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Found 177 results

  1. Since there's already a thread for movies, here's one for animation. What are you looking forward to this year in the realm of animation? Personally I'm looking forward to Long Lost Gulch, Hazbin Hotel, Infinity Train and Toy Story 4, though I'm holding out hope for JG Quintel's Close Enough to maybe start airing this year, but I don't think that's going to happen...
  2. Jonny Music

    Been on local TV for the first time.

    Never thought this would ever happen in my life-time though it really happened. Your boy's been a guest on local TV for the first time. Enjoy. (Note: if you're having issues trying to watch this, please let me know. Thanks)
  3. I was watching the Hunger Games, and I thought of this idea... What if there was a tv channel that existed solely for the purpose of documenting every post on this forum? Would you still be on this website? Would the prospect of potential fame and notoriety make you want to post even more? Assuming that the show had a lot of viewers.
  4. SoftHive/Apriline

    Movies/TV Least Favorite Tropes?

    What are everyone's least favorite tropes? Feel free to use examples from books, TV, movies, etc. Whatever you like. For example, I don't like time travel (with a few exceptions). If it's done CORRECTLY, it can be really entertaining, like in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, or when Starlight turned back time to get revenge on the Mane 6. An example of it being done incorrectly is The Cursed Child. Sorry for all the Harry Potter related examples, but I truly didn't like how The Cursed Child used time travel. Also, if you like, you can add things you didn't like about some way MLP:FiM used a trope or topic.
  5. Justin_Case001

    Atheism - The Final Frontier

    There's no question that we've made an enormous amount of social and scientific progress over the centuries, perhaps most of that progress being in the last half century or so. Even though the current political landscape and discourse can make us feel the contrary, things are definitely the best and most evolved that they've ever been in the history of our species. However, as I see it, there remains one major hurdle that desperately needs to be overcome in the near future: clearing up misconceptions about atheism, which is the purpose of this essay. Whether you are an atheist or not, we need to start having more honest conversations about the topic. We can still have disagreements, of course. People can disagree about the existence of a god(s), but do so in a civil way in which no one is portrayed as a villain. Here's the short of it: atheism is nothing more than a lack of a belief in a god, but an inordinate amount of people, still today, believe that atheism is some sort of immoral doctrine. This insanity has to stop. Let me explain this very plainly. Atheism is not a doctrine nor a dogma, it's not a belief "system", nor a choice. It simply means that one hasn't been convinced that a god exists. That's it. "I've seen the arguments for and the evidence against, I've read the books, and I'm simply not convinced that a god exists." Nothing more. And yet, it seems that there are still a lot of people who think that atheism is some sort of unethical, immoral, evil, dogmatic belief system, some sort of hedonistic chaos doctrine that says, "nothing matters, so let's all just have orgies willy nilly and kill each other." Nothing could be further from the truth. Atheists, by and large, belief that life matters a great deal. In fact, it is specifically because of the finality of death that we believe every moment is precious, but that's a larger tangent that I don't want to get into right now. The point is that atheism isn't a set of rules or some sort of satanic belief system. It just means one isn't convinced. If I handed you a copy of Harry Potter and said, "Now, do you believe that Lord Voldemort is real?", you would obviously say no. Even if the book itself said that every word was literally true, you probably still wouldn't be convinced. Not without evidence. What if I asked you if you believe in fairies? Unicorns? Dragons? You wouldn't be convinced of the existence of any of those without evidence. It's not outright impossible for any of those to exist, but we have no reason to believe they do. We've never seen a shred of evidence. So, you wouldn't be convinced. It's no different with respect to atheists and god(s). We're just not convinced. It's not a choice, and it's not an active rejection of any of the good teachings of god or the bible (of which there aren't many. :/ ) It's simply a position of looking at the bible and going, "Eh, I just don't see any evidence. I'm not convinced." Before continuing, I'd like to add that atheist are not dogmatic. We don't say that it's impossible for a god to exist, and absolutely nothing can change our minds. No, not at all. Quite the contrary. You show us some evidence, and our minds will be changed accordingly. If a god descends from the clouds and says, "Here I am," they by golly, I'll be a believer. I simply don't believe in things for no reason with no evidence. Not being convinced that a god exists is clearly an amoral belief--neither moral nor immoral. It has nothing to do with whether you're a good person or not, just as not being convinced that unicorns are real has nothing to do with morals. Arguably, not believing in a god often results in better morals because one must get their morals from themselves and other people, and modern people are far more moral, and far better arbiters of morality than an ancient book. Moreover, most religious people don't get the majority of their morality from their holy book. If they did, they'd be executing gays and stoning their children to death for back-talk. Religious people still get the vast majority of their morality from the other people in their culture, and that morality is a product of centuries of secular progress. For instance, figuring out that gay people are just people, and deserving of the same respect, rights, and compassion as everyone else, was the result of secular ideas and pressure. This realization didn't come from rereading and reinterpreting the bible. We have become more moral and more ethical throughout the ages because we are thinking beings with an innate ability to reason, to tell right from wrong, and improve our morality. Morality doesn't come from a god. It comes from us. But whether or not you believe in a god, it's time we stop thinking that atheism is inherently immoral. I chose the subtitle for this essay because there have been so many social hurdles that have been cleared, and are now commonplace and widely accepted, but atheism still has so far to go. In the not too distant past, the issue of the day was civil rights, racial equality and integration. Even though racism is still a problem, there is absolutely no comparison to how it was in the 1960's and prior. We've had a black president, interracial relationships are completely commonplace, and there's lots of black people in the entertainment industry, and in media, and has been for many years. Even though it's not perfect, I'd say we're basically past that hurdle. In my generation, the big issue has been homosexuality. I'd say we are by and large past that hurdle as well. We got gay marriage, and there's a quite a lot of gay representation in entertainment. I mean, you've got sitcoms like Will & Grace, you've got gay characters on shows and in movies, you've got entire LGBT networks, and hell, just the other day I say a jewelry commercial--y'know, one of these "a diamond is forever" things--that featured a lesbian couple. Sure, there's still lots of gay hatred and intolerance, but homosexuality is brazenly out there in the media, and most people seem cool with it. Most shows/movies/networks don't seem afraid to have a gay character. Most filmmakers or tv show producers, or game developers for that matter, don't seem to be scared that if they include a gay character, they'll lose their audience. It's not an issue. But atheism hasn't made much headway, here. Atheism is still kept in the shadows, and having an openly atheist character is taboo. The only openly atheist characters on tv are edgy cartoon characters like Brian Griffin and Rick Sanchez. The makers of these shows get away with it, in part because of their target audience, but also, I believe, because people have an easier time stomaching this position from a cartoon character who isn't real. I suspect that if live action sitcom characters were openly atheist, people would have a completely different and objectionable reaction. I suspect they'd become soured, start hating the show and the character, and possibly even conflate the character with the actor, thinking that they are immoral and such. Cartoon characters don't seem to have this problem as they are so much further removed from the real world. Personally, I think it's tragic that the Big Bang Theory guys are not openly atheist. Of all people, they absolutely should be, and yet with some of them, they just don't mention it, and with others, they are "culturally" religious--they identify as a particular religion, but don't seem to really practice it. I have no doubt that the writers felt that openly atheist characters would drive the audience away. This is absolutely shameful. It is time that we have atheists represented in entertainment at the same level as gays. One of the only openly atheist characters in television history was Mike from All in the Family, a show that was far ahead of its time. Atheism needs to be commonplace in the media. The misconceptions about it will probably never stop until people start seeing atheists in the media and realizing that they're just people, not a cult of vampires or something. We need to start talking honestly about atheism. We need to stop tiptoeing around the word, saying it hushed tones, and being afraid to admit that we're not convinced that a god exists. Regardless of one's beliefs about a god, it needs to be understood that atheism absolutely is not something unnatural, sinister, or immoral. You may have noticed that I always used the phrase "a god", not just, "god", like a name. I do this intentionally to raise awareness that the Abrahamic god is not unique, special, or different from the thousands of other gods that have been created throughout history, thousands of which are still worshipped today. The god of the bible is just one god--one among many. Every believer is an atheist with respect to every other god that's ever been worshipped. We non-believers just take it one god further.
  6. Hello, everypony Rainbowdash here up in clouds dale I play app games on glitterplay bits store now enjoy what I've shared. ANGRY BIRDS EVOLUTION ANGRY BIRDS TRANSFORMERS ANIMAL CROSSING POCKET CAMP
  7. So how much TV do you watch daily? me about 2h.
  8. Which are/is the shows that were cancelled and you wanted to cry when you found out? Personally I hate the fact that I'll never get to know how Spider-Man Unlimited ends because it got cancelled and last episode of season 1 never aired, so it eneded in the worst way possible, with a season that never ended. Also, Terra Nova, I wish the show could be continued but may be I'm asking for too much.
  9. King of Canterlot

    Movies/TV Favorite movie scene?

    This question is a pretty straightforward one, what's your favorite movie scene? And for what reasons? My all time favorite movie scene comes from the movie V for Vendetta, when the citizens rise up and overthrow the oppressive government. The scene is best summed up in this comment from the video, "The way I see it, it's a symbol for the power of the people. V doesn't even exist, he is the revolutionary ability inside all of us. What blew up Parliament was the masses at the gates, the bomb was just for show." Post your favorite movie scenes below, I'd love to see them!
  10. TheAnimationFanatic

    What Are The Themes of Each Season?

    NOTE: THERE MAY LIKELY BE SPOILERS FOR SEASON 8. What the theme(s) of each Season is. What in your opinion, is each Season about? Like, for example: The theme of Season 1 was coming together and forming strong bonds of friendship with others. What about you guys?
  11. Did your parents ban certain tv shows in your house? Which ones? Do you agree with the banning? These shows were "officially" banned in our house. Fairly Odd Parents Ed, Ed, and Eddy Courage the Cowardly Dog Codename Kids Next Door Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends Only the 2nd and 3rd ones made sense to me. Fairly Odd Parents was been banned since... well... i cant remember. It's not because of magic or anything, it's was.... something else (seriously, my parents dont even remember). As for KND, and FHIF, they forgot about the ban but I remembered and didn't watch the shows ever after... which sucked since they were absolutely awesome. As for Fairly Odd Parents, I'm still way too scared to watch it, even though i'm 17 and watch much more scarier shows....
  12. [MINOR SPOILERS AHEAD] I don't know how many people remember the old Reboot cartoon where people known as sprites lived in a computer system known as Mainframe, but as far as I'm concerned it was one of the most well written animated shows of all time (and one of the earliest CGI shows). The other day I had this horrible dream that they brought back Reboot as a live action series that was basically a ripoff to Power Rangers and had almost nothing to do with the original series. And the worst part of the dream is that they waited until the finale to bring back the original characters and the fans of the original show were portrayed as basement-dwelling neckbeards. Good thing that was just a dream. Oh wait....
  13. Hey everypony! So I've really been enjoying watching Littlest Pet shop after MLP. It's really intersting and funny. I love how they use some of the same voices from MLP for LPS. It's pretty cool. But why I'm really posting this is to talk about Blythe's style! I mean, it's like amazing! Just look: I wish I could find more pics, but they are limited. These are the only ones with different outfits. Hmm. Maybe I should draw her outfits! I'll try toi get into that.....ANYWAYS. If you are familiar with or watch LPS, you know what I mean, right? Blythe style is amazing!
  14. What is the strangest dream you have had? Mine is I was setting up a tent at some sort of market, then the British insurance dog 'Churchill' comes out of nowhere and tells me TV advert mascots need help. We jumped in a TV and I saw the MnM brothers, the Android robot and more. There were these red things leaking through the screen and trying to attack us, so we fought them. Then I woke up, and when I woke up I shouted 'What the hell?'
  15. Rick and Morty is an adult animated television show that currently airs on Adult Swim. I really wanted to start a fan thread of this show, simply because of how awesome it is. With the season finale airing tonight, I was hoping we could have a discussion about it (if this thread even takes off) and maybe just post random Rick and Morty related nonsense in here, maybe get some thoughts and opinions on the show as a whole...anything related to Rick and Morty. "It's just Rick and Morty. Rick and Morty and their adventures, Morty.. RICK AND MORTY FOREVER AND FOREVER A HUNDRED YEARS Rick and Morty.. some...things.. Me and Rick and Morty runnin' around and... Rick and Morty time... a- all day long forever.. all a - a hundred days Rick and Morty! forever a hundred times.... OVER and over Rick and Morty... adventures dot com.. W W W dot at Rick and Morty dot com w..w..w... Rick and Morty adventures.. ah- hundred years..... every minute Rick and Morty dot com.... w w w a hundred times... Rick and Morty dot com......."
  16. Late 2015 i finished watching Death Note for the 2nd time. It was my very first Anime and the whole thing was online with quality English Dub so it was just really easy to access and watch which is what im looking for. Death note is also the only Anime i've watched but i really enjoyed it and i would love to get back into a really good quality english dub anime! I will pretty much refuse to watch anything that isnt dubbed and only has subs because idk i prefer being engaged in the show rather than read the script... If you know any good quality english dub Anime with every episode online tell me all about it down below!
  17. I heard on the radio today that Netflix is rebooting Lost In Space. For you youngins, it was an old TV show from back in the '60s. A new pilot came out in 2004 but wasn't picked up as a series; you can watch this on YouTube. There's also a movie that came out in '98. The DJ asked the listeners, what classic TV show would you like to see come back as a new series, and I thought I pass that along here. So what would you like to see come back? Me? I'd like to see a new Green Hornet series. I really liked the original that came out in the mid-sixties. It starred Van Williams and Bruce Lee (his first TV role). It was made by the same folks that produced the Batman series, but GH was a bit more darker and dramatic. I also saw the GH movie and really liked it, even though I think it bombed in the theater, and would like to see the same kind of characterizations. I also though Time Tunnel would be cool, but time travel's been done to death. Than I thought, how 'bout Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, but that's already been done as SeaQuest DSV.
  18. So I recently decided to watch The Simpsons from the very beginning, since I've never seen every episode and it's piqued my interest lately for some reason. I thought this would be an interesting experiment to see how exactly this series began, and to see what exact episode the series fell apart at. I'll be giving my short thoughts on each individual episode to make things easier. This is a VERY long show, so I'll be taking a break every once in a while so I won't get burn out. For starters, my own history with The Simpsons. I grew up watching this series around Season 16. Family Guy had just come back around this point, and I would just watch this as sort of a filler before Family Guy came on. My parents had some of the DVDs of the first few seasons, and a compilation of The Tree House Of Horror Specials that I remember watching a ton, but I don't remember the early episodes, more so the later seasons than anything. I was always more of a Family Guy person when I was younger. I never did any real rewatching of the Simpsons until recently, so this is going to be mostly new, with a few exceptions here and there. Season 1 is.....surreal. I love how much more chill, relaxed and inoffensive this season is for an adult cartoon. It's actually extremely refreshing to see. I noticed that the season, for the most part, is more focused on the Simpsons as a family, than most of the town of Springfield, unlike the later seasons. You actually don't see a lot of the town or main civilian characters, until about "The Telltale Head". The animation is a bit more rubbery, some background characters are just generic beady eyed characters at points, iconic areas that you see later, aren't fully realized yet, like Mr Burn's Office, Moe's Bar, and some character voices and designs are way off. (Like Carl's voice for instance and Sideshow Bobs design). I know it's just early installment weirdness, but part of me likes to see how this series the built up the stuff that we all know and love. I also completely forgot Doctor Monroe was even a recurring character in this season. I find it interesting that Brad Bird, the director of The Iron Giant, and The Incredibles worked on some of these episodes. Season 1 Episode Mini Thoughts Simpsons Roasting On An Open Fire - Good first episode. I liked the introduction to Santa's Little Helper, Homer desperately shows he does care about giving his family a good Christmas. The scene when Homer nearly strangled the Santa Instructor gave me a good laugh. Bart The Genius - This is an ok episode. Nothing about this one really sticks out to me. Homer's Odyssey - Another ok episode. Again, I don't really have much to say about it. There's No Disgrace Like Home - I really like this one. The electroshock scene was the highlight for me. I got a giggle out of seeing the family that Homer thought were angels, end up in the same therapy session as them. Bart The General - Good episode. I like the bit of continuity thrown in from one of the previous episodes, about the kid Miss Krabappel mentioned, who got his arm cut off when he stuck his arm out the bus window turns out to be Herman. Good introduction to Nelson, and a satisfying water balloon fight with the army Bart builds. Moaning Lisa - Great Episode. Lisa having an existential crisis, I liked Bleeding Gums Murphy and Lisa's interaction at the end. I do hope he shows up again at some point. The plot with Homer trying to get better to beat Bart at his video game I really liked. One of my favorites right now. Call of The Simpsons- An ok episode. I thought the beginning with the family and Cowboy Bob took a bit too long. The episode took an unexpectedly weird turn, with the news thinking Homer was Big Foot. The plot line with Maggie and the Bears I thought was adorable, with how much unnecessary stuff they tried to get her. The Telltale Head - Great Episode. I thought the cold opening was done really well. Bart annoying the teacher with dumb questions, and Homer secretly listening to football and yelling about it during church, were the funniest parts to me. Life On The Fast Lane - A good episode. It took me a bit to realize Albert Brooks played Jacques. Homer's Night Out - An ok episode, though I found it really hypocritical that Marge would nearly leave Homer over something so silly, especially when she nearly did far worse in the last episode. The Crepes Of Wrath - Good Episode- The obliviousness of Homer not suspecting what Adil was up to was hilarious. Krusty Gets Busted - My favorite episode of the season. I like how the solution to the mystery wasn't all that obvious at the beginning, which is especially good for viewers watching it for the first time. Some Enchanted Evening - Probably my least favorite of the season. I can kind of see why they didn't air this one first. Kind of a dumb ending. I didn't find the plot with Marge and Homer to be all that interesting. So those are my thoughts on the first season of The Simpsons, I liked it for the most part. I hear the show only gets better from here, so that ought to be interesting.
  19. Recently I have been watching this girls show called 'Ever After High', and it is surprisingly good. It's pretty girly (overly so, at some points), obviously, but it wasn't half bad, I suggest you check it out. It's got an actual story and the main characters are likable with good voice acting. On the negative side, a lot of the jokes are lame, but I think this show has enough charms to be worth a watch. Out of the characters I would rather the boys and especially the animal characters had less screen-time. If you can stand the overwhelmingly girly-ness, it's a decent show.
  20. What are some really weird commercials you've seen over the years? Here's some I used to see all the time.
  21. Just started the Simpsons from the beginning for the first time. I had seen some here and there when I was younger, but never all the way through. This ought to be an interesting journey....
  22. Just wondering if anybody here watches or used to watch Star Trek. I've seen a considerable amount from each show except for Deep Space 9 which I can't stand to watch. I would say Voyager was my favorite since I've seen every episode and used to watch in on a daily basis. I think Enterprise would come in second. Both my Dad and my Step Dad watch the show quite often so exposure to this show has been unpreventable in my case.
  23. What kind of live action TV do you guys watch? I know we all probably prefer animation, because it's more creative and colorful and cooler and better to look at, but it is nice to mix it up. I watch the Orville, lots of old star trek, X-files. I hate reality TV. I also like a lot of corny stuff like Sabrina the teenage witch, H20; just add water, Jesse, Family matters, Alex Mack, Are you afraid of the dark. Oh and I love Goosebumps, been watching that one over and over for like ever. What do you guys like?
  24. When I was younger, I used to watch Discovery Kids and also Animal Planet where they have these interactive games you can play on your remote. I remember when nothing else was on, I used to go on the games and kill my precious little time by playing all I could find. Now, here's a list of them what I remember; - Kenny the Shark: you play as the title character where you race through a beach full of obstacles on a dune buggy, such as sand castles and cats. One hit, you take a tumble for the worse. There are power ups such as you can use the dog character to scare away the cats. It was quite challenging for me. This also had the same soundtrack as the next game. - I can't remember the title but what I do is that you play as a rabbit in a jeep racing down the sewers and dodging everything. The only power-up I can remember was a fox's tail attached to the end of your vehicle so it can make you fly. The music to this game was arcade noises, high-pitched gibberish and even farts. - Meerkat Manor: ah yes, a classic. You play as one out of two meerkats and you go around a platform of rocks and such, finding your babies. But be warned, rattlesnakes, condors and enemy meerkats stand in your way. I used to love the victory dance where the meerkat happily raises the roof in happiness, while the baby has a jig~ - Another I can't remember but you play as a little chimpanzee where you climb trees and either collect something or defeat enemies. The ones I remember what you can fight (to my humour) were the gorillas, where you can throw an apple at them and boom, they're gone. My grandma who loved gorillas always used to wince when I controlled the apple button. I also remember getting scared of the snake enemies, where you can only see their coils and then they pop out to bite you. I never got past that stage, but I read you can see eagles and crocodiles. - Chomp: hell yeah, this was like their own version of Pac-Man. Chomp himself is a pair of razor sharp crocodilian-esque teeth that go around chomping stuff. In this game, you make a a line and every line you do, you fill this empty space. Similar to Pac Xon online. Watch out for UFO's and candy, where every time you consume it, you hear a chomping sound and also "Wuh-oh". Eat toothpaste to gain health. - Yet again, another game with an unmemorable title, but somehow I loved it the most. I think it was Mystery Hunters or something, I dunno???? Anyway, you either control these children who were explorers and like Meerkat Manor, you control either one of them. You explore this haunted mansion or castle. The whole setting was like the old Zelda or Earthbound game on NES. So you go around, get to the end, but you have to avoid the enemies at all costs. Enemies like bats, automatically opening trap doors, enchanted suits of armour where some charge in different directions and some do with a switch, and even these weird brownish hairy cavemen that charge in mirrored ways. When you get hit, the character will scream while falling off the stage. There was one stage I remember where there's a maze with a knight and an item to collect. Tough the item and you are chased down by the knight. I tried escaping the opposite direction, but he was too fast! So anybody remember these games? If anyone remembers the last one, especially the title, could you please inform me?
  25. PuddingPonyPal

    General Do you know Soul Train?

    A long time ago, there was this show called Soul Train on T.V. during the 70's. I randomly found reruns of it on a cable channel a few years ago. I fell in love with it! The people, the dancing, the bright lights... the music are all so magical. I collected old dvds of the show and kept them safe for years. Here are my favorite clips: If you don't know me by now and Me and mrs. jones and Line Dance Sometimes... I wish I could time travel to the 70's and be with these people... what about you all?