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Found 3 results

  1. Hiya, I'm relatively new to the Herd, so I'd really like some help with my (first!) OC creation. I've got some ideas for an OC, but I'd like some feedback and guidance...if that's not too much to ask Name: Cobalt Rush (I couldn't think of anything else) Age: 17 Gender: Male, Pegasus Cutie Mark: Not too sure on this one...perhaps a microphone or music note? Personality: Some would call him a loner. Definitely a pony who likes keeping to himself, and as a result, tends to be shy when talking to strangers. A bit of an idealist, a bit of a poetic romantic sorta guy. Singing, songwriting and usually anything creative takes up most of his time and fulfils his random creative urges. If I could get some feedback, anything I've missed, and where I can get somepony to draw my OC since I can't draw for peanuts...I'd be super grateful
  2. Before I say anything, I'd just like to clear up that rather than making this topic to promote my music, I'd really rather feedback So that aside, hiya, I wrote a ballad for Scootaloo...Yeh, I know, Scoots song...oh well have another If anypony has any feedback, comments, criticisms...feel free to share Download, Lyrics and stuff like that in vid description. My YouTube channel's in the sig if you are interested in finding the vid description. - Strigidae
  3. So...I wrote this song from Spike's perspective; he seems rather left out in terms of fan music, so I thought him the honours . Lyrics, download and all that jazz are in the vid description. Ciao, Strig