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Found 4 results

  1. Hi guys, I need some help about Tails of Equestria. I'm not interested in playing (unless I'm lucky enough to find some brony friends who play it), but I'm interested in seeing the lore behind it. I dunno if the main package has it, or I if there's a book of it. I'm wondering because I don't know what can be inside in a tabletop RPG
  2. After a while in silence, seems like Halloween was the perfect time to announce a new upcoming expansion for the official Pony RPG I wonder if Ganon has something to do with that color
  3. Hello I'm sure there are a lot of people who want to play tabletop RPG's with friends but some might not have time or be interested in playing (or have trouble getting a group) which is why I thought up the following idea what if we take the game and make a video game version of it. but I know I can't do this project alone so that's why I am looking here for people who want to help make this idea a reality and on the side play the actual game to see if we got the feel right now this project is currently a team of two myself and my friend MeiMaze we are trying to make this in rpg maker MV and follow the tabletop rules as closely as possible. So what we are looking for is the following a scriptwriter who can make custom plugins to help the game run properly and a Animator to make the in game animation for the in game Talents (basically skills in most games) and overworld cutscenes (hopefully full 2D animation bits but more than likely will just be in-game engine) MeiMaze will be a sprite maker marking any sprites we need link to her here as for me I'm acting as director and event planner and every thing in the planned game is just the official adventures right now (the pet predicament, curse of the statuettes, and festival of lights) and put in a way more can enjoy and have access to We will all stay in contact through skype and share files through dropbox to keep the files in sync as possible you will get our skype address if you get the position we might need more help later but as of now I believe this is all we will need will update where to grab when and if we release a demo/full game Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to the game or MLP in anyway this is a fan project to help those who may not have time or a way to play the table top version not intend for profit or stealing to play without buying the actual game books I want the original to be supported which is way decided to make this offer position of guest writer you just have to write down an adventure or campaign (make sure it is written as a tabletop form and not solely for a video game i feel if you write it that way you'll limit yourself while writing it out) and you’ll get your own version if the main one gets finished and others are happy with it Edit: If you want to check up on the project look here for more info
  4. Well, I've never played D&D, but I'm been mildly interested in it due to it's popularity. Still, I'm sure I'll check this one with ponies because.... ponies