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Found 24 results

  1. So here I am trying to make a status update when typing more than 45 characters, the text after disappears. This doesn't affect the post, but here's how it goes: I type an example status update. Here's what I typed: "Something strange is going on with the status report." Here's what's happening: "Something strange is going on with the statu" When I try to type the "s report," this gets cut off. It doesn't get cut off when I click "update", but it does so when I'm typing. Any ideas?
  2. I am aware of the new deletion process for status updates. When you delete a status, it's supposed to be invisible for everyone except you and the mods. But this is only partially true. The status is gone from the profile feed, but is still visible next to my name on my profile (although when someone tries to click the status, it says it doesn't exist) to everyone until I post another status update...So yeah, I was wondering if anyone else is aware of this issue.
  3. So I decided that I didn't really like one of my status updates any more and tried to delete it. I hit the "delete" option, Google Chrome asked me "do you wish to continue," I clicked yes or OK or something similar, and the comment completely disappeared from my profile feed. I refreshed and came back a moment later to find that the comment was back, but marked in red and included the options "delete," "approve," and "lock." I assumed this must be part of the normal process so I hit delete and the same thing happened as before. (Deleted, then back again with the three options. The comments were still visible on my profile as well.) I figured it must not be a big deal, so I made another status and tried to delete it. The same thing happened, and now there are two "ghost comments" waiting to be "approved" that I can't get rid of. Is this a bug, or am I just not understanding a general process that is involved?
  4. Step by step, I'm slowly finishing the status screen. I've added things here and there and now it starts to look like a legit thing! A thing, where I got stuck for a little moment was: How to write a single line of text with multiple colors, that will be centered like this? And turns out, that it is kinda messy to achieve and there were some maths behind that one as well, because why not! First of all, again, I'm not sure if I approached that in the best way, but well, it works! The thing with coloring text is, that I had to set the font color before drawing the text- so to make it have multiple colors, I had to split it into parts and basically draw each word/part separately, with correct positions to make it all be drawn next to each other in one line. The tool that was helpful there was a function, that calculated the width of the string (text). So as I've mentioned ages ago, I wanted to do this: First thing first, I needed to calculate the width of each part to know how much space it will take. To show how that does look like... let's take the second possible number as for example: That part contains [ +3 ] First, I needed to get the value form the character. var value = actor.eq_bonus_mhp This will store the character's MAX HP bonus from equipment into a variable. Then, since [ + ] isn't drawn by default, but [ - ] is, I had to put an 'if statement' to check if that value is above or below 0 and add [ + ] if above 0 or leave it without symbols when below 0. if value > 0 { sym = "+" } else { sym = "" } If the value is greater than 0, store [ + ] in a [ sym ] variable. Otherwise leave it empty. and now merging things together... that [ +3 ] will be a string: string = sym + value where sym either has [ + ] or nothing; value is a number. Now the last part, just get its width. value_width = string_width(string) This will store the string's width in a [ value_width ] variable. -{ Well that was complex, wasn't it? ) -{ But what if the character wouldn't have any bonus? Is there any need to draw "+0"? ) ( Of course not you silly! }- For that let's use another 'if statement' before merging stuff: if value == 0 { string = ""; value_width = 0 } else { ... Putting that before merging will simply check if the value equals 0. If it does, it will leave the string empty and we manually can tell, that the width will be just 0, thus basically skipping that part. And now we have one part configured... Now do the same for the others... And you probably got your own lame code -{ This looks funnier, doesn't it? ) So as you can see, I specified the center value - 344th pixel (horizontally) then calculated widths of the parts and merged it all in the end. The last line sums everything up ~ divides the result by 2 to make it centered, by moving the 50% of the text to the left. The rest 50% will go to the right. Now the drawing method is simpler, simply put the part in the result we got, then add its width to a variable, then put the second part in the result+width; add its width to that variable; draw 3rd part in the result+width and so on... So now that you've read (or not) that boring wall of text, let's head to the results. Note, that it's still a work in progress.
  5. @PathfinderCS Was helping me on how to make a single status update but am still confused on how to do one, I click on create but am confused by the drop down menu, Do I click on topic or Article in news blog, And when I click on Article in news blog there's another drop down menu with equestrian lore and it's all ghosted like I can't click on any of them ?
  6. Title says it all, I click on the "what's on your mind" box to make a status update (on desktop and mobile), but I am never given the chance to enter any text. I can only do this when I'm on my own profile page . :C
  7. I think there should be a way to edit your status update. Because alot of the time you can mess up on a status and then have to repost the entire status, which can get annoying to you, and others who get the notification that you posted a status.
  8. Well, I thought I might start up a blog to try and get some of my feelings out. I wish I could say all is going well, but it is hardly the case. My family, because of my father's love of "the bottle" more than us, is about to lose our house. Our father is off on his own, living away from us and ignoring us whenever favorable to him, leaving me to work two jobs to struggle to make ends meet, and I can't do it myself. I'm just an eighteen-year-old kid, I keep saying. As if that made a difference. I went to college at sixteen, and now I have to sacrifice my education just so my family can eat. How is that fair? Ah well... On a side note, I've been trying to grab a commission or... really, ANY artist willing to draw that's decent, yet I remain unsuccessful. Guess I shouldn't be focused on getting art-work for my character when I have no money to pay for commissions.
  9. I was trying to make all comments show in my status but it is not showing. It just shows the Rainbow Dash icon when it loads.
  10. Me, HailTrixie and creepypastaeater just had a 93 comment thread going on in one of my status updates What's your record?
  11. So I know how to become a cupcake. Everybody knows how to become a muffin. But there are heaps of other member status'es'essseseees! I'm seeing people with parasprite, changeling, pony, Pegasus, even dragon, and I can't find anywhere that tells you how people reach those stages. What are the requirements for reaching the stages above cupcake? Thanks in advance, I guess.
  12. This possibly may not strike as a concern, but I think it would be a very easy feature to add onto the forums. Next to the Delete and Lock option, we could have a Report option. It would be a lot easier, possibly on Mods and users who may find a certain update uncalled for or goes against policy. Edit: It also saves trouble more than regular status reporting. Member don't have to surf through their updates to obtain a link, and it will be done in a snap. Here's a little picture: (don't mind the cow!)
  13. Hi, I recently discovered that MLP Forums has an issue with the status updates when using the Firefox browser. I attempted to delete a status and it said it had failed, and it still showed up on the profile although when I entered the comments, it was red. Creating a new status update also caused a pop up window to say the action failed. Now that I switched to Chrome it works just perfectly.
  14. I’m going to attempt to phrase my message as objectively as possible. No aggravated emotions, no emotional whiplash, just plain and honest statements. Before I start I’d like to say that I’m not going to dispute any actions that the moderators have made. They are only doing their jobs and I recognize and applaud them for doing well at their jobs. I require no explanation that defends the Moderator’s actions because I understand why they make certain judgments and why they make these decisions. I will not be making suggestions, submitting Support Tickets or anything like that. This thread is just plain feedback to help the Mods see what is happening. I’ll start off with this: There is a problem, and more specifically I have a problem. It is unknown to me whether others experience this so I may be the only one that has this problem. When I come onto this site I want to converse with other MLP fans. MLP and its Brony content creators inspire me to also create content. Content creators often need feedback and support by others in order for their content to improve. When I want this feedback I go to the forums and make a thread. This is my goal most of the time whenever I’m in the forums. It is twice in the past that I’ve been denied feedback. One of them is old, and another just occurred today. A review of mine was converted into a comment, and a thread about a blog I wanted to start was just locked. For the review I was referred to blogs, and the blog thread was suggested to be made into a status or blog entry. When the references are given to me that’s where the problems start. I just want to clarify the opinion I’ve formed is based on all the time I’ve been here on the MLP Forums. This opinion is that forum threads are the primary location that users browse and it is also the most effective way to get feedback. I’ve tried statuses and blogs. With Blogs I received virtually no feedback whatsoever. On statuses I only get feedback 1 out of every 10 statuses which is 10%. A method that results in 10% feedback and 90% nothing is not an effective method for acquiring feedback. It is for these reasons that I primarily use threads. When I use a thread I receive feedback 100% of the time. With the feedback in the forum threads I’ve been able to improve some of my drawing artwork as well as learn of good debate points to discuss with others. These two things are a part of many things that help this community grow. This is why I prefer to use threads. To have my threads locked or redone as a comment discourages me from being productive here. The alternatives that were suggested to me were ineffective and detrimental to my goals on this website. Bottom line: I cannot receive any constructive criticism or positive feedback to help myself become a better content creator because what is deemed appropriate as a thread is subjectively contradictory to my content-related threads. Content such as that found in Octavia’s Hall are the only types of content allowed to flourish amongst the forum sections and any other such content like my blog post and review will be locked or outsourced to blogs/statuses. As a result only parts of the target audience can see and respond to this content (provided if blogs/status sections actually did provide that). This is not a problem I’ve had on other forums but I guess this site certainly isn’t just any forum. It’s just unfortunate that as a content creator I am being deprived of productive interaction which really shouldn’t happen on a forum. In the end I don’t blame the moderators, but I have to say that because of how parts of the site function it is unlikely that I can achieve my goals as a content creator on this site. Sadly I realize that not much can be done about this, I just wanted to raise awareness. Maybe you guys will brainstorm other ways to make this work in the future or maybe you’ll just stick to what you’ve got and improve upon it. Maybe this was to get people to think or maybe I’m just venting (I can’t tell). Either way it doesn’t really matter to me. I’ll use my time doing other productive things and try my best to avoid getting locked or moved (whatever works to get myself by). Here's to feedback 8) -Captain Brony saying TTFN (Ta-Ta-For-Now!)
  15. Sky Chaser here with another survey. In my opinion if you're not using status updates, you're missing out on a large portion of the forums. But no one asked for my opinion, so what's yours? (Dear Princess Celestia, today I learned exactly what to search for to find every single thread that has been locked with "This topic contains very little in the way of content and, as such, would be better suited as a status update or blog...) #SearchFeatureProbs
  16. Hey guys! when I was typing a long status, then tap enter. I actually realized I had several typos on it. So I get near the status update but there is only "delete" I said WHAT!!!!!. So I was really disappointing even if you wrote a very long status. So there should be an "edit" button to the status, a good way to fix typos. Please also apply to status comments
  17. Every now and then, someone makes a status that is funny or exclaims about good news. More often than not, I am not friends with the person who made the status and commenting on the status would be pretty out of the blue. I think that brohoofing a status would be a good alternative for someone who is uncomfortable with commenting/can't think of anything to say. You can like and/or comment on a status on Facebook and that system seems to work out fine, so why not on here too? Non-rhetorical question BTW.
  18. Ok so as I've become a more frequent poster on status updates of my friends on here an such, I've also started to make some long replies, some so long that they exceed the space each post on a status update may take, and then I get a ... At the end and have to retype whatever I didn't get in because I never know exactly where this point is. So I suggest we should have something sorta like the charactor indicator on posts, that tells how many characters of the maximum you've posted. It would be a nice convience to people who post long stuff like me. I'm not sure how hard this would be to implement or the technical stuff behind it, or if it's even possible really, but I would like It if it's something possible. Or something along these lines. Regardless thank you for the consideration.
  19. Okay, so you may be wondering what this is all about, right? Well, I had this wonderful idea to just suddenly start reading status updates in a dramatic voice for no particular reason. I figure this might become a thing I do frequently, especially if I can get some help finding some nice content. All you gotta do is take a screen cap of something on the forums and I will go ahead and read it overdramatically. I probably won't do all if there are too many requests though, so I will likely use the ones with the most thumbs up as I go along... but yesh, now to the good parts. I wouldn't start this without already having some good content, so here you go, a few good status updates that required a dramatic reading: LRP is always a source of good entertainment: Link to sound file Here's another random example that caught my eye: Link to sound file Anyways, yeah, there you go. I hope you enjoy. :3 And yesh, please provide me with more good shtuffz if you like! :3
  20. so the title basicy tells it as it is have anypony made a status update and typed something wrong and wanted to change it and cant you can delete it and report it but not edit it so why cant we edit it that would make it so much easyer to get rid of mistakes if you like this idea how a bout being able to brohoof them is well (i know they dont mean nothing just a sugestion but its ok if they dont make brohoofs on status updates plus they get deleted and fade away so that is stupid but just saying) but to edit it will be better and less mistakes will be made so make the status updates to beable to be edited thats i i want i think this is a good idea chattydash
  21. The status option would not enable me to post my full thoughts on my page for everypony to read... So I'm posting it as my first blog entry. So here you go everypony. Well... I just went through a rough breakup with my Stallion after three years... He got tired of "Waiting for me to open my legs" which just put a very disturbed thought into my mind. I couldn't believed I stayed with somepony for so long, who mainly just wanted to use me for a place to stay. I guess I'll be single for a good long while. Maybe something good will turn up in the end, not sure how long it will take... Only time will tell in the end. Thank you everypony for even so much as reading these. Ever since I've joined Brony/pegasister community's like this one, It's been life changing. I never knew such a fan-base like this one was so wonderful... I have a few things I'd like to say to all of you. 1: I think everypony is very special in their own way, I love to meet a new pony, getting to know them and finding something really special in them. Words are simply not enough to express how much this community means to me. 2: The content everypony submits here is amazing, the art, music, stories, even your ideas are something that can get you very far in life, I would like to encourage everypony to keep doing what they do best, your talents are amazing and I fully enjoy all aspects of this site. 3: I know many of you don't know who I am just yet.. I am going through a difficult time in my life at the moment. I just want to let all of you know, I love you all very much. Coming here really helps me with my issues everyday, you make me feel as if I have something to look forward to everyday. Sorry if I drew the out a little too long.. > w< I hope you all have happy holidays..
  22. Some of the veterans of the forums are saying that Most of the Blank Flanks that have been coming in have been getting confused about what goes into a thread like a story or fanfic and what goes in your status like Good night. I'm trying to point out before you post it make sure its meant for what you're putting it on. I mean.... It should come naturally, i mean i read the rules (most of) and just started posting, you were there and i don't think i even introduced myself and i didn't do anything like this with all the posting i did. and its not just one Blank Flank, its some but not all either. this is probably the Number #1 rule in all forums but make sure what you are about to post is meant for what you're posting it to. (i became an Advanced member within a day or 2 and i'm probably the reason why Feld0 changed the post counter, lol.)