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Found 25 results

  1. You don't really need to read whats in this first post since i think you all know what this is about now... Nice to know that this thread is almost 5 months old now and you guys are still posting on it! If you don't already know black ops 2 is coming out this year 2012 so far there is not much info on the subject but here is what i do know. The reveal of the game is going to be on the first of may during the basketball playoffs on TNT and, the game will probably be released around November. my opinion of what the game could be like is that it could carry on from the first game but at the end it says "mason we have won." that dose not mean it cant carry on as a sequel but i think that it could be set in the far future due to the quadrotor in the picture and the video FPS Russia made on it for the callofduty web site he says that it is a military equipment of the future. that could mean the game is set in the future (and the gun in the picture looks quite modern!) they have made a short video as well saying "the enemy could be anywhere and it could be anyone." this probably means they are going to be using the spy perk that allows you to show up as a friend on the enemy's map. another small thing is that there is a picture that says TACITUS that could be one of the groups in the game. website i got info UPDATE! The reason I am not updating the info on this post is because I think there is a nice amount of info givers below that will probably find things out faster than me. So if you need info on the latest updates to the game look at the comments below. (I may update occasionally.) POSTING NEW IMAGES! more info I think the main guy in the pictures is called Harper and the place is set in los angles (found that out ages ago though) because when i saved the picture of him it said Harper just a theory though. UPDATE! Now most people know what the campaign is going to look like i am getting excited about the multiplayer and zombies the might show something a E3 THIS TOPIC IS HOT YEAHHHHHH!!!!
  2. Earth will be become uninhabitable in 3 days and you are the only person who knows how and when, you have a chance to stop it but, if you try WILL die no matter if you succeed or fail. What will you do?
  3. I made this to see if i could try a different style with this vector because all of them are the same with this one. Slurpy's was used as a referecne(therefore TTC X Slurpy-who said that?!-) Slurpy(Simple) X TTC(Neon) = Neonic Simplistic Floral
  4. I made this earlier today actually 20+ procrastination.... This is a gift for my close best friend Pinky aka Pinkazoid or as my new nick name for her SWAG POTATO!!!
  5. I made wallpaper for Pinkie Pie in a recent fit i had today, so i wanted to show you guy's opinion and i also made myself a new personal wallpaper, hope you love it!
  6. I got a request and a challenge in the last 2 days, can you guess which was which? :3 both are not my OCs nor vectors
  7. Request Finished! I had a request from a mare on DA, that wanted a wallpaper, so i tried my hardest to make one and learned a new trick in the process. here's the thingy! (thingy? why is it a thingy?! idk!)
  8. So I've been not very active because i've been working on my Vector skills and this is the pay off, i have some new Vectors, here are two i'd like to show you Improved on someone else's original design, fixed the hair, shading and colors I love this one aswell, he's just.....really mad Hope you liked them, im trying to make more! Any feedback can help alot
  9. a little wallpaper and vector i made for me and ShadowLadyEsme, hope you like it
  10. Im not sure how many other people do it but i saw that the new Best of Pony Tunes Vol.2 album came out and i was very eager to change the muitiple album covers to something i liked better. Im very proud of these especially the first one, i hope you like them. Any feedback helps alot. ^ For some great ones i thought were pretty great ^ I really like that one actually Hope you liked them!
  11. Prince is now a DJ!!! i did a massive recolor and alittle remodel of a vinyl stratch vector and im very glad with the result! any Feedback and Brohoofs are always aprreciated, Thanks for looking!
  12. This really wasn't planned at all actually, it was meant as am explanation as to why people would like to be in a zombie apoc, so I made a short story to help him see why. I really liked it and I would like some critiques, as I'll be using these skills on another production I can't tell you about. Well... Here it is, Grimdark not my usual style but I actually like this so... Any feedback helps a lot and thank you for reading. Also! It's not completely done at the moment but I'm just really proud of it so far.
  13. Hi guys, i was getting tired of the old background so i tried all my skils to make one that i would be proud of and I WAS!! Here it is my new Profile background! Thanks to Jokuc and Cast for the help! Feedback is always welcome and only helps me get better.
  14. I may not be santa but I BRING GIFTS!!! Custom WallPapers tailored to each pony's speafic Screen Resolution and Personality!! The first i got done: Cast's SkyPaper! Next one Midnightive's Floural WallPaper Lastly and not AT ALL least RaccoonBL's Rock Hard internet connection! Hope you guys love it as much as i loved making them. I may do these again because i just love how it feels. Feedback very much Appreciated!
  15. Now no I'm not speaking of child abuse or anything like it. I have a situation at high school where the girl I like keeps hitting me, only me for some reason. She doesn't do it hard nor thinks of it seriously. This in itself to me is an oxymoron of how hitting can be good. Hitting is usually bad but I've read muitiple times that hitting ( in high school) that hitting somebody was a way of expressing emotion or something of that sort. And I can see how that is possible. You wouldn't touch somebody you weren't comfortable with right? Nether the less this can't be easily proven for it could be applicable to muitiple situations. I would think in my situation it would be good…maybe… Thoughts?
  16. This is my submisssion to my WallPaper war Vs KeyPassion, Who also had a wedding with Pinkie (Wasn't as good though...) We decied the best way to see who really was married to her was a competion and this is my weapon to beat him Hope you like it. Brohoofs and Favs are very greatly appreciated. But question that i really want answered is... "I Do Good?"
  17. PROTECT PINKIE PIE! at all costs... May harm nor sorrow never fall upon this wonderful pink pony.
  18. I've been looking for a original theme song for my OC Prince Lightning Flicker. I corlaborated with Cast and Warbalist on this and i'm ready to show you guys! I'm thinking Prince is a new leader but still royalty.hmmmm Neo = Electronic and Royal = Classical..... oh yeah! This is going to be good! So i finally finished the movie file and I wanted to know what you thought... Here! Link to wallpaper version What you think?
  19. I was attending my global history class and we got the roman empire, me and my teacher have actually debating in class about it aswell. (Scores 3-2 if you wanted to know) so today we got to watch ancient Rome the movie, which over Neros rein. I was asleep through the first half, but I tuned in just before the assassination attempt.... God, I should've stayed asleep, the way he killed all them. In public, no excuses and no escapes either. Then he threw an art festival and starred in it while Rome was nearly backrupt?! Back then, Actors weren't what the are now, back then was in social status just, just above a beggar. So this was like Queen Elizabeth mud wrestling. After words he literally killed his wife infront of his servants because she mentioned how he dropped one prop. He kicked her to death and killed their heir aswell. He then went on tour with his act, in a poor attempt to earn money. While there he made a plan to force all the wealthy to put everything they Had in their will to him and then kill them. Not a moment later, he executed this plan, and it was bloody.... He even turned one of them into a women and watched them do it aswell. They then got enough sense to rebel against him, and force to commit suicide. He called himself a god, but I disagree with every part of me to even speak those words. He in my opinion may be one of the worst people on the history of humanity. Did he do good? Or did he doors bad stuff that I forgot to mention? What's your opinion of him? TL;DR? I think Nero is horrible what do you think?
  20. Just something i made as a cover for our upcoming 1V1 in TF2. What do you guys think?
  21. Hiya guys! After seeing a few Pinkie wallpapers and studying them i thought i had enough to do a Prince Lightning one. This in my opinion is a great wallpaper and I've put some time into it and i hope you guys like it. Well guys? did i pull it off?
  22. Hi guys I've been revisiting some of my past work and working on smaller art works in the past week and i'd love to get your opinion on them. Faves, comments and Brohoofs are greatly appreciated, they send a good signal to me telling me to try harder.I've revisited one and made 3 others and i'd let you to see them. The one that I revisited was Prince breaking the 4TH wall with Pinkie, just some simple points, and with this one specifically i'll be doing a another revisit. Link to its Devianart: These next 2 that took very little time to do, because its simple enough but i will revisit it later to properly shade it. Link: http://tagteamcast.d...llery/#/d4w0vfu Link 2: Now for the Best! I've worked 3 days on this and i think i got it right. Bronies and Mare "Meet The Prince!" For those of you who like it small heres the original, I worked on a super small canvas so the finished prduct was like this: Much better right? Link: http://tagteamcast.d...rince-295689671 This last one is the first vector of a heavy modification to my OC Prince Lightning Flicker. It was supposed to be him when he was extremely emotional but then i accidently put a smile on him and he looked great! I kept experimenting and I've decided i'll use this modification on him more often. Well? what you guys think?
  23. Ok guys we all know my oc Prince Lightning Flicker? right? with a Picture here for reference: Ever since I created him bac when i first joined He's has been mistaked for a mare. Although insulting this gave me the idea to show everypony what he would really look like if he was a mare. Well after about 150 minutes of drawing and erasing, I've finally done it. Here she is Princess Lightning Flicker! When i finally saw it i was like O_O "Awesome" But what are your opinions? Critiques are encouraged for this is my first True Vector and i need them.
  24. Brohoofs and faves are greatly appreciated. So they reason artist make character sheets is keep in mind certain like cutie marks or to get a good idea how something should look. Basically its a guide to help them so they make it considently in a certain style. So seeing how many request i make a week a while back i made a charcter sheet for him here: I would like to get your opinion on that one very much But now this is the lateest one i just completed today here: Well? If you're were doing a request for me which would you rather use? And hows my quality?
  25. So let me explain what happened, so i was about to turn the TagTeamCast2 Channel into "The BronyCast" see? clever eh? but being the idiot i am i looked up BronyCast and found out my name is very unoriginal so now i have to figure out i new name for the Channel. this is going to be where all the pony stuff for the TagTeamCast goes. i would like if the Name had Cast at the end, any ideas ponies?