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Found 21 results

  1. Well, with about less than 18 Hours remaining, as of this topic posting, DIsney+ will be launching at 6:00 AM, EST, with the Originals being added at 9:00 AM, also EST. The Walt Disney Company has dropped a 3-Hour Trailer of everything hitting the service Day 1. Highlights include the bulk of the Disney Animation Features, Disney Afternoon Cartoons, ABC Saturday Morning shows (New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, The Emperor's New School, and more), Syndicated Classics like Hercules the Series, Marvel shows from as far back as the Late 70s and Early 80s, The Star Wars Collection, LEGO Star Wars, Nat Geo and Nat Geo WILD shows and specials, FOX Movies, 30 Seasons of The Simpsons, and stuff never seen in America like Legend of the Three Caballeros! It's even got Original Programming like Star Wars: The Mandalorian. Whether you're interested or not, it's worth checking out, but know this: some of the stuff will be leaving, or has already left Netflix, but if you have Hulu, you can add Disney+ to your subscription, or use it as a standalone app, for as little as $7.99 a month or $69.99 a Year! Me? I can't wait to check stuff out, and I've already signed up for it. The only problem is deciding what to watch first.
  2. Ok idk where to post this but this seems like the appropriate spot to do so. I am wondering about streaming sites other than daily motion. Daily motion has too many fake videos and I can’t find episodes anywhere else! I am trying to catch up since I haven’t been here for a while.
  3. So I want to stream about how to make donut cats but, I don't know which time would be best for others to join in. I'm making this poll so people can choose. Can you help and vote?
  4. In the wake of the Gamescom in Hamburg Germany, that was held this very weekend, the Playstation has without Sony making any noise about it, started over here in Germany. the US, UK, Netherlands and Belgium already got a taste from the service and now it was our turn to use it. For anyone who might not know, Playstation Now is a streaming service that was created by Sony. Streaming services these days are nothing new these days, with Netflix and Amazon Prime streaming movies and the WWE Network streaming wrestling, but this service has a big library of games that you can play, without the use of a hard drive. There have been streaming services in the past and i have tested them as well. They where average at best with 2-3 seconds input lag from time to time and some where totally unplayable at worst, so of course, i was a bit skeptic when i heard of Playstation Now, since it sounds good on paper, it something totally different doing this for real. Now, i own this service now since Thursday. You have to pay a 16,99 € (US 19,99 dollars, UK 12,99 pounds) monthly fee to use the service, which is actually a good deal, considering these are games we talk about and not movies. Netflix charges 15 euros in germany and movies don't cost as much as a game does (except if you buy a hardcore fan special edition maybe. ) so in my opinion, the price is good as it is. The first game i did a test run with was Devil May Cry 4, because i am a fan of the series and know this game well from my 360 days. It would be an understatement to say that i was really impressed by the results. No sort of input delay, no stuttering and while i noticed that the graphics where a bit compressed, you barely notice any difference. It's almost like the game is on your hard drive. Of course, you need a good connection and i would recommend to use a Ethernet cable, because i have one on my PS4, which is 80 MB/s download. I am not sure if it's worse slower, but Sony says that atleast 12 MB/s download is recommended. The library has about 400 games big. Most of them are PS3 games, but sony already started to bring in some PS4 games as well. No big heavyhitters, but still. What i could criticize the PS Now for, is that you can get lost easily in the library menu. You have certain categorys for genres, developers and games in alphabetical order, but no search engine? A search engine would make it so much easier to find the game you wanna play. I hope Sony fixes this at some point. The service is getting filled with new games every month and Sony already announced that they plan to bring PS1 and PS2 games into the library, which for a retro gamer like me are great news. I sadly can't list all the games in the library, else we would still be here tomorrow, but here are some of the games that i play right now regulary: Blood Bowl 2 (PS4) Capcom Arcade Cabinet: Complete Edition (PS3) (is a collection of 18 old Capcom arcade games) Devil May Cry HD Collection (PS3) God of War HD (PS3) Mega Man 9 (PS3) Poker Night 2 (PS3) Red Dead Redemption (PS3) Sonic Generations (PS3) Star Wars: The force Unleashed (PS3) Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown (PS3) WWE 2k16 (PS4) XCOM: Enemy Within (PS3) I for myself would recommend this to anyone that owns a good internet connection and is willing to pay the monthly fee. I was never a PS3 guy as i owned a 360, so this is a golden opportunity to play some of their exclusives that i missed.and also to revisit certain multiplat games that i played on my 360. I for one give it a thumbs up.
  5. *Serious Inquiries Only* For every Movie Night, one of our streamers is in the background, displaying the movie for all of us to see and enjoy. Well, EQTV is currently looking for more people to fill this role! What does an streamer do? -An EQTV streamer's job is pretty simple. Every Friday we show a set of 2 or 3 movies that need to be live streamed. The streamer will acquire the film we are showing and live stream it on at the CMC Clubhouse. -A streamer is not required to stream every Friday as we have a small pool of streamers that can swap around. What do I need to be an streamer? Firstly and most importantly you need a solid and reliable internet. We need you to be available Friday's 6pm - 9pm EST Knowledge of how to do a live stream is helpful, but not completely necessary, since we can teach you. Being a generally nice person is pretty good too. Having a Skype account is useful as well. We need to be able to contact you efficiently, and Skype is our main form of communication. How do I become an streamer? First off, make a post in the topic that your interested. Make sure to include what you have from the above section that would qualify you to be able to stream. Please include your result from a speedtest. If you have a Skype, please include it as well. After some time we will contact the best candidates. We will set up a trial run for you, and if all goes well, you will be selected as an official EQTV streamer! Woooo Hooo! *Applications will be open from about 1-2 weeks, or when we receive enough application, of which this topic will be closed.* *Remember. Serious Inquiries Only.* Do not post if you are unwilling/unable to stream. And no posts of this nature; "I wish I could but....." "Maybe in a few months...." We are looking for streamers that will be able to begin right away.
  6. Come join the madness In a few moments im starting my live stream on Picarto.TV. I would be ever so grateful if you stoppeed by and said hello :3!! Here is the link: And if anyone is interested in hearing my voice while i draw i can talk to ya'll while drawing It would mean the WORLD to me to see you in there! Huggels and kisses SaraEH
  7. Hello and welcome to The Dash Lounge! Your home for Anime, games, shenanigans and more! Join us every Saturday night at 6pm EDT for Anime Nights (Please check back often for any updates and changes or new events. See below for info and rules) (Keep an eye on EQTV for The Dash Lounge. As I might (might as in I haven't yet) randomly stream me working on some art or playing a game in between events) Currently Playing on Anime Nights: Rifftrax Live: Samurai Cop Stick around after Anime for randomness. Anime Nights: Rules: Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoy what this channel has to offer!
  8. mods first off if this is deemed inappropriate please delete. now then on to business. i'm small time streamer just looking to build a fan base at the moment, as more of a chat hang out with some awesome gameplay, as well as some multi player if i feel up to it. anyway stop by my steam and say hi, thanks
  9. I have started a new channel just to see how everything works and test things out. It's here: Apparently, though, even after I closed the tab and cleared my cache, the stream is still going and people are still able to access it as long as the have the actual url (They can't get to it from the channel list on the homepage) So does that mean there's another way to actually end a stream? I don't want to be constantly streaming in the background.
  10. For every movienight, in the background there is one of our streamers, displaying the movie for all to see. Well, Eqtv is looking for more people to fit this role. What does an streamer do? An eqtv streamer's job is pretty simple, every friday we show a set of 2 or 3 movies that need to be livestreamed, the streamer will acquire the film we are showing and livestream it. A streamer is not required to stream every friday, we have a small pool of streamers that can swap around. What do I need to be an streamer? Firstly and most importantly you need a solid reliable internet. We need you to be available at friday 6pm - 9pm EST Knowledge of how to actually do a livestream is helpful, but not fully necessary, since we can teach you. Being a generally nice person is pretty good too Having a skype account is useful as well, we need to be able to contact you efficiently, and skype is our main form of communication How do I become an streamer? First off, make a post in the topic that your interested, make sure to include what you have from the above section that would qualify you as able to stream for us. And to make things a bit easier for us, please include your result from a speedtest After some time we will contact the best candidates. We will set up a trial run for you, and if all goes well you will be an official eqtv streamer! woooo Artemis edit: Please don't post to let us know that you're incapable or unwilling to stream. That isn't helping anyone and only gives us more work to do in reading through pointless posts to find those who are actually up to the task. Post if your willing and able; don't post otherwise. Yozer edit: We will be wrapping this up and contacting applicants either by the end of this week or next week.
  11. You can find us streaming here!
  12. Hello, I was wondering if there were any fellow twitch streamers out there that could give me a hand? I use XSplit on PC and when I use a microphone, it echos during the stream. I'm not sure what the problem is. Would someone be so kind as to help me figure this out? XSplit forums hasn't help out so either the answer is just common knownledge and I'm just stupid with the set up or no one else has this issue. I can hear myself when the microphone is on if that has something to do with it but I'm not sure if that is the issue or how to fix it if it is the issue.
  13. okay so i just started test streaming on twitch with OBS today and don't know a thing about it, although i love watching streams lol 1) OBS keeps (crashing) but still runs in the background so i am able to stream but can't get back into my OBS to fiddle with settings, 2) i run PJ64 emu at the moment with an N64 usb controller 3) my laptop is a Asus G73JW with an SSD and 8gb of ram and a quad core I7 with overclock up to 3.0 ghz what do you guys think of my setup etc my twitch channel is micaiah1 of you'd like to follow and give feedback on my stream when i am live just an FYI
  14. Hey all you bronies and pegasisters, I will be holding a livestream pony request event around 7 pm Central time tonight. Those of you who want to join in merely have to post your ponies. Can be fan made ponies in the stream. I will get to as many as I can before the stream is over. A new journal will be posted when it starts so don't worry. Any questions, feel free to post them here. ~DJPon-3
  15. This has been going on for a while, but has now reached the Supreme Court. The basic story is that Aereo retransmits free broadcast channels over the Internet for a fee of $10 a month while the corporate scum that runs the networks has gotten their panties in a twist over it, although I personally do not find them 100% in the wrong here. The problem I have with the whole thing is that Aereo pockets all of the money from this. If it was a free service I would actually not have a problem with it. That's the reason why the networks are suing and claiming good old-fashioned Copyright Infringement on them. These may be free signals, but someone worked their back out putting these things on the air and someone else had to pay for them (commercials), and I find it unfair that Aereo pockets all of this money while none of it goes to supporting the content. However, the networks are also continuing their game of fighting progress and the power of the consumer by keeping their content off of the Internet and trying to milk money out of anything at any turn, and claiming Armageddon if anything happened that would disrupt their old geezer of a business model. The networks are in bed with the cable companies and can and will abuse them into submission with their money and power with all of these carriage disputes, the same way the MPAA has made a lapdog out of NATO (the theater owners' association). This time, CBS and FOX claimed that they might move to cable if Aereo was declared legal. This shows nothing but a shallow anti-consumer attitude that will only make them look greedier in the eyes of the consumer. The problem is that the networks drove themselves into this crap by not doing enough to earn their money. They want to get fat and rich off of money that you would rather pay only to the networks you want by bundling them with others you don't need, and by attaching a fee to something that should be available for free. Raising retransmission fees to unreasonable rates for broadcast networks is what causes a lot of these carriage disputes. I would rather support the content by way of a kind of freemium service. Make the basic level of the content free and charge a premium for other features, basically the same thing Hulu does, that way I can support the content I like. Tying is defined as an illegal business practice, but unfortunately the government has let the Big Media corporations take over, evidenced by the deregulation and copyright extensions that now make the media a multi-billion dollar industry run by only a few companies. Now the government does nothing because it's their best friends doing it, the same ones helping to drive the country straight down the Highway to Hell by eliminating dissenting voices from the conversation and dumbing down politics to a simple choice of red or blue. It doesn't matter that the choices they make are stupid because they'll just mob rule their will into law to make what they do right and what you do wrong. I got my rant out on this, now I'd like to hear what you all think about this.
  16. On March 11 you'll be able to stream whatever you're playing on X1 on Twitch. I know I'm gonna be streaming, and I hope that some of you might think of watching it, but has anyone else thought of streaming? Or do you already stream?
  17. Over the last two years I've had a lot change about my life. I found out how little my two 'best friends' really cared about me, and I got some new friends who are much closer to me. I've had a total shift in my outlook on life, and my taste in music has changed completely. I also discovered my talent and love of entertainment and broadcasting, especially in the form of live streaming games. I've finally realized why I do the things I do, why I act how I act. I like to see people entertained, and if I can make them laugh even a little I feel like I'm making the world that much of a brighter place to live. I don't care that I only have 2 or 3 people who watch me regularly, if those two people are having a good time then so am I. And all this change started with a simple sentence: "Hello everyone, my name is Fractal Moon and you're watching the MVHS Esports Loser's Bracket." I remember that November day like it was yesterday, despite it occurring more than two years ago. A friend had sent me a link to something called the 'MVHS High School League of Legends tournament' in hopes that I could help him form a team to represent our school. I wound up being unable to participate in that tournament because I was incapable of meeting the entrance requirements, but I arranged with the tournament's host to be able to broadcast the loser's bracket. So I took my crappy headset and joined the first game. That's when it finally dawned on me, I was about to make a fool of myself in front of anyone who was watching. I had little to no experience in broadcast media, and I was all alone in a field where having two people was almost mandatory. It was just me and my almost obsessive knowledge of the game quickly explaining what was happening in game, desperately trying to stave off a blue screen of death, and trying to keep my audience entertained. After the first game I became comfortable, I started interacting with people, and I started having fun. Unlike my normal, somewhat annoying self, Fractal was an interesting person. He was the person I always wanted to be, but never could be. After that day I realized that I was decent at live streaming, and I decided that I would do my best to improve my quality. And I found that I was becoming more like Fractal in real life. Since then I haven't found the opportunity to stream much, but I still try to whenever I can. The time I tried to make my usually disjointed streams a regular event that people could follow, I had grades drop on me like a ten-ton badger. I'd love to start again some time, but sometimes I wonder if all the people who said I was entertaining were just being nice. That's always been my flaw, I'm always worried that people are just being nice to me because they think it would be wrong to insult the kid who may or may not have something wrong with him and just wants to make people laugh. So to end this already overly long post, I'd like to ask all of you candidly, do you actually like me or are you just nice to me because you think it would be rude to tell me that I'm an annoying jerk who thinks too much of himself? -Fractal
  18. Hey guys, I'm FractalMoon and I'd like to talk about my future. Up till now I've been streaming infrequently on a schedule that boiled down to "Whenever I feel like it, for as long as I feel like." Today I'd like to announce that I'm going to stream every Friday! As of this week, I will be streaming every Friday night from 5 p.m. PST to at least 7 p.m. PST at . Please come and join me for good fun, good games, and good entertainment. I hope you all have excellent days. -Fractal
  19. Anypony else getting those extremely irritating maximum number of views for your country messages :okiedokielokie:. I'm from Holland and I get it every 5 minutes!
  20. ALERT! THIS IS A PSA REGARDING THE FUTURE OF EQUESTRIA.TV! PLEASE LISTEN CAREFULLY!!! Recently, it has become apparent that is becoming a more and more important branch of Poniverse. To support this claim, we have always done our best during every Friday Movie Night and every new MLP episode stream to give our viewers the best service possible, and continue to do so. For our Friday Movie Nights, we always have a fellow member of MLP Forums host the stream for us. Without the streamer's efforts, we would not have any such event each week. Overall, we have many members attend our weekly movie nights, and always seem to have a good time. Although, we only have three members who regularly host the streams. Even though it is unlikely that something could go wrong for all three of them, it has occurred to the ETV staff that even three might not be enough. We want, as mentioned, the best for people who use the ETV service, so we are taking this time to ask if anyone out there is willing to be added to the ETV crew. You will be asked to be able to stream two movies consecutively on every Friday night, from 4:00 PM, to usually 8:00 PM EST. If you do not have the movies that are chosen to be shown that night, you can ask someone else on the streaming department of ETV to send it to you. To apply, simply ask us in this thread. We will contact you and ask you for your Skype, if it's not already in your profile. Before you start streaming officially, we will run a test stream to see if it the quality is efficient enough for our viewers to enjoy the movie. Thanks for all that apply, and we look forward for your support of!
  21. Hi guys! Violet here again for another holiday stream! This time, we have an open schedule, so what ever you want me to do, I'll do it. Whether it be Boshy or Slenderman, Street Fighter or Marvel, I'll do it. So, post below on stuff you'd like me to do or just say so in the stream's chat! I'll be streaming on my twitch channel here: ...or If you'd like, I'm also streaming on My steam is the 6th stream from the top labeled 'Violet's Stream'. Ian and others may also be streaming, who knows! I hope you invite your friends to watch another awesome stream as we count down to the new year! The stream will start tomorrow night, 12/31/12, somewhere around 8 o' clock CST. Follow me on twitter for constant updates on it and test streams here: I'll probably update this post and other stuff when the stream starts, too. Streaming! Link: or Hope you come watch! Movies, Games, and much more! You pick what I play as we count down to 2013! Happy New Year! STREAM IS OVER! TUNA WITH BACON CRASHED THE STREAM LOL