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Found 6 results

  1. Hey, everypony. Just got a quick question to ask, where can I find a Wonderbolts Sweater or T-Shirt. There was one, if I recall in the Brony Documentary that was basically the "uniform" of the Wonderbolts. Im thinking about getting it, but don't know where?
  2. I never liked that damn sweater on Rainbow Dash in May The Best Pet Win. Or her hair for that matter. Nerdy doesn't go with Rainbow. ._.
  3. You know what I mean... This is the source of all Hnnng. Ponies in sweaters are just too adorable, wouldn't you say? If she was able to get paid for being adorable, she would easily become a millionaire.
  4. I was wearing the same exact sweater while I was drawing this. Anyway, I was bored, so I drew this. I honestly think most ponies look better when wearing simple clothes like this...
  5. My third humanized pony. I chose Fluttershy for this. I restarted like 6 times on this, because at first it was going to be Scootaloo, then Derpy, then Twilight, then I drew this. View the enlarged.
  6. My, isn't that a rather large sweater, Fluttershy? DeviantART Link It's more like a snuggie, but aren't snuggies just backwards robes? Elongated, backwards robes? I think we may need a new topic for this. This took 3 hours in Paint Tool Sai, and I'm more than pleased with it. I may add her irides later, but I'm content for now.