, well, I just recently got to re-watching the show exactly one year ago, and from then... I think it was 7 years or so? There was something so... intriguing about this show... I was heart-broken when it was cancelled.
  10. Hey everypony! Lately I have been working on a fanfiction called Fracture Spirits, inspired by these three four characters: Fractal Renegade Invictus Intredus Krious/Neman So just a heads up before you read, this is a work in progress and it is rather sad/dark. So be warned. It's not your typical happy life, romance or adventure fiction. Well, enjoy! EDIT: Instead of pasting it all here, I am now using FiM Fiction! Fractured Spirits, by Silver Arrow
  11. I need you're help on this guys I am planning on getting a Ouija board but I am kinda nervous and afraid of getting one cause of the story's I have read about it. But I am wondering if any of you guys have had one or use one or have had any weird experience with it before.
  12. If any one of you guys ever watch Ghost Hunter on SyFy or Ghost Adventure on the travel channel which one do you like the most between both of them.