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Found 23 results

  1. If you were presented the opportunity to be immortal, would you? You are immune to injury and disease, the only way you can die is if you kill yourself. You are also granted the ability to kill yourself by thought, incase you lack a means to do so. Would you take it? If not, what would you change in order to accept it?
  2. If you were to get any super power you could ever imagine that you want to have, what would it be? Me personally, elasticity, hands down! (Famous examples: Mr. Fantastic, Plastic Man, Mrs. Incredible, etc.) Post here whichever super power you could ever want.
  3. BETA 1.0 This is a NES-like Platformer Shooter similar to Contra. Two brothers are 'kidnapped' to the Game World by The Virus. It asks them to gather data from various games, which would grant it more power. Once the request will be fulfilled, the brothers will be brought back to real world. But what will happen next? Is the game world in danger? Do Super Coolstory Brothers find another way? > Unique Gameplay! (As for RPG Maker) Engine' scripts are totally reprogrammed > LOCAL MULTIPLAYER! > Bring Back Memories From Your Childhood! > Original Soundtracks! > Original Sound Effects! > Old-school gameplay! (8-bit style) COLOSSAL ANT - A murderous ant. For some reason it damages humans when touched and HOLY BALLS! It takes few bullets to kill and is annoying to hit! Drastically upscaled so you can see. Spuder - Dis Spuder can shoot cobwebs all over the place. It can't aim properly to be honest. Wox - A hybrid of a wolf and a fox. This cute dogie will gladly run through hug you. Rock - It has hard character. It wants to prove, that you don't need life to move and not be grounded. SMALL DATA CHIP - Increases DATA value by 1 BIG DATA CHIP - Increases DATA value by 3 SMALL HEART - Restores HP by one heart BIG HEART - Restores HP by three hearts 1UP - Gives one Extra Life Time - Gives some Extra Time Planned Items: Heart Container - Increases maximum life by one heart Super Coolstory Bros! BETA 1.0 IMPORTANT NOTE Google Drive and related to it sites assume, that this file is dangerous. That's because games made in the 'RPG Maker' series have an uncommon file type (custom compression), which isn't trusted by antiviruses. It even says, that the file is dangerous right after I create it, which is ridiculous. Nevertheless, I don't take any responsibility for potential harm. I'm just letting you know how things look like, but it's worth to be careful anyway.
  4. Hello everypony! Here are the blog I will be using to write about development progress of the Celestial Supernova mini-episode animation. Using the regular forums I found out could lead to something known as "Double Posting" and I refrain from causing such, so I am switching to using the blog to keep you guys updated! Here is a recap of what has happened recently: - Summer has started! - Script is written! (Suggestions appreciated!) - Need voice actors! Post your auditions here - Stay pony my friends! /) Signed, EndenDragon -_-
  5. just a name implies, what superpower you will give to the user above you?
  6. Marvel's Daredevil came out on Netflix on April 10th and I've watched episodes 1-9 out of 13. Anybody else watching? If so what are your thoughts?
  7. (This was heavily inspired by AVGN & James Rolfe's youtube video of a similar name and nature. Viewing it is not required however.) Update: The slightly revised version. The version not good enough for Fimfic to accept. So hopefully some of you guys will find something to enjoy in it here The Chronicle of Super Mecha Death Sparkle In the year 2000 P.C., Super Mecha Death Sparkle 2000 prototype appears from future of an alternate dimension in the ancient preponypolithic era. Her destruction would come about through the joint efforts of the cave ponies, the norse gods, and Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus. Her initial appearance has been shrouded in complete mystery and her remains have been lost to the sands of time. 900 P.C. the remains of Super Mecha Death Sparke 2000 are found at the ruins of Everfree Castle. The next morning, Everfree castle is rebuilt as the industrial, cyberpunk utopia, Mecha Everfree castle. But as quickly as it appeared, the entire structure mysteriously vanishes at dusk. 565 A.C. the patron Saint Starswirl encountered the abomination Lord Tirek rising from the depths of Froggy Bottom Bog. He called upon the might of Zacherlyle the Allmother, but instead received the aid of Death Sparkle the first, who combated Tirek with a barrage of lightning strikes and atomic firebombs, driving the beast back to the reaches from whence he came. 476 P.C. King Sombra the CRYSTALLLSSSS...., was haunted by a vision of Death Sparkle. From this vision, or this delusion, he constructed Mecha Death Sparkle from the crude weapons, armor and technological advances of the Crystal Empire. She was sent to do battle against the Griffon Kingdom near the city of Buckarest. A vain product of unadulterated hate, she went on a killing spree, massacring the armies of both sides and ultimately beheaded King Sombra himself. For centuries, her whereabouts were lost to time… Until 933 A.C., when the Solar Empire unearthed the remains of Mecha Death Sparkle. 942 A.C. As part of her attempts at total conquest for her sacred reich, Furer Celestia ordered the upgrade of Mecha Death Sparkle to Super Mecha Death Sparkle. *Note: Not to be confused with the diamond record selling metal musician and former president of the United States, Dave Mustaine and his descendant, Super Megadeth Sparkle.* Furer Celestia at the time was searching for Equestria’s lost doomsday weapon, the Elements of Harmony. Her goal in the end was to mount or even instal the Elements into Super Mecha Death Sparkle and combine her offensive capabilities with the powers of Goddess Faust to forge the most diabolical and insane weapon to ever be conceived by Equinekind. 944 A.C., upon activation, Super Mecha Death Sparkle refused the orders of her furer and turned her offensive capabilities on Celestia, burtally assassinating the ancient alicorn. She goes on another killing rampage, massacring entire armies from both Fascist Germaneigh and Coltmunist Staliongrad before being finally brought down by a coalition of allied forces lead by the New Lunar Republic. 945 A.C. Super Mecha Death Sparkle was reconstructed into Version 2 and upgraded in an undisclosed military base in Amarerica, the project secretly funded by the New Lunar Republic. She was installed with an electronic interface and given rudimentary wings for a flight system, as well as an artificial voice synthesizer. However, she could only gutturaly scream Germane obscenities. “WARUM ZUM TEUFEL HAST DU DAS UEBERSETZEN!” -Super Mecha Death Sparkle, 944 A.C. 947 A.C. the newly upgraded Super Mecha Death Sparkle Version 3 is given her first test flight over the Mojavneigh desert near Mosswell, Neigh Mexicolt. It was mistaken for a human. 955 A.C. Super Mecha Death Sparkle Version 4 is upgraded with the latest technology. She initially malfunctions after crashing into a hayburger joint, mistaking it for a Coltmunist bunker. 960 A.C. Super Mecha Death Sparkle is reconstructed into version 5 and equipped with exparamental state of the art weaponry that operated on laser physics. It failed horrifically as she and the hanger she was rebuilt in were both destroyed upon activation. 962 A.C. Super Mecha Death Sparkle is completely overhauled and rebuilt as Super Mecha Death Sparkle 2000, or SMDS2K. She was fitted with the latest in stealth reconnaissance flight capabilities and was given a test flight. Unfortunately communications with SMDS2K went down during a sudden power outage and control was lost. Once communications were restored, SMDS2K was out of range, flying to parts unknown. She would not be rediscovered for another 40 years. The Super Mecha Death Sparkle program was discontinued. Funds were reallocated to a new stealth weapons project, which would later be known as the Shadow Bolts. 972 A.C., mining excavations on the moon’s surface by the New Lunar Republic uncover what was believed to be the remnants of the lost Super Mecha Death Sparkle 2000. But what they actually found was the near 3000 year old scrap remnants of the Super Mecha Death Sparkle 2000 prototype. She was brought to Earth for rigorous testing. 981 A.C., incorporating the lunar remnants, Super Mecha Death Sparkle 2000 P.C. was built. This version was equipped with the most up to date weaponry for the time, including but not limited to, fully automated machine guns, rocket propelled grenade launchers, bunker busting missile silos and state fo the art laser cannons. The upper body was mounted on an 20CI10SF Tank for maximum combat stability and effectiveness. 987 A.C. a movie script was written based on historical accounts related to Mecha Death Sparkle & Super Mecha Death Sparkle. Unfortunately due to copyright laws, names and locations had to be changed and the movie was put on hold until being re-released under the name 'Pacific Rim.' 989 A.C. Construction of Super Mecha Death Sparkle 2000 P.C. Version 2.0 is completed. A laser array was mounted on her horn and she was given the capability to shoot energy beams from eyes. 997 A.C. Super Mecha Death Sparkle 2000 P.C. Version 2.5 was fully updated. She was equipped with a vocal synthesizer system. A product forged through years of intense study, educational cramming, late night library trips, frequent academic testing and regular friendship reports, had ultimately bred a mare of extreme aggression and undistilled fury. All she could do was scream in rage as she unleashed her wrath on the world around her. 998 A.C., amidst her path of vindictive decimation, Super Mecha Death Sparkle 2000 P.C. Version 2.5 was captured by Lord Tirek and reprogrammed for the goal of global interdimensional conquest. 999 A.C. after his reign of terror in the land of Generation 1 was challenged, Tirek unleashes the latest, most destructive weapon in his arsenal: the automated, cyberized, cold fusion powered, combat mech unit, Super Mecha Death Sparkle 2000 P.C. Version 3.0 Beta. Vocabulary was increased by 20%, in as quickly as ten seconds. “BOOKS!” -SMDS2KPCV3.0 Beta, 999 A.C. A new rocket propulsion system was added to her tank base for more efficient pursuit, catapulting her up to 2200 meters in the air at speeds of 514 wing power. But only for distances up to 2.5 kilometers. Her attempts to raze the entire world to the ground resulted in the slaughtering of many flutter ponies and guest celebrities such as Danny Devito, Venus Terzo & Chuck Liddell. In the year 1000 A.C., a dimensional shift occurred on the quantum level and reality as it is once known was reset. The events of Super Mecha Death Sparkle P.C. Version 3.0 Beta’s massacre are forgotten to all but herself, as she drifted through the fabric of hyperspace. 1002 A.C., the long lost Super Mecha Death Sparkle 2000 was finally discovered and recovered, having crash landed on Butterfly island deep in the south poncific ocean. 1004 A.C. the Amarerican military under funding and direction from the New Lunar Republic upgrade Super Mecha Death Sparkle 2000 to Super Mecha Death Sparkle 2000 the 2nd. During her first combat trial, she is possessed by Lord Tirek and becomes the next weapon in his arsenal of global dominance. Super Mecha Death Sparkle 2000 the 2nd is unleashed to unleash unbridled carnage upon the world. But right in the midst of her onslaught, a quantum singularity opens, and descending from the depths of hyperspace arrived Super Mecha Death Sparkle 2000 P.C. Version 3.0 Beta. Having spent untold amounts of time upgrading herself, she merged as Super Mecha Death Sparkle P.C. Version 3.1. The two colossal weaponized marriages of mare and machine engaged in an all out war to the brutal death. The current and former weapons for evil incarnate battled in a back and forth duel that spanned all over the surface of the globe for seven long and bloody days. On the 8th day, harnessing the pure vengeance she desired to inflict upon her manipulator and channelling the inner spiritual essence of her foremother, Death Sparkle, Super Mecha Death Sparkle 2000 P.C. Version 3.1 defeated Super Mecha Death Sparkle 2000 the 2nd. Soon afterwards, Super Mecha Death Sparkle P.C. Version 3.1 used her overwhelming might to drive Tirek back down to the depths of Tartarus. After the battle's conclusion, Super Mecha Death Sparkle 2000 P.C. Version 3.1 layed Super Mecha Death Sparkle 2000 the 2nd to a proper final rest. 1008 A.C. Tirek takes possession of all the members of the Hasbro corporation's animation team and manipulate them to create My Little Pony: Once Upon A Pony Time, more infamously known as the latest guerrilla terrorism force of Lord Tirek: The Newborn Cuties. The defenders of the Generation 3 and Generation 3.5 faiths break away in rebellion and join forces to battle back Tirek’s army of atrocities. The battle had seemed to have no end in sight. But when the bell struck two minutes to midnight, a lion from the north emerged to tip the scales. The self upgraded, Super Mecha Death Sparkle 2000 P.C Version 4.0 Beta arrived to fight alongside the G3 & 3.5 defenders, completely decimating the forces of her ex-master in a vulgar display of power, sending him and the remnants of his tattered minions back to the depths of Tartarus. Later that same year, war erupted between Hasbro’s legal branch and DHX studios. The legal branch saw that they weren’t gaining ground thanks to the fervent support of the creative community, so they made a deal with the Centaur and channeled the power of Tirek to turn the tide in favor of dated copyright laws, court injunctions, gag orders and C&D notices. But the malicious summoning did not go unnoticed, and Super Mecha Death Sparkle 2000 P.C Version 4.0 Beta entered the battle, shattering the spirit of the legal branch and permanently severing Tireks connection to the outside realms for good. Super Mecha Death Sparkle 2000 P.C Version 4.0 Beta ventured to the skies beyond, her battle cries drifting across the wind forevermore. The future had finally been secured for DHX studio and they finally began to work on their plans for a new show, a show that had the potential to be magic… Moral of the story: The goodness inside one's heart will eternally triumph over evil, no matter how deep the corruption may lay.
  8. Facebook (NEW!) | Tumblr | DeviantART | Twitter | Youtube | Website Featuring: Dev Log #1 Super Smash Ponies is a 2D fighting game that combines the gameplay of the Super Smash Bros. Franchise and the world of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. We are hard at work to develop this game, and we'd like to hear community feedback. Every bit helps; the more the merrier! Ready... Set... DISCUSS!
  9. NEW UPDATE AVAILABLE! Download Latest Version (0.8.0): http://www.gamefront...de_ver._0.8.exe: Patch released! Download, extract, and replace the files What is Super Smash Bros. Crusade? Super Smash Bros. Crusade is a large project built from the ground up and started by three die-hard Smash Bros. fans, Phantom7, Falcon8r, and Dr.MarioX. Our goal is to create a Smash Bros. game packed with characters and stages from the most memorable video games of all time as well as create a Smash Bros. experience that combines the greatest features that all three official Smash Bros. games have to offer. SSBC Development Team Falcon8r - Programming, General Development Phantom7 - Art and Graphics [May not be helping with development anymore] (Original poster of this thread) Dr. MarioX - Spriting Werekill - Miscellaneous [May not be helping with development anymore] Dettadeus - Minor programming, Miscellaneous Felipe_9595 - Character Balancing, Stage Programming Jaklub - General Programming, Online Mode (There are many other people helping out, but too many to list here. A full list will be included in the game's credits) System Requirements Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 DirectX 8 or later DirectX 8 compatible graphics card with at least 32MB of video memory Pentium or equivalent processor DirectX 8 compatible sound card 128 MB of memory or greater (noted only in official Game Maker help file documentation) 960×720 or greater screen resolution with 16-bit or 32-bit colors Character List Characters currently in Demo version 0.8: FAQs What types of / How many characters will be included in this game? -- We have quite a lengthy list of fighters (the character roster will total 80 characters, plus alternate forms). There will be plenty of 3rd parties and new representatives from Nintendo games, along with a bonus -- 1 4th party (not originally from a video game series) representative that appears frequently in video games, and that is Goku. What types of / How many stages are in this game? -- We also have quite a long stage list (app. 60-65) that includes a great variety of past (64, Melee, and Brawl) and original stages. The roster is being changed slightly, but will still be around 65 stages. Will this game include and Online Play feature? -- yes, the new version includes an online mode. A tutorial will be made in the future to explain how it works. What's this I hear about DLC? Is it like SSF2's expansions? -- After the game reaches version 1.0, there will be a series of patches under the name CrusaDLC. Each patch will contain five additional characters and a number of extra stages, and there will be 5 patches. This totals to 25 additional characters. One is already confirmed, four slots are reserved so that there will be one additional rep for Mario, Pokemon, Legend of Zelda and Kirby, and the last 20 are going to be decided by a massive poll. You might ask why these characters and stages aren't just added into the main game instead of being released as DLC. And I might answer that these are characters that would fit well in Crusade but are missing one key factor, such as having been on a Nintendo console (one of the requirements for the roster). The stages are really just whatever we have available and left over that fits. How many hours a day does the team work on the game? -- There isn't a set amount of time. Personally, some days I may not touch the .gmk, others I might work on it as long as I'm awake. I plan to devote a lot of time to Project: Crusade, but I have a life too, you know! As for the rest of the team, it's still pretty choppy. Which Smash Bros. game is SSBC going to resemble the most? -- Probably Melee. But some features showcased in Brawl are a part of this game (this does not include tripping!). Overall, though, it tries to be its own game, and it feels very much like that. What resolution does SSBC run in? 960 x 720. However, we do have plans for making HD versions of the game that will run in 1920 x 1080 and 1280 x 720. Will there be NASL in SSBC? Edges have a significant sweetspot area around them, mainly implemented to help out characters with shorter horizontal recovery. The sweetspot is approximately the size of Kirby's body. Also, note that you will auto-grab an edge if you walk off or roll off of it while DI'ing toward the stage. Lol can I do SHDJCFFL in SSBC? Uhhh, not exactly, but I'll tell you this. Double jumps can be short-hopped. There is fast-falling, but it doesn't cancel upwards momentum. L-Cancelling is in the game as of v0.8. Some moves will autocancel in their last few frames as well. Will there be [LOLrandom mehanic from other game series]? Mostly, the answer here is no. The game will have the mechanisms present in Melee, for the most part, but even these may only to be some extent. How many moves do characters have? Here is a full list: Jab Forward, Up, and Down Tilts Dash Attack Nair, Fair, Bair, Uair, and Dair Forward, Up, and Down Smashes Grab Forward, Back, Up, and Down Throws Neutral B Side B and Smash B (on some characters, such as Samus and Ryu) Up B (and Smash Up B on few characters) Down B Edge Recovery Attack Final Smash(es) Examples of Smash B vs Side B - Samus Super Missiles vs. Homing Missiles, Ryu's EX Hurricane Kick vs. normal Hurricane Kick How much Hitstun will attacks cause? The hitstun is somewhere between Melee and Brawl, leaning towards Melee, and it depends heavily on the attack being used. Also, throws have an intrinsic 3 extra stun frames which is just enough to allow some combos to occur. Many attacks have extra inherent hitstun, like Snake's Knee and Ryu's Down Tilt, but most normal attacks do not have much. So, for instance, Up Tilt juggling with Mario is mostly dependent on your opponent's failure to escape. This is not to say there are no true combos; in fact, every character in the game so far has at least two true attack strings that occur at specific damage percents. This game is not too combo-heavy, but it has a few. However, there is a combo-counter that lets you know when you successfully perform an attack string. Are there Final Smashes / How do they work? Well, you have a Smash Gauge below your character's percent monitor on the screen, and this gauge fills up as you pound the living tar out of your enemies. It also fills up a little bit when you take damage, as well. When it's full, it will turn white and say ("FINAL SMASH!") That's your chance to pull out all the stops and unleash your character's ultimate attack. You can even adjust the amount of power the gauge will take to fill up in the VS Settings. The default is 200, but you can go as low as 50 and as high as 1000. 50 is a little ridiculous, though, so use wisely. Is this a Flash game? Nope. We use Game Maker 7 Pro, for specific reasons, like ease of programming and knowledge of the GM language. Will there be Mac Versions? Hopefully, but it may be a while before that's possible. As Windows (and Lynux) users, we'll have to get our hands on a Mac somehow in order to do that. How can I insert my own music into the game? Simply insert an MP3 (.mp3) audio file into the SSBC/music/(stage name) folder. The audio file will play at the stage that corresponds to the folder you inserted it in (obviously). The game will display the name of the file - without the extension - at the beginning of a match. You can insert multiple files, and they will be selected randomly during gameplay. Screenshots (0.8.1) Gameplay Videos (0.8)
  10. Super Mario Bros. The 1993 film. Many people dislike this film, for many reasons. But does it really deserve the bad rap it gets? The main complaint people have with the film is that it doesn’t follow the plot of the games. That’s understandable for people to complain about, right? The most obvious thing you would want the film to do is be faithful to it’s source material. It’s just common sense. Or so you would think. Here is an excerpt from an official Nintendo publication (The Official Nintendo Player’s Guide), that is the “plot” or Super Mario Bros. “One day the Koopa tribe, led by the powerful sorcerer, Bowser, invaded the peaceful Mushroom kingdom. The Mushroom people were ruled by a good king and queen. Although these gentle people fought together against the Koopa, they were defeated and turned into horsetails, shoots, bricks, rocks and other things. The only one who can release them from Bowser's magical spell and return life to the ruined Mushroom Kingdom, is Toadstool, the princess of the kingdom. But princess Toadstool was captured and imprisoned in the dungeon of a faraway castle. When Mario heard this story, he felt sorry for the Mushroom tribe. So, he's about to start a long, torturous journey to rescue the princess and help restore peace to the Kingdom of the Mushrooms.” This film was made in America. And so, if they had actually followed the “plot” of Super Mario Bros. the game, it would have ended up featuring Bowser as a stereotype witch doctor, the Koopas as stereotype tribals, and a bunch of horsetails, bricks, rocks and other things laying around. Does that sound better than the Super Mario Bros. film we have? I don’t think so. Now, you may say “But what I wanted was a film that followed the game’s plot!”. Tell me, what is the plot of Super Mario Bros.? It’s a plumber (and his brother, if playing 2 player) jumping over obstacles and repeatedly entering the wrong castles to search for a princess. You can’t make a film out of that. It would just be watching an actor jump over bricks and stomping on turtles and brown mushrooms for the length of a film. Sounds boring, right? The other games vary the plot slightly, but the same thing remains: The Mario series is not a story-driven one. The little story it has, even with all the games released by 1993 put in consideration, does not even come close to being properly adaptable to a screenplay. So, what are they left to do? Nintendo wants a Super Mario Bros. film made, but there’s barely anything to work with. So what can they do to try to make something like Super Mario Bros. entertaining to the viewer, and not just essentially watching somebody play the game? Artistic license. The Super Mario Bros. film is not a terrible film. There are far worse films out there by far. It’s case is unfortunate: Since it bears the name of a beloved video game, people expected something entirely different. They went in with the wrong mindset, and as a result, it bombed. But, let’s look at the film for a moment, pretending it has no affiliation with the Super Mario Bros. game: A couple plumbers living in Brooklyn are being driven out of business by a ruthless competitor, Scapelli. One of the brothers falls in love with a student conducting an archaeological dig under the Brooklyn bridge, named Daisy. Scapelli’s men sabotage the dig site by leaving water pipes open, and while the brothers are fixing the pipes they are knocked out by a couple strange men and Daisy is kidnapped and dragged to another dimension. The brothers must rescue her. Sounds like an interesting film, right? As long as it has decent acting, a good musical score, and great effects? These are all things the Super Mario Bros. film has going for it. Now, I’m not saying the film is perfect, but it doesn’t deserve the bad reputation it gets. The acting is great, the effects are superb for the time, it tries it’s best, and all and all it’s an entertaining film, its biggest problem being that it became a popular thing to hate. If you’re interested, you might try watching the movie again, with a different mindset. If you have never seen the movie before, you could at least try watching it before forming an opinion.
  11. Well, it’s almost that time of the year again, the time for America’s yearly sporting event, the “Super Bowl.” Yes, it’s the “Super Bowl”; where thousands gather in front of the average TV in the average suburban living room to take part in an annual mass congregation of snack foods, soda, beer guzzling (not in every household), and watching a sport where oversized, puffed out, umm… men ram into each other like Army men at war to stop the other team from winning and to collect from corporate sponsors. It’s as if a large mass of the American public is reduced to spectators of Ancient Rome watching Gladiators make mincemeat of each other in the coliseum, or perhaps spectators of the middle ages watching Knights charge at each other in a joust to prove who’s worthy to be King in the silliest ways. Oh yes, and don’t forget about our nation’s National Anthem being sung by overrated pop culture artists (not saying there’s anything wrong with it, just feels silly), and the halftime show centered around overrated popular music instead of something unique and fresh. And when it’s finally over, people are rest assured that Football is America’s greatest past time (pfft, that ’ill be the day). Now personally, I don’t watch the Super Bowl (and I don’t’ think I’ll ever put any effort into doing so); but I’m perfectly ok with anyone who does. I personally just think the American Public can create a better annual televised sporting event with a much better culture. Perhaps the Bronies might be able to create something much better (but that’s not what we’ll be talking about in this thread). Still, the Super Bowl isn’t all overrated. Some of you might remember (and those who watched “Pirates of Silicon Valley” know) that it helped launch the Macintosh Computer in 1984 (; and we saw why 1984 wasn’t anything like “1984”), which by the way I would now recommend switching too with everything wrong about Windows 8; but this brings me to today’s subject: Some of you might not know this, but more and more people are tuning into the Super Bowl nowadays strictly for the commercials and could care less about the tackling ( Some commercials are overrated, immature, misleading and or stupid (like this:, others are an explosion of creativity and art and still others gather images from all around TV and our otherwise everyday lives and bring them together for an exciting experience the whole family can enjoy (like this:, or this I’ve even seen Sesame Street appear in a super bowl ad; but now how about the Ponies? I think everyone (even those like me who don’t go near the Super Bowl) would agree that the Ponies should have a spot in the Super Bowl commercials. If no one has started, I would suggest someone start a KickStarter campaign to fund the production and broadcast of a commercial featuring “The most interesting Ponies in the world”. Or perhaps we could simply fund a showing of my favorite Pony commercial (which could also be appropriate to show at the Super Bowl, being a parody of a series of beer commercials), the one the ends “Stay Pony My Friends” ( Who knows, if it happens, I’ll watch part of the Super Bowl specifically to watch the MLP commercial. Perhaps you’d all like to get started and share some ideas on what a commercial featuring the Ponies would look like.
  12. Did anyone else think that Fluttershy was going to go Super Saiyan in the power-ponies episode? I think it would have been hilarious if her hair spiked up, turned gold, and Spike mentioned how her power was over 9000. She'd be a bit less muscular though, Super Saiyans tend to be not be huge(With the exception of Trunks's flawed form)
  13. UGH SCJKjklack I need TO STOP Anyways I DID ANOTHER SUPER PONY! Super PINKIE PIE! Yes, lol I think this is my favorite Anyways ENJOY
  14. Since I drew a Super Doctor Whooves on fire, I drew a Super Fluttershy. NEXT IS SUPER PINKIE PIE! PINKIE PIE IS BEST PONY *In my opinion* Anyways I'm not a huge fan of this picture since: I had trouble with the legs I didn't have time to color the cutiemark And the blur didn't work out at the end of the mane/tail So.. besides the mistakes, ENJOY!
  15. Ummmm, it's Doctor Whooves, white, on fire.... Super Doctor Whooves? I don't even know, I just thought of it, drew it, and I am now confused... hope you enjoy..?
  16. 3rd Party characters have always been an...interesting subject to say the least when it comes to Super Smash Bros; ever since Solid Snake's Introduction in Super Smash Bros Brawl, people have been speculating and giving their thoughts on what 3rd Party characters they would want to see, ranging anywhere from Banjo-Kazooie to Sgt Cortez of Timesplitters, to Master Chief, to F***ing James Bond, and with Megaman's introduction in the new game, discussion has sparked once again. In this blog, I give my personal opinion on what 3rd parties I'd be interested in seeing(a lot of bias, so don't take this to heart). I'd also like to point out that I don't expect all of these characters to appear, only about 2-3. Since It's opinionated, I'll throw in a few things: - One per franchise: So no Knuckles, Raiden, Protoman, etc. - I'll still have more characters per company: So I'll still throw in some characters if they still belong to Sega or Capcom for example - Have to have had appeared on a Nintendo console as a major character in that game(so no Cloud, Morrigan, etc.) - No Sony or Microsoft characters(so no Rare unfortunately,even though Banjo & Kazooie and Ratchet & Clank would rock) - I originally was going to include Pac-Man, but at this point he's probably already in the game - No Movie, Comic, TV, Cartoon, or Anime(just because it's Namco Bandai doesn't mean anything) characters.....however, I am willing to make one exception 10) Wreck-It Ralph From: Wreck-It Ralph I know about what I said earlier about "No movie characters" and whatnot, but Ralph just feels so perfect. In what could be taken as "The Roger Rabbit of Video games" and as the ultimate Video Game movie, Ralph blends really well with the Nintendo casts especially after appearing alongside the likes of Bowser. And after making a guest appearance on "Sonic Sega All-Stars Racing: Transformed", I feel like anything is possible. 9) NiGHTS From: NiGHTS into Dreams and NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams With Sega and Nintendo's new deal, I wouldn't be surprised to see Sonic back, and while I also expect some of his friends to appear, I'd be more satisfying with someone more unique, like NiGHTS. NiGHTS has a certain appeal that, for some reason, reminds me quite a bit of Super Mario Galaxy, and the series's long awaited sequel for the Wii certainly helped that . And while the sequel certainly isn't as popular as the original game, NiGHTS has a lot of appeal and demand that could help push for a spot on the Roster 8) Klonoa From: Klonoa Wii, Moonlight Museum, Empire of Dreams, Dream Champ Tournament, Densetsu no Star Medal First off, the guy looks like Mascot Material, which means he goes well with the characters like Mario, Sonic, Megaman, etc. He has also been given some exposure on Nintendo's platforms through various 2D platformers on the Gameboy Advance as well as a ground-up remake on the Wii, the only reason he's much lower on the list is because he's a very obscure character(though having more games than NiGHTS puts him higher) 7) Viewtiful Joe From: Viewtiful Joe, Viewtiful Joe 2, Red Hot Rumble, Double Trouble Along with Megaman, Viewtiful Joe is also popular among many Nintendo fans, with his franchise kicking off on the Gamecube. His zaniness and goofiness makes him a popular fit in the Smash roster, and both Tatsunoko Vs Capcom and MvC3 both help mold him into a strong fighter along with his own series, using time based attacks that could help him take the advantage. Nintendo's recent alliegence with Platinum games also makes him a good contender for the roster(though the decision is ultimately up to Capcom 6) Sora From: Kingdom Hearts series(mainly Chain of Memories, 358/2 Days, Re:Coded, Dream Drop Distance) Not gonna lie, at first I was never a fan of having the guy in Smash, but seeing him gain more titles on Nintendo's handhelds and seeing the Nintendo fans on the Kingdom Hearts Fandom grow, I began to accept him and even embrace him. It's hard for me to deny that it would be awesome to see him fight alongside the likes of Link and Marth. It would also be nice to see him show up in the game alongside the announcement of a Kingdom Hearts III Wii U port(why that game is on the Xbone and not the Wii U, I will never know). Though truth be told, having to make a deal with both Disney and Squeenix would be a bitch. 5) A Final Fantasy Character From: Too damn many games One thing that always bugged me about SSB character spectulation was the absolutely absurd idea of using a character from a(albeit good) Mario Spin-off*coughGenocough* over a character from Square's flagship franchise. Before Final Fantasy VII, the popular JRPG franchise was one of the NES and SNES's top dogs, and there has been plenty of fans clamoring for a Square Enix rep, and what better way than to use a character from their top franchise? Though the problem is deciding which character to use, with suggestions ranging from generic classes like Black Mages and Warriors, to Moogles, to Cloud Strife. In my opinion, I feel Cecil from Final Fantasy IV(which seems to be Square's favorite game besides VII and XIII) and Terra from FFVI(which seems to be the fans favorites), though I'm leaning towards Terra do to the potential of another Magic heavy character 4) Lloyd Irving From: Tales of Symphonia, Dawn of the New World The main character of one of the popular games in the Tales franchise, one of the few RPGs on the Gamecube, best selling Tales game in the West, the list goes on. While the Tales series is one of Namco's most popular franchises in Japan, the series didn't get any recognition in America until they teamed up with Nintendo to make this game a huge success. Like Sora, I've also wanted to see him team up with Link to kick some ass 3) Phoenix Wright From: The Ace Attorney series Since his introduction on the GBA in Japan and the DS in the US, Phoenix Wright has become one of the most popular Capcom characters yet, with many people shouting his famous "OBJECTION!" and "HOLD IT!" all over the internet. And while it does seem ridiculous for a Lawyer to be in a fighting game, Capcom already did that in Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3, with hilarious results. 2) Simon Belmont From: Castlevania series As a massive MGS fan, I have to face the facts, unless by some miracle Phantom Pain and Ground Zero end up on the Wii U(which would be freatly appreciated by the way), there's very little reason for him to come back. However, I could se him passing the torch to Simon Belmont of the Castlevania series. As one of the most brutal platformers of the NES and SNES era, Simon bring some whipping action(well that didn't sound right at all) to the fight, and his high nostalgic value is very welcome among many fans, myself included. And now this is where my biased fanboyism kicks in 1) Travis Touchdown From: No More Heroes, Desparate Struggle If you know me well enough, you probably saw this coming light years away. But yeah, Travis would be both hilarious and awesome to see. His realistic appearance makes him look like an intimidating character, but behind that is a goofy and zany assassin who's in it to win it. His swordplay mixed with professional wrestling moves also makes him look like a very strong and intersting fighter. Plus if he does get in, it would definitely help raise my spirits for a No More Heroes 3 Honorable mentions: Banjo and Kazooie Bomberman Rayman Earthworm Jim Ryu(Street Fighter) Ryu Hyabusa(Ninja Gaiden) Leon S Kennedy(Resident Evil) The characters mentioned above are here because I a) never played much of their games, never got interested in them, or c) the characters on my list were just more appealing to me. However, I do acknowledge these characters as highly important in the Nintendo community and would still love to see them in the game, despite personal preferences. Now let the hate comments commence
  17. I'm so bored. I know! Lets talk about Super Smash Brothers! More importantly the new one that is going to come out for the WiiU and the 3DS. Being one of the very reasons I will buy the WiiU this Christmas I really am very excited to see how it looks. After years of playing Melee and other years playing Brawl, This is the biggest game I am waiting for. There is a lot of things that the developers can put into it, And these are some of the things I would like to see in it. More and Moar characters: I would love to see famous and old characters from Nintendo to be in it. Like, Clu Clu to Dixie. The choices are endless! And I think with the power of high tech DVD's we can see a lot! Plus some third party characters too, but not too much to stray away from the main focus of Nintendo characters. Like, put Mega Man into Smash, because, almost every nintendo knows MegaMan, not some random character from a japanese looking title. Trophies, and a lot of em: Yeah, yeah, there is already a ton in the game, there is also stickers. But hey, more trophies, means more collecting, and more collecting, means more time playing the game. It's a win win. Broader choosing of stage building: The stage builder for Brawl was cool and all, but I want MOAR, as the saying goes "If you give a mouse a cookie, he will want more and if you don't he will call your game dumb" wait...maybe that's not how it goes. But it would be cool to have new objects and hazards in your game. Hey, if you hate our music, put your own music in it instead: Probably won't happen because of a whole lot of law issues and other things I don't have time to know what, ignore this one. I want to play as Random but this fat puffball keeps showing up, and I deeply hate him: Super Smash Bros had a place where you can decide which stage you chose and what items you can pick up during your battles, but never to decide what Random Character you would choose, this could come in handy at times and It could be set to someones Nickname, pretty cool huh? The most Biggest Adventure you will ever lay eyes on: And Finally, the biggest thing that I want...The Greatest Adventure Mode ever! Super Smash Bros: You just fight people and at the end you fight the boss Master Hand. Super Smash Melee: You go through classic games to fight the main character at the end. Super Smash Brawl: A Cinematic journey with your favorite Nintendo characters as they face off against the villains of famous Nintendo franchises. Now: The Adventure Mode gets better and better every single game. So it is going to be hard to pull off a good Adventure Mode, what i had in mind it should have another epic cinematic adventure but instead of random places and enemies created for the game. It should have the characters go into each others games and beat the crud out of the enemies in their world. It would be a very great experience nevertheless. Now I want to hear what you guys say, what do you want to see in the new Super Smash Brothers?
  18. Never really put one of my videos on these forums before, so I thought I'd start today, in honor of Super Bowl XLVII. Sort of. Made with Valve's Source Filmmaker, in case you're wondering.
  19. I liked Demon Tomato Dave's song, It Doesn't Make Sense so much, I decided to animate a music video out of it in Flash. Even the original creator of the song liked it. He said Well, here you go http-~~-//
  20. Hello my fellow Pinkie Pie fans. For too long we have remained divided. This is only because none of us ever thought about joining forces. But no longer! From this day forth, we shall band together under the flag of the LEPPF! So, who's with me? Flag: Motto: "In Pinkie Sense we trust."
  21. It's SUPER SMASH PONY BRAWL!!! We're talking absolutely EVERY PONY that has been featured in the show. No Discord, No Diamond Dogs, No Griffons, JUST PONIES. The time has come...who will come out as the last pony standing? And why? Truthfully, it would be Twilight Sparkle. She is extremely powerful and would most likely be the greatest antagonist in Equestrian history. She charmed half of Ponyville with a love spell, for crying out loud. And even that did not take too much effort. But, wait, Pinkie Pie can break the fourth wall. She could probably use her power to forever entrap a pony in a separate void. Of your posts, I will add my personal favorites to this original post! @Hinosuke: Yeah... I'm going to have to cast my vote for Post-Animal-Rage-Canterlot Fluttershy. No pony stands a chance. No pony. No Pony. @Octavinyl: Octavia and Vinyl scratch would make a good tag team or duo in my opinion. Besides Octavia could just use her cello and smash it over somepony's head. @PinkieDaShy: Rarity would slaughter them all with sewing needles, or strangle them to death with a bolt of fabric. @Half-note: Obviously Doctor Whooves would simply transport to the future and assassinate the winner. Or he would go back in time and kill them as foals. Either way Whooves comes out on top.
  22. Well guys, this fanfic was an idea about what would happen if the Sun in Equestria was destroyed. Well, after bouncing a few things back and forth, I decided to make a short fanfic about what would happen if the sun did explode. Without further ado, here it is, in all it's glory. And here is an image of our protagonist Shadow. So, what did you think? Is this surely not one of the greatest pieces of literature that your eyes have been graced upon? I hope you enjoyed it! Woah, you found the white text, congrats! Anyway, incase you couldn't tell, this was made out of fun, nothing serious. It's a parody of all the poorly written fanfics out there and all the alicorn OCs and every OC in every fandom who is named Shadow. Seriously, does anyone else find it to be such a common name for OCs in every fandom? I know I do.