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Found 8 results

  1. Welcome to the Suri Polomare Fan Club! Suri Polomare is a fashion designer who first met Rarity at a knitting competition in Ponyville before meeting her once more at a fashion show in Manehattan, in addition she is also clever, manipulative, loves coffee, and had her very own assistant for a while. RULES: -No Spamming the group to become the biggest fan. -No NSFW material (though certain suggestive images may be acceptable-PM me if you are unsure) -No hating on this group or any other. -Do not post material unrelated to Suri, m'kay? -Be respectful of other members -All rules of MLP forums apply here.
  2. Starlight Glimmer, Trixie, Sunset Shimmer, Lightning Dust, and Suri Polomare in Prison uniforms
  3. I tried to try Suri again but i'm not that satisfied...Any ideas or advice?
  4. So these are some terrible attempts at drawing... I had better you go. Do you have any advice on how to improve?
  5. Here is a head shot of Suri i drew yesterday. I was trying to practice Andy price's style and decided to try it with Suri.
  6. So the Lightning Dust/Suri thread got me thinking, and I realized that each of the Mane 6 has had a personal antagonist in an episode, except for Rarity (who's had two IMO). Which of them is your favorite?
  7. For those expecting Trixie shipping... I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. For those not in the know, this is based off one of the more infamous of the Doctor Who episodes following the 2005 reboot. Honestly, that episode wasn't too bad until it decided to go full retard at the last minute and we got the monstrosity before you. And the last minute or two is straight up nightmare fuel. Had a cool soundtrack, though. Have DeviantArt.
  8. After watching Rarity Takes Manehattan a few more times, I started to ask myself questions about the antagonist. When exactly did Suri decide to steal Rarity's designs? Did she only decide it when Rarity generously gave her the fabric? Or did she think she could get something useful out of Rarity, and that's why she offered to help her set up? She did know Rarity, and could have intended to exploit her from the beginning.