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Found 7 results

  1. I have a room at the Hyatt starting Thursday the 13th and checking out Monday the 17th. My room has 2 full size beds. what I'm looking for is other ponies over 18 (preferably 21) that want to make use of this. rates are... $150 bits for a shared bed (plan on having one another using it) and $100 bits for floor space. (only want 2 on the floor so to not play sardines ;-/ ... bottle caps won't cut it =/ I like dealing with cash on arrival then handing you the room key-card at that time. I would like to keep this room 'quite' for the most part and not a party room. sure we may agree to other things but lets start with this for the 'plan' and go from there... Alcohol... will be in the room and you must get the ok from whomever brought it before you consume any. (common curtsy here mates =p). Mine will most likely be for the room. and feel free to bring your shared/private stash. any questions feel free to ask. a little about me. I'm 31 yes yes I'm getting old folks, I'll be part of staff for BABS best way to contact me for space is on Skype (Nicklepony). PLEASE mention your for BABS in Skype to help us both out. LETS HAVE A GREAT CON PONIES!!!!!!!
  2. Chapter 1: The Dreamscape Nopony would ever expect Equestria to fall into a war, but it did. Every race was against eachother, this could have been avoided had Celestia just listened to her younger sister. This story among others will tell a tale, the only difference is... there will never be a happy ending. Luna had just finished her job of raising the moon, and now it was time to move into the part of her job she loved the most. She enjoyed being the hero when it came to dreams and whatever nightmares floated about she was sure to stomp them out. Now of course seeing ponys dreams meant keeping them a secret, she wasn't allowed to tell anypony what she saw and so far she hasn't. Luna closed her eyes and entered the dream realm. One of the first stops she always made was her sisters dreams. Making sure her sister, Celestia, would have enough sleep so that she could rule the day happily. Just like always her sister was dreaming about raising the sun. Luna shook her head 'She always has the same dream'. Just as before Luna closed her eyes and entered another dream. She knew who's dream it was before she opened her eyes. "Mmm, cupcakes." she said. She knew Pinkie Pie always had partys in her dreams and that she would never have any nightmares, because lets face it, all she does is laugh at them. "Heya Luna!" Pinkie Pie shouted. "Hay Pinkie, who's party is it today?" Luna asked. "Silly filly don't you know?" Pinkie giggled. Luna thought for sometime, "No I don't." she replied. Pinkie Pie giggled again "It's yours silly, after all it will be your last." she said. This startled the princess, 'Last party? What is she talking about? Maybe she doesn't know that alicorns live forever.' "Okay listen Pinkie Pie i'm going to get going. I have alot of dreams to visit tonight." Luna said. She watched as Pinkies hair somehow deflated, losing all her curls and becoming straight. Pinkie Pie sighed. "If you must." Luna continiued to visit dreams, stopping at each one to make sure there was no nightmares. She was halfway done with ponyville when she came upon a dream that worried her. This dream belonged to a pony called Night Flame, this dream was placed in Ponyville and yet, it wasn't Ponyville. Instead of houses there waws piles of ashes, and within the streets lay bodies. "This will be your last." Pinkie Pie's words bounced around in Luna's head. 'I wonder if is what she was talking about.' Luna began to fly around in the dream hoping to find at least on survivor, but instead she found none. She wondered what had happened to cause this much damage. She stopped thinking the worst and started to work her magic, turning the dead bodies back into live ones, putting houses were ashes were and returning things to their former glory. When she finished, Luna looked around and admired her work. Just befoer she left the nightmare came bac. This has never happened before, a nightmare turning into a dream and then back to a nightmare. Before Luna could try again the sun started to rise blinding her as Night Flame woke up. With questions unanswered Luna returned to her mind. She knew Celestia was raising the sun, but for what reason she didn't know. There was still supposed to be several more hours of night. When Luna opened her eyes she starte looking for answers, and she knew where to look first.
  3. I think they should. I think they should split up and go there own ways. Disney can do so many amazing things without Pixar, and stop following there foot steps, and let them do their own styles. Right here, Disney, made Paperman (Link: ) And its beautiful. If they made a movie like this, the incredible will come back. Besides Pixar, in my opinion, I am starting to dislike. There starting to make movies that I don't like, and sequels, like Cars 3, and they basically ruin the first movie *although every sequel does that*
  4. I've been wondering about something but also interested in seeing an episode in which Pinkie Pie and her alter personality Pinkamena somehow split into two different ponies. It could be by twilight causing the change or something along those lines or something within the episode causing such a change to occur. Sure I understand that Pinkamena is Pinkie Pies' younger self when she grew up with her family and that side of her changed when she discovered her true meaning in life. However I think it would make for one interesting episode to see the two interact with one another somehow... Pinkamena does not have to be the "crazy, lunatic" a lot of people portray her to be of course. She could be more calm and maybe more pessimistic than Pinkie Pie but could be closer to how Maud Pie was but not to that extreme. What would you say to an episode like that? Where somehow Pinkie Pie had her alter personality split into another pony? Would you like to see an episode like this happen?
  5. Here is Sweetie Belle, I hope y'all enjoy If you like it, brohoofs/faves are appreciate, but feedback would help me out soooo much, so as gumshoe would say
  6. Hay there guys, finally done with my final split screen wallpaper for the mane six rarity While brohoofs/faves are appreciated, they are not necessary, what I would really like is feedback Enjoy, -Marco.P
  7. Rainbow Dash is now 20% cooler... well.... there are 4 of her in this wallpaper..... you do the math :3 http://marco23p.devi...paper-292987966 Brohoofs/faves are always appreciated, I hope you guys enjoy Twilight Is Next