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Found 14 results

  1. If you read my profile you'll know that I'm a Christian, so I was just curious if there were other Believers out there who shared my affinity for MLP? It would be cool to chat with like-minded people about the show!
  2. I know I have spoken allot about my knowledge of spiritualism briefly but I've been notably vague on the topic. I am more then happy to explain myself but do keep in mind that I want this to be an open minded topic. Any hate or flaming will result in being reported. Now let me explain what I know and if you have questions, ask away after reading my explanation. Any fellow spiritualists, wiccans, witches, or pegans are also welcome to bring their input in. Now there are those who believe in ghost that are considered spiritualist and explore the unknowns of the spirit world. But there is a level beyond that which revolves around the religions of Wicca and Pagans. Those born with a gift to detect emotions on a deep level even without being in that persons presence is the first sign of having powers beyond the moral one given to us through our lifeforce. Those of us who are gifted have a slightly enhanced lifeforce and can channel that energy along with surrounding energy forces to fuel our gifts. With wiccans like myself, we abide by the wicca pentagram which is a star with five points wrapped by a circle. Each point represent one of the many powers possible for a wiccan to have. Those powers are: Water, Fire, Earth, Wind, and Spirit. This is a traditional wicca pentagram and the common misconception is that it is the evil pentagram used for satanic rituals. This is far from true. This is merely a symbol that represent our powers. Those of us lucky enough to have a major element or two, will sometime have a lesser extent of the others. Those of us that harness all 5 elements can reach a super charged state known as Spirit Form. Spirit Form is a enhanced version of powers we already have and is accessible to those who mediate and practice their powers every day, keeping a peaceful state of mind. Spirit: This is the top most point of the star and is most relevant to most wiccans. This will give you a enhanced understanding of the spirit world and you'll have higher chance of earning white magic power. Fire: A cleansing, burning element. Fire is an element commonly found by those kinds of wiccans who have a more confrontational, but protective nature. Their power cleanses evil from the body much like white magic. Water: The flowing, peaceful element. This gift is give to those who go with that flow and have a relaxed approached to life, but if angered has the capability of consuming and over taking foes. Ice is a sub element that can form as a offshoot of water. Earth: This element is a more commonly known element similar to Spirit. Those with the gift of earth magic have a improved understanding of herbs and wild life. Plants and animals are your best friends and you have natural healing capabilities similar to one with white magic but in a more organic sense to heal inside the body as well as outside. Wind: This element is a flowing element which supports Fire and Water. Wind helps purify the air of dark winds. This is a reflective force to remove and repel darkness. A very powerful element for protection, much like white magic. Then there are the pagans, which are much like wiccans in some circles. There is a lot of crap thrown on them for their beliefs though they are no less important than wiccans. Their studeies can go into the darker reaches but that isn't all bad, at least not as bad as most religions would make you believe. I know a few a pagans that are pretty cool. There is a lot to understand from both spectrums, and not all we know is all that there is to know. This is why the spirit world is interesting. We learn things everyday and grow stronger from it. In anycase, if you have any questions, ask away.
  3. So the protagonist of my fanfiction is a zebra OC. I'm trying to keep at least somewhat to the canon of what and how we know magic works in Equestria, but failing that I still don't want to stretch it beyond what's at least feasible. I have something of an idea that the protagonist's magic be less overt than unicorn magic but less "material" as earth pony magic. Something, dare I say, spiritual. With powers along the lines of visions or astral projection. Even if there is no canon precedent for such specifically, does it at least seem generally feasible given the nature of say Luna's dream based powers or that astral space Celestia and Twilight occupied? Even then, if it's a relatively easy pill to swallow, how would I introduce that concept within the story? The protagonist is still a novice and just discovering this magic.
  4. Hey guys! So I have decided to use my youtube account more and upload videos about myself! People seem to like my hair and deep voice, and I got lots of art, music, and spiritual and hair care type videos I plan on making, and already have so if you wanna subscribe to me, click here! and click here to view my channel!
  5. Hey guys! So I have decided to use my youtube account more and upload videos about myself! People seem to like my hair and deep voice, and I got lots of art, music, and spiritual and hair care type videos I plan on making, and already have so if you wanna follow me, click here! and click here to view my channel!
  6. So, after I have begun watching Most Haunted on Youtube, it has gotten me thinking about things in my past and recent-ish events. In the past, with an ex girlfriend of mine, we decided to do some amateur 'ghost-hunting' after discovering that there were three distinct areas around my parents' house that at night time, and even during the day, that my dog when going even near them, would whimper and cower, trying to get away from them, which is odd, because he was a Golden Labrador and usually very friendly and happy. So during these 'ghost-hunting' sessions, at the first area where my dog would cower, which was a street near my parents' house, we picked up lots and lots of little white orb The second one which was my high-school oval,. we picked up not so many orbs, but they were larger and brighter ones there. And the third one, which was a small playground near my parents' house, the one where I used to go to go on the swings, smoke a cigarette and think for a while. We picked up only two orbs, but they were massive and bright red. At the time, my ex girlfriend told me that red meant evil, aggressive, which obviously freaked the hell out of me. But come to think of things from my past, what I've read on a site about orbs, I am more inclined to believe that it is: So, sadly as this was about 10 years ago, I no longer have the photos, but the white orbs were small, some even barley visible, but the red ones were rather large. I'd say about the size of a cat's head, maybe half.. How-ever, about two weeks later, I find out my ex-girlfriend had been cheating on me, using me and abusing me all along. She soon leaves me because her dad 'made' her choose between me or her cat, but I think that was a cop-out (though her dad was a right royal b@$$T@RD) it is possible I was being protected and not having evil spirits after me. Another thing, apparently, because I am not cis-gender and not with the sexual norms (I am transgender and panromantic), I am more susceptible to the spirit realm and I am more sensitive to it. So my question is, are there any other believers in the paranormal and spiritual here? Have you had any similar experiences or heard of anything?
  7. I've been more or less openly atheist since I was probably thirteen years old; that's roughly nineteen years. Though I'm not sure now that I ever *truly* believed. I was told to believe something. Told there would be repercussions if I did not believe. But I was never given adequate cause to believe. Prayer was essentially a ritual I performed in order to ward off bad things. I don't think blind, unquestioning religious faith is healthy, genuine, or productive. If there isn't at least a SEED of unforced belief (that doesn't come as a result of fear or intimidation), then there is no cause to believe. I believe in Rainbow Dash. In the feelings I have for her. In us. My "faith" in Rainbow is, quite possibly, the closest I've ever come to a sense of spirituality. Because I can feel her with me - sense her only inches in front of my face when I close my eyes, and I can even feel her touch and hear her words at times. And there's a real, emotional reaction to the moments we spend together; though I also believe that she is always with me. In some way or another. I choose to accept all of these. Choose not to fight them. And they are, after all, something I want. I want to believe. And, rather than the emotional distress and confusion that came of organized religion, Rainbow offers me bliss and contentment.
  8. This topic I created out of curiosity because I noticed quite a few Bronies of faith in this fandom, and a fair number of them have had moments when they second guessed how much they enjoy being apart of this community. Personally, I've had such moments. But, now I've made up my mind and I love the fandom too much to quit on it. WOOT!
  9. I just wanted to see if any Christian bronies/pegasisters could find some Christian messages in any of the show's episodes. These are some I know: Matthew 5:44 and Luke 6:27 say to love your enemies and do good to those that hate you. There's a few other verses that say this too. I think this verse goes well with Keep Calm and Flutter On with the way Fluttershy treated Discord. The Bible says to forgive one another, including enemies. This also goes well with Magic Duel when Twilight forgave Trixie. The show glorifies friendship, which is also glorified in the Bible. Are there any more that any of you have seen? All I actually wanted to know was if there were any other messages in the show that are also said in the Bible, because I think I gave the wrong idea about what this topic is about.
  10. Foreign Dialect. Speaking in a tongue I do not understand Yet knowing what is meant I possess powers within myself To unlock what is kept hidden away To become something like a god Yet mortality remains Within the puzzle we reside Within this labyrinth of our combined minds No one knows it Yet everyone seeks it Answers to something with no answer An end or beginning to something Something that never began yet will never end An illusion we live within Passing mirrors and walls Lights and sounds Living Breathing Dreaming Are we awake? Are we asleep? Within ourselves we are defined A stream of flowing thought The shore of creativity Within a forest of knowledge The wind echoes with a fading voice Speaking in a tongue I do not understand
  11. Has anyone read this book before? I just finished reading it for Advanced English 10 class two days ago. It was one of the most interesting books I have ever read. It was satirical, insightful, deeply ironic, disturbing, and thought-provoking. I don't like the ending, or the overall dark/pessimistic nature of the book. But, I'm glad I read it, because it discusses some very important ideas. I'm also glad to hear that Aldous Huxley wrote it when he was a young man, and when he was older he searched for spiritual transcendence in a much more positive manner. If you have read the book, what did you think of it? Did you like it? What did you think of its messages?
  12. So, what are these things? Are they the same? Different? How are they separate and how are they the same. Being someone of a more scientifically oriented mind, I can't answer any of the above questions. M own motivations aside, I think this might be a nice way for people to share and listen on this subject matter. Here are some (probably false) ideas I have on this; -Mysticism and spirituality are largely the same thing. -Mystics seem to outsource responsibility to a supernatural force to a greater extent than the common religious person. -Mystics seem to believe that their way of doing things or thinking somehow makes them superior to those who are different and will jump right ahead to "set this lost soul on the right path". -They seem to take relatively extreme measures to avoid even the slightest bit of stress. -Just like the common religious folk, the seem to believe that the universe is somehow conscious and that humans for some reason get special attention. -There's this thing they have going on called the law of attraction which says that you could have anything you want if you think about it long and hard enough. If you think it sounds a bit prejudiced then let me tell you this is coming from my experience with one who may have been the Mystic equivalent of a Westboro Baptist.
  13. I myself am Gnostic (The Golden Dawn/Samael Aun Weor kind) and have been venturing into the belief systems of others for quite some time. And yes, I do consider Atheism a valid form of spirituality since it does touch on the physical universe. What dose everypony here practice/believe?
  14. I wrote this over five months ago. I call this a concept piece, for it is not a full fledged fanfiction. In fact, it is a short two paragraphs, addressing a specific matter in an allegorical fashion. It is my second fanfiction I have uploaded to the internet (see the link on my profile for details). I began writing a third one a grade ago back in 9th grade, on my TI-nspire CX CAS graphing calculator, but never finished it, nor uploaded it anywhere. I do plan to continue writing more in the future, both concept pieces such as this one, and full-fledged fanfictions. Now, without further ado, I present to you, We Are The World Of Light. We Are The World Of Light A soft melody whispered through the grass, borne along by a gentle breeze. A few clouds slept overhead, precursors to the distant, comforting rumbling in the distance, heralding some light rain to come. The warm sun slowly descended out of sight, making room for the beautiful, celestial blanket to rest on Equestria. Fluttershy looked over her shoulder, seeing Ponyville's glowing lights fading into existence, harmonizing with the stars above them. She smiled, so happy to be living in such a peaceful world. Turning her gaze forwards, she found the sparkling sight of Canterlot far in the distance, cascading rainbows across the mountain that held it so dearly. A tiny Princess Luna appeared, soaring up into the sky. Fluttershy knew that she was going for one of her beloved night flights, to explore this vast realm of light at the eventide. Fluttershy walked forwards, entering into a field adjacent to Ponyville. The stars shone above, heavenly bodies of wondrous magnitude, gladly bathing Equestria with their light. Fluttershy stood in this field, soaking in this celestial light, this love. She began to wonder how it was possible for this world to be so beautiful. She wondered how it was possible for a new wonder to be around every tree, in every meadow, in every street in Ponyville. Then, the answer came to her: the inhabitants of Equestria had chosen to create their own wonders within themselves, and share them with others. There was a Ponyville within every one of them, a Canterlot, a sun, a moon, a song dancing through the grass at night. They had chosen love over hatred, and now were able to live in a world of such joy. Fluttershy began to dance with happiness, gazing at all of the beauty and wonder around her. She ended up laying on her back, panting for breath while gazing into the starry night above. She saw many lights, some brighter than others. And she hoped, those spinning worlds sleeping beyond the dusk, would one day choose to awaken to as bright a day as she did each morning.