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Found 2 results

  1. As the forums get bigger, the ever expanding problem of not having an organized network for our board's resources becomes more of a priority. Two days ago, Evilshy and I began brainstorming an idea for a singular location that linked many of the board's primary resources, as well as plenty of the member-made resources. This ended up being pounded out in twenty-four hours, and after some looking over by our benevolent overlord, it's made its way into its very own announcement. --> This announcement page will be listed at the top of every single forum on the board, the exact same way Feld0's old 'Amazon' advertisement for the forums' has been. But that's only the beginning. This announcement will be linked to in various avenues, including the Automatic Welcoming PM sent to every new member by Feld0, inside the ToS page, the header (banner area/menu bar), the footer, and several other places. This might seem a bit excessive; however, this kind of simplistic "guide to all things" will strike directly at the heart of the forum's classic woe - users have so much to do and so many things to review that they may feel a bit "lost" when they first join. In which case, a guide of this sort will be able to offer wonderful measurable benefits. As the end of the page says, it is a living document much like the Board Rules and FAQ. It will be edited and added to periodically as new content is discovered/created. Everyone is more than welcome to link to topics or posts that contain basic, but very vital information that you think all newbies would want to know, or should know. For whenever this topic ends up becoming locked, users should feel free to contact the staff via Support Tickets for potential suggestions on what things might be addable.
  2. When first logging in, users are required to accept the TOS. The splat includes helpful links to other areas of the site. Unfortunately, all of those links redirect back to the TOS page (presumably because the forum sees that the brand new account has not yet accepted the TOS). Yeah, so I'm apparently the dork that actually reads the TOS and checks out whatever info it's linking might be a good idea to just copy/pasta whatever info is being linked, or else change the permissions so that new accounts can access that info at its original location.