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Found 15 results

  1. Although most people knew about it before it was officially announced, the game was officially announced yesterday at Capcom Cup 2017. Is any one else hyped about it? There is also a Street Fighter Anniversary Collection coming to PS4, Xbox One, and Switch in May.
  2. So, yesterday was Capcom Cup 2017 and it was really exciting. I think Tokido with his Akuma was definitely the favorite to win the tournament, but I think people totally slept on Mena RD and his Birdie. He ended up winning the tournament. Tokido just couldn’t come up with an answer for his Birdie. And after that, Capcom revealed the new character. Everyone already knew what character it was going to be based on the hints they had given, but it was still exciting to finally see Sakura in the game. They also showed the other characters coming to the game which includes Blanka, Falke, Cody, G, and Sagat. I am definitely excited for Arcade Edition because I am hoping it brings more players to the game. It’s definitely a good point to jump into the game if any one has been thinking about it. Ranks are going to be reset and the meta will probably change due to nerfs and buffs.
  3. The new update that includes Urien is out(Actually it was out yesterday, but I didn't download it). I'm going to give it a go right now and check out the new changes. I'm curious as to how Urien is going to match up against Cammy. I would like to try him out, but I haven't earned enough fight money to purchase him. By the way, does any one on these forums play Street Fighter V?
  4. Does any one play Street Fighter V? If so, do you play it on console or on PC and what did you think of it? What character(s) do you like to play as?
  5. So with the trailers for the next installment of one of the best fighting games of all time coming out, I've had Street Fighter on the brain. Anyone who does martial arts in real life knows that weapons feature heavily in many styles, some more than others. While there have been some characters in the franchise that either make use of or are sometimes depicted packing, Vega most notably with his claw but also Eagle (escrima sticks), Fei Long (nunchaku), Viper (taser gloves/jet shoes), Rolento (quarterstaff and grenades), and more; but for the most part the characters eschew weapons. For the most part I like this creative decision as the fighting styles are just as distinct and stylized, armed or empty handed. Or I can ignore someone going into combat against Vega is NOT going to look like a slasher movie victim because of the comic book-esque nature of the franchise. Just for fun though, what are some weapons you think your favorite Street Fighter characters would use if they decided to go into a fight with some teeth? Be it based in their actual martial art style or just something you think the character would choose to use. To start: T. Hawk: Tomohawks. (Hey "Tomohawk" T. Hawk? Wonder if that was intentional. Yes I know his first name is "Thunder." . . . Which only brings to mind another Native American fighting game character . . .) Dhalsim: Urumi and shield Makoto: Katana (not trying to stereotype just that A ) Street Fighter has always used national identity to inform character and B ) she's old school and the heir to an old school.) Zangief: Hammer and axe combo. (Again, not stereotyping, but Zangief IS a patriot after all.)
  6. So when I ask this question, I typically try to have the combatants have some kind of common theme or comparable spirit to their characters. In this case, I suppose it's fairly obvious, both are Russian supermen who are the big muscles and bigger heart to their respective friends and allies. Their methods of combat rely on enduring punishment and dealing it out in equal measure. What's more is that they are both card carrying members of the Soviet Union from when it still WAS the Soviet Union. That being said they aren't exactly the same. The Heavy, though appearing simple minded, is actually a bit more intellectually inclined when not doing his job where Zangief, again not stupid but is more "proletariat" in his intellect to put it politely. Plus while Zangief has close ties to his government, often having meetings with its leader and being the representative of Russia on the World Warrior circuit, the Heavy busted out of a gulag and his father was a counter-revolutionary. So if the two were to ever clash, for whatever reason you want to justify their conflict, who do you think would be victorious? (And before anypony says it, think of how many rounds each member of the Team takes before dying, how often melee kills happen in TF2, and that Zangief is of similar build to the Heavy and the Heavy can take a massive number of shots from another Heavy's minigun before dying.) Now all that being said, let's get ready to rumblllllllllllllllllllllllllle!
  7. Yep, it's these two. As usual, if you don't know, ask. Clarification is better than insult...tation? Distance: 20 meters Condition: yeah, they both want each other dead Restrictions: Raging Demon, "the magic of friendship"
  8. Hiya! While I'm generally not much for videogames, one of the few game series I'm into is the Street Fighter Series This series, as is the case for many Capcom games, has a great soundtrack, which, in my opinion, is just as epic as the fighting itself My favorite theme is a tie between Ryu's theme and Guile's theme - if I had a videogame theme, those are the two themes I'd desire Here's a sneak peek at both of the songs So, what's your favorites?
  9. Now I'm sure everypony who considers themselves a gamer has played a fighting game at least once. Myself, I love them. However, not for the usual reason of the intense high-tier play. I'm not good enough for that. No I love them for the wild and colorful characters they bring together and what setups are used to unite them all. Street Fighter has cloak and dagger espionage hidden under the veneer of a global fighting tournament. Bloody Roar has a conflict between a baseline human and superhuman offshoot. What about you guys? What fighting game has the best characters and scenario for them to square off? (Note: This is for stand alone fighting games. Crossover fighters like Dissidia and Smash Bros. or fighting adaptations like Injustice or Fighting is Magic don't count.)
  10. You heard me! Hercule (DBZ) vs Dan (Street Fighter)! They're both amazingly strong in comparison to us normal people, but not when it comes to the other characters in their respective franchises. Also, we all love to watch them be stupid! So, who would win? AND NO FANBOYING (like they even have fanboys in the first place lol) EDIT: Woops! Put this in the wrong place! Sorry to whoever had to take the time to move the thread !
  11. Have anypony played any of the Street Fighter series? we should discuss our mains. :3 SSF4 Mains: Rufus, Cody
  12. Ever since Capcom announced Ultra Street Fighter 4, one thing that they've highlighted was the appearance of a Surprise Mystery character, and yet have released little hints other than they've never appeared in a fighting game, yet, are related to the series in some way. As a fan of the series, I can't help but get a little excited for this, so here are my thoughts on who it could be. Again the character is related to the series in some way, it could be a character that has never been playable, a character from another franchise, or an original character; however, they hasn't appeared in a fighting game yet(sorry Maki and Haggar) Also, there will be spoilers Goutetsu Hey, they brought in Ryu and Ken's old master, why not Akuma's as well Go Hibiki Go's an interesting one. A character who's only been in the Udon comics, he basically serves as a competent version of his son Dan. But what's interesting about him is his relationship with Sagat, as he's responsible for his eyepatch. He may be dead in the comic, but it would be cool to see Capcom bring him back from the dead. Eliza Masters Ken's wife Eliza. A wild shot, but I think it's possible. Considering the fact that there are probably already some unlikely characters in the series, her importance in Ken's story line, and the fact that there's a fan made sprite for her in Mugen, I think she has a fair shot Carlos Miyamoto Some sort of South American-Japanese hybrid, Carlos appeared along side Maki and Haggar in Final Fight 2. However, unlike Cody, Guy, Haggar and Maki, he has never appeared in either Final Fight or any other game for that matter. Personally I would love to see them shed some more light on this mysterious character. Plus his katana would be cool to use. Dean(Final Fight 3) Much like Carlos, Dean doesn't have much backstory too him. On the other hand, he looks like he was built for the game. Perhaps Capcom could give him some character? Lucia(Final Fight 3) I was honestly kinda hesitant to put her on here, she has more background than Carlos and Dean combined, and is potentially friends with Chun-Li. However, I fear that she may be to similar to her in terms of moves, but if she does get in, it would be interesting to see how she plays out Megaman X Oh Megaman, how we love you, and how Capcom loves to hate you. That said, with the fans are getting really restless with Megaman's disappointing 25th anniversary, but I honestly think it would be a good idea to include him. With the inclusion of Bad Box Art Megaman, Capcom's hesitant to make the Blue Bomber a Street Fighter, and X technically meets the requirements for the secret character. It may not be a new Megaman game, but would be a great move on Capcom's part, and wash out that awful taste of XOver out of my mouth. Coming with the famous secret techniques the Hadoken and Shoryuken from X1 and X2, X could be an interesting mix of Ryu and Megaman from MvC and BBA Megaman with the moves he learned from Dr. Light. Speaking of which Dr. Thomas Light(Megaman Series) I always wanted to know how he learned those secret techniques. It's possible that they'll be lazy and make him another Shoto-clone, but that doesn't stop it from bring hilarious. And honestly he probably has a better chance than Dean or Carlos Opinions? Do you like these character choices? Are they ridiculous? Who'd you like to see?
  13. Drew Scoots as my favorite female Street Fighter Cammy, always thought both have a lot in common. Next up is Princess Celestia, inspired by someone else did of Wallpaper profiles, but did my own thing. What I hate is t hat her arm looks so out of place... Finally, Spitfire, my favorite of the Wonderbolts. I wasn't too happy for her voice change but she is still my fave Captain.
  14. Just completed my blind-run LP of the game Mega Man x Street Fighter, and realized there was no thread for the game here on the forum! I'll fix that. Mega Man x Street Fighter is a fan game, given monetary and advertisement support by Capcom, which features Mega Man going through levels inspired by Street Fighter arenas. And of course, at the end of every stage, there's a classic Street Fighter character to beat down. Overall, I wasn't expecting much from the game. But DAMN, did it deliver. One of the best fan games I've ever played, and hands down the best Mega Man fan game I've ever played. The game is available for free on Capcoms official site, but the download link works very slowly, or disappears entirely depending on how swamped the server is. Best of luck!