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Found 10 results

  1. Describe the user above you's avatar with a line from spongebob! Example: *Randimaxis posts* The I put "this isn't your average everyday darkness, this is advanced darkness. With that said, that quote is null and void for use on Randimaxis and lets start!
  2. ranul

    Potato chips

    This is a simple question when you open up a big of potato chip and tacos or any snack that comes in a sealed bag do you open them upside down or right side up .
  3. Cherry_Bloom

    Taco Tuesday Equestria Girls?

    So i have a question every brony. What do YOU think of Taco Tuesday? Do you eat Tacos on tuesday? Do you DO Taco Tuesday? I just ate Chinese. *gasp* No but seriously my question is this, are the MLP Equestria Girls movies truly worth watching even though they aren't really ponies? Are they any good?
  4. Sonata's made a believer out of me. I'm making tacos tonight. Any pony joining me in celebrating glorious tacos on Tuesdays? (I hope I put this in the right place. If you're a mod please relocate but go easy on me because IDK what I'm doing X( )
  5. Your Nightly Spectre

    Pony Fighting a dragon

    I got bored and decided to put two pictures together to form one piece. . . . Here it is. I take credit only for putting these two together, not for drawing any of them. xD Tell me what you think if you want.
  6. New video for my play through of Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. I recently got a web cam and added it to my videos, it's a cheap $20 web cam mind you so the quality is meh. I used it at the lowest setting during this video just to test out if I would have any performence issues with my computer.
  7. I've seen a lot of... how do I say it... 'interesting' pictures on the internet, but what are some of the randomest? I don't quite understand how people come up with those types of pictures, well, the ones that leave you stumped with that same ol' question, WHAT KIND OF DRUG WERE THEY TAKING!?!?! I guess we can just says its normal on the internet xd What are some of the most random pictures you've ever seen before? Apologies if this is offtopic, I haven't been 'on' much ever since school started, so I'm a bit rusty again with which stuff go where, or even if people can reply with images. qq
  8. I work at a Taco Processing plant, and I have coworkers with varying degrees of commitment to their job. Before I get into their levels of commitment, let me describe to you what we do: The tacos at our plant are pre-assembled by "intelligent" robot machines which are ideally supposed to construct the tacos flawlessly. They don't. Not always. This is where we (the workers) come in. The tacos that the machine makes are sorted onto a conveyor belt. This belt goes extremely fast, and it's our job to pack the incoming tacos into these little white boxes that will be packaged and sold in various places around the United States. It's also our job to weed out the tacos that have rips or tears in them, and to throw out the tacos that have the "bad meat" in them. Bad meat happens when chemicals from the taco meat vat don't mix together properly, resulting in a stinky pile of preservatives and a mixture of other chemicals. Yum. Anyway, I cannot stress enough that we have to work FAST. In the time span of 5 seconds, we are expected to get at least 15-20 tacos into our boxes (provided the tacos haven't been "tainted" or shredded by the machines). The amount of speed and efficiency that any given coworker has is their main source of pride in their job. Some workers pack the tacos quickly, and they strive to pack them quicker every single day. These are the over-achievers. Great workers, but they have a tendency to overlook shredded or tainted tacos in favor of impressing the boss with their speed. Some pack the tacos fast, but don't aspire to go any faster than their current speed. These are the "content-with-their-current-place-and-position" people, as I like to call them. These are probably the best workers at the plant, since they are better at weeding out the tainted tacos, and they work at a steadier rate, which means they don't get exhausted easily. Lastly, there are the packers who only pack at the bare minimum speed. These are the discontent workers, who either cannot or will not motivate themselves to perform their jobs to the best of their ability, which can result in feelings of bitterness and, obviously, discontentment. They're generally unproductive, and the first people to be put on the chopping block when it's time for company layoffs. My question to you is: What kind of worker are you? The over-achiever? The discontent and un-motivated individual? Or are you the type of person who works just hard enough to get a feeling of pride in your work, but not so hard that you stress yourself out? I think these are universal work mentalities, whether you're a student in school, a construction worker, or an executive at an accounting firm, so let me know your thoughts!
  9. Mr. Wobbels

    Taco Bell Doritos Locos Tacos

    So I had a couple of these with my friend today and it was a taste bud adventure. Has anyone else had one of these tacos? Info on the taco: One of the tacos that I ate today: