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Found 36 results

  1. Here is Ending Point/Master Hand Battle/Final Destination from Super Smash Bros. on the Organ. Enjoy. Special Thanks to my patron, (Ultimate Fan) Juke Denton, for supporting me on Patreon. Join him here:
  2. Here is Duel Zone/Battlefield/Fighting Polygon Team from Super Smash Bros. on the Organ. Enjoy. Special Thanks to my patron, (Ultimate Fan) Juke Denton, for supporting me on Patreon. Join him here:
  3. Here is Bonus Game/Bonus Stage from Super Smash Bros. on the Organ. Enjoy. Special Thanks to my patron, (Ultimate Fan) Juke Denton, for supporting me on Patreon. Join him here:
  4. Here is Saffron City from Super Smash Bros. on the Organ. Enjoy. Special Thanks to my patron, (Ultimate Fan) Juke Denton, for supporting me on Patreon. Join him here:
  5. Here is Sector Z from Super Smash Bros. on the Organ. Enjoy. Special Thanks to my patron, (Ultimate Fan) Juke Denton, for supporting me on Patreon. Join him here:
  6. Here is Dream Land from Super Smash Bros. on the Organ. Enjoy. Special Thanks to my patron, (Ultimate Fan) Juke Denton, for supporting me on Patreon. Join him here:
  7. Here is Yoshi's Island from Super Smash Bros. on the Organ. Enjoy. Special Thanks to my patron, (Ultimate Fan) Juke Denton, for supporting me on Patreon. Join him here:
  8. Here is Planet Zebes from Super Smash Bros. on the Organ. Enjoy. Special Thanks to my patron, (Ultimate Fan) Juke Denton, for supporting me on Patreon. Join him here:
  9. Here is Hyrule Castle from Super Smash Bros. on the Organ. Enjoy. Special Thanks to my patron, (Ultimate Fan) Juke Denton, for supporting me on Patreon. Join him here:
  10. Who do you want to see in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? I made a little bit of a list myself as to who I want/who I think has a really good chance of appearing as a new playable character, either as part of the base roster or as DLC. I don't have many characters I want that aren't already in, so my list might be on the shorter side. 4: Shantae the Half Genie Hero While not my most wanted newcomer, I still think she has a really good chance of getting in, with her games starting on Nintendo Handhelds as far back as the Game Boy Color, and a lot of other people want her in as well, it seems. With Shovel Knight being deconfirmed playable it probably boosts her chances of being the first indie character in Smash, and that'd be quite a feat. 3: Geno (Super Mario RPG) Geno is another character that A LOT of people want to be in Smash, me included. I'd be happy if he got in because I remember liking Super Mario RPG a whole lot. I played through it the first time in my teenage years and it was a fun game. Anyway, Sakurai has stated that he wants to put Geno in Smash, so I think that it's only a matter of time before Geno gets in. Maybe he'll get his chance this time? 2: Travis Touchdown (No More Heroes) I hear Sakurai and Suda51 are really good friends, so that makes me think there are chances for Travis Touchdown to appear in Smash Ultimate. Also, the shtick of his new game Travis Strikes Again is basically him going into other game franchises worlds, seems like a very clever way for him to be in Smash Bros. I haven't played his games at all but I think he'd be a unique fighter. They might have to tone him down like they did Bayonetta (albeit still keeping her true to her original series) to keep the age rating though. And my #1 is... RAYMAN! Let me preface this by saying, Rayman is my MOST WANTED newcomer to appear in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! I've played his games growing up, and he is considered a gaming icon (only being 4 years younger than Sonic) and it seems like many others want him in Smash Bros, too. However, it's not just iconic gaming status for the reason why I believe Rayman has the best chance of getting into Smash now than he ever has. To start, Nintendo and Ubisoft have been VERY buddy buddy lately. For one, they created a whole game together. Nintendo let Ubisoft play with one of Nintendo's biggest franchises, and it turned out to be one of the hit strategy game for the Switch! Mario + Rabbids was a really good game, as much as it seemed like it wouldn't be. On top of that, Starfox is appearing as playable in the Nintendo Switch version of Starlink: Battle for Atlas. Which is just another sign of how close Nintendo and Ubisoft are right now. On top of THAT, Rayman Legends, the most recent game in the Rayman series, is actually EXCLUSIVE to the Nintendo Switch IN Japan. That's because Nintendo actually publishes Rayman Legends in Japan, so that's why it's an exclusive there. So yeah, I would LOVE to have Rayman in this game, more than any of the other characters that I've listed. He's easily my most wanted newcomer. Please make it happen Sakurai I'm begging you. So who do you want to see in Smash Ultimate? Who do you think has a good chance of getting in this time around? (Either as part of the base game or as DLC)
  11. I'm sure lots of us have played the oh-so popular Nintendo crossover fighter, Super Smash Bros., in some way shape or form. And, I'd like to ask, if you have, which installment of the series is your favorite? My personal favorite is the newest release, Smash 4 for Wii U and 3DS. Which is your favorite (and if you say Super Smash Flash, I'll virtually smash you )
  12. Hello, everypony! So if you follow Smash, the entire gaming community was waiting a week longer than expected due to the earthquake in Japan to see who character number 68 would be in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. And now we have our answer. This is Isabelle. She comes from Animal Crossing New Leaf, where the player becomes the town's new mayor, and Isabelle will be the player's assistant. In the previous installment which was Super Smash Bros for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, she was an assist trophy. She is now the third Assist Trophy to be promoted to a playable fighter. The previous two being Little Mac and Dark Samus. What are your thoughts about Isabelle's debut in Super Smash Bros? Personally, I don't play Animal Crossing anymore, but I still care for the franchise and I will use her.
  13. This thread has been done before, but I wanted to make a poll so we could see which characters were people's favorites. Personally, I love Jigglypuff, Game and Watch, and Bowser, and I would say they're my mains.
  14. Entrance: A flying bubble drops her off. Icon: Her cutie mark of bubbly sodas. Neutral A - punch -Press three times slowly to perform a double punch, then a buck. First punch does 4% damage, second does 6%, and the buck does 9%. -Mash repeatedly for a short-ranged bubble stream. 1-3% damage each hit, and the ending bubble does 5%. Forward Tilt - buck. 11% damage. Up Tilt - uppercut. 13% damage. Down Tilt - poke. 7% damage. Dash Attack - Roll in a bubble. 7 hits for 2-5% damage each.. Forward Smash - Bubble Punch (while standing on two legs). 24-35% damage depending on charge. Up Smash - Floats bubbles above her head (at the start, her horn also hits enemies). Horn does 12-20% damage depending on charge while the 8-hit bubble stream does 3% damage each hit. Down Smash - Stomps to send bubbles to either side of her. The stomp directly does 15 - 25% damage depending on charge and buries enemies, while the single-hit bubbles do 11 - 20%. Neutral Air - Spins to create bubbles to either side of her. 7 hits for 2-4% damage each. Forward Air - Shoots a bubble forward. 7-12% damage. The punch at the start does 6% damage. Down Air - Downward Bubble Punch (meteor effect). 16-21% damage. Back Air - Buck. 20% damage. Up Air - Shoots a bubble up. The punch at the start does 6% damage, while the shot does 7-11%. Grab - Fizzy magically encases the enemy in a tight bubble which she then holds. Pummel - Compresses the bubble to squeeze opponent. Fast pummel for 2% damage. Forward Throw - Throws the bubble forward. 15% damage. Back Throw - Bucks the bubble. 20% damage. Down Throw - Dunks the bubble like a basketball. 23% damage. Up Throw - Throws bubble up and shoots at it. 15% damage from the throw, and 6-11% from the shot. Edge Attack (slow) - Punch. 15% damage Edge Attack (fast) - Kick. 10% damage Floor Attack (trip) - Punches forward (10% damage) and kicks backward (13% damage). Floor Attack (front) - Same as trip. Floor Attack (back) - Flips forward. Can hit twice for 10% damage each hit. B - Bubble Bomb -A bomb that floats forward and explodes upon contact with an enemy. While holding B, press Up to make the bubble float up, or down to make it fall. 10 - 24% damage. B Custom 1 - Bubble Shooter -Shoots three fast bubbles for 5% damage each hit. Can be aimed in any direction. B Custom 2 - Charged Bubble Shot -Functionally the same as Samus' Charge Shot. Charging increases the speed and strength. 5% to 50% damage depending on charge level. Forward + B - Wink -A teleport attack similar to Fox Illusion, but this one can be guided up and down. Can go off edges. 13 - 23% damage. Forward + B Custom 1 - Charged Bubble Roll -Charge this one to move faster and farther and hit harder. Don't worry about going off the edge. Fizzy stops rolling upon hitting an enemy or pressing B again. Depending on charge level, can do 7% - 40% damage. Forward + B Custom 2 - Bubble Splash -Bubble Crab's weapon in Mega Man X2. Sends bubbles flying diagonally upward. 3% damage each hit; can hit up to 8 times. Up + B - Bubble Jump -Fizzy bubbles herself, curls up, and jumps high. Hits multiple times on the way up (8 hits for 1-4% damage each), then has a meteor effect (15-20% damage) on the way down. You can bounce off multiple enemies for a better recovery. Up + B Custom 1 - Burst Teleport -Fizzy teleports in any direction as a bubble bursts around her, damaging enemies (2 hits for 14-22% damage each) while winking in and out. Up + B Custom 2 - Bubble Rocket -Fizzy shoots downward repeatedly to gain height. 2% damage for each hit; can hit up to 20 times with a meteor effect on the last hit. Down + B - Capture Bubble -If used on an enemy, it will act like Yoshi's Egg Lay, encasing it in a tight bubble which you can then attack. If used on an item or projectile, it functions like Villager's pocket, allowing Fizzy to save items and throw back projectiles. Down + B Custom 1 - Bubble Mine -This mine sits on the floor and goes off when an enemy touches it. 20-25% damage. Down + B Custom 2 - Bubble Shield Fizzy surrounds herself with eight bubbles that take hits for her. The bubbles do 2-5% damage each, and she can disperse them in eight directions. For extra fun, grab an enemy with the shield up. Up Taunt - Dances with bubbles while standing upright. Side Taunt - Happily creates bubbles around her. Down Taunt - Hoof-stomps. Final Smash - Bubblebeam -Blasts the neverending hay out of any enemy in front of her with 100 bubbles. 2-6% damage for each bubble. Victory Poses - same as taunts. Lose animation - She'd rather hoofstomp than clap. Victory Fanfare - "I'll be there right by your side. I'll be there...right by your side." Alternate costumes: Wind Whistler, Galaxy, G1 Twilight, Sparkler, Mimic, and Derpy. Pros: Attacks have good range and can rack up damage. Great recovery. Cons: Lightweight. Don't use Wink near an edge.
  15. I have now officially entered in the Get On My Level 2016 tournament...I meant the Wii U Singles at the Get On My Level 2016! Go ahead and congratulate me then. Will you cheer on me on that day when I begin the Wii U Singles in May? Link:
  16. Now I was thinking since Cartoon Network had a crossover fighting game, I think the same should happen with Disney. Like a Super Smash Bros. style game with numerous Disney characters. Think about it, Mickey Mouse, Disney Princesses, Winnie the Pooh, Pirates, Fairies, Phineas and Ferb, and numerous other Disney characters fighting each other all in one game. That would be like the ultimate Disney game. Considering there have been many Disney crossovers it's possible a Disney fighting game could happen. There have been crossovers like House of Mouse, Kingdom Hearts, Disney Infinity, and so much more. I think that kind of game would sell like hotcakes. And they could throw in bonus characters like Star Wars, Marvel, and Sora as well and some collectible figures as well. What do you think of a potential Disney fighting game?
  17. We have a winner of the Smash Bros. Ballot, and it was niether Cloud nor Corrin. It was Bayonetta. She was 1st in the Smash Ballot in Europe, top 5 in the U.S, and was the No.1 voted fighter worldwide. Discuss.
  18. So...a while back I posted in a thread about what really makes me angry. I mentioned the stereotypes of the new Super Smash Bros mode: For Glory. For Glory is perhaps the hub of competitive smash. It's where people go to show their stuff to the world, without all of those annoying griefers getting in the way. But, there are quite a few stereotypes you must watch out for: Mario: Okay, Mario is perhaps one of the most annoying stereotypes. This is due to the fact that he's got two devastating spam/cheap combos you gotta watch out for: Down throw into repeating up-tilt: This combo is the one that annoys people the most. It really is just used to rack up damage. This combo is able to go on for a while, and it usually ends with an up-smash. It's tricky to get away from it, but it can be done. To avoid this combo, go for throws followed by air attacks. Dodge any throw attempts by the Mario player. Reverse throw into cape flip: This is just a really cheap way to win. Often times, people playing a Mario player may get baited into this combo, after missing a dash attack. To fool the player into thinking he'll flip you into the other direction, turn away from the Mario player. He'll flip you to face him. Use a side-b or up-b to recover, depending if you haven't used your double-jump. Link/Toon Link: When fighting a link, always look forward to a flurry of bombs, arrows and boomerangs, unless you're going against a good player. Most of the time, they'll dodge and shield to try to get as far from you as possible. For this situation, use a character with a reflect ability, like Fox, Falco, Pit, Dark Pit or Palutena. Other times, Link players tend to rely on the smash attacks, preferably the side or up-smash. Link's side-smash delivers two hits, the second one being the harder and delivering forceful knockback. Often times, this move is not charged and delivered right after the Link player gets out of shield. Ness/Lucas: Ness and Lucas are often nicknamed the "trick characters" of smash (along with Duck Hunt). This is simply because these two characters have PK moves that either deliver multiple hits or a single powerful hit (like PK Flash or PK Freeze). However, there are combos that are super cheap that you don't want to get yourself into Down throw into repeating side air: This is perhaps the #1 combo that almost every Ness/Lucas player relies on. This is due to the fact that Ness and Lucas have spectacular double jumps. It is more of a "get it done and move on" type of combo so that way the player could just rack up quick wins without really trying. PK Fire into Down Throw into repeating side air: This version just adds the PK fire to make it a whole lot easier for the Ness/Lucas player to grab their opponent and lead into the combo. Again, it's a combo that is escapable. You can use any character with a reflect ability to avoid getting into this situation. Up throw into PK Flash: This is more of a lethal combo that is only used at high damage. Rarely do you see Ness players use PK Flash, unless it is the right time to do so. Zero Suit Samus: Ah, the Zero Suit Samus players who rely on the paralyzer to land combos that send you into the upper blast zone without even trying. These players just want to rack up quick wins by landing these cheap combos. They think it's skill, but because the paralyzer gun stuns you for a second, you really are left wide open. Just try to dodge the paralyzer shots, or reflect them back with an appropriate character. Nonetheless, here are the combos to watch out for: Paralyzer into side smash: This combo can be pretty deadly, especially if you're hanging out on the edge of a stage. Remember, the closer you are to the edge of a stage when your opponent lands a side smash, the greater the chance of it being a death. The way to avoid this combo is simply dodge or reflect the beam if possible. You can actually backfire this combo if you got a character like Pit, Dark Pit or Falco. Really, the backfire works very well with Falco, since he kicks out his reflector. Some may argue it can be the same with Fox, but remember, Fox's reflector leaves him stationary. He can't move, which is why it's best to perform the combo backfire with Falco. This is because as Falco kicks out his reflector, he can move forward and deliver several hits. Down Smash into Side Smash: This combo is much more devastating than the above. This is because ZSS's down smash uses her paralyzer, but it doesn't actually fire a beam. It creates a shockwave, that paralyzes you then sends you airborne. it could possibly be reflected. Fox's reflector would be best in this case. Pit's reflectors could work as well. Anything that can send you into the air: You must always keep ZSS on the ground. This is because if she takes you into the air, she can possibly kill you with a double up air followed by an up-b. Remember, ZSS's up-b lands multiple times before dealing a hard hit that sends you farther upward. If she lands this hit close to the blast zone, it's a death. Little Mac A lot of people already know the Little Mac stereotype, repeating jolt haymaker until they fall off the edge of the stage...but...there are actually two Little Mac stereotypes The "smart" Little Mac player, often relies on the side smash, as during the charge and release, this grants Little Mac super armor. They also rely on Little Mac's frame recovery, as it's really fast, especially between after he misses a dash attack and immediately proceeds to land a side tilt. Also, tries to rack up damage as fast as possible so that the star uppercut will be a 100% death guaranteed. The "dumb" Little Mac player, mostly relies on trying to use lunging strikes like the Jolt Haymaker. They can be baited to a ledge, but often recover from this mistake, unless they really want to prove that jolt haymaker is effective... The Fire Emblem Gang (Marth, Roy, Ike, Lucina, Robin) These fighters, you'll find one thing in common except Robin Counter-spamming: Yep, you all had it coming...this is what most online players rely on: The counter. It can be put up 60 times a minute, which means every second. However, there is actually a weakness. You see, the counter actually only lasts 8/10 of a second. As soon as that .8 seconds is over, the remaining .2 seconds of the counter animation is the fighter returning to neutral pose. It is possible to "break though" because of this. But you have to time it just right. If you're 1/10 of a second too early, the fighter will counter-attack. Shield breaker for dayz: And yep, Marth and Lucina players will often rely on shield breakers a lot. So be sure not to use your shield with them. Personally, I go shieldless when I'm versing a player like this, just so I won't let my instincts take over and end up getting punished for it. Now that we got that out of the way, let's take a look at the Robin players... The Robin players are very tricky (and cheap), this is because of a common thing that happen when fighting a Robin player Charging the Thunder attack: Robin players always want to keep their Thunder attack (the neutral b charged at all times so that way they can land it right at the perfect time. When you try to get close to them, they'll either roll away, or hit you with an attack that sends you quite a distance from them, so that way they can charge the Thunder attack all the way. Also, Robin's fire attack plays a role in this too. This is because it's a lot like Ness's PK Fire that hits multiple times. Again, this gives the Robin player a certain ammount of time to charge the Thunder attack. But remember, Robin can't use his Thunder attack fully charged but so many times before he loses his book. When Robin loses his book, that's your chance to go in. Jigglypuff Alright, so everyone here knows that the #1 move to watch out for when facing a Jigglypuff is rest. It's devastating if your damage is above 40%. However, we all know that the rest is very punishable if missed. It's why Jigglypuff players try to lead into the rest, like a sucker punch. Watch out for this, as it is extremely difficult to get out of this situation. Charizard Okay, so this one is actually pretty obvious. Like Jigglypuff's section, there's no need for bullet points. The thing you must watch out for the overuse of Flare Blitz. Remember, Flare Blitz has recoil damage, even if it misses. You can either counter it with an appropriate character, or take a risk to try to land a hard read. For the hard read, you have to time it perfectly. For best results, use a "tipper" character, like Marth, who can land attacks with the tip of his blade. You can also use Shulk as well, since his vision counter deals quite a bit. Captain Falcon Well here we go, we've got three bullets to cover this time. Captain Falcon is both fast and strong, and there are a lot of common combos the online community of For Glory uses: Down throw into side air (aka "Knee of Justice"): This is perhaps one of the most dangerous combos you've gotta watch out for, especially if your damage is high. A lot of people underestimate the power of Falcon's side air, but since it has an electric shock effect, it deals massive damage. Be careful. You must use grabs into ground smash attacks when facing a Captain Falcon player. A character with a counter is also useful, but you must be able to tech out of DI (directional influence) on time so you can put up your counter right before the Falcon player lands the devastating side air. Side b into side air: Again, another devestating combo, but easier to dodge. You may be able to land a hard read in this situation since Falcon is lunging towards you. A variant of this combo is Down b into side air. Falcon's Falcon kick travels sideways on the ground, but it is almost a vertical dive in the air. Watch out for this. Again, you can land a hard read with an up smash if you time it right. That's all I have for now. Let me know if I missed any stereotypes or leave a comment/question! Happy Smashing!
  19. Wii U: kings0mbra That's right ladies and gents. I will invite you all, to play Super Smash Bros. Wii U with me. Anybody can challenge me. Friends, Foes, unknowns, etc. I will all play against you with pleasure.
  20. (Note: I'm not sure where to put this, so I'm putting it here, since it's MLP-related.) Thinking up fake SSB movesets has always been something I do when I'm bored. So, I decided to let you guys do it as well. If you can't think of a full moveset, just Special moves and Final Smashes will do. Here's mine, to start. This moveset takes a lot of inspiration from "Daring Don't," and I've provided screenshots for some of the moves. However, since this wasn't enough to fill the whole moveset, I had to make up some of the moves (they don't have pictures). Daring-Do Standard moves A (neutral) - left hook A combo - punch barrage (Daring gets on her hind legs for this one) A + forward/back (tilt) - kick A + up (tilt) - helmet flip (Daring tosses her pith helmet upwards a short distance, then catches it) A + down (tilt) - drop kick A + forward/back (smash) - buck A + up (smash) - uppercut A + down (smash) - circular sweep kick Dash + A = flying kick Aerial moves A (neutral) - air kick A + forward - roundhouse kick A + back - air buck (not as powerful as ground version) A + up - air uppercut A + down - falling kick Special moves B (neutral) - Twister (Like Mach Tornado, but Daring can't move while performing it) B + forward/back - Helmet Toss (Daring throws her pith helmet like a boomerang; the brim becomes razor-sharp) B + up - Wing Rush (Daring flies diagonally upwards quickly, holding out her hoof) B + down - Helmet Guard (Daring holds up her pith helmet; It blocks projectiles) Grab/Throw Z - Whip (can grab opponents or latch onto the edge of the stage) Grab + forward - (Daring simply tosses the opponent overhoof) Grab + back - (Daring tosses the opponent over her head with the whip and slams them to the ground behind her) Grab + up - (Daring throws the opponent up a short distance, flies directly upwards and strikes them, then lands) Grab + down - (Daring jumps vertically a little, spins, then slams the opponent to the ground directly below her) Dodges/Misc Standard dodge Dodge roll (Think this, but on the ground) Air dodge (Looks exactly like this) Crouch Jump Double-jump (Daring flaps her wings, giving her several extra jumps) Final Smash Helmet Barrage (Daring warps around the stage at insane speeds while throwing her pith helmet [it has a razor brim like in her forward special], then lands, shaking the whole stage.)
  21. All right with all the talk about the upcoming Smash Brothers it made me think, if the ponies played Smash Brothers, who would they play as? Twilight- Zelda Pinkie- Jigglypuff or Kirby Fluttershy- Pikachu or any Pokemon or animal Rarity- Peach or Zelda Applejack- Samus Rainbow Dash- Sonic Spike- Yoshi Celestia- Peach Luna- Zelda Vynl- Don't ask but Wario So discuss away!
  22. Das da link sorry no wifi.
  23. Hello there! This thread will be continuously be updated with new Amiibo that I get. Lets start! (Super Smash Bros Series Amiibo's) Sonic: The Sonic amiibo is the second amiibo in my collection. Long before it even came out. I knew how hard it was to get certain amiibo's. And I didn't want to miss out on a Sonic amiibo. So I preordered it the moment I could. My Sonic amiibo is the only one I've opened so far. My Sonic amiibo is currently at level 47 P.S. GOTTA GO FAST! Shulk: The first amiibo I ever got. I've always wanted to play Xenoblade Chronicles because of Shulk's inclusion in Smash 4. So when I heard that the Shulk amiibo was going to be Gamestop exclusive just like the game was. I preordered Shulk as soon as I could! This amiibo hasn't been taken out of the box yet. P.S. I'm really feeling it! Mega Man: My most recent amiibo purchase. (Sonic and Mega Man were bought on the same day at the same exact time) This is the only amiibo that I didn't preorder. But they had a bunch of them sitting at the store. And I liked Mega Man so I figured "Why Not?" This one has not been taken out of the box either. Thanks for checking out my collection! I know it's small. But I love it!
  24. C'MON! SHOW ME YOUR MOVES! And join the Captain Falcon Fan Club today and talk about the legendary F-Zero Pilot!
  25. Well, this review might seem a little overdue. Sorry, had to actually unlock all the characters and the stages before I actually officially review this game. And, now I have so I might as well review it. So, the premise. It's Smash Brothers, but this time on a 3DS. That's about it. All right time to start out with the bad. Well the game controls decently on a handheld, I did have some issues controlling the characters with the circle pad. Sometimes when I want to smash say left I smash right or sometimes it can screw me over and make me fall off a cliff. It's just a minor nitpick. I also sometimes have trouble telling which one is me. This is probably because I'm playing it on a regular 3DS as opposed to a 3DS XL, but the stages would sometimes be zoomed out where I can't tell who I am. At least I didn't double up with characters. Also, some characters are missing, notably Ice Climbers and Lucas. Another minor note is some of the AI seems a bit more OP. When did Master Hand get so difficult? I've heard it's even more hard on 9.0 intensity on classic mode where you have to fight this monster thing. Now, time for the good. I really like all the new features in this game. Smash Run is a good, fun feature. Probably a replacement for the adventure mode. Maybe the adventure mode will be on the Wii U version. Also, liking the roaster despite the missing characters. You can finally have the battle of the gaming mascots with Mario, Sonic, Mega Man, and Pac Man. Also, Bowser Jr. is in the game. That might seem lame but when you switch his costumes, they turn into the 7 other koopa kids. So, you can play as the koopa kids. In Classic mode, I like how instead of fighting through one set destination, you can take branching paths to different locations leading to something different every time. Just one of those nice cool new things. Oh, and for surprising new characters. Duck Hunt. I didn't see that coming at all along with Bowser Jr. I didn't look at the leaks due to spoilers and I do not like leaks. So bottom line, it's a pretty fun game to hold you over for when the Wii U version comes out. The Wii U version will probably have more features and all that, but this version can hold you over until then. Final Score: 8/10