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Found 36 results

  1. Well the title explains it all! Today I just layed in bed with my computer being bored... fascinating isn't it?
  2. We all like food, we need food and such and some of us have our "comfort" food that we want when stressed or sad or in any reasons for times! So just wondering is your guys and gals? Mines crackers and hummus or frosted flakes and milk!
  3. Hi all! I see there's no basketball thread here so figured I would start one. So, do you guys watch the NBA (and/or WNBA or NCAA)? If yes, I would love for us to talk about it. Here's a list of my NBA favourites and QA's: 1) Who's your favourite current NBA player? And why? 2) What's your current favourite NBA team? 3) Who's you favourite NBA legends? 3.5) Who's your favourite NBA rookie? 4) Do you play basketball? and what's your physical stats and shirt number (if any)? 5) What playstyle do you prefer? 6) What is your best play as of now (if any)? 7) Do you plan on going for NBA draft? Thought I'd post these awesome NBA moments (Paul George is sick! He's MVPing this season.) Yeah we're talkin about practice (lots of it!)
  4. I have no accent, but I can't normally say S's or R's right, plus the fact that I tend to stray off topic a lot. Maybe I should just stop talking.
  5. So what was it? Was it minor, major... In my case, my worst injury occoured just around 3 weeks ago. It was 1st of May, midnight. I was heading home from a BBQ party from my friend's place. I got completely drunk, and I'm talking like 4 liters of beer and 2 liters of wine... As I was heading home along with 2 buddies, we had to cross a certain bridge to get to the city transport. Out of the blue I climbed up the fence of a 50ft (15.2 meter) tall bridge and started shouting random songs and waving arms. Just as my buddy turned around to pull me back I slipped and fell all the way down to the ground. I was rushed to the hospital and had an 8 hour long surgery. Results of an accident was a broken left arm, broken left leg, nearly a broken spine, external and internal bleeding and an instant coma, lost around 20 liters of blood in total. I had over 50% chance to die since I was losing 9 times more blood than produced. Today I can walk and run normally but my arm is still a bit numb. I guess I was lucky. And I love my friend, if he wasn't there.....
  6. Rules: please keep it SFW and limit the description to two sentences MAX. EDIT: no extremely violent gifs and no vulgar language or swearing
  7. Racism.... controversial question because yes, because ... why not? just to see different opinions ... What is the most racist thing that you have seen in your life? in my case it is a difficult question because I believe that the only racist I have seen in my life has been hatred towards Cubans and now racism towards Venezuelans (this is for socialist reasons in my country) but apart from that I rarely see that someone is racist .... My father once told me that he traveled to Panama and sat in any square, right next to a man with dark skin, this man asked him: why do you sit next to me? you do not see my color? you are white! Whites do not sit with people of my color. (The man spoke feeling bad for his skin color) my dad answered: are you sick in the head? your color its great, I am not the great thing, I am a person, just like you! (Although this was not properly racist, but my dad could see how bad society could be with such a mentality, nobody is inferior or superior to anyone) Having said that, what has been the most racist thing you've seen? Has it been with foreigners? has it been for skin colors? any other? Let's talk about controversy.
  8. @Pr0m4NV14 (That’s me!) Since I’m not sure if I made an “Ask me!” thread before, I decided to make one! Ask away!
  9. Hi everypony. I have a terrible cold, and was wondering if any of you could help keep me entertained but chatting, telling me a joke, telling me something interesting, or just in general keep me company. I haven't been on MLP forums in awhile, so helpfully it doesn't seem selfish that I come back only when it's convenient for me I'll start with a chat topic I suppose. What's your favorite movie to watch when you're sick? Mine is Star Wars.
  10. I'm so sorry i couldn't help myself I'll start (Staff, this is just a joke, if you don't like it by all means take it down.) Until yesterday i did not know Narwhals existed. I thought they were extinct.
  11. Let's talk using the phonetic alphabet! I find this language pretty awesome. I'll go first. Hotel Oscar Whiskey/ Alpha Romeo Echo/ Yankee Oscar Uniform (Please separate your words with slashes)
  12. After searching and searching, I surprisingly can't seem to find a thread like this, so I'm gonna create one. What do you think of pony talk, for example, "everypony", "anypony", etc... Do you use it, do you like it when others use it? Myself, it doesn't really bother me.
  13. Well the trailer is finally out come on people what the heck did you think, because it blew my small mind!
  14. if you want to discuss our beautifully, cunning, powerful equalizer Starlight Glimmer. i'd love to host a Skype Group for Headcanon/theories/season 6 predictions, for lovely Equal horse. let me know and i can add you
  15. Conventions: You gotta love em... if you're able to got to them, because the big ones always seem to be held really far away from me. Now, I can't say I've never gone to a con because well I have been, twice. One was Midwestria in 2012 and another was Chicago Comic Con. I am planning to go to the former again in a few weeks so I'll blog pictures from that as I did last year. But I'm not here to talk about that. I'm here to talk about the distribution of cons around the world. Ever notice how in the grasp of people hyping for Bronycon or BABSCon, there's always that group of people going, "Aww, I wish I could go?" That's because there in the same basic areas every year. Now well they're both on the east and west coast of the U.S. respectively, that's only 2 areas on the whole planet. I certainly don't live in Baltimore or the Bay area. Now, people are able to drive or fly there and stay in hotels. I can barely drive and have no car or license, so that's out. How about flying? Have you seen how expensive plane tickets are? I haven't even been on a plane in 8 years mostly due to my family not having a lot of money. Now I might go to Bronycon next year if I can get a job and save up enough, but I don't know. The point I'm trying to make here is I feel that those few cons are the only ones with any real coverage. Well, them and Everfree Northwest. There are a lot more cons across the world that should get equal the amount of coverage. These three cons seem to be the ones that get all the coverage on EQD, most of the crew of the show end up coming to them, and they get the highest attendance. You know what would work? If other cons got this much coverage. There is a small pony con in Chicago coming next year, and it only got maybe one or two features on EQD, and I haven't heard any other details since. Now, I'll still go to this Con, but I don't know how big the attendance will be. The other pony con we had in Chicago couldn't get enough money to go again because the attendance was low. So what I think should happen is either cons in other areas should get more attention or we start adding more cons around the world. They've been doing a pretty good job with the latter but not the former. This is Chikorita giving advice.
  16. Hello everypony, Drawing Sign here. Anypony wanna ask me a question or just talk? You can ask me anything, I am here to answer some questions. Or you can just start a conversation with me. I will be here everyday. So what do you have in store? I will also ask a question, if it ok you. So what's going on today, anything good happen lately?
  17. What you guys thought I was gonna review Splatoon for a game review? Well, I'll probably review that next game review. I actually don't like to a lot of game reviews. This is mostly due to multiple reasons. My interest in very few game series, the fact that I'm not that good at a lot of games, and the fact that I'll be addicted to a game for weeks and then never pick it up again for weeks or months. Since I'm now on summer break, and end up being bored I decided, "Why not play some games?" There are two new games I got into. Splatoon which again, I'll cover in my next game review and Banjo Kazooie. The reason it says Talks instead of Reviews in the blog title is that I haven't played enough of the game to give it a proper review. In fact as of posting this, I'm only on the 3rd world. The reason I wanted to talk about it now was because this is becoming one of my favorite games of all time, next to of coarse the big dogs like Pokemon and Mario. It might pass Mario but it's not passing Pokemon. So without further ado, lets talk about the game. The game's story: A bear named Banjo and his bird sidekick Kazooie are on a quest to save Banjo's sister, Tooty from the evil whtch Grintilda, who looks like she's ripped straight out of Wizard of Oz. This game was developed by Rareware. You know, the company that worked with Nintendo during the 90s to make some great games like the Donkey Kong Country series? I've noticed that Rare games seem to have this style of making games extremely cartoony. And it really shows in this game. This game has a really wacky and in your face tone about it. The characters are pretty wise-cracking. Kazooie and the mole who gives you tutorials have these pretty funny back and froths and the way the characters are designed look extra cartoony. I can'r say too much about the game as a whole since I'm only on the 3rd area but I guess I can talk about the gameplay. It's your typical collect-a-thon. You collect a lot of things to move on through the main hub of the game. It's not really a bad thing. It ends up being very rewarding when you say, find all 10 jiggys in an area. Yes, the main items to collect in this game are called jiggys. And they resemble puzzle pieces. Yes, very brilliant pun Rare. The graphics are your typical N64 graphics. Not amazing nowadays but pretty good if you were brought back to 1998. There are some nitpicks I have with this game so far, like the problem that most N64 games seem to have: the camera. There were moments where the camera just wouldn't agree with me and I couldn't get a proper aim on something or make a proper jump. It's not as bad here as in Mario 64, but it's still a bit bothersome. So yeah, this game is awesome. I might get the sequel if I ever finish the game or just want to but we'll have to see.
  18. Multiple moments throughout the show, the mane 6 do something that's completely against their own element. I'm not talking about when they were discorded, but in everyday life, which pony do you think least lives up to here element? Personally I'm going to have to go with Rarity on this one. She does SO many things that are the entire opposite of Generous. The entire Sisterhooves social episode is an example of one, also...
  19. The relationship of Creator/Mod and OC is quite a famous relationship, as of this I was bored and thought 'Wonder if anyone else gets bored and does this?' So I made this thread, do you ever act like you and your OC can interact like separate entities? For example... Void-"Keenan?" Keenan-"Yeah Void?" Void-"Can I borrow some love or something? I am kinda hungry" Keenan-"Can Changelings even drain humans?" Void-"Always best to try before assuming right!" Keenan-"Still no Void, you ain't draining me" Void-"You're no fun!"
  20. So ill be posting links to my music here why am i making this simple to get some feed back by my fellow bronies good and bad feed back will be excepted so i can grow more as a musician my youtube take a look and please give me some feed back also talk to me here if you have musical questions and i will ask others there musical taste,likes,ect'
  21. yeah my brony fellows! lets laugh a little, in this topic i invite you to say what is the most stupid or ridiculous phrase you ever heard or say? remember lets keep it clean and avoid NSFW themes
  22. RainBow Scout~ Hi guys today i thought i should start a new youtube channel. I'm going to call it BronyBlogDays and i need to have some people who are creative or just wanna have fun For the CREATIVE- We would need a cool YouTube profile picture, some art work, some music which can be made by YOU. Ill probably Accept any type of music. We would need intros and More creative ideas you can put in the comments For the HAVING FUN GUYS- We would need as many as possible people joining Skype and doing a Podcast of somesort and a some brony vlog/blog videos or a add on to the vlog/blog and podcast. We might do some Brony type gaming videos and more. If you want to be included add me on MLP Forums and Skype: Demon.x4 and we will start doing some podcasts, vlogs, blogs, gaming and what ever you guys really want. Ill be happy to welcome any brony and any age. Come along and have fun Kaska~ so yea, RainBow Scout got this idea for a podcast. Is is going to happen soon, (8pm English time) And many more. I think this will be an awesome experience and I really think you should join. Drop a pm by one of us [Me and RainBow] If you have any questions, But RainBow scout is the main organizer [ill try help with questions] P.S. If you can't speak English very well, Don't worry! Join anyway Kaska out..
  23. So yeah, we've all seen quite clearly that Celestia has her Philomena Phoenix pet. It took me quite a while to realize that there were episodes destined to fill in gaps with some of Mane 6 not having them, read Tank & Owlicious. And then I've started wondering: Pre-Twicorn Celestia was the only one to own a pet. Truth to be said, only reason that two princesses have pets now is most probably the fact that Twilight ascended already possessing one. So I wonder, why doesn't Luna or Cadence have one? If they had one, what kind of pets would those be and what would their personalities be? Will we see those two in S4 perhaps, would that be interesting? Go.
  24. This is going to sound strange but I want to subtley come about being a brony, on the Internet not RL at least not at this point. I have a pretty active following on my YouTube channel where I put up a review of a MLP rom hack. But still haven't exactly told any of my YT subscibers about it. Nor do I usually risk mention of it on my social media. I don't want to make a big deal about it, but I don't like hiding my interest either. Ideally I'd like to talk to people everywhere around the web on my social media ie twitter, tumblr, facebook, my facebook fan page, my YouTube channel, my steam everywhere about ponies...Well to be fair nearly everyone on my steam group is a brony anyway, as you can tell by the avatars. I find bronies to be the coolest people to talk to online so I'd really just want to be part of the community more. ESPECIALLY bronies who are gamers, that to me is like the best kind of pony. Well I've rambled I'll link what I've mentioned below, if anyone wants to follow me and talk ponies there, I'm sure it would help. Or if you want to see what I'm rambling about. Any advice is appreciated. YouTube: Facebook Fan Page: Facebook (personal feel free to add me I'm quite friendly): Twitter: Tumblr: Steam Group (currently the only oher place I have brony friends): Steam Personal (I'll add any pony there):
  25. Sup everyone! Soooooooooooooo, the thing is I got here in the forums almost a month ago and haven't met that much friends... I know some of you already but I do NOT know a lot of you... so, if anyone wants to chat, talk about anything or just say hi, it would be awesome I'd really like to meet some new people and make friends! I've got Skype as well (currently chatting only, need to get a new headset :/) user is bojorquez97 PS: I've got pie... (slice for friendship maybe?)