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Found 11 results

  1. I was watching some very talented young people (ranging from 18 months to 3 years old) doing rock climbing or gymnastics and it got me-a-thinkin. You have any special talents? I don't think I have any special talents myself but I'd like to hear what special hidden talents people might have.
  2. So I've reached the point in my life in which I have to choose what im going to do for the rest of my life and I want to do something related to writing poetry and stories or at least something that has to do with creativity... and thinking back to what someone once told me, I realized that a lot of people never use their talents to change the world for the better, they mostly hide it or use it for other things. Everybody has a talent, so if you could get the chance to use your talent to change(save) the world, what would you do? and how?
  3. Basically I was just wondering this because there are a couple of adult ponies I've noticed which don't have cutie marks :/ what you guys think? also on that note do you think the CMC will ever get their cutie marks in the show ?
  4. Good Day, my name is Vardakas, mostly known as Balareth, i make animations on my own. I am looking for talented people who can contact me via Skype or PMs, we can work on a animaiton project i am developing. At the moment i am requiring this Staff: -Background Aritsts -Voice Talents (male and Female, both are very required) -As for the animation as well, i'll handle the whole animation part but if you want to enter as animator is required to know Anime Studio Pro, Flash is not gonna be used. -We are gonna work on Skype, if you are fully willing to join the team PM in this page first. This is a great oportunity to create a new empire with new species, in our team nobody is discrimined by gender, nationality, race or sexual preference, we are all part not only of a glorious team with constant progress but also a safe place to relief your stress and sadness, you will receive suport from us, we are like family. I gathered few members already, and even if is my vision nobody is really the leader, you have the chance to talk and express yourself about the animaiton progress, you are free to suggest, propose or complain and we all gonna listen to you carefully. This animation is not about ponies, but before you leave please listen: as a voice actor or bg artist this is a great chance to expose your talent to the world, first youtube, then newgrounds and if we receive enough suport we can start our own plattform to those who choose to follow our example, time will decide over things. Because there are shows who create intense love for itself if we analize it step by step this would be our chance to bring the best to make a new world based on what we decide, your voice is gonna melt the heart of the fans, YOUR fans, wouldn't you like to see fan art of your fursona? fanfiction, videos or even videogames? We are gonna make history on the internet, while i handle the hardsest part that is animation i only ask you a little contribution that is gonna be greatly rewarded, because your name and the links of you is gonna be on the description, i'll give you fully credit for your work, i have faith on this project that is gonna change forever the view of the users we are gonna be the founders of a new fandom that are the felines, not only cats but majestic lions, fast cheetahs, strong panthers and most species in anthro form we are gonna be the voice of the new generation. We are gonna make all users to raise their paws toward us creating an empire 100% original and free from Copyright Issues. If you want to participate this will mark a new begining of your life, a reason to fight for. This is not only my project, is OUR project. Feeling depressed? feeling down wondering what the heck you been doing with your life? have you ever feel you dont have a purpose to live? well i am offering you a reason to live, a mission, a path to happiness, a work that is gonna be immortalized on internet. If you are good with your voice or drawing skills you are most welcome we will accept you as one of our own and i call you, Dear Founder of the Feline Empire, i salute you. We are all Founders, Me and my friends including you. Remember, if you wanna contact me, PM me with the title of Feline Animation and ill give you the details and all answers you want. Fillies and Gentlecolts, for many years we have followed a wonderful world and a awesome comunity like MLP and the Brony Fandom, now is the time to start to be the gods of this world, Felnes are gonna be friendly and compatible with the brony fandom so you dont feel you are treasoning the fandom, you are helping me to bring in a newborn kindom where magic and science meets and epic adventures awaits. I dare you to show me the best of you. Our time has begun.
  5. I was inspired by a song to create an MLP OC. I decided she would be fully developed and ready to use for RP, Fanfiction, etc. The song (Izayoi Seeing by JubyPhonic) made me want to make a star-based character. Although her design is fleshed out and her relation to my other OCs is planned, I still have a crucial roadblock... What is her talent? I know this sounds odd.. I should think of the talent first. And obviously it could be something like Astronomy. The truth is, I had considered the Astronomy talent at first but I don't think I like that idea anymore. I'm not sure. I want a non-scientific talent that centers on the stars. She is a Pegasus. ALSO, I was thinking of naming her Stardust but seeing as many other OCs have this name, I wanted something else. So can anyone help me?
  6. This is a game where the goal is simple: one-up the post above you. Basically, post something about you or someone you know that is just slightly more impressive than that of the post above you. But be warned: if you post something that is too much better, I may call you a "Show-Off" and start this game back at the mundane. The game is won when outlandish claims become a necessity to keep up, though the game can still continue for as long as nobody becomes a "Show-Off." Now to start: I can whistle.
  7. When I first started MLP, I thought the idea of a Cutie Mark was rather stupid. Just some random mark that means nothing. But then we got Call of the Cutie. While it wasn't my favorite episode as a story itself, it did give some valuable information. Suddenly, Cutie Marks made sense. Suddenly, they were interesting. And since I really like understanding how things work, I've been coming up with theories about how they work. So, I'm looking to put my thoughts here, and see what people think on the subject. This is a detailed analysis thread about how Cutie Marks work, since I enjoy figuring things out. Keep in mind also, this isn't about whether you like the idea of Cutie Marks or not, but rather, how they work. (Also, just to get this out of the way, Filthy Rich's Cutie Mark didn't change. His dad, Stinkin' Rich, had the cent, not him.) We've seen that Cutie Marks represent special talent, mixed in a sense with personality as well as destiny. We've also seen that "a Cutie Mark won't change you, no matter what you get." Getting your Cutie Mark involves personal discovery. You won't get something that you hate just because you're good at it, and you won't get something you're bad at just because you like it. So getting a Cutie Mark doesn't change who you are, but losing it does. We've seen that ponies that lose their Cutie Marks also lose their special talents. In addition, even though your cutie mark won't change you, we saw something very different in The Cutie Pox, where the Cutie Marks not only gave Apple Bloom abilities, but forced her to use them. The forcing and the multiple marks were results of the pox, but I do think this makes it rather clear that cutie marks carry talents with them. But if you need the talent in order to discover your cutie mark, which carries the talent with it, what then? My theory is that when somepony discovers his or her special talent, destiny, "certain something that makes her special," etc., the Cutie Mark appears and fuzes with the talent, amplifying it. This means that if your Cutie Mark is taken from you, you lose the talent, since the talent has melded with the ability. Keep in mind that the abilities are rather broad. Remember that Twilight said most unicorns only have magic that relates to their special talent, like Rarity having her gem-finding spell. Fluttershy's Cutie Mark represents her ability, but also her personality and what she's like. Rather than being good at one specific thing, I think the Cutie Marks mark a style. For example, I enjoy reading, writing, logic, classical music, English country dancing, theater, competetive forensics, and so on. I have a variety of things that I enjoy and things that I'm good at. But my Cutie Mark would sum up my essense. Like in The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000, when Twilight tells Rarity that she has a descerning eye, and has her work accordingly. The gems represent her discerning eyes, even though it isn't direct. The gems don't show a simple ability, but an essense. Of course, my theory does have an issue, with a few possible solutions. In Magical Mystery Cure, we see the Cutie Marks mixed up. It doesn't seem to grant new abilities, and when they go back to their old jobs, they still have their original talents. Possibility one is that their Cutie Marks didn't actually change. Maybe the picture is just something that represents the Cutie Mark, and their pictures changed, but not the marks themselves. Or rather... I'm not sure how to explain this bit, since the mark is obviously the picture itself. Maybe there's the essense of the mark that fuzed with the talent and the image of the mark that changed. The image would be a physical representation of the mark, that is to say. Kind of like body, soul, and spirit, which are all tied together, but are still different. Ponies would have their talents (soul, or essense), and when they got their Cutie Marks (body, or physical representation) it would fuse and amplify the talent (making spirit, or the will to continue in that area and do better). So it's possible that when their Cutie Marks swapped, the only thing that swapped was the physical representation, or the "body" of the Cutie Mark. Another possibility is that the Cutie Marks are removable, but not transferable. Meaning that if the Cutie Mark is removed, it takes the talent with it, but if it's given to somepony else, the talent returns to the original owner without the amplification. What do you think? Does my theory make sense, or is it missing something? Or have I missed a key fact that would tear it to shreds? Do you have any thoughts on how Cutie Marks work?
  8. I was just wondering if there are any of you on this forum that likes to animate or sing or VA or anything of the sort, so I decided to make a thead to chat with others with talents. I know what you might be thinking and don't worry, I'm not one of those kids that are like "CAN YOU MAKE STUFF FOR ME PLZPLZPLZPLZPLZPLZPLZPLZPLZZZZZZZZ?!?!?!?!?!", I am just a normal person who just wants to learn about new people in his brony community and thought it would be nice to make a thread where you can. Feel free to tell a little bit about yourself and what you like to do, and maybe even show off some of your work. For instance, I am a person who likes to make pony videos animated with Garry's Mod on Youtube. Here's one of my animations (which seems to be my most popular): I'm looking forward to seeing what the rest of you guys like to do too.
  9. Hey y'all! So i figured i needed to post something to my blog, and i felt like the best idea was to post some recording of me singing Terribly "Smile smile smile" i did while i was home alone for a little. I sung like a dozen times, but eventually settled on two different recordings, i couldn't pick between the two, because both have problems in different places, so i just decided i'd post both. So, without further ado, i shall give you some of my terrible recordings! This one was actually my first recording i did, so i wasn't as warmed up, however it also meant my voice wasn't as tired, so it got better as it goes on mostly. Still has a few mistakes, and quiet in the beginning, but yeah. This one was like one of my later recordings, so i was more warmed up, however i also had my voice tired a little more, and i get tongue tied a few times, but overall its a little more confident and smoother, for the most part. I couldn't pick which, so i decided to post both, because like i said, both have flaws in different places, and fixed flaws in other places, so i just picked both. So if you want, tell me which you liked better, or which you listened to before you had to run away to save your eardrums hope you enjoy! I have another idea i'm thinking of starting on this blog, so i'll see what happens with it. Stay tuned for more! (This has been a look into the mind of a Zygen! (Or as mel would say, "The voice of zygen") Zygen is not responsible for any damage caused in the reading of this blog, if you experience any issues please consult a doctor immediately.) Batteries not included. Edit: by the request of swick I put the cover up onto Fileize for him, and for others who can't view Sound cloud correctly. Fileize Smile cover 1 Fileize smile cover 2 Again enjoy!
  10. This is just kinda a random topic that came to mind, and I just felt like putting out there because I wanted to see what kind of things people would say about it... wait a minute isn't that the reason for like every topic? Maybe I am tired lol. *Ahem* but enough of Zygen getting sidetracked. So as the title suggests this is about teaching yourself to sing, I've been trying to teach myself to sing for a bit, not maybe as much productive practice as I probably should many times, but I want to learn to sing, and while I don't think I could do lessons due to the fact my parents wouldn't pay for it mostlikely, and I am not super comfortable with singing around a professional singer in the first place anyways, so I decided to take matters into my own hands. And try and see how much i could teach myself. I'd like to also say that I play Trumpet for my highschool band, i've been playing that about 5-6 years, so I atleast have some form of musical experience. If it also means anything I recently started trying to teach myself guitar, and that's been going on i'd say around a few weeks. probably a month now. I can't say I've successfully taught myself any instrument on my own though, much less singing, but I've tried to. I've kinda just did some research on the whole thing and tried to find some tips and see how many I'd actually remember and be able to apply. Obviously not all of it may be 100% correct, or I may still be doing certain things incorrectly, but I tried to combine my judgement and the knowledge from my research on the internet to see how much I could learn. And as far as results go I think i've improved, i'm still honestly in my eyes only like half decent at best maybe, But atleast I think i am half decent where as before I'd consider myself pretty bleh. So I've made progress, the question is will I become good? Who knows. I guess that's part of why I made this thread, to see if anyone else has tried to teach themselves to sing, or has done so and maybe succeeded, or if some people have taken lessons, or some people just feel lessons are the only real way to learn to sing, or whatever your thoughts are. Maybe you just want to say that you'd like to learn, or something, although I feel like most people I know would like to be able to sing to some extent. I can say I certainly enjoy singing, of course a lot of times I'm just singing for fun and not really to sound good, requires a lot more focus to sing well ;p. Plus I don't like to sing full out while the rest of my family is home, because I don't want them to think I'm annoying or anything, or just weird idk, or bad or something, not that the rest of my family really has any singing talent themselves(Well my stepdad has some I think, but still.) Anyways enough of me rambling, (You can find plenty of that elsewhere.) Post away on the topic at hand, and have a good day!( Or night depending on what time it is when you read this and where you are and all that ;p.) Edit: I decided to test out my range and if I did everything right my range is something like B2-C5. I'm not entirely sure how super accurate it is, but i'd say it's pretty close, give or take a note I guess. That's without Falsetto.
  11. So seeing as I ran out of room in the description , this entry will pretty much describe what I'm doing. So I will link to the topic which started my thoughts about making this . Or if you can't be bothered reading through all of that then I will sum it up for you. I had some dark times and mlp is what pulled me through, now my life has meaning and I want to give my thanks to the community by any means necessary. Most people said that staying on here will be thanks enough but it's me and I have to show my appreciation. So a bunch of people said that I can find my talent and then help out which I liked a bunch but one person mentioned it as my cutie mark and a light went off in my head. So what I'm doing here is just posting how my search for my cutie mark continues or starts in this case. I am planning on giving each activity a month to see if its for me and so that by the end of the activity I should have some kind of skill. Now, where to start? I guess art. I was never good at art. I having a feeling at the end of the month I will be putting a poorly made stick figure of Trixie up on here. I guess that I will do a bit of editing already made pieces of art before starting my own. Febuary = Art (This should be fun :/ )