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Found 9 results

  1. My little pony the rise of Equestria directed by Michael Bay. This movie is about how Equestria was made in the movie there would be many casualty and death and the pony over lords will spare those who worship them and then turn them into ponies once they have taken over earth.
  2. 48 Hours will decide the tiebreaker of our Donor Q&A Poll. Wednesday at 9AM Eastern will decide the winner. @Buzz VS. @Lady Kiriness FIGHT!
  3. Well, thought i share some of my fan fics to the community, but I unfortunately, will not write it on here because its pretty long. However, I will provide links to my DeviantArt, that has all the MLP:FIM Fan Fics as well as those coming soon. Just want to point out also, I will constantly be updating this thread, so expect the coming soons to be switched to links to the story. I hope you all enjoy them, MLP: FIM Fan Fics List: My Little Pony: Rise of the Anicents Saga This fan fic, is still underway, since I began writing this as of early last year. It will be a mix of genres, featuring non-canon characters, known as the "Gods of Equestria" who led Equestria before Celestia and Luna's rule. It will take place in present time, which the Gods will rebel against Equestria, yet I rather not spoil the story. This fan fic will strike similarities to several films, and some new ones as well. Element of Time (Episode 1) - Element of Space (Episode 2) - Element of Distortion (Episode 3) - *COMING SOON* Element of Tyranny (Episode 4) - *COMING SOON* My Little Pony: The Day Equestria Stood Still This is an alternate version of Element of Space, which instead features ONLY Prometheus. He is protrayed as the main antagonist, who wrecks havoc on Equestria, which for the most part takes place in Manehattan. In this story, you'll also see familar quotes Prometheus will speak out, which has to do with Friendship (in a challenging way), but I rather not spoil the story, lol. The story itself, may strike a similarity to the classic Scifi films Rodan (1956), The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951), and War of the Worlds (book and 1953 film). *COMING SOON - Writing is in Progress* My Little Pony: Legend of the Three Kings This story will be a sequel/prequel of Rise of the Ancients, where Thunderwing (I will go into depth with that character once I post my Character Resemblances), will tell somewhat of a campfire story, about the 3 kings and there background history and events, which will also be pretty suspenseful. It will feature 4 Protagonists (3 kings as well as a familar character) and 4 Antagonsists (1 Emperor, 1 Apprentice/Adopted Son, and 2 Sons). Want to point out, this will also be pretty long, and will be the darkest of my fan fics. It will also strike a resemblance to historical events, as well as characters from the non-fiction and fiction world. The fiction part, which will be easy for those who enjoy the Star Wars franchise, this will have some sort of a resemblance to the Old Republic. I will reveal the character detail and story later on my DeviantArt. *COMING SOON - Writing is in Progress* Character Bio/Representations HINT: This is a fan fic, so you may see some canon characters protray something which may puzzle you, but it will be explained in the character bio. Gods of Equestria/Watchers of Equestria (Protagonists): Timaeus (Ta-mai-us) - COMING SOON Ironwing Paguseus (Pa-goo-sis) - COMING SOON Alteros (El-tear-ros) - COMING SOON Madame Architect/The Creator - (She is obviously the Fausticorn, but I felt that she was most important and will play a large and incredible role in the fan fics) Children of the Watchers/Offspring: Timaeus' Children: - Prince Thunderwing - - Princess Cadance (She is the enstranged daughter, as well as the twin sister of Thunderwing) - Prince Blueblood (He is the enstranged, eldest son) Ironwing Paguseus' Children: - Prince Far Discovery - - Prince Brave Voyager - - Princess Sunset Shimmer (She is the enstranged daughter, yet in this fan fic, she has no knowledge of her true title) Alteros' Children: - Prince Amplitude - - Prince Bronze Compass - - Princess Spectra - Gods of Unknown/Destruction (Antagonists): Firewing Paradoxes/Prometheus (Pro-me-the-us) - COMING SOON Maelstrom Odysseus (Oh-dee-see-us) - COMING SOON Terrestrial Titannus (Tie-Tan-Us) - COMING SOON Pithos Pandora - COMING SOON Emperor Tyrannus (Tie-ran-us) - COMING SOON Children of the Emperor/Offspring: Tyrannus' Children: - Prnce Xangfriedus (Sang-free-dus) - - Prince Tycoon - - Prince Typhon - COMING SOON Similarities/Resemblances/Significanes Thought, I bring this up, but many have asked me on DeviantArt, on what do the fan fics represent, since they are somewhat dark, yet interesting. To answer that question, these fan fics may show some major resemblances to historical events, ionic figures (non-fiction and/or fiction), historical civilzations, classic mythology (mostly Roman, Greek, and Egyptian), etc. I will post in the future a deviation on my page, with a detail of each character and what they each resemble. Future of Fan Fics Many have asked me, when I wrote the story on what would I do with them in the future. I have answered that it would be great to have an full-length animation fan film on it, however, I rather finish the stories first, have myself review them before I proceed. I also want to ask some of you, if you wish to review them, please let me know if I made mistakes, what changes should be made, or what would you recommend to make the story come out a little better. I'm open for many helpful suggestions so feel free, . Also, if you wish to assist me in writing the story, please let me know.
  4. I just typed this story and wanted to know if it was even worth submitting to FIMfiction. If it's not too much trouble than read it and tell me what you think of it. Do I need to add anything? Do I need to put more details in? Is it even worth submitting to Fimfiction? Please tell me what you think.
  5. I'm fluffy on the inside but man I have a thing for dark, suspenseful, or horrific story lines. I saw the first Purge and I was like "YES" the whole time.... I'm super excited to see the second one and I'm pretty impressed that this movie has had so much support compared to the usual horror/suspense films these days... Will you see it? >:3 Here's the trailer:
  6. My first book of the my little cold saga. It is 1949, the changeling pact has conducted a atom bomb test. Which makes celestia and her allies very nervous so they form a new defensive alliance called T.U.P.A(The United Pony Alliance) to help defend themselves if chrysalis attacks. Chrysalis views this as a basic offense to her empire, so she creates a new alliance with her satellite nations as well, the changeling pact. Read to see what will happen next! It takes place from 1949 to 1963. This story takes place in the modern era, so unlike the tv show, there will be huge city's, cars, factories, airplanes, trains and fashion according to the year. I will post a link to the first chapter when it is done. Also please reply if you wish too. Until then.. Lunas Son
  7. I have spent a year or so writing novels, fanfics and short stories. This is my newest one, an attempt at a pony fic/short story. (In the future I plan on lengthening it and making it into a full story, but as of right now it's only a short story.) Autumn Leaves __________________________ The autumn leaves drift through the air slowly. Their descent is graceful, putting off a sense of wellbeing as if they were ready for this. Ready for their fall. Branches swayed in the slight wind and the animals rested. A once busy forest, now calming itself into a deep sleep. There was nothing in the forest that stood out; everything was perfect. Every slight shift was noted within the forest, imprinting the time into the already fallen leaves. Her breath was sharp and leaves crunched under her hooves as she sprinted along the trees. Slowing, she glanced behind her. Nothing but the dense forest. She sighed heavily, her heart untangling. Taking cover underneath a large oak tree, she recalled the past days events. None good. The past week had been utter chaos.. a dissapointment so undeniable that her mind could not comprehend. Yet.. she had endured. She fought her way out of the ruins of what was and left behind her life. For what? She didn't know the answer and she didn't care enough to figure it out. A slight fall rain began. Pattering on the leaves and the ground, exploding on impact. Her head bobbed and she slumbered underneath the wet oak tree. A brilliant flash of lightning and the following thunder shook her out of her unconcious state. The rain fell heavily now in large, thick beads. Glancing around, she remembered the events that occured merely hours ago. A single tear slid down her drenched face. Sobbing, she rose to her hooves. Trees swayed viciously in the bone-cutting wind and they seemed to threaten her. Thunder rolled through the forest. Lightning breifly flashed illuminating the orange leaves and the black as night sky. Her usually puffy and thick silver mane was matted to her back. Mud coated her entire body as she splashed through the puddles in the forest and her sobs became more abundant, nearly breaking into a full cry. She just wanted to get away as far as possible from the place she left. ~
  8. Hey guys! This is a fanfic I began writing like a month ago or so. I've been posting it on some fanfiction site but there aren't many people on it so I haven't been getting many readers or reviews that can make me improve my writing. And then I was like 'why not post it here?' and then I came here =o. I already have 11 chapters of this written and a 12th one in progress but I won't upload them all at once obviously. The story itself starts when a Pegasus stallion moving into Ponyville, about a year after the Mane 6 stops Discord. The main idea of this fanfic is the how, in real life, people at some point have to go and live their own lives and how sometimes it forces them to see their friends less and have a harder time being in touch with them. In the story's description back at that site I called it 'the test of time'. You'll see what I mean eventually =o Note: This is a copy-paste from the word file. I had to make the spaces between the paragraphs after pasting it here. I do re-read chapters before I post them in order to notice spelling mistakes and things like that. I hope I didn't miss anything. Chapter 1 - The Arrival It has been a few months since Discord's demise and it was yet another normal day in the peaceful land of Equestria. The sun was almost halfway through the sky, shining its light on the town of Ponyville along with 'Sweet Apple Acres' not so far from it. There were but a few clouds up in the sky, but not a single one of them seemed like it contained enough water in order to rain down and somehow spoil this beautiful day which seemed almost magical. From Ponyville itself one could easily get a glimpse of the town of Canterlot, which looked like a paradise no matter in what angle and from what height one looked upon it. To a young Pegasus stallion, who was about the same age as Twilight Sparkle and her friends, this marvelous sight appeared all at once as he flew past a mountain which was hiding Ponyville and Canterlot from his sight just up to a second ago. Having only heard how magnificent of a sight it was from above, seeing it for the first time left him so astonished that he nearly forgot to keep flapping his wings. Regaining his bearings, the expression of amazement on the young stallion's face turned into a huge smile as he continued flying towards the little yet big town. His name was Paint. It might not sound like a normal name to anypony, but usually other ponies realized that it made sense just as any other name did. Paint's cutie mark was a paintbrush with a bright handle. The bright wooden-like appearing handle made it easy to notice on his blue coat, which resembled the sky when it was almost dark; a blue which appeared just for a few moments before the sun completely finished setting. The edge of his paintbrush cutie mark was covered in simple stripes of the rainbow colors. The colors just happened to be organized in the same order as they appeared on Rainbow Dash's mane, tail, and cutie mark. His mane and tail were colored a lighter blue like the sky in a bright summer's day and his eyes were green. As you've most likely figured, Paint likes to draw. To him, painting wasn't just a hobby; it was his special talent as understood from a single look on his cutie mark. While most pegasi's talents were focused around flying, that is what Paint specialized in and enjoyed doing. He would take a drawing of almost anything that caught his eye using his quills for the sketching and then his paintbrushes and small paint cans for the actual painting. Those drawing materials, including paper and a pad, were the only contents of his first saddle bag. On the one on resting against his other side he carried his money and the food he bought from the last village he's been to. You might have assumed that he made a living by selling his paintings, but if you had then you assumed wrong. Paint had a compassion for drawing, but he was too modest to turn that into a living. Instead he would work for ponies that lived around where he was staying in order to afford food and a roof over his head, but never has he ever sold a painting before. He would happily give them out to ponies who liked them before drawing them again out of his memory in order to have a copy that he himself could keep in case he wanted to. After all making a living out of that would mean he'd have to spend hours on end drawing, and since he didn't always have the inspiration most artists needed, it didn't sound like he'd enjoy such a life. Also, he wasn't a lazy pony. He might not be living a life of wealth, but he was able to make a living and still have time to enjoy his talent, what else could he ask for? While his talent was not related to flying at all, Paint has been to the flying school in his own place of birth when he was little and had the flying capabilities of any average pegasus. He flew often, sometimes just to get his head clear and enjoy the fresh air and sometimes in order to look out for things to draw like a setting sun's orange light breaking through the clouds in its way or a clear night's sky or a waterfall, any of nature's wonders that was a sight worth memorizing. Just in the past five seconds Paint's eyes had already seen so much that he didn't know what he'd like to draw on paper first. He pushed his artistic compulsion aside for now though, for it will have to wait. His last employer at the last village he was staying at, a fully grown earth pony, to whom he helped run a small apple store, has heard that Paint will be traveling to Ponyville next. He was kind to inform some members of his family in 'Sweet Apple Acres' and even said that they will be more than happy to give him a place to stay, not to mention that they were always looking for workers to help with the lots of harvesting they had to do since their apple fields were huge. According to his last employer, they were the ones sending him all the apples he sold. Paint could not have expressed his gratitude in a better way compared to thanking the pony a thousand times, since now he already had a place to stay and a job before he even got into town, but his former employer said that he shouldn't mention it and that the Apple Family had plenty of room. The young colt pegasus immediately identified the place where he would be staying from now on; Sweet Apple Acres. His former boss certainly was not joking, for that there was a very big apple forest, no wonder the Apple Family was always on the lookout for some help. Since all the traveling he had gone through until now was in order to reach this specific town, he doubted he would be leaving Ponyville any time soon now that he was finally there. Growing more and more excited the closer he got to Ponyville, the pegasus flew even faster towards the farm he was to live at from now on. He could be a punctual pony despite the fact that he was a carefree pony who liked to spend his time relaxing by watching the sky and painting it. He didn't want to be late to the farm; it would be simply rude after all the kindness that he was shown from the Apple Family. Also, he wouldn't mind making a good impression on the earth ponies. Since he was to actually stay for a long period of time, he was already planning on going to Ponyville after greeting the Apple Family and settling in, for he was already eager to meet new friends. That is, as long as there wasn't any work that had to be done around the farm right now. There might be, and there might not, but Paint knew that his new responsibility had to come before anything else if he was to express his gratitude towards the family he will be staying with from now on. The farm was literally enormous, and Paint soon realized that finding out the location of anypony from the Apple Family might prove rather problematic. His first attempt was aimed at the barn and house at the edge of the apple fields since it was obviously the easiest place to search at. Flying towards the two wooden buildings, the young pegasus descended a little in order to get a better look around. His search was short and produced no result, causing Paint to figure out that the ponies he was looking for were probably out working in the actual fields. He flew away from the house and above the tightly-close together apple trees. It was impossible to even see the ground from above since the trees were so close to one another, so Paint had to fully descend and land in order to look around. The orchard was surely bigger once one stepped into it compared to when one flew above it. Paint was already expecting a long and frustrating search, and also once he would start helping the Apple Family with their work it would take him time to get used to this gigantic place and get his bearings. Lucky for him though, he was able to hear some talking just after a few moments of walking. Following the voice, Paint could soon see two mares about his age. One mare he could instantly recognize as one of the Apple Family, especially because of her cowboy hat and Curie Mark which consisted three apples. Applejack was talking to Pinkie Pie, who Paint couldn't really connect to the orchard and its scenery, which was why Paint figured that the two were probably friends. After a few more seconds, the pink pony let out an excited giggled and left by hopping away excitedly like a bunny. Applejack chuckled and looked at her friend as the energetic pony hopped away, before turning back probably in order to carry on with her work and noticing Paint who was still peeking from behind one of the trees. "Well howdy there partner!" said the earth pony, heading over to him and starting to shake his hoof before Paint even got the opportunity to answer and introduce himself. "Welcome to Sweet Apple Acres, Ah'm Applejack, how may-ah serve you?" It took Paint a few moments to take in Applejack's extremely friendly approach and another few moments to realize that he was still shaking his own hoof in the air even after Applejack has already released it, which caused the earth pony to chuckle. Feeling embarrassed, the colt went ahead and was about to introduce himself, only for Applejack to speak up just a moment before he opened his mouth to do the same. "You oughta be Paint," she could tell by his saddlebags and by the fact she did not recognize him that he was a traveler, and his cutie mark was what caused her to realize who he was. "You worked for mah great uncle Applegrapes; he told us you were comin'." Paint smiled at Applejack with a polite nod, "Yes, that's me." He quickly spoke again so to not forget. "I can't thank you all enough for this; it's going to make things a lot easier for me around here." "Don' mention it." She responded, "There's more blessin' to give than to receive. Besides, we could really use some extra help around here." "I can tell." He quickly regretted saying that upon realizing that it sounded quite rude. "I mean, no offense intended! It's just that this is a really big farm." Applejack couldn't help but chuckle, "Ah like you already Paint." She took a look around, "Yep, this farm was brought up by mah Granny Smith and her relatives when she was mah age. Ponyville didn' even exist back then." "It is a really beautiful sight." Now Paint already had yet another idea for a new drawing, for he really did mean it when he said that Sweet Apple Acres looked astounding from a distance. It was no doubt that the Apple Family was a proud family, and they had every right to be proud. "Le'me show you around, we already prepared a place for you to sleep at." With that the earth pony turned and walked in the direction of the house. "We have a small room in the basement that we're not usin'. It might not be big, but we all agreed that it's better than the barn. "It's okay, I don't mind if it's small." Replied Paint as he followed Applejack. "You're being kind enough to me as it is." And so Applejack led Paint towards the house giving him a small tour by showing him the kitchen, the restroom and the bathroom. They passed by Granny Smith who was taking her early afternoon nap in the living room, but Paint didn't need to ask in order to realize who she was. To Applejack's relief, her little sister Applebloom wasn't home and was probably outside playing with her friends on some weird 'Cutie Marks Crusaders' adventure. It was a good thing in her opinion since Paint would obviously need some time in order to get settled and it would be rude to have her playful young sister follow him all over the place. The two headed then downstairs and into the basement where they found Big Macintosh just leaving a small room which was located in the corner. Paint could tell by a single look at the basement that the room in question was where he'll be sleeping from now on. "Well, looks like we arrived just on time." Said Applejack and looked around at Paint. "This here's mah brother Big Macintosh." Shifting her gaze from Paint to her brother, she continued. "Are you done organizin' the room?" "Eeyup." Paint hurried and said, "Oh, you shouldn't have… I could have organized things on my own." "Nonsense," said Applejack. "It's nothin'." "Eeyup." Said Big Macintosh, using the same tone he spoke with last time. "Your great uncle sure wasn't lying when he said I'd get a warm welcome here…" said Paint, slightly embarrassed. Applejack wasn't going to say it to him, but his warm welcome was still far from delivered. "Eeyup." "You're a stallion of a few words aren't you?" "Eeyup." Big Macintosh gave him a friendly smile and shook hoofs with him before leaving. Applejack chuckled, "Well, go on." Paint smiled thankfully and walked inside. Applejack followed. The room really wasn't too big, but it wasn't small for a basement backroom either. There was a mattress already made up in the upper left corner with a small shelf next to it and a small lamp on top of the shelf. In the upper right corner was a closet which wasn't very big compared to the ones you'll find all over Rarity's Boutique but still big enough for Paint to store his belongings in. Between the closet and the shelf and mattress was a table a pony of Paint's age could sit in front of properly without needing a chair. Paint didn't have any complaints on his mind; in fact he would still have been thankful even if the room had only the mattress. "So how is it?" asked Applejack, breaking the silence. "We would have given you somethin' more appropriate if we had, but it's still better than the barn." Paint turned to her with a smile, "Oh, don't worry yourself over it, it's perfect, thank you." "Well Ah'll leave you to get settled, and then I can show you around Ponyville." "But isn't there work to be done on the farm right now?" Applejack grinned, "Don' worry about it, you'll get to workin' only after you get settled." Her great uncle Applegrapes surely meant it when he said that Paint was serious when it came to working. "Ah'll probably be in the barn when you're done, so when you feel ready I can show you around the village." Paint silently thanked her and she left in order to allow him to get his belongings organized. A/N: Well, that's the 1st chapter! It's rather short but the others are longer. Comments will be most welcome and I'll really appreciate it if you guys continue reading as I update =]
  9. Hey there everypony! I've started to write my very first story. It's not just my first take on the Conversion Bureau, not just my first attempt at fanfiction, but truly my first stab at serious creative writing. Like many, the premise of Blaze's Conversion Bureau absolutely enthralled me. That said, I was a bit shocked at how heavily misanthropic the tale was. It broke both the Mane Six's otherwise caring dispositions and focused so thoroughly on how evil we are capable of being while not mentioning any of the genuine good humanity has done. Like a bucket of ice water to the face, it occurred to me that some bronies may love Equestria so much because they are ashamed of their own world! While I respect their view I believe it's a decidedly unhealthy attitude and frankly not true. Isn't the brony movement itself proof that we are capable of just as much genuine care for our neighbor as the equine characters we love? THAT'S where my story comes from! Taking the Conversion Bureau and using it as a geo-political metaphor for the brony movement. That is, the ultimate victory of rational idealism over moral nihilism! My tale will have themes such as trans-humanism, the meaning of individuality and freedom, the value of history (even the ugly parts), religious doubt; all told through a personal journey of romance, war, magic, and betrayal. High concept to rival an Epic Poem? Hell yeah! Can I pull it off? Not a Windigo's chance on the surface of the sun! But that doesn't mean I'm not going to give it the college try. This story HAS to come out! As such . . . http-~~-// While it IS a self-insert, I did that as more a "write what you know" step then wish-fulfillment. I couldn't keep a fresh character truly consistent and stuff happens to me in my story I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy! (Well . . . not entirely true but still, I wouldn't want to be there!) I'm placing myself under "Cauldron Lake rules" as I've dubbed them. 1) I'm just as much subject to the laws of narrative casualty as anypony else. 2) If something happens. Somepony or something did it! e.g. There are NO accidents. 3) Don't break the conventions of the genre unless the genre itself has changed. Still, as much as I am the protagonist, the story is meant to be my love letter to the Brony community that I've fallen in love with! My story is one where the brony movement is very real and very powerful! Indeed, it's what's changing the World! Which means, somewhere, in my story YOU are there. Share to me your stories of being a brony, your ponysona's and their accomplishments, your creations here, deviantart, and elsewhere! Share to me your stories to enrich this creation with the life I want to give it! I'm sorry for the length, Steelquill