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Found 89 results

  1. This is something I have always wondered because I have always been a quiet/shy person since I was younger. All throughout school I always had others think I was odd/weird for staying quiet for whatever reason. It got very very annoying having to hear from others is there something wrong with you? I just wonder if any of you have had to deal with similar situations as this throughout your life. There is nothing wrong with being quiet and enjoying solitude. I have always said why should have to change myself to be accepted by others?? But honestly do you think in our society that being introverted/quiet is looked down upon?
  2. Hello all! Returning fan here; I find myself in need of your reading recommendations: what are your favorite comic/fanfiction series from the last half-decade or so? After getting caught up on the series after a 5 year hiatus I'm seeing that there are a lot of fan-created works that I have missed out on. Like, a metric ton of them. I can't reasonably get caught up on 5 years worth of fan content, so I figured I'd open it up to suggestions! Treat this as if I were a blank flank slate - if you could recommend any fan series from any point in the fandom's history, what would it be? It could mystery, action, adventure, human-in-Equestria, or even just some feel-good/slice of life/platonic/Hallmark ending type of stuff. (Bonus points if it's a long-running series.)
  3. Show us all the wacky sentences your keyboard suggestions can make. I will begin... Oh yeah I don't know what time yet but you just remind me of him like THAT back then like to update y'all on the future of this channel.
  4. I consider myself a fairly adventurous eater. Seldom do I turn down the opportunity to try a new food or strange food combination. So, perhaps selfishly lol, I wanted to start a topic where peoples would recommend / speak fondly of interesting food combinations I may not have tried. I'll start with some that I like: Peanut butter and banana sandwiches. I thought jelly and peanut butter were made for each other, but these two... It sounds wrong, but it's oh-so-right. You can also prepare them like a grilled cheese sandwich and get the PB a bit (or a lot) melty. Peanut butter and Nutella; though I assume this is something others have tried. Repeatedly. Oh yes. Tuna fish and practically anything lol. I eat it mixed with rice (and sometimes green olives). Sometimes I squirt in some BBQ sauce. I make tuna "burgers" by combining tuna, an egg, and either bread crumbs or instant oatmeal. Tuna mac? Yes please. I've even tried it with PB. Don't necessarily recommend the last one (it's all right), but it was filling as heck. Anchovies and rice. Beats an anchovy sandwich. Mackerel and rice. So I make lots of rice - sue me! xD Scrambled eggs and ketchup. Mac n' cheese... And ketchup. Or BBQ sauce. Instant (or I guess the mashed kind) potatoes and corn. Or baked beans. Or blackeye peas. Or peas! Peas and rice YES MORE RICE!!! I'm sure there are others, but that should suffice lol.
  5. Hey guys I thought I could maybe pick your brains for a recommendation. See, awhile back I read Fallout: Equestria and since then, nothing has matched it. I know that might sound sad and it's not like I don't read other stuff. Try as I might though, there hasn't been a story I've read in the printed letter that has made me emotionally invest as hard, blew my mind with its plot turns, fall in love with its characters, and kept me nail bitingly tense at the climax. It's the first story I read that made me jump up and shout while reading it. I'm looking for a book that will do something similar. Time commitment is not an issue, if anything I'd like a nice long book for me to really travel with the characters, which brings me to the specifics so let's get down to brass tax. I’m looking for a book about a small group of allies undertaking a grand quest. Maybe the quest isn’t clear at first or maybe it starts small and grows into something more. As a matter of fact, escalating from a humble road trip to saving the world is really kind of the key feature I’m looking for. One of the only stories that came close to Fo:E for me was Neuromancer, precisely because it started with cyberpunk hackery in a slum and ended with pretty much the achievement of the Singularity. Got any recommendations? Fantasy in particular would be nice but sci-fi or other would be good too. P.S.: Not LOTR or Narnia. They are great but I know them already.
  6. Hello, my name is Mr. E, I am new user to this site... So my suggestion should be taken with a grain of salt, but I do believe I have a valid idea on how you could improve your website, particularly the uploading of Profile Pictures and cover photos... The file size limit for Profile Pictures is incredibly tight for those who cannot afford to donate and while I won't be so greedy as to ask for you to increase the limit, it is a frustration that I have to go find a third-party website to compress whatever stock photo I want to use as my profile picture (I like to use Stock Photos with the License CC0 to avoid Copyright violations and conflicts with other artists as I certainly can't draw or obtain the pictures I want otherwise...), usually I upload the image to their server and compress and add filters to it to make them workable without being too compressed and then re-download them and check the file size to later find out, it still doesn't meet the guideline and recompress it again... It is sometimes rather time-consuming to do and a slight annoyance... While it is a major first world problem, I believe a simple fix, might be to allow for a on website way to compress a profile picture, maybe with a couple options like Auto-mode which could compress it until it meets the guidelines exactly, so if the guideline 210 KBs, it will be decreased to meet that standard by simply decreasing the resolution. Or advanced mode, would let you pick a resolution and choose some filters like on my profile picture to keep it relatively smooth... If the image still doesn't fit the guidelines rather than doing it all over again, it will tell you to adjust the resolution and filters to allow for it to fit into said guideline. It's not a feature that needs to be put in immediately, just a simple feature, that I think may be helpful to some such as myself... Sorry if I wasted your time with this suggestion, I know it is a very minor issue to have with the site, but the site is soo good already, it's pretty hard to come up with anything really worth immediately fixing or changing or adjusting, something I thank the staff of this site for greatly, I would donate, but Money is relatively tight right now so I can't.. Well, I wish everyone who read this the best and I hope you all have a good day. Cheers, ~ Mr. E.
  7. So to begin with, I'm not exactly sure where this goes on the forums. This seems to be the best place for it but if it needs to be moved, I'm totally okay with that. These are just the main tools and resources I use on a regular basis. I can barely draw a stick figure, so I mostly use line arts and bases. Paint Programs Not free, but totally worth it Paint Tool SAI - If you're like me and you have a laptop or tablet with a touch screen, this is definitely worth shelling out a little bit of money for a software license. Unlike Photoshop, which is also totally worth it but needs a monthly fee, this is just a onetime payment. (*NOTE on SAI: An online friend of mine who is also into GFX work said they managed to find a free version of SAI. However, it lacks most of the "premium" tools that I think make it worth paying a little for. If you do have the bravery and time to go looking for this one, be very careful where you download from. Deviant Art P2U bases - Deviant Art has some really awesome P2U bases out there. Unfortunately, some of the best ones art strictly SAI and/or Photoshop. Though there are many that will work on GIMP with some extra effort and hassle.) Corel Painter X - Okay, so this is probably a good chunk of money and I wouldn't suggest getting it if you are only wanting to do Pony OC things. There is also one hell of a learning curve; changing one little thing can cause your computer to go insane. Free Art Programs I use GIMP for raster pictures and editing bitmaps. I actually prefer GIMP because it allows for actual pixel control Inkscape/Ponyscape is good if you're working with vectors. I just started playing around with these, but it would probably be ideal for a "final product" type of image. Depending on your level of techie knowledge and GFX and basic skills (I can't draw a circle to save my life), there can be a pretty big learning curve to Inkscape. I really suggest reading all of the tutorials with the program and this place has some extra. Paint.NET, I can't say to much on right now. I just started peeking around at it myself but it seems pretty good so far. It's free, less hardware intensive than GIMP, easier to learn than Inkscape. And it has a layers function, yay! For Colors I'm a big inspiration person. A lot of my "ponies" start off from other images. I have a weird process of finding an anime picture, nature painting, whatever that I like first. Sherwin Williams has a program called Chip It. It is far from perfect, because it only uses paint colors that they carry to come up with palettes. It starts out with 5 colors, but you can use "Edit Colors" and it will show you 10, which is good because you'll almost always get some for of white or black. The bad part? It doesn't give you HEX or RGB codes for the colors, which is where comes in. Upload an image, pick an area of the image and it will zoom in. Pick your pixel and you'll get a color code for it. Depending on your paint program, you may have to use either HEX or RGB. You can use (which also flops to hex to rgb) to get color codes. Here comes the fun! I absolutely adore! I use it a lot for inspiration. If you have a basic idea in mind, Colour Lovers can help you pinpoint palettes (using five colors) that work well together. It also has a good section of basic shapes that you can use for putting together a Cutie Mark. And to take it one step farther, for things like shading and gradients, I use It's actually more of a tool for website design, but I use it for more details on palettes. It is also good for more basic palettes too since you can get monochromatic, adjacent 3, color triad and tetrad. You can use the "preview" and it will give you an idea of how your color pattern will look on different backgrounds. I see people getting crap for using certain colors because they "look bad". Well, maybe they do if you're looking at them with a highly reflective white background which can make them seem more neon. But if you're on a darker page, like a DA upload with transparency, your eyes may perceive them in a less intense way. (Random Rant: Not saying that there aren't some colors that are just garish together, but one thing I learned from web design is that there are a LOT of things that can affect how one's eyes perceive light and color. And it doesn't help that someone's eyes are usually as unique as they are and where someone may see blue-green another person might see greenish blue. Yes, there is a difference and it can be very frustrating.) Clipart for CMs if you totally suck at drawing is good if you have a program that can open SVG files. is a personal favorite because of the different file types available and a filter engine. (also has background, color pages, and animated gifs which can be useful) free clipart section. It doesn't have a search filter, but you can look through basic categories. has some good stuff of varying quality I personally enjoy WikiMedia Commons ( because if you can't find something, you can always request an image. I also have sunk to ferreting through There is no search which is a pain but it looks like it just grabs popular clipart from around the web. Quite a few of these have their links on the image itself, so you can sort of website hop. Also, if you see an image on one of the pay for clipart sites like fotosearch or 123rf, try looking at using the same tags. There is a very good chance that it will come up without a watermark. You can also use Google Images (mentioned below for different reasons) but be prepared. If you search by a watermarked image, you'll likely find that the first results are watermarked versions of well but I have also seen where a non-watermarked image will pop up too. Also, something I learned. ALWAYS use Google Image Search ( to look at your chosen image for cutie marks if you didn't make it yourself. When I first started trying to get my pen and paper characters online, I would just type a description in google and look through images until I found one that fit really well with what I had in mind. And it turns out some of them were custom cutie marks on DA that people had paid for. It is also helpful because sometimes you will run into the opposite. One person who came to me had "paid" for what wasn't even a tweaked clipart piece that was uploaded YEARS before her custom cutie mark was made. I still didn't use it anymore... but you'll find that, unfortunately, it happens quite a bit. Best tip I can offer is, sadly, go to google first and try typing in a term then looking through images but ALWAYS check your sources and terminology. If you specifically search for Cutie Mark, you're going to get images from DA that were created for others. Other Things - It isn't great and you may have to go in and do some tweaking up but this is pretty decent for removing white backgrounds from jpgs. If you have a more complex image, like one with little swirls, you may have more of an issue.
  8. So for the 97.38% of you who don't know, I'm a FimFiction writer and lately, I've been running short on inspiration. I've got a couple ideas, but one really stuck to me. I've already got a planned release coming out in October and I was wondering if I could get one more story in by the end of the Summer Season. The fiction (novel) that I'm writing is a mystery/action-style story that'll probably span a couple of installments depending on how well received it is. (I'll post a teaser image in a follow-up discussion). I've got a sample here: "I staggered back, watching sparks fly through the air like an Equestrian holiday. Ponies dressed in deep red ducked in the nightly shadows, waiting for the right time to strike. Their shouts called to me, addressing me as though a victim of their plot, which... well, I was. Large crates of a ship's cargo littered the loading bay as crashing fires whizzed overhead. I put one hoof in front of the other, lowering my head as I slowly dragging myself along the concrete decks. Vaguely, I could hear each one shout in the late night's shower; everypony was against me. Fire ruptured from one of the many nearby oil tanks, launching me back with a gust of merciless force as I now hung from the edge of the dock, my hind legs dangling just three hooves above the ocean's grasp. The sounds of heavy trotting echoed around me, quickly closing in as I carefully weighed my options, "I have to get out of here; I have to tell her..." The papers in my dying hooves grew damp as the rain wept upon them. They were everything I needed to finish this... to finish... them." The excerpt doesn't quite highlight the "mystery" aspect of the story, but it'll be in there; I promise. So... would you read it?
  9. Apparently somebody by the name of @Amorphous wanted me to add ears to my p0nes. Small, derpy ears, but ears. I made two different versions of a p0ne, one with ears, one without. Ears: No ears: Which one do you think is better for this situation? Am I doing the ears wrong? Maybe. :3 EDIT: The top pic I drew first, then erased the ears and added hair for the second one, so if that impacts judgement I'm sorry. EDIT 2: In my opinion, no ears makes the p0ne more human-like, while the ears show more clearly that he's not human. I guess that's why they're needed apparently. :33333
  10. I didn't really like the gameplay I saw for Ambient.Prologue. Thought it was a bit too cheesy. So, I came up with this for the start of a sort-of story: Wonderwasteland Summary Ray, age 14, and Spot, age 9, are in a winter wilderness. The player doesn't know yet how they got there. They have a discussion about why the sky is blue, introducing the "goddess" of Earth, Celestia [no relation to Princess Celestia; this is an alternate universe ;3], and her influence and power over the Earth. Ray has a pale white coat, a black mane with light-blue stripes, and is usually outfitted with dark-colored clothing. Spot has a pale orange coat, a yellow mane, and is outfitted with light-colored clothing. They are both female unicorns. They traverse the wilderness (teaching the player movement), have chats, and come across a cave. They have finally found a place to stay for a couple of days while they try to find civilization again. They settle down while Ray grabs her hunts down a rabbit for Spot, teaching the player the mechanics of using tools. Ray then hunts down a few more rabbits for food for the next couple of days, and they eat (teaching the player how to use tools to shape the environment). But as they are eating, a tiger comes out from a tunnel near the cave. It smelled food and wants it. It starts chasing after the duo, and they run for their lives. Ray, scared as heck, takes Spot and hides in a tree, closing her eyes as she awaits her demise. She opens them. Day suddenly turned into night. The tiger can't figure out where they were and heads off to devour the meat. Spot askes Ray what happened with the sun. Ray doesn't know. The title sequence appears, and the duo run off to find somewhere else to stay. Eventually Ray and Spot figure out that they have the power to raise and lower the moon and sun respectively. They don't know how they got their powers or how to really control it, but they know a lot of ponies aren't going to like that. So, as they are trying to go back to their village, they start to realize possibly how they got here and the danger of going back. But they keep trying anyway, because the village is the only safe place they know. As far as gameplay mechanics go, I've thought of this: You can cycle through different items you're able to store in your inventory and use them on the environment. At the beginning you can only store 2-3 items, but as the game progresses, you are eventually able to store an infinite amount of items and tools. Your health bar starts at three segments, and increases as the game progresses. Running out of health = u ded All enemies hurt you by 1 segment (2 if it's very powerful), but more powerful attacks can stun you or cause status effects. You have an energy bar. This bar decreases when you're, for example, sprinting, attacking, and getting hurt. It can be regenerated by not moving, resting, and using items on yourself that increase your current or max energy. Your max energy can also permanently be increased through gameplay. Having high energy grants you bonuses, such as faster movement speed, health regeneration, more powerful attacks, shorter negative and longer positive status effects, and at the very top, extra health segments. Low energy grants you debuffs, such as slower movement speed, less powerful attacks, longer negative and shorter positive status effects, and at the very bottom, when you run out of energy, passing out, which means you can't do ANYTHING for 15 seconds. Pass out again within 15 minutes and you're dead. Wonder if this could work...? It seems cool to me.
  11. Now that Inferno has been put out of the Active Pool, what do you guys think should change about Inferno? It's obvious they're gonna do a remake of it, so what should the remake entail? And don't talk about Infernew. Shush. We all know about that
  12. As I'm sure many of you are all too aware, The forums don't allow the use of foreign languages at all. I for one, do not agree with this, and I know I'm not alone. English isn't the only language out there, and I feel that it's extremely restrictive to outright bar the use of other languages. I spend the vast majority of my time roleplaying, and as a roleplayer, I feel that characters who are bilingual or don't know the vernacular are restricted from being portrayed as they truly are, and their players are forced to have them speak English at all times, which takes away from the immersion quite a bit. So here are my ideas on how to relax the foreign language policy: If you're going to use a foreign language, please provide a translation! Italicize it, spoiler it, or add it line by line. Whatever you do, make sure you add the English translation! Observe the other global rules. Just because you're using another language doesn't mean you can go overboard with the foul language or be sexually explicit. 25% / 75% ratio. No more than roughly 25% of your post can be in another language, even with the translation provided. Posting solely in a language other than English is prohibited. Going off the above rule, the use of foreign languages may be relaxed, it doesn't mean that you can post something completely in Russian or Japanese. This is an English language site, so most of your post must be in English. This is just my opinion and idea, and I'll try to tweak / add to it if there's enough interest, but I would love to hear from others regardless of whether or not they agree with me. Any and all suggestions are also very much welcomed! Help me expand this idea to cover all areas of the site!
  13. UPDATE To be honest, most of what I've mentioned in this post I'm not to concerned about anymore, however, I have a new issue I hope can be looked into right away. So far I've not got word back about it yet. Here's my quote from my reply down below that I want to be looked into: Introduction Okay, it's been over a year now since I've been a member on here; It's about time I made my own feedback topic. Now this opening post is extremely large, so prepare for a long read. It would be best to read only if you have the free time to spare and plan on reading the whole post. Please remember that nothing I say in here is directed towards any individual as I won't be using any names. I want this to be as complete, and as honest as I can, so it's a constructive feedback topic. The whole idea here is to give both the positives and negatives of the site, while being honest with it. I strongly believe there is room for improvement, which I'll get to in here. Also, I'll spoiler tag the main feedback and suggestion sections to minimize scrolling. Anyway, read away and enjoy Edit: I'll make a reply to all replies in here when I have time Thanks for the replies though. I'm glad this was acknowledged ^^
  14. Hello! My suggestion is very simple: I would LOVE to see some Google Calendar integration for the calendar events on this site, like say the friday night movie thingy or any other special event posted to that little segment of the site, so that those who use Google Calendar can get reminders of when such and such is gonna happen. The reason I think this would be a good idea is as followed: I LOVE going to the Friday Night Movie Night thing. However, I often times forget when it is on, and I miss the whole first movie and half of the second. And anyone who knows me knows that I believe that it isn't worth the confusion to watch the second half of a movie if you hadn't seen the first half, even if you've seen the movie already. While I cannot think of anymore personal experiences that would require this integration, the movie night thing is VERY importaint to me, and I'm sure their are others with similar problems regarding site events and being forgetful. So here is what I'm suggestion: find a way to insert Google Calendar into this site, so that those who use said calendar can get reminders of when such and such is gonna happen. Another reason for this, is that with Google Calendar, you have better selection options for recurring events. Like say you have an event that would take up monday, wednesday, and friday for three weeks. You can do that with Google Calendar, but with the site's calendar, I'm pretty sure all you can do is set it to weekly for one day to reoccur for weeks. Also, I'm aware of the settings in the options for e-mails, but I dunno about others on this site, but I rarely check my emails. That's why I turned off all my email notifications that I could. Because I can't handle more junk that I already read on here when I visit this site. Also, I am one of many who spends about 90% of their online time on a phone or tablet. What I need is pop-ups while I'm doing stuff on said device(s) to remind me of stuff on this site. And that is what Google Calendar does. Give me pop-ups for stuff like Movie Night when I'm, let's say for an example, I spend too much time watching YouTube videos and I lose track of the time. Thank you for reading this and giving me the time of day. I hope to hear from you guys soon, and I hope you agree with me on this!
  15. Can anypony recommend any good First Person Shooter games? Preferably for PCs (maybe Xbox 360 or Wii U). (and free to play or at least try). Preferably for PCs. (and free to play or at least try). I'm interested in trying some, so some suggestions would be great! Thanks!
  16. Hello I was reading a few days ago and i got this idea to try and make MLP inspired clothing but without it being super obvious. The thing I really want to do is get with someone who can help make this a real thing, I don't want just a boring shirt with a big logo or face slapped in the middle screw that that's boreing and to standard, no I want something different, more specifically I want a collard button up shirt with for example spitfires cutie mark on both shoulders or something of that nature. I was thinking what is a good way to say you like this fandom and this series, and I think the best incognito way to do is is to use background characters features or cutie marks Ponies like spitfire and the wonder bolts or Bon Bon and Lyra, characters like that I think this could be a popular thing but everywhere I have tried can't seem to make t happen. If anyone have any suggestions I would love to hear them Thank you for your time
  17. Since Season 5 is now over, 'tis a while until the next season, season 6. What are your hopes for this next season? New EoH? Extremely new Evil Villain? Celestia Episode? Ships Canonized? New ALICORN?! Put in the comments what YOU want in the new season!
  18. Anyone have any music suggestions? I'm into soft (I guess) screamo like mice and men, stuff like mcr and fob, and Stuff like twenty one pilots
  19. I recently started returning to TF2 and I was wondering if anyone who looks at this thread as used MLP names or references to weapons and hats. I am wondering if there is any reference or MLP themed name that could go on my Unusual Bonk! Helm (the effect is Circling TF logo btw.) I am also looking for strange weapon suggestions. My inventory can be found here: If you do have a suggestion and wish to help me with suggestions, post it in this format: (TF2 weapon's original name) - (The weapon's new name after renaming it) - (Optional: A description.) Here is an example I have made myself: Strange Quick-fix - Fluttershy's gift of sharing kindness - Default weapon description (basically no description.)
  20. My feedback is about the linking to other sites within the profile setting. Such as linking to a youtube, steam, skype, deviantart and many other sites. The problem comes when people tries to click on said links on the profile and they end up in a dead page. For example: On Lunar Echo's page, he copied and paste his youtube url into the links and when someone clicks on it, this is where it brings you: this is what I assume he put in: , What is happening here is that the inputted information is a complete url and then your system adds another https://... etc. This is under the profile setting and listed under contact information and it simply said youtube and then a text box. My suggestion would be to either: 1. change the system in how people input their information (make it so that they are inputting url links to the various websites) and add an ~url to each location so it would look like (Youtube URL) 2. put an indication for people to see that it is their account name on the various websites so that these sort of dead links are not going to happen. This is a small problem but can quickly become a pet peeve for people on the forums. I hope that you would consider the options.
  21. I'm trying to get a review show going on Youtube and I don't know how to start. The idea of the show is that I review the games story campain. Analyzing the story, pointing out plot holes, choice of voice actors (performance matters), stuff like that. Not the controls, graphics or things stupid publishers do. I just don't know what game to start off with. I suppose I'm hesitant because I'm worried that theres someone else who did it first. Angry Joe supports story modes and well thought out stories in campains but he goes over the controls and graphics too. Picture it like Nostalgia Critic reviewing a movie but more nice and well thought out like Chris Stuckman. So what do you guys think? What should I start out with? What advice can you give?
  22. I need help with the naming of my ponysona I like the color scheme I eventually used I just need a name because I can't seem to come up with one. The cutie mark is going to be (I'm going to save up my dA points for both my ponysona and my oc's cutiemarks) a hand mirror like the one that is in the picture with a fountain pen,like the one pictured, going across it.
  23. So i decided about a new idea where we could do a little get together or a tour for people to have a MLP forum convention, and meet everyone. People will have a name tag with their username, and you will either write new under your username and if you have been her for more then 1-2 months you don't write new, i was thinking the owners could have a world tour convention, if they had the time so we could finally meet our friends. Just a suggestion. -Merida
  24. So.. I recently created this pony using a creator on and love it! Although, I will admit I am unsure of what to do with her. I have never created a pony before or anything like that. I intended on her being a bat pony, hense her wings and appearance. I am unsure of what her cutie mark means or her possible name. I was hoping to hear any and all suggestions. I appreciate any! Thanks so much!
  25. Hello everybody I'm looking for a few suggestions for my new OC's name. You might need some info about him first though. So first, here he is: In case you can't see, his cutie mark is a banana peel. The peel represents his love for entertaining people, his clumsiness, and a hidden talent which I'll get to in a second He's a very fun and excitable colt who likes to joke around and entertain people. He loves cartoons and being as random as he can be. Similar to Pinkie in some ways, although they've never met...yet He also has a secret power which was the result of an accident during a school trip. BACKSTORY: While in the alternate universe of Equestria Girls, Twilight discovers televisions and cartoons. She talks about it after her return and the concept grows in Equestria and is replicated with magic. This process is done in a factory which hosts a tour for a school in Baltimare. My character wonders off during the trip and is caught in the small blast of a malfunctioning television. The magical blast with the cartoons within results in him receiving the powers of cartoon physics(increase in speed, strength/resilience/elasticity, pulling objects out of nowhere, etc.). He then uses these powers and becomes a hero known as Randomonium. So that is my OC. My dilemma is I can't think of a suitable name for him I'd prefer the name to have "Reel" in it, for two reasons. 1. My previous OC had it in his name which gave my YouTube series a name I love and want to keep(Reel's Deals). 2. I just like the sound of it So if you have any ideas, leave a comment. A name that can go before(or after) "Reel" or whatever name you feel fits. I can't wait to see your responses Have fun, and thanks in advance