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Found 6 results

  1. So, I was thinking of making some custom t-shirts of my OC's, and thought I'd offer it to other members on here. My (very) limited budget limits me to simple inkjet printer heat-transfer shirts, which have to be carefully worn and washed. But until I can afford a better-quality printer, it will suffice. the idea is that you would limit use of the shirts for special events, like con's or something. shirts would be limited to OC's only (no cannon characters). anyway, just wanted to see if there would be any interest, before I go out and buy a $200 heat press, lol
  2. I have completely mainstream parents. I can't get any pony swag because of them. I would buy it myself, but I have no money to buy it with. I could buy plushies online from plushie makers,but I don't have the things I need to set my Paypal up fully. It does bother me, but I'll live.
  3. Hey, everypony. Just got a quick question to ask, where can I find a Wonderbolts Sweater or T-Shirt. There was one, if I recall in the Brony Documentary that was basically the "uniform" of the Wonderbolts. Im thinking about getting it, but don't know where?
  4. So, I have these two designs I've been playing with. I'm going to be selling at BABSCON thats coming up and have the potential to do t-shirts to add to my product line. (I work at a screen printing shop). But I'm not sure how they would be recieved. Please be respectful and do not repost or otherwise recreate these designs. I take a big risk posting these as someone, this being the internet and all, could potentailly take them. But I need the fandoms opinion before I make the leap. Sooo....thoughts? White Tees, potentially fitted, simple1 color image. I also played with the thought of Royal Blue tees and a golden yellow ink on the wonderbolts one as well. The Aloe and Lotus is also one I'm playing with but unsure about.
  5. Ok, I'm happy to announce I finally got my first MLP t-shirts. *Applause* Ok, and the cool thing is, is that I will be the first person in my city to actually be seen wearing a MLP shirt. I know this because no one has seen anyone with a MLP shirt on. My mom walked into my room and asked me if I was going to get beat up or teased for wearing the shirt. I said I don't know, and she then proceeded to call the ponies feminine looking which I agreed they were. Yeah... So other then that, today was pretty suckish. We had a 2 hour delay, but the day didn't feel any shorter. I almost broke down (YET AGAIN) in my english class out of anger... (the 2nd best part of the day was me getting an A- on my Geography test)... I recently saw the school was having a talent show and I was thinking, if I could get my group to play "I'll fly higher" for it... If not I'll stick with "Perfect"... So yeah today was un-eventful, I hope tomarrow goes better, but until then I'm off... Dusty S.
  6. [EDIT] OK so I bought number 7. It will hopefully be here within 15 days. One more is needed! Alright so I really do want a T-Shirt. But I do not know which one to choose. So I thought you guy might help me out. The reason why there are no ponies on them is because my family does not know that I watch mlp, they do not eaven know that there are people watching it. If they eaven know it exists a new show.. Anyways let's vote! #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7