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Found 4 results

  1. In Swarm of the Century, Twilight asks Zecora for advice and when she gets there Zecora's balancing on a stick and then gets a fright, falls off, and asks "Have you gone mad?" but doesn't rhyme. Why wasn't she rhyming then, and on an unrelated note, why was she balancing on a stick?
  2. It's the holidays, and you know what that means! ... ... ... SWARMS OF INSECTS! "Swarm of the Century," My Little Pony's tenth episode, is about a little bug that seems cute at first, but then turns to be one of the most evil creatures in existence by eating away at stuff, and then coming in swarms. This concept was apparently so good that Transformers: Prime had to rip it off a couple months later. Well, at least "Scrapheap" was more memorable. This is probably one of the couple episodes in season one that I legitimately can't remember that well. I know it involved parasprites and Pinkie Pie's One Pony Band, but that's about it. Well, let's see if it was any good. This is a spoilers review, so if you haven't seen this episode, eat shit. - - - - - - - - - - - I bet you like it, too. This episode opens up with Fluttershy, picking flowers after her sex change in "Bridle Gossip". Finally at peace with himself, Fluttershy is about to open up a new can of worms, for he comes across a parasprite. It's too cute, so Fluttershy feeds it all his apples and decides to go show his friends, leaving behind, le gasp, A BASKET!!!!!!! NOT THE BASKET! NOOO! Back in Ponyville, the town is preparing for Princess Celestia's visit, when some ponies that the fandom's probably given a name by now hang a banner that says "Welcome Princess Celest." Apparently, they couldn't fit her whole name in, Princess Celest Sol Mi Amore LaSkylady Jones. Twilight, director of the arrangements now that everypony can be racist to Zecora instead of her, tells them to try again. She likes to flaunt her new law-given power. Her fun is interrupted, however, when Fluttershy shows her and Pinkie Pie the parasprite..........s? They multiply faster than Grand Galloping Gala tickets!!! Well, now that there's three, that means Twilight can have one! However, Pinkie Pie doesn't want one due to her new diabetes. Now she's gotta go find a trombone! Twilight and Fluttershy shake it off as just more Pinkie Pie shit and go their separate ways. Twilight in particular takes to Rarity's boutique to show her and Rainbow Dash the parasprite. However, that one has multiplied as well, so they can both have one for themselves! Sweet! Meanwhile, Pinkie Pie needs an accordion. Do not ignore Pinkie Pie! She is your lord and savior! Worship her or she will not bring you good harvest for your crop...Rarity! Ah well, now all of our main characters minus Lord Pinkie has a parasprite. All seems fine and well until the following morning, when everyone wakes up with tens of parasprites! A parasprite here, a parasprite there, here a parasprite, there a parasprite, everywhere a parasprite parasprite! Soon the whole town becomes infested, and these sons of fucks are plotting to devour the whole goddamn villa! They all swarm to Sweet Apple Acres first, taking kindly to Applejack's apples. This pisses her off, because if you want an apple fix, you have to pay damn good money or else you get gatted in the back! So she and her friends round up the critters and send them into the Everfree Forest for Zecora to deal with. They see me rollin'. They hatin'. Pinkie Pie tried to reason with them, but everyone was too damn stubborn for Lord Pinkie's warnings. That is okay, for cataclysm will arrive, and ALL OF PONYVILLE WILL BE ENGULFED IN ETERNAL HELLFIRE! PRAISE YOUR LORD AND MASTER BEFORE YOU PERISH TO THE UNDERWORLD! The disciples don't heed Pinkie's warning, however, and proceed with their original plan. Sure enough, after our heroes think the worst of it is over, the parasprites return to wreak havoc once again! So, since Applejack fucked up (or, rather, Fluttershy, since he managed to keep one in his cottage), it's time for Rainbow Dash to use the elements of weather against them. It's like Sharknado, but with parasprites. Well, Lord Pinkie Pie warned you, and so you get your punishment for disobeying our lord. She'd collected some cymbals and decided to use them to cut Rainbow's head off in the tornado (Kay, but seriously, that actually happens). Therefore, Rainbow Dash is forced to cease the whirlwind and let the parasprites free once again, which pisses everypony off. They all think Pinkie Pie is crazy, which is true, but in this case, it's "detrimental" to their mission. Oh well, too late, the parasprites are eating the town now. Wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka Twilight reaches out to Zecora, but she just tells her that they're doomed. Thanks, Zecora. Things go from bad to worse when Princess Celestia arrives in Ponyville as scheduled and her ceremony is not prepared due to the swarm of the century! During this time of immense peril, the best thing to do is just to commit mass suicide. A world of parasprites is not worth living in. However, before anyone can do that, Lord Pinkie Pie resurrects her son one pony band, having collected all the instruments, and dances the parasprites away. Song: Darude - Sandstorm Twilight and the gang learn an important lesson about friendship. You see, you must unconditionally hail your god or else you will be subjected to the worst of punishment. Our characters realize this now, and Lord Pinkie Pie leads her children into a new era of peace and happiness. And so ends "Swarm of the Century." ... ... ... Meh. I mean, this is an improvement over "Bridle Gossip", but a lot of episodes are an improvement over "Bridle Gossip". As a matter of fact, unfortunately, this episode suffers a lot of the same problems - our main characters are almost entirely sacrificed in this episode. Not so much on an out-of-character scale, they're just mostly irritating altogether. None of them are taking the time to stop and listen to what Pinkie Pie has to say. In defense, however, I wouldn't blame them considering Pinkie Pie was doing the worst job of explaining anything! As with "Bridle Gossip", plot induced stupidity for all those who welcome it. However, unlike "Bridle Gossip" where I want to strangle our main characters, in this episode, it's just sort of an inconvenience. There's nothing else wrong with it other than I can't stand the behavior of our protagonists. Therefore, I will give "Swarm of the Century" a 6/10. Now I see why Transformers: Prime's "Scrapheap" was more memorable. It's because that episode didn't have its characters mucking about and acting mentally challenged for 22 minutes. Also, the threat was more urgent, as the parasprites just ate objects, scraplets ate the main characters. I digress, I'd still watch that episode any day over the very forgettable, very bland and otherwise very annoying "Swarm of the Century." Well, my final 2015 review is around the corner. "Winter Wrap Up". I don't think there's a fan of this show that doesn't remember "Winter Wrap Up", I mean, how could you? The question it deserving of such immense recognition? *Dramatic Cinema Score* :okiedokielokie:
  3. Note: For the collection of other "Pick a Flaw" episode threads, head over to the "Pick a Flaw" blog portal (which'll be updated periodically) or check the list at the bottom of the OP (hidden under the "spoiler" tag). M. A. Larson is one of the fandom's most popular writers due to his ability to handle obscure references, blend them with the characters presented, and execute them rather decently. In addition, he has a neverending knack for comedy, as SotC is such an example. Plus, from a character perspective, Twilight's crazy, panicky side of her character makes its debut, and we get to see it many more times in this series, including the famous Lesson Zero, It's About Time, The Crystal Empire, and Equestria Girls. Because this episode is "Pick a Flaw," pick one from the poll above that either bothers you most or breaks the episode apart worst and explain why. If it's none or all of these options, click "other" and explain below. Be warned: "other" doesn't stand for "it's flawless." The one most bronies talk about is how Pinkie never tells the others about how problematic the parasprites are and how to get them to leave Ponyville. By leaving them out to dry, the ReMane-ing Five are left to fend for themselves when the parasprites cause major chaos. And with Twilight preparing for Celestia's arrival, it turns her into a massive panic. Of course, if Pinkie told them, and they believed her, the whole plot would fall apart.