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Found 11 results

  1. This thread is to discuss your favorite superstar/diva from any of the wrestling franchises. You can also talk about your favorite era,tag teams,moments,returns,heel/face turns,legends,match types,video games,championships,weapons, etc,etc! The Xtreme Rules: No perverted material. Foul language allowed. ( no F-Bombs or God****) No arguing who’s the best. (Save it for the ring) Hate is allowed (especially on Bo) We know wrestling is fake,so don’t try to troll people.(well it’s fake sometimes) talk about ANYTHING related to wrestling! Have fun! My favorite legend is practically all of them (not you Balls Mahoney) but my most favorite has to go towards Stone Cold,Hulk Hogan,and Most importantly Undertaker! And my favorite normal wrestlers are Seth Rollins, Rey Mysterio, along with CM Punk. My favorite Divas have to be Nikki Cross,Paige,and Rhonda Rousey. My favorite era is the Attitude Era,Ruthless Aggression Era,and the New Era. (You know,GOOD wrestling,Thuganomics,Vince kissing Rikishis ass. Oh God that’s hilarious) and my favorite game is either,Here Comes the Pain,or Shut Your Mouth! Gimme a Hall yeah! I mainly follow WWE but if you could,point me to some of the other brands of wrestling. oh and the GOOD wwe games as well... speak your mind on Wrestling!
  2. You know, i admit i criticize TNA here and there for what they do today. But i would like to do some promotion for their Youtube Page today. They have uploaded their first few PPVs from 2002, which where called the Asylum Years. Back then, TNA was still financed by the National Wrestling Alliance and the NWA World Heavyweight title was fought out there. It was NWAs way, to find back into the mainstream again. And they didn't had weekly shows, but weekly PPVs. Announcers at that time where Don West and "Iron" Mike Tenay, who was previously working for WCW. Here is the link to the PPVS: Also, isn't it kinda ironic, that AJ Styles worked in the very first match, considering he was later named "Mr.TNA?"
  3. Wanna know a way, how a former WWE star gets over the first time, in the impact zone? Just follow these simple Rules here: [X] Break Kayfabe for a segment [X] Insult WWE in a diplomatic way [X} We're gonna take things to the top BROTHA [X] Use "Change the landscape and industry" somewhere [X] I was underutilized banter The crowd will be immediatly behind you and you get an immediate title shot at Bound for Glory, eventhough nothing will change and the company will be out of business anyway sooner or later. P.S Fire Josh Mathews
  4. This was the first time in a long time, that i actually watched a TNA match. But after so many telling me, about how great this feud was and how this was supposed to be literally the greatest thing in wrestling, i had to give it a shot. I will be very short here. I really didn't liked it, if i want to be honest. I will give TNA that, it was a very unique experiment and i have to tip my hat to them. But what most people don't realize is, that unique isn't automatically good. The finish was incredibly anti climactic for me and i just think, that this kinda stuff is just not something, that really works in wrestling. People who say, that this is a Match of the Year, have no idea about Professional Wrestling and need to watch NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 10.
  5. Many things have happend in the last few days in the world of wrestling, so i am going briefly through all of them. Apparently, the owner of Ring of Honor and their parent company Sinclair Broadcast company, are interested in buying out the TNA name, who have been quite in a financial struggle for awhile now. What they will do with the name is not really clear, but it might look like it, that TNA gets merged into Ring Of Honor, with their whole video library and some of their talent wrestling at Ring of Honor in the future. ROH COO Joe Koff, has shown interest in doing a relationship with WWE, in showing their shows and some of their old shows on the WWE Network. During an interview on the Jim Ross Podcast, Koff said: " Look—I have always been very open to any conversation with any kind of promoter or any kind of idea. Would I like to have a relationship with WWE? Who wouldn’t? I mean, really? If they think that we’re strong enough to be considered to be part of their plan, I would certainly be open to it. I’m not sure how that would work and I’m not sure that that’s something they’re open to." It's not that unlikely in my opinion, considering WWE seems to be close with ROH, since they shown footage in the past. Yesterday, Eric Young debuted on WWEs developmental league NXT, during one of their tapings. It was long speculated where Young would go leaving TNA after a partnership that was for over a decade long. On his debut, he immediatly challenged the new NXT Champion Samoa Joe. So it looks like we get a match of 2 former TNA Veterans at some point. Have a nice day.
  6. Sorry for not making any Wrestling Blogs in awhile. I have a few other things in my head right now, besides Wrestling. But this Article is just Wonderful: Source: At this point, TNA pretty much reached the point of no return. Dixie Carter has to sell the company to someone, or this will be the end. Though, i already heard that in her usual stubborn way, she already blocks people from her Twitter, who suggest that she should sell. I guess we all know what will happen. But to be honest, i am surprised it's happening that early.
  7. I am so sick and tired, of the bullshit things that this company is putting out and calls it the best thing they ever did and i am so sick of hoping that they get better, because quite frankly, these guys won't get better and sooner or later, this promotion will be flushed down the toilet where it belongs. Here are a few things that piss me off: -Eric Young is in the midcard with a totally worthless title -There is no blood, eventhough the storylines are mature -Matt Hardy brings his infant to the ring and binds him into a Storyline -EC3 is face (eventhough i like him personally) -Spud is Heel -Davey Richards is out injured -Beer Money gets reunited and get the tag titles immediatly -Abyss is getting worse and worse with his gimmick -The X-Division, which once was the bread and butter of TNA, is totally garbage and Botchamania material -Kurt Angle is retired -Dixie Carter gets TV Time every week -Grado imitades the Mr.America Gimmick -Drew Galloway as a champ dosen't draw -Mathews and Dinero just go on my nerves on commentary And it goes on and on and on. No thanks Dixie. It's no wonder why guys like Samoa Joe and Austin Aries left this sinking ship. I hope that the few remaining good guys think for one second and go somewhere where they really can make a name for themselves. Mainly at places like New Japan Pro Wrestling. Seriously, i have enough alternatives to watch. I don't need any of Dixie Carters attention. She can tell 100 times, that these are exciting times for TNA and i just sit here, be amazed at Penthagon Jr, Prince Puma and Mil Muertes tearing the house down at Lucha Underground, or watching Tetsuya Naito being one of the greatest heels in NJPW. With that said. Goodbye TNA. I won't miss you in anyway and i will be in the first row, when you finally close your doors. TNA R.I.P 2002-2016
  8. Over 10 years ago, TNA held the unbreakable PPV in 2005. The main event was a triple threat match between Samoa Joe, a former ROH champion and a current NXT star; Christopher Daniels, a multi-time tag team champion and one of the most entertaining wrestlers ever; and AJ Styles, the longtime TNA loyalist who has absolutely exploded in New Japan Pro Wrestling over the last few years, winning the IWGP Championship (the New Japan version of the World title) two times, a rare feat for a non-Japanese wrestler and has now made his debut in the WWE Roster, a month ago. The match was a bonafide classic and is still my favorite 3 way ever, garnering Match of the Year nods from almost everybody, including Dave Meltzer who gave it his coveted five-star rating. Now, a decade later, all three men are gone from the company, along with names like Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, The Dudley Boyz, Austin Aries, Booker T, Sting and well, you get the point. Thanks to a combination of poor booking, Spike TV cancelling the main Impact Wrestling program and a seemingly never-ending series of boneheaded financial decisions, the whole thing came to a crux when Impact was left without a television partner after the end of the year and the programm is now on the even less known POP TV channel. For many, the move seemed inevitable. The company has been putting out uninspired programming for most of the year 2015, even though big names like The Hardys and Kurt Angle were still appearing regulary. I watched TNA off and on over the last 14 years. It was always one of those things I wanted to like more, since it was fun to see something a bit different from WWE, especially right after all of WWE’s major competition (WCW and ECW) had gone under. I liked that they used a six-sided ring and kept the arenas dark. And there have been some really good moments over the years. I really liked how they brought in Kurt Angle by having him feud with Samoa Joe. Austin Aries winning the world title was a cool story. The set of shows that they taped in New York last year were a lot of fun. The recent rise of Ethan Carter III, a truly gifted performer who never got anything to do in WWE, has been a blast to watch. But there have been made so many bad choices over bad choices over the years, with all these listless former WWE guys coming in and having nonsensical storylines that often actively insulted the viewers’ intelligence. At one point, this company had Samoa Joe and current IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kazuchika Okada, and the only thing it could think to do with them was to create a deeply halfassed Green Hornet/Kato tag team.The company’s entire history has been a series of missed opportunities, like the moment when they reportedly almost gave creative control to Paul Heyman, who wanted to build the company around a young Bryan Danielson. I will not say that TNA is out just yet. They have been around for so long and should've been out years ago in situation, where every other company of their size should've gone down. But sooner or later, it will happen and the only guys who are to blame, are Dixie Carter and her booking team and it's really sad, because eventhough they seem themselves as WWE's competition, which they could've pulled off, if they had got their shit together, they where never even close. (INB4WWESHILL)
  9. 2 nights ago marked a historical debut, as "the phenomenal" AJ Styles, a man who was once called "mr.TNA" made his WWE Debut, as the number 3 of the Royal Rumble Match. He came out to one of the biggest wrestling pops in recent memory and he survived the rumble for almost a half hour, until he was eliminated by Kevin Owens. The IWC is going rampant ever since and make all sort of claims, saying that he should be WWE Champion immediatly and what not. But after i calmed down a bit from all marking, i took a look at AJ's likely future in the WWE and how good it will be. The first thing that we have to consider, is that AJ Styles is almost 40 Years old and already competed for almost 20 years in leagues like TNA, Ring Of Honor and most recently New Japan Pro Wrestling, so he already paid his dues. He's kinda like Harley Race or Dusty Rhodes, who came to the WWE in their late careers, just so they can make their last big paychecks, before retiring. I can imagine, no matter if he becomes WWE Champion or not, that AJ will surely be a future inductee, into the WWE Hall of Fame. Another problem is, that although he is a very big star with the IWC for over a decade now, that the mainstream WWE fans have no idea who he is. The people who go into the show are mostly kids with their parents and they like to chant for John Cena, the Usos, etc. It dosen't mean that AJ is already doomed, since he has the chance to go over with the crowd. But it's certainly a factor. Also, the creative WWE is not really the greatest sometimes. Fans have all those visions on how to put AJ in the best positions. But the WWE creatives barely ever correlate with the visions of the fans. The WWE showed this alot with experienced wrestlers that came in from the indies. Remember Daniel Bryan? He was ridiculed for being a former Ring of Honor Wrestler. Styles has to try, to make the best out of the storylines he is given. Bad creative dosen't need to be a career killer. So, what do i think? Do i think that AJ Styles will be a future WWE Champion? I will say this. If he is not becoming the champion by the time Wrestlemania 33 is hosted, he will never become WWE Champion. But do i think that his WWE career would be failure then? Not necessarily. It's already rumored, that he will probably have an angle with Dean Ambrose, Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania, concerning the Intercontinental Title. Styles would be the perfect guy to win the Title and give the IC Title the prestige back that it needs. Not that Ambrose is a great champ, but he sadly isn't a Star like AJ Styles. He will then probably hold the title all throughout Spring and Summer and then maybe drop it at Summerslam or Night of Champions. If he's still over by then, he might have a shot to win the Royal Rumble in 2017. Eitherway, i wish AJ all the best. He is a great individual, is a very loving father and husband and he was part of the best triple threat match of all time. (TNA Unbreakable 2005: AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe vs. Christopher Daniels.)
  10. An ongoing thread dedicated to wrestling fans. Discuss the comings, goings, matches and events that went on in pro wrestling as of late. It can be WWE, their shows Monday Night Raw, Wednesday night Main Event, Friday Night Smackdown or that months PPV. You can talk about WWE's rivals, TNA Thursday Night Impact or ROH on Saturdays. And if you want, you can post current events involving retired wrestlers, the independent scene or any of the International federations. Stating with: thoughts on Last nights episode of Raw with Daniel Bryan being stripped of the WWE championship and the entire roster rising up to save him from being mauled by the Shield faction and former champ. Randy Orton?
  11. When i saw wrestling fans i mean pro wrestling not MMA/UFC IF you are a wrestling fan who is your current favorite wrestler and who is your all time favorite wrestler. My current favorite is: R-Truth and Damien Sandow My all time favorite is: Goldberg and Evil Doink