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Found 13 results

  1. I've read articles about how people are prone to use different language in different social settings (code switching). I try not to swear for the most part because I consider it wrong, but I do if I'm really angry or upset. And I'm a lot "cleaner" in front of my family than my friends, but I guess that's true for a lot of people.
  2. Why is it acceptable in society to say poop, but you can't say shit? They both mean the same thing, so why is one more acceptable than the other? Or sometimes how people use the word shit in place of stuff. Example, "I have got to try this shit." I feel that unless you are swear at somebody (Ex: Fuck you, you son of a bitch, shithead, etc.) it really isn't that big of a deal. Also, the word shit is just a slang word for poop, so why is it so bad? Let me know how you guys feel about curse words.
  3. Bad news guys. MLP characters swear. Well, not EXACTLY. In "Owl's Well That Ends Well", Twilight says "shoot" when losing her descriptive paper on comets. In "Feeling Pinkie Keen", Spike exclaims, "Holy Guacamole" at Princess Celestia's sudden appearance. In "A Dog and Pony Show", Pinkie exclaims "Holy Moley" at all the holes the Diamond Dogs have made. In "Call of the Cutie" and "The Cutie Map: Part 1", along with a few other episodes, Applejack says "shoot", rather casually. In "The Last Roundup" and many other episodes, Applejack exclaims, "What the hay?" "Shoot" is a pseudonym for "Shit". While it may not be the same word, it certainly has the same intention and meaning behind the reason to say it. "What the hay" is a pseudonym for "What the Hell" or "What the Fuck". Again, the intention is the same through conveying a message through what is deliberately said. Same goes for "Holy Guacamole" and "Holy Moley" being pseudonyms for "Holy Shit" or "Holy Crap". So what do you say? Is MLP no different in dirty mouths as any other PG-13 reality TV show like Duck Dynasty or Storage Wars? I don't understand you, Hasbro. I just don't.
  4. Although in a scene you can hear the background music, I did my ever first pony music video editing by using scenes from the official My Little Pony show. Hope you like the new and first pony music video of mine. (PS: The lyrics include bad words, so if you are a child please do not watch this.) Here it is:
  5. Applejack really needs to calm down... And also search a better place than urban dictionary to talk about apples. Be careful. There is swearing.
  6. YAAAY! I finally got around to finishing this. Shading is so tedious sometimes.
  7. so I have been trying to find a video for a long time on youtube - I chanced upon it once, and it was hilarious, but not for the reasons you might expect.. it is twilight "swearing" - but she's not actually swearing - in essence the swears she is using are all ridiculously cutesy things.. like she might say WHAT IN THE NAME OF PUMPKIN SPRINKLES ARE YOU DOING? DEAR SWEET CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM ON A STICK WITH BERRY PUNCH WHAT IS GOING ON HERE.. etc etc it goes on and on and on like that and it's the most hilarious thing I have ever heard but since then I have not been able to find it again.. anyone else chanced upon this?
  8. Part 1 - The Beginning C - Zzz... T - Wake up... C - Zzz... T - Dude! Wake up! C - Zzz... T - Chris! Wake the fuck up! C - Wha? T - Finally! C - Tofi? What time is it...? T - How am I supposed to know? C - Where are we...? T - That's what I want to ask you... C - What? -Chris gets up and looks around- C - Well...we're fucked... T - Why? C - Didn't you pay ANY attention when I showed you the 11th Episode of MLP? T - Err... C - Does ''The Everfree Forest'' ring any bells? T - But I don't have any bells with me! C - *Sigh* Just follow me... T - What's this wierd blue flower? C - Don't touch that! T - Why not? C- Just trust me... -Tofi touches the Poison Joke- C - Well why the fuck not? T - What? -Tofi's nose grows super large- T - Ohhh...that's why... -Chris facepalms- ... Did you enjoy that little thing that took me 2 minutes to write? If yes then leave a brohoof and comment! If no't brohoof I guess? -Sonictails10
  9. Yeah I know it's a weird topic but I really would be interested to know which pony the community thinks would be most likely to use profanity.
  10. Cursing is something that we tend to do under certain circumstances. I know that kids shows should not promote cursing, but sometimes it's the only option in order to drive a point across. Aside from the usual somepony/anypony puns that we get in every single episode, on the rare occasion we'll get the ponies to replace strong language with horse puns ala: What the hell = what the hay Nobody gives a flying (*squee) = nopony gives a flying feather Congratu(f-ing)lations = Congratu-Pony-lations! So my question to all of you: What are your thoughts on the show staff getting away with using strong language by inserting pony words instead of the actual curse word? Also, what curse word would you like to see ponified? I'm curious as to see what some of you will come up with (just try not to go too overboard with it, since I don't like promoting the idea of cursing in this kind of show .
  11. I just finished writing what I would call a "really good scene" in my story titled "Miraculism" I would really appreciate some feedback on this scene that I wrote, but I warn you, there is a lot of swearing. The situation is: The main protagonist of my story, Satyr, walks down through town in order to mess around with the townspeople. Since he is the son of a tyrannous king, he expects people to practically obey him. The people are forced to praise him, or they are punished. Despite all of this, Satyr does not really like being praised everywhere he goes, but he loves to use this trait for his entertainment. One of the side characters mentioned in this scene is named the "Unseen." The Unseen is a person who lives in a forest nearby. Whenever someone enters the forest in which the Unseen lives in, they never come out. Others have been led to believe that the Unseen kills them and feeds off of them. Plenty of people try to avenge all of the lost souls by going out on a hunt to kill the Unseen, but no one has succeeded yet. (Scene begins) Many cars were speeding around everywhere due to the usual early-morning rush to work. I tried to lower my hat enough so none of them notice me. A few people were outside of coffee shops discussing things between themselves. I overheard that two of the people were planning to go into the Elyth Forest to hunt for the Unseen. They were using the “Wanted” posted for the Unseen as a coaster for their drinks. Like always, they thought using weapons was a good idea. I had to interrupt them and hopefully change their method of capture. “Excuse me sirs, but I couldn't help but overhear your plot that you plan on using to capture the Unseen.” I said. The more buff one of them turned their head to me. “Yeah, what’s it to you?” He said, in a very rough accent. The other man next to him said, “Calm yourself Clyde, this guy might help us. Don’t want to get into a fight before we do this.” I definitely didn’t want to take part in this stupid idea. “Well, I don’t feel like helping you since your plan results in almost certain death. You really need to take it on in a different way. Perhaps, try to tame the beast rather than kill it?” The buff one spoke up again, “You kiddin’? That thing doesn't care for no one. Its heart is blacker than a night with a new moon. Ya know? You sayin’ our idea is bad.” “Hang on, Clyde, that might not be a bad idea.” The other man said. “We might be able to do that.” “What? You think that we should just let it go for all of the people he’s killed? Just like that?” Clyde objected. “No, I think we could use his idea as a way to capture it. Hopefully the thing is a girl, if it isn’t then we’re fucked.” The other man said. “Uh, I guess that is a much more risky plan now that I think about it.” “Sorry to bust into this conversation again, but why exactly are you two doing this? I mean, everyone who has tried to capture or kill the Unseen never returned and probably died. What’s the reward in this?” I said, hopefully just trying to have them just stop this all together. “Have you not seen all of those posters?” Clyde said fiercely, “There’s a reward of almost a million dollars if we find that thing!” The other man nodded. “So, in other words, your greedy?” I’m not sure if they even know what they are doing. “You plan on risking your lives for nothing but money and a little fame?” Clyde looked pestered. “Listen, that thing took my sister away from me. I want to avenge her and kill that little bitch!” Clyde yelled as his tone of voice was getting cut apart by an overdose of anger. I really don’t want to say this, but I am desperate to find out how he’ll react. “I guess your sister just made the same stupid mistake you are making; going to kill a person that wouldn't kill anyone if it was just left alone.” I said, almost choking on my own words. No matter who it is, I don’t like insulting someone who lost family members. “What the fuck did you just say?” Clyde shouted, alerting most of the people around him. He stepped furiously out of his chair, knocking it to the floor. “Sorry, sir, but I’m afraid to say that your sister probably was a victim of human stupidity. I am sure that she wouldn't have been killed if she didn't pick a fight with whatever the Unseen is.” I said, still sort of choking on my words. Clyde’s face turned beet red in reaction to me saying “stupidity.” “Listen fucker, no one, fucking no one, will ever get away with calling Meranda stupid! You fucking here me?” Clyde yelled, not even thinking about who he was actually dealing with. The other man still at the table blushing a bit. I really want this guy to charge at me. His outrage is very amusing. “Yes, I heard you, and I am afraid that you are just one of those people who can’t accept the truth.” Adrenaline was surely pumping in my blood. I could feel my heartbeat beating quicker and quicker every second. This guy was sure to snap any second. “You wanna fight? Come and fucking fight me.” He reacted in just the way I wanted him to: raising his fists and challenging me to a fight. “Not at all.” I said, acting like I was almost scared to death by him. “To fucking bad!” he yelled at me again, swinging his fist forward. I took a large step backwards to avoid the hit. “You don’t know who your dealing with, friend.” I teased. He rose up again. “I’m pretty fucking sure I do. A fucking dumb-ass wimp who’s too fucking scared to fight.” Clyde was certainly reaching the peek of anger. “Well then,” I said slyly, removing my hat, “I suppose that description fits one of us, but I am not quite sure that it is me.” He jumped backward in shock. Thankfully he knows the face of the second most powerful human on Earth by law, otherwise I might have been killed. Everyone gasped. No one moved a muscle for the next minute. They all heard what he was saying to me, and it would definitely send him to jail -- or maybe even the electric chair -- if my father or any of the guards heard it. Although, I am too nice for that. “Don’t worry, I’ll spare your life this time.” I said as I walked up to him and patted his half-bald head, like a small puppy that preformed his first trick. “But, in all seriousness, stop trying to kill that thing.” With that, I feel like I have put good use to this day. (Scene Ends) Tell me what you think if you bothered to read it!
  12. so here is my fan-fic it has a lot of swearing so i had to post it someplace else. It is the first chapter of many. i might have to change the length of it. I dont know if it was too short or too long. anyways please enjoy it
  13. Shanks


    Me and my potty mouth go back a ways and I have gotten in trouble from it many times before, I am not in any trouble from it that I am aware of this time but I am trying to do something about before that becomes the case. Yesterday my mother was a bit upset with me because apparently my aunt who occasionally shops at the store I work at told my mother that she overheard me swearing under my breath while I was up in the 9th circle of hell (the checkstands). Though I honestly truthfully don't remember swearing while up in the check stands and am even willing to make that a Pinkie Promise I have come pretty close to it and have on some occasions have done some swearing under my breath without even realizing it so it is possible that I may have done so while in the checkstands. And it is also possible that someone may have misheard one of the various swear substitute words I often use while up there. That and when I hear "Jerry check up front please" it is often followed by me saying "shit" "damn it" or some other expletive. And my manager caught me swearing once after I dropped something and I didn't get a write up or anything but he did tell me not to use "vulgar language". Of course what really pissed me off about that conversation with my mother is that she automatically assumed that those comments under my breath were insults to the customers I was dealing with. And while I will admit there are some customers who I would love and tolerant having my fist in their face even I have enough restraint not to say anything about them at least until they are on their merry way. I understand that she is worried about me and dosen't want me to get canned but I can't believe it didn't occur to her that it might be the situation at large and not just whatever customer I am dealing with that has me so pissed off. My primary duty is supposed to be that of a dairy clerk so I have to worry about what goes on back there and up front which is ridiculous. I have even made the occasional joke or two when something went wrong, about a month or two ago when my checkstand started making a weird noise I asked one of the checkers next to me "how do I shut this thing up? I left my baseball bat at home, can I borrow yours?" And one time while I was in the checkstands when the milk load was being delivered and the assistant manager asked if the truck driver was still there I replied "if he is than he probably died of old age waiting for me to come back." So yes I have let a little bit of my inner smart ass out up there and have had a situation or two where I freaked out a big but none of my freakouts involved spewing expletives. But can you really blame me ladies and gents? BS is not my first language, if I do a fake smile I end up looking like a pedophile (neat that rhymes) or like Ren did in that one episode of Ren and Stimpy with the Happy Happy Joy Joy song.