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Found 9 results

  1. I know a long time ago, I made a list of all 50 States ranked, but there's more than a few issues with it. First off, it was before I was more informed on the statistics. Second off, this is my opinion, take it with a grain of salt. And lastly, I will be finishing this fully later (explanations, and all), just publishing the list for now. 10. California. Oh Cali, the $#!+stain of the west coast. Why aren't you on more lists like this? Is it because people don't see you for the #3!!hole you really are? The economy here is among the worst in the states with the infamously HIGH cost of living (houses cost an average of $443,400 which is 129% higher than the national average and apartment rent goes for an average of $1358 which is 36% higher than the national average), for what amounts to an average at best living, from all indications... Smog is everywhere in the larger cities, you get blackouts from time to time to conserve power (because your state has WAY too many people in it), and oh, the wildfires. Half the state goes up in flame every year, because drought conditions keep allowing the conditions to be present for everything to just light up. The infrastructure is poorly maintained, being a ways below average in that department (US News and World Report ranked it 32nd), and it even has a poverty rate higher than the national average (Around 9% higher, not much) even with the inflation that comes with the neo-liberal policies. It's only this low though because there is some positive to the expensiveness of living there, and to dealing with the forest fires and all. The healthcare is actually really solid, and I do have to say that the drought really isn't as bad as some other states. 09. Kentucky. Only the first deep south state to make the list, Kentucky may have a few decent places to live in, oh but the backwoods are seriously backwoods. Just going by the whole state's numbers, 16.9% of the population lives below the poverty line, 43% higher than the national average, 23.2% of the population 25 and older has a bachelor's which, although it sounds high, actually is 25% lower than the national average. Also, the healthcare there is pretty much on par with most really backwoods states being ranked 44th on the US News and World Report's list and its education system is marginally better than the likes of its neighbors being ranked 38th on the same list. Oh and of course this is counting the good parts of Kentucky, too. We don't even want to get into the backwoods meth labs and ginseng harvesters. If I were you, I'd rather avoid being shot by a 16 gauge, and just not go on living there. I know after that last line, you may say "but Kentucky has one of the lowest crime rates in the country" and yes, it does. But that's what's REPORTED. I guarantee you, in the backwoods, there's a heck of a lot of murdering and theft going on that's left unreported. 08. Arizona. If you think the only issues with Arizona are the stupidly high temperatures, extreme dryness, and scorpions everywhere, well sorry to say, you're not exactly correct. The state has plenty of other problems that have nothing to do with pests and extreme weather. The state reports 474.9 people out of 100,000 there are the victims of violent crime, which is 103% higher than the national average, 14% of the state's residents live below the poverty line (which is 19% higher than the national average), and 12.7% of the population lives without health insurance, which is 27% higher than the national average. I think it seems there's more than enough desperation going on here to warrant its placement on this list. Not to mention the desert climate also really hurts it, because deserts, if you're somehow unaware, f***ing SUCK to live in. I'd rather avoid getting stung by a scorpion and shot by a .357 in the same night and just get out of there. Now from here, it's going to get much worse. The above three are a far cry from the rest of the list. I'm just going to say there's a massive gap between Arizona and the next entry on this list. 07. West Virginia. John Denver, I certainly hope you weren't talking about THIS West Virginia in "Take me Home, Country Roads" because oh it sucks here, and by sucks I mean it's like living in the worst parts of Rust Belt Ohio (which IS NOT ON THIS LIST) if you combined that with the just plain $#!+tiness of backwoods Kentucky. The infrastructure there is ranked dead last on the US News and World Report's list (and I'm sure abandoned mine shafts don't make good roads, right), 17.8% of the population of the state lives below the poverty line, which is 51% higher than the national average, the healthcare ranks 48th on the USNaWR list, and the median household income is 24% lower than the national average. It seems like the mines ran dry a long time ago here, and it really is looking bad for this state now, and it's about time to move out of this state because it sure as heck is not going to be QUITE like you remembered it. Just don't listen to the meme and actually move to this dump, move to Iowa or something instead, because that place is great unlike, well, West Virginia... Heck, go to EAST Virginia. 06. Mississippi. M-i-ss-i-ss-i-pp-i. Who even thought of that name for an actual state of the union? I certainly had no part in it, nor would I have. The name is silly, and the state is just as backwards as is to be expected from most states in the deep south. This was actually THIRD on the list, but then I realized all the other states above this are just that much worse. Mississippi has one of the worst poverty numbers in the country with 19.7% of the population not being able to cross the line (a staggering 67% higher than the national average), it has the worst healthcare in the country according to the USNaWR list, and oh the humidity. The humidity there is awful. I know because I have been there, once. And if you think Texas gets bad humidity, go a little ways east and you'll find it unbearable. I forgot to mention that the state is 46th in terms of education (or as the locals may say, "ed-u-ma-cay-shee-un"). Just, get out of there, before the redneck gets to you and you start pronouncing words like that. *I will stop here for now, will get to these entries later and likely publish it a second time when I do* 05. Arkansas. 04. New Mexico. 03. Alaska. 02. Louisiana. 01. Alabama. Oh and a dishonorable 11th and 12th place go to Tennessee and Michigan. There are parts of these states that aren't so bad, but they end up this low because both of them have a crime problem in their larger cities. Tennessee also has mediocre healthcare (compared to the other states, which isn't good considering healthcare in this country sucks in general), and Michigan has a rotting infrastructure and boasts two problem cities in Flint and Detroit, both of which have been badly left behind by the changing times. I also changed some rankings, after really reading through everything myself. Like Mississippi went up three whole spots in the making of this list. Also, not done with the top 5 yet. Sources:
  2. I got this idea from @DusksuD. Just a simple ranking of all 50 US states. Remember, this is my opinion so don't get your feathers in a ruffle. Keep in mind this ranking of mine might be a bit biased but hey, my opinion still stands. I would also like to add, I personally think all 50 of our states are beautiful in their own way. Now, let's begin...
  3. Well, I had a random thought and it made me think that I wanted to rank every state from favorite to least, or maybe attempt to with my lack of knowledge on specific states. Most of my opinions that are closer to the top and bottom of the lists are stronger than the ones closer to the middle of the list. It's a pretty rough list considering I've only really lived in two of them, and I've probably only visited about 20. Washington Hawaii Vermont Colorado Idaho Wyoming Oregon Iowa Kansas New Mexico Wisconsin West Virginia South Dakota North Dakota Indiana Ohio Illinois North Carolina Michigan Nevada South Carolina Nebraska Arizona Rhode Island Delaware New Hampshire Maryland Massachusetts Pennsylvania Oklahoma Texas Minnesota Montana Florida Virginia Conneticut Maine New York New Jersey Missouri Lousiana Kentucky Tennessee Utah Arkansas Georgia Alaska Mississippi California Alabama
  4. I think I can remember maybe 20-30 and I'm not even american Do you have to learn all states at school there in America? How many you can remember?
  5. Cloudsdale Con is a Brony convention that is being planned for Colorado! Please get the word out to bronies everywhere, and we also are in need of donations, so refer to this link: also, for more info, refer to this link: SPREAD THE WORD!!!
  6. (This might get a bit confusing) (So the idea behind this "ask a pony" is that all countries -in the confusing fashion as possible- are teenagers. While they are supposed to be representations of the actual country, keep in mind this is all in good fun and I'm not trying to hurt anypony. However, I do want to show the interactions of all the countries/teens as realistically as I can to real life international relations while still having fun.) (TL;DR. I'm writing a AaP for all the Countries in the world. They'll talk and do their thing as if they were teenagers. I'll try to be funny and real. Deal With It) (You can ask questions to any specific country, or to groups of them. Your questions can range anywhere from real life issues to these teenager countries' personal lives with each other.) (If you need to ask ME a question, just put it in parenthesis or just address it to me. Or something) (Note: Some countries are male and some are female. The reasoning behind this is purely my insanity and has nothing to do with the country's strength or class or whatever.) America: So please, ask away! France: Really, we want to answer your questions. UK: Seriously, ask whatever you want. We don't bite. Russia: Well, Perhaps maybe Turkmenistan would. America: Do you guys really think they'll ask anything? China: I not so sure. I do not think they really get what's going on. Russia: Well they should. Otherwise we may have problems. America: Don't worry, guys, this'll go great... EVERYPONY, ASK YOUR QUESTIONS! (I promise I'll get better at this XD)
  7. A while back I made a topic on what countries would best represent the Mane 6, now it is time for the sequel thread on what states they would represent. You can see the other thread here if you want Rarity-New York: New York, especially New York city is home to Broadway, art museums and other examples of high fashion and culture and no other Mane 6 character is more sophisticated and cultures than lady Rarity. Applejack-Texas: Known as the ultimate cowboy state it is home to the famous Alamo where the Texans fought for their independence against Mexico. Pinkie Pie-Nevada: Prostitution and gambling are both legal here, lets get this party started. Fluttershy-Wyoming: Home to most of Yellowstone National Park, I am sure Fluttershy would have a good time will all the wildlife there. Twilight Sparkle-California: Home of the famous "silicon valley" which is the fe facto tech capital of America, home of the famous Skywalker ranch and home of the famous Comiccon convention it is the nerdiest state ever. Rainbow Dash-Florida: It is the home of NASCAR corporate headquarters and home to the famous Daytona 500 race.
  8. So I made this video/song/artwork . I try to be deliberately stupid sometimes, and this was definitely one of those times. written, sung, and art by me United States of Whatever by Liam Lynch
  9. WARNING! CONDITION RED As many of you know, the state of the world economy (especially the condition of the United States) is in condition red. But that is not exactly what this short blog post is about. The condition red stands for two things: the state of our economy, and the state of our declining moral values. Especially when it comes to sex (another symbolic example of the condition "red"). As a nation, we no longer seem to have any moral values when it comes to sex. In fact, America seems to be obsessed with sex. We no longer seem to worship a divine figure, but our worship lies with money, sex, and anything else that "feels goods". So, why is this a problem? Well, to put it simply (even regardless of ones spiritual beliefs) a nation that is not able to control itself morally, will never be able to find stability. In fact, a historian did a study on 83 to 87 past nations and societies that eventually became obsessed with sex, and refused to recognize a moral guideline for it (especially Rome). When compared to other nations that found revival and re-established their moral values, that scary part is...all 83 to 87 societies that became addicted to sex and other immoral acts...failed. And that brings me to the main topic! If we don't re-establish what morals we are going to live by as a nation, how are we going to be able to sustain ourselves! This is the path of the nation, if we do not make a change: 1. From bondage to spiritual faith 2. From spiritual faith to great courage 3. From great courage to liberty 4. From liberty to abundance 5. From abundance to selfishness 6. From selfishness to complacency 7. From complacency to Apathy 8. From apathy to moral decay 9. From moral decay to dependence (RED ALERT!) 10. From dependence back to bondage. Now folks, there is hope! Also, this blog is titled "Reflections of Passion" and I am very passionate at attempting to find others that agree...we need a moral revival! This is a very short entry and I hope to elaborate on it much further, but for now, we need to recognize the problem before we think of ways to fix it. And this is the basic idea of the problem. Everypony, we are in CONDITION RED! And it's time to act.