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Found 27 results

  1. MTX (microtransactions) typically exist in games in form of purchasable in-game currency, skins, boosts, items and so on, for real money. To not search far for a reference, the Gameloft's MLP game is filled with these, so you might be familiar with that type of system. So, we'd like to introduce on-site microtransactions here, on MLP Forums, in the store. It will be a great way to support the site, while receiving awesome rewards. That's true we already have the subscription system, but we'd like to give you more options to choose from, as we're listening to your needs. Please note, that the system is still a work in progress and will become available soon. So let's talk about products, shall we? We know, that you like scoring brohooves and not everypony has the time to farm these, so after listening to your feedback, we decided to give you more options of obtaining them. These packs will boost your COMMUNITY REPUTATION, simply known as brohooves or brohoofs. - receive an instant, permanent boost to your brohoof count - the brohooves WILL count towards the leaderboards, allowing you to win the day more easily - no limit, purchase as much as you like We also know, that some users are quite shy. Users, who post less because of that, but they'd still love to get the ranks they'd like to have. We have a solution to that! These packs will boost your CONTENT COUNT. - receive an instant, permanent boost to your content count - "upgrade" your rank by raising your content count - no limit, purchase as much as you like Eventually, if you're far away from your desired rank, consider unlocking them all at once! This pack will unlock ALL RANKS and allow you to switch between these at any time in your profile settings. - instantly unlock all available ranks - this skips the post requirement for ranks - ability to select your favorite rank and switch at any time in the profile settings - permanent account upgrade Oh we know you LOVE to give brohooves! What would you say to a RAINBOW BROHOOF? This purchase permanently adds an animated rainbow brohoof to your reaction pool. - animated reaction for you to use - preview: - your brohoof will stand out more than the others'! - show everyone how filled with magic you are! - permanent account upgrade We also have something for active members! This purchase grants you the GOLDEN PONY STATUS for one month! - GOLDEN PONIES raise content count twice as fast! - GOLDEN PONIES receive double amount of brohooves! - GOLDEN PONIES receive a lootbox every month! The lootbox may contain: 35% chance for brohoof boost (25 - 250) 35% chance for post boost (10 - 100) 15% for a common Post Skin[1] 5% for an uncommon Post Skin[1] 3% for a rare Post Skin[1] 2% for an EPIC Post Skin[1] 5% for a free ONE-MONTH SUBSCRIPTION (THE SUBSCRIBER for 10.00 USD) - GOLDEN PONIES are immune to the laugh reaction! [1]post skin - a colorful outline around your posts, similarly to what cast characters have for example, Rainbow Dash has a gold outline, see the first post in this thread Post Skins are tradeable. More will come in the future, so stay tuned!
  2. Okay, so I was trying to send in a Support Ticket but the box where I'm suppose to write the message doesn't show up. I tried to send it as an attachment but it says I need a message. Basically it says Message with a red star beside it but where the box should be there is nothing.
  3. How do I make a GIF my avatar? I have found GIF on google and I saved it. I uploaded it to the avatar changer, and it only takes a screenshot of the GIF. What I'm saying is, the GIF doesn't move. The avatar is just a picture, still.
  4. This is probably going to be a really tough question. But...what do you live for? What's your motivation as you go through your life? For me, this quote pretty much sums it up: "Be ashamed to die until you have won a victory for humanity." - Horace Mann
  5. I myself have severe generalized anxiety disorder(that in my opinion should have been diagnoses as panic disorder, but I was already on some medication when they officially diagnosed me, so they never saw it's true severity) and pretty bad depression. I was wondering if any of you guys have battled or are currently battling any mental illnesses. If you're not comfortable opening up about it in full detail, that's totally okay. But if you want to talk about it, how has it affected your life? What are some things you do to make yourself better? And do you have any tips or words of encouragement for the others here? Hugs to everyone who replies and everyone who doesn't reply but still deals with these things! You're all super strong and amazing people, and I'm proud of you!
  6. Hey so I don't know who exactly to contact about this but I came across a bug on the site. I have a playlist that I started around 9 months ago called "Good tunes" where I put songs that I am thinking about downloading. It has been slowly accumulating this whole time and probably has around 50 or so tracks on it. When I clicked on the playlist today, it was completely blank, no track listings or anything. To test things out, I tried to add a new track to it- it said the track was added, but when I went back to the playlist, it was still blank. Next, I tried making a new playlist and added a random track. This time, the track appeared on the new playlist. I hope that all the songs from the old playlist are just hiding behind a glitch and are recoverable, otherwise I'll be a sad pony. Here is a screenshot of the playlist:
  7. I was enjoying Windows 10, really I was. Then suddenly I had a RANDOM DEVASTATING ISSUE, which I will describe here as well as give a solution. Which ironically you will not be able to read if you have the same problem I did. Long detailed story: Summary: if your taskbar suddenly stops working and will not be fixed even after waiting and restarting (especially several attempts) System restore from the Control Panel to the nearest checkpoint and hope it works. Discussion: for the sake of Windows 10 users on this forum, you should post the quirks and problems (especially big ones) and hopefully your solutions to dealing with them. I absolutely had to share the SERIOUS problem I had to deal with
  8. Concerts. We go to them. We love them. We enjoy ourselves. We usually go to see the band headlining or going on last, hoping for the best performance of the night. But every now and then, you get a show where the support acts out do the headliner. Any of you ever have those experiences? I can think of a few. First that comes to mind was when Sabaton opened for Iced Earth. Iced Earth is a fine band. A very technical showing by them. But their set and the guys themselves lacked charisma, and their efforts to pump up the crowd got repetitive. The crowd was pretty stationary. In contrast, Sabaton were a title wave of energy. Frontman Joakim was talking with the crowd, making jokes, throwing in a few historical facts behind the songs, doing his job as a frontman. It was one high energy jam session for the guys, that sadly, Iced Earth couldn't follow up. Another was when my favorite band Story Of The Year, opened for Flyleaf. SOTY was popular in the early to mid 00s, bringing anthemic, hardcore fury to the room, even inciting a circle pit, whereas Flyleaf, popular radio rock at the time, was more mellow, feel good music. You probably could've seated the crowd during that part of the show. During the show, I ended up upsetting a group of teenage girls in front of me by yelling that Flyleaf should've been opening for SOTY. Ah, good times. Your turn.
  9. Pez


    There is a pegasister who goes by Keyframe. She is 18 now and she was abused by her own mother for 8 years! Her mother is drunk all the time and always abusing her verbally and physically! Not long ago, she and her friends were on a live Skype chat when suddenly her mother burst into her room and attacked her. Her mother not only beat her but also tried to strangle her. Her own mother tried to kill her! Luckily someone was quick enough to call the police. Her mother was arrested only to be bailed out by her father. Her father usually took her mom's side! Her friends started to reach out to others. Thanks to the generosity of fellow bronies and pegasisters, she can finally leave the evil place and get her own home. This just goes to show that when life knocks you down... there will be people to pick you up. Im the element shown here are the elements of loyalty and generosity because people were loyal and stood by her side. Generosity because people gave their own money to help someone in need. There was so much money donated on the first day alone! Here are links for more info on this story. This is a good one watch to get info. This one I STRONGLY recommend you watch.
  10. Oh @Pinkiponi, my lovely girlfriend. So depressed right now you don't know what to do. Your life may seem like it's hit the end, or you seem like you can't feel anything but just remember one thing. You have this place. This place full of many people you can talk to, full of people you can ask for advice from, full of people like me you can talk to. Full of love, which is the one thing you need. Which is why I need your help. Show her some support. Show her some love. Show her some positivity. Her life is terrible, full of people who laugh at her for being depressed. That is a terrible and cruel thing to do. I want you to show her love. She truly needs it.
  11. It seems that my lovely girlfriend on the forum @Pinkiponi is feeling very down, more down than usual. She needs support. She needs more people to know she's still cared. She needs to feel something. Show your support.
  12. Hi everyone. I just wanted to show you guys a way to help cope with your anxiety. On the first spoiler, I write down how I typically feel whenever I feel very anxious. Just an hour ago, I felt very anxious about many things that were happening to me in my life recently. I then decided... why not write down all that I was thinking... why I felt so nervous... You will see all that at the spoiler. ------------------------------------------------------------- Did you read the first spoiler? Now, take a look here. I got through all the struggles I talked about with the help of many people, and prayer. While I was writing down all the things I struggled with on my first spoiler, I was reminded of all the positive things my friends said. There was indeed hope within my anxiety. I know many of you don't see it where you are, but for any of you struggling with anxiety, you all will be in my thoughts and prayers. Find people to talk to about your problems. Don't be shy to say them. Perhaps they will be of much assistance. I openly admit that I still struggle with anxiety. It's not easy to just move on from anxiety with the snap of your fingers. I know how hard it is. I face anxiety every day. I guess it comes from what my supervisor said" You're a very self-conscious person!" . That reminded me of Fluttershy . For all you self-conscious people, it's good to be aware of what you're doing. But don't do it to the point you lose perspective of all the good things you are ! True friends will see your positive traits and lift you up for it! One last thing. Always try writing out your thoughts like I just did. It helps you get a feel on what you're thinking so that when you read it again after a few days or even hours, that you will realize that reality is much different from what your mind believed... I hope this helped in anyway possible for you anxious folks. I don't have much free time to post something like this, but like I said before. You all will be in my thoughts and prayers.
  13. Now, I have the tendency to browse around the Media Discussion Section almost everyday, due to some threads that involve technology. However, in doing so, I've noticed the number of "tech support questions" that had me thinking. As much as its great to have technology categorized in the Media Discussion, I think there should be a sub-form for Technology itself. Basically: Beyond Equestria --------Everfree ----------------- General ----------------- Media ----------------------- Tech Info & Support Personally, it will be easier, b/c if you think about it, many members may ask "My Computer is broken, b/c of this or that, etc.".
  14. On my Android tablet, the My Little Pony has stopped working. Whenever I try to open it, it crashes after the Hasbro Gaming screen. Sometimes it makes it to the main loading screen then crashes. I've worked so hard on this game, and I was SO close to getting Rainbow Dash. I don't want to lose all my data and start all over, especially considering the fact that my parents won't let me spend real money on the game. Can someone PLZ HELP ME?
  15. I know this girl who brought me into these forums, in fact, the first one to PM me when I got here. I got to know her on Skype and then I became fast friends with her. you all Know here as PinkeiPartyPie. PinkiePartyPie (I'll just use PPP) is a fun loving girl who I'm sure is a large part of the forums. Recently, I know that she has been getting picked on and feels like she isn't very important anymore. I wanted to make this thread to show her that she is very important and wanted on the forums. I understand that it may sound a little strange, but I want her to understand that she HAS friends on these forums. No matter how many people tease her, I know she is strong. I think PinkiePartyPie is a person who just needs to see that she has friends. I don't want this trhead to be about railing her. I want people to show her that people care for her. Please respond. I want this to be something she can look at when she's upset so she can feel happy again. Your Friend ~BionicBrony
  16. i would like to be a video game maker for nintendo or square enex
  17. The MLP mobile app won't load up past the "Hasbro Gaming" screen. Can somepony PLZ help me? I've been playing that game since I got my tablet, and I've put SO much time and effort into it. (not to mention the fact that I was only a couple daily bonuses away from getting Rainbow Dash).
  18. I think we should have an extra tab for friend requests. Only because I have added like 50 people, and only 10 have added me back. I thought it was just because I am annoying or something. But then I went to my friend requests and I had like 10 without even knowing! That is why I think a new tab should be added. To make MLP Forums a friendlier place. Please Consider This. Or Ill Kill You >
  19. For people who haven't heard about this yet, I'm sure they're reading the title and thinking "How in the wide wide world of Equestria can this be the right forum for this?" Trust me, I'm completely lucid when I type this. So, in case you somehow haven't heard yet, a school recently decided to tell a 9-year-old boy that he couldn't bring his MLP bag to school anymore. The reasoning is that, and I quote: Of course, that sentiment alone is dubious. I understand it to some degree, but at the same time I don't think the actions taken will help too much. The school already knows he's a brony. They're probably going to bully him just as hard with or without the backpack. Anyway, there's a bit of exposition for ya. Now we can get to the part where Glenn Beck comes in. Just today Glenn Beck released a video offering support to Grayson. Now, granted Beck does veer off into unnecessary tangents a few times, the first time being about "diversity and political correctness" and the second about Jerimiah Wright, but he doesn't dwell on them much. I can forgive that because I know Beck is a very political guy who's not afraid to voice his opinions, and he was speaking off the cuff. Even then he didn't let his unrelated political thoughts dominate the conversation, so good for him. I have to say, Glenn Beck is the last person I expected to hear chime in on this story. Even more surprising to me personally is the fact that the message is positive. Honestly hearing this put me in a pretty good mood, and I only hope that the white knights and/or brony haters of the Internet don't turn this heartfelt message into their own personal chew toy. Then again, that's probably wishful thinking because people are terrible.
  20. you know, like the cakes, even though i'm not looking to focus on them... christ why do i always swerve my own threads? Like i feel like a little kid trying to steal a cookie, guess it can't be helped. I'm really talking about mayor mayer. it's kind of a shit character. I mean, there's nothing to her really. And before some of you say "well how much do you expect out of a cow poke tan." quimby from the simpsons is an awesome character. "Oh Uncle no good, that's an adult cartoon." PPG, that mayor was comedy gold. I can't help but feel they could done more... well anything with mayor mayer. She gets air time. she gets lines. I'm not asking for more, but if they put her in do something with her.
  21. Hello everyone of the inter-web! I bring you another question about the US government. Today's topic is " Should the United States Suspend Foreign Aid until they get their own debt under control?" Please let minnow your thoughts in the comments If you're interested in these kind of topics, I post them very frequently and already have one out about the NSA, so feel free to check up on those along with my page and Have a Wondertastic day
  22. I just made a account, and I can't quote somebody (It does nothing) and I have to click on "More Post Options" to make a post! Most buttons aren't working and it's VERY hard to use the site.
  23. We have seen that the Site Questions & Tech Support often gets overflowed with threads with people asking the same things. We often tell the OPs to use the search function next time. I have this little suggestion; Change so when someone press the "Start New Topic" button, a little search thingy will pop up saying "Please search for your question before creating a new thread" with a searchbox below. There one should be able to search for the question they have. The threads that matches the search will be listed below. Then there would be another button at the bottom saying "My question isn't listed!" or similar, which will create a new thread if you press it.