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Found 6 results

  1. This is a topic to post your battletags and what games you're active in. My battletag is VulpineTaco#1119 Have, but don't know how to find your battletag? Just open the client and click on your username in the top right! The number beside your username is your battletag. The games I'm currently active in are Hearthstone and WoW, though I may get back into Starcraft 2.
  2. Finally done with this piece. Hope you like it! (The camera couldn't catch all the awesomeness) . Most of the details can only be seen when you've clicked on the picture. Going to color it later and will put the co-o-lored one here.
  3. Interesting video I found today that raises a good question. Personally, I believe they should count. What are your thoughts?
  4. We are looking for members for our Starcraft Clan PsionicVoid - Note we are not a brony clan however, 20% of the clan are bronies. We are a small community of gamers, bout 10 of us, all seeking to improve and practice. We hold the SpirecoreCup, a tournament held every few months and have plays in master and platinum leagues. Any skill level is welcome We are based in Australia but any location is fine, we play mainly on the South East Asian server. /) Brony On (\ [PsiV] viperblits Clan Officer Australia
  5. this might be the wrong board, but... anyone play SC2? If so, wanna play together? My username/battletag/whatever it is blizzard uses to identify players is SadSalesman. >> If you wanna play, PM me there or here.
  6. Hello I’m Director of Hoofs of Liberty Team. Project team develop MLP : FIM and Starcraft 2 CrossOver. This forum has many creators and creating stuff. I feel happy to find this forum. As Director of Project, I need many of line art artists to make project. Can I ask to join our Project Team? Project Promotion. I'm making Pony Crossover Project. I need your help. Introduction. I started to Starcraft 2 and Friendship is magic CrossOver Project. Project will be developed as 15-20 second per one picture and additional narrative with voice acting like Half Animated asks Discord : Link and ask Princess Molestia, mature content : Making process. My Aim is make 20 minutes story for each episodes; 25 more episodes to make complete story. I’m writer and director but not drawer. The Project needs 60-80 line arts for 1 episode. Team need 4-6 or more line art artists and 2 or more basic line coloring-but not full coloring- or basic coloring artists; a lot of very confidence voice actors; 1 or 2 video editors for sound mixing and subtitles; and 1 concept director and assistant director, who keep My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic’s direction and feeling into CrossOver Project PonyCraft 2 Hoofs of Liberty. It’s fan made project. I expect making 1 Episode would take 1 or 3 weeks. Each Line art artist will follow guide of concept director Antik9797; will drawing 13 or 15 line art for 1or 3 week. Story and Character line. I finished character overview of Hoofs of Liberty Project. It’s character developing and matching document; and, I will make synopsis soon Link : http://kardien.devia...llery/#/d52wljv . I wrote Ponified The Deal Trailer script; have idea of first three episodes, currently. Project will follow basic line of original starcraft 2 stories but Hoofs of Liberty will also have their own storyline and plot twist. Hoofs of Liberty is CrossOver Project. I hope project will have its own taste and enjoyment. Pony kind will have similar position like terrain but they keep their own culture and way of life from original show. Few of special ponies-Alicorns have great magical power unlike Terran doesn’t have. Discord will featured as zerg in story. Their creature spread disharmony through universe. They are opposite to Pony Kind who wants harmony and friendship. Griffon will have position of Protoss. It mean they have mixed identity which comes from both of Protoss and MLP : FIM Griffon. First Step. [Project need line art drawers urgently. Project aim basic line drawing; you can join project if you can make line art drawing and have passion of Ponies. Think about Project team’s story become popular among bronies; and, change community.] My first movement as director is making preview video before team start to make actual episode. I want team ponified Starcraft 2 trailer first as a promotion of project. Starcraft 2 trailer The Deal has 3 minutes lengths. Project needs 24 picture and few voice actors. Starcraft 2 Trailer the deal Link : http-~~-// Preview video need 1 or 2 video/sound editor for making caption and project logo in Ponified trailer; voice actors for Princess Celestia, Applejack and adjutant-colt/male voice/warm tone but little bit indifferent like machine because Pony is maternal society; adjutant is needed to be colt unlike terrain; 1 or 2 line art artist; and, 1 line coloring artist. Please, send mail to Project Team. I already wrote script. Reason of why I start project. My plan started with Ponycraft 2 trailer mash up : It is well done Pony trailer mash up; called One of Brony’s best Conversion Tool. RTS Game Starcraft 2’s is basically adventure story in space; find what are humanity, freedom and things which wroth for fighting. Think about Ponies in space which called Centaurs Sector; and, struggling against Alien races-I decide to use Discord as Zerg, Griffon as Protoss; to keep their Equinity. In Project Story, Twilight Sparkle; she lost almost things after betrayal of her previous teacher Princess Celestia and brutal Brood War. Even, herself doesn’t sure she will find real friendship and love in wartorn space; but, when time has comes which Discord and Disharmony invade into Centaurs Sector; she start adventure to find her old friend and save all Ponies from threat of Discord and Disharmony. I want to make well done and Full Length finished Story that can outstanding in our Brony Community. Project Plan is possible; I aim enough to good equity to sell Project. It’s dream get support from both Hasbro and Blizzard Companies; but, I want to make impressive Story which can inspire actual show. Things I need as Project Director is your Passion of My Little Pony. Brony Community already made many real meetings, products and albums. They already proved we can make some good stuff within our community and culture. If you have strong love and Passion about pony, that’s enough. And, send mail to ; While I make actual Synopsis Ponycraft 2 Hoofs of Liberty. Let’s do this, make Project Team Hoofs of Liberty. Current Development. Director : Kardien Lupus. Art and Concept Director : Antik9797 Link . He will give Critique and suggested improvements to keep MLP : FIM show’s feeling in Project. Currently Team managed to gather three voice actors. Voice Actors SooperTanzy : Voice Actor of Celestia-changed .Daniel Escudero : Voice Actor of Adjutant Stallion-AI Link . Ail : Voice Actor of Applejack Link . I still need more of bronies and your passion to make project; especially line artists. I will make clear timeline and portfolio after Project have enough core members. My Twitter is @Kardien_Lupus or you can search as Kardien Lupus. My Deviantart is . Offical Tumblr is .