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Found 27 results

  1. It has to be Tanks for the Memories for me. The episode is all about a character's goal which was doomed to fail from the very beginning - all up until that point I had been lead to believe Rainbow Dash was fearless and tough as nails and seeing her break down and cry for so long was really sad for me. This wasn't even humorous crying like with Shining Armour in "Slice of Life", this was very, very realistic and I feel it would be even worse for those who have lost a pet or something similar. And her goodbye at the end, I can't even... Seriously, I'm surprised this isn't talked about more.
  2. World of Tanks, the HUGE game filled with iconic tanks. Paper Blueprint tanks, WW2 tanks, and even some Cold War tanks, everyone and there mother knows about this game, considering they have ads everywhere and the game is free! Anyway, I wanna know what your guys favourite tanks are? I personally use the premium tier 8 Chinese Heavy Tank, the 112, and I also use the tier 10 German medium the Leopard 1, as well as the Tier 10 German TD Jagdpanzer E-100, and many others! (Chinese and German superiority, suck it Russian and American tanks XD)
  3. Good afternoon, everypony, and welcome back to another edition of "Batbrony Reviews"! This week, we've got a flawed but still solid addition to Season 7, starring Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash in a fun little romp where the insanity and hilarity that unfolds (and the entertainment we derive from it) is probably more important than the lesson itself. It's a curious episode, not because what it does is particularly unique, because it isn't; in fact, this episode seems to quite deliberately lift from a number of past Pinkie Pie episodes (down to the name title itself if it can be believed, considering the episode is called, after all, "Secrets and Pies" and "Secrets and lies, it's all secrets and lies!" was something Pinkie was quite fond of proclaiming in "Party of One") to the point that it could accurately be described as a spiritual successor of not one, but TWO past Pinkie Pie episodes (and oddly enough, an improvement of one of them). It's also strange in that most of its execution in its first two acts (and the first half of the third act) are far more satisfying than its actual resolution, which leaves something to be desired. In any case, while it's hardly one of the more exceptional episodes we've gotten so far in the stellar seventh season of MLP, it is a very fun and likable one all the same, and fun romps involving Pinkie Pie going crazy are always a lot of fun if executed well, which this one is for the most part. Without further ado, this is "Secrets and Pies"! Hey now, I'm the one who makes Batman references around these parts! OK, in all seriousness, this Adam West Batman reference is as delicious as Pinkie Pie's pies look So, starting with Pinkie Pie herself, just what two past episodes of hers does this episode draw from, if not act as a continuation of? Strangely enough, her best Season 1 episode and her worst Season 2 episodes (the latter being my least favorite episode of MLP until "Hard to Say Anything" came out this season): "Party of One" and "Mmmmystery on the Friendship Express." The "Party of One" similarities are fairly blatant right from the start; while her ire in that episode was directed at most of her friends, Rainbow Dash in particular had a hard time avoiding her near the end of the episode, and here we have Pinkie Pie, what else, freaking out as a result of something involving Rainbow Dash. Her freakout also stems from a supposed betrayal, the difference between the two episodes being that in "Party of One" the betrayal was in Pinkie Pie's imagination and her friends were really just planning a surprise birthday party for her, whereas here, the betrayal was actually real and not something she concocted, even if some of what Pinkie Pie imagined about it was exaggerated. Hell, even the fact that Gummy acts as Pinkie's confidant during many of her scenes is similar to "Party of One." As far as similarities to "Mmmmystery on the Friendship Express" go, as in that episode, Pinkie Pie has a mystery to solve, and she has to apply logic and sound detective work to figure it out. The differences between these two episodes is that (1) in "Mmmmystery on the Friendship Express" the mystery itself and the fact that it couldn't get solved quicker than it did all stemmed from Pinkie Pie and most other characters in the episode either acting like idiots or stupid, selfish jackasses without any self-control for the simplest of things, and (2) Pinkie Pie didn't need Twilight or anypony else holding her hoof as she solved the mystery, nor did she present idiotic theories about what actually happened to large groups of ponies as though that was what actually happened. She may have at one point come up with the notion that Rainbow Dash was turning into some kind of demonic entity and blasting her pies with laser eyes, but the only character she shared that with was Gummy, and it was just a part of her bigger theory that Rainbow Dash (based on her findings) really didn't like pies, and had been lying to Pinkie Pie that she liked pies and finding ways to get rid of hers for years (which was actually true). She may still have been silly and over the top, but oddly enough, Pinkie Pie solved this mystery completely on her own, showing she'd actually learned a lot about applying logic and reason in solving something like this since the idiocy of "Mmmmystery on the Friendship Express." So yes, as should be clear by now, the episode revolves around Pinkie Pie's discovery that Rainbow Dash doesn't like pies (including hers) and has been lying to Pinkie Pie about this for years, and her subsequent reaction to that. Basically things unfold as you'd think they would if you've been watching this show long enough: Pinkie Pie freaks out when Rainbow Dash throws out a pie she baked for her behind her back, starts digging a little deeper and finds enough solid evidence to suggest she's done this with every pie Pinkie's ever given her, and subsequently freaks out and starts trying to get Rainbow Dash to either eat one of her pies in front of her or admit that she's been lying to her this whole time. As you can imagine, this involves a lot of hilarious and crazy antics, but strangely enough you quickly realize that Pinkie Pie's not really the antagonist here, nor does she have to learn a lesson. If anything, I found myself quite anticipating Rainbow Dash getting her comeuppance when she was finally exposed as a liar in this regard (one reason the resolution actually felt a little unsatisfactory), and the fact that the writers showed what started years ago for Rainbow Dash as a white lie/fib spiraling out of control into something neither she nor Pinkie Pie had any control over from the point of view NOT of the one who was telling the lies (RD) but rather from the pony directly affected by the lies (Pinkie Pie) was interesting. When I think about it, it's a little more unusual for the character lied to to be at the center of a story like this about the negative effects of white lies/fibs that grow out of control than it is for the character doing the lying to be front and center, but I liked how they did it here, especially considering it was Pinkie Pie front and center. The way she reacts to betrayals, just how crazy and emotional she can become when something like this happens, drove home the fact that, even if Rainbow Dash had good intentions, it still didn't mean that her lying to Pinkie Pie was overall a good thing. Her lying to her friend hurt Pinkie Pie very much, and made her question the trust she had in RD. The fact that this was Pinkie Pie being lied to (about whether or not someone was eating her pies, no less) also meant that the episode didn't have to get too serious in its content while still condemning the lie itself. Overall, I really enjoyed Pinkie Pie here and don't really have anything bad to say about her. She was fun, her crazy moments were great but the fact that she was right kind of made them even funnier, and at the same time, you couldn't help but understand why she was as distressed by RD's lying as she was; not only is RD one of her dearest friends, but baking in general is one of her favorite things to do and something she takes great pride in. To find out one of her closest friends has been lying to her for years about eating her pies, one of her favorite things to bake for anyone, was clearly devastating to her, and knowing Pinkie Pie as we know her by now, it's not hard to see why. Great showing from Pinkie Pie all around, she was the heart of this episode and it was better off for it. This episode did a great job of bringing out some of Pinkie Pie's more Looney Toon-esque characteristics, especially in some of the cartoony faces she was pulling off Rainbow Dash, on the other hoof, I have words for. Now, having the lie present for the sake of the episode working at all is fine, it made sense. But at the same time, the lengths she went to throughout this episode to dispose of pies without Pinkie noticing were RIDICULOUS!!!! I know that oftentimes (even before Pinkie Pie thought she wasn't eating her pies) Pinkie wanted her to eat them in front of her so she had to usually get rid of them right away, but even she herself pointed out later on in the episode that it was a hassle doing that for years. Hell, she even put her tortoise Tank's health at risk doing so, that ain't cool! She did this after already taking him to the vet previously for, wouldn't ya know it, getting him sick from feeding him pies she didn't want, so she knew in doing so that she was risking his health... AGAIN!!! Don't get me wrong, some of the ways she got rid of pies were hilarious (I particularly enjoyed when she tossed her "It's Not Your Birthday But Here's a Pie Anyway" Day custard pie up to a balcony and Shoeshine, upon finding it, gleefully exclaims "Huh! It's not even my birthday!"), but when you think about it from both a moral and logical POV, there's really no good reason RD kept this up for years. The only excuse I can really think of is that Rainbow Dash, like Pinkie Pie, is more prone to extreme behavior even for little things, and combine that with the fact that she HATES disappointing anypony, especially her closest friends, I can actually buy that it makes sense that RD would do such extreme behavior over such a little thing as not telling Pinkie Pie that she doesn't like pies for years. However, the episode made it a little harder to sympathize with RD's reasoning by emphasizing, in its end, a little too much that her heart was in the right place. The ideal lesson for this episode (and I think this is even what they were going for) is that while many white lies may come from genuinely good places, that still doesn't mean they're good things, and they can still hurt those we love; the problem is that by the end of the episode, the focus is less on the fact that what Rainbow Dash did was wrong, and more on the idea that it's easy for Pinkie Pie to forgive her because her motivations for lying to Pinkie Pie came from a good place and she just didn't want to hurt Pinkie Pie's feelings and wanted to keep seeing her happy at the thought of RD eating her pies. Even AJ points out that RD failed in that regard in that she still ended up hurting Pinkie's feelings anyway. But again, the episode focuses a little too much on the "good place" that white lies often come from, to the point that it almost felt like they were straight up exonerating RD for her behavior and even suggesting that there are instances where it's OK to tell a white lie. Now don't get me wrong, I know that life is grey enough that almost all of us will tell a white lie at some point in order to not hurt another, but the reason I really am not OK with how this lesson was delivered here is because this went from being a white lie to being something that RD was lying about for YEARS. Lies that are carried on for years are usually over really bad shit that you don't want anyone to know about, so for the episode to even accidentally suggest that that might be OK depending on what the lie is over is, in my opinion, not a good thing at all. Also, I'm sorry, but the gross out humor that was in the episode's final scene as RD was pledging to Pinkie Pie to eat a disgusting monstrosity of a pie that she'd somehow made was the low point of the entire episode. It felt completely out of place in a show that largely doesn't very often engage in gross out humor of any kind, it wasn't funny, the pie itself was genuinely distasteful to look at, and it felt like something you'd encounter in, say, Spongebob or The Fairly Oddparents during their later, far inferior seasons when they started delving into really bad, low brow humor aimed at the lowest common denominator. Overall, while RD was pretty entertaining throughout this episode, especially when Pinkie Pie was trying to get her to crack and admit she didn't like pie, I'm not sure she learned the right lesson (or any lesson at all), and even if she did, the resolution she and Pinkie Pie came to was just... not very satisfying. Well that's certainly... terrifying. But not quite as terrifying as... Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... seriously, what is this even doing in MLP? This kind of humor, at least at this kind of level, feels SO out of place in this show! How they kept themselves from throwing in something about Soarin and pies I have NO idea, the writers really missed a golden opportunity to make a great joke there! I'm sure it was just an oversight, but still, too bad they missed out on that one OK, it may be bad for his health, but in all seriousness that's bucking adorable and I want more The second best member of the Mane 6 here was, surprisingly enough (considering she wasn't in that much of the episode), Applejack! She was only in about four scenes (only two of which she contributed much to) but they were quite funny appearances. I think what made her really work here is that in most of her scenes she was playing opposite Pinkie Pie, and that afforded the writers the opportunity to have her whip out some really dry, sardonic humor, which really contrasted Pinkie's over-the-top, erratic behavior. Her stumbling into Pinkie's party cave and onto a slowly-going-crazy Pinkie Pie was quite hilarious in and of itself, especially in her reactions to Pinkie Pie's interrogation as to whether or not she'd ever seen Rainbow Dash eat any of her pies, and later in the episode, she seemed to be the pony most aware (besides Pinkie Pie herself) as to how much RD had bucked the pooch by just not telling the truth in the first place (glad to see that AJ is still very much the Element of Honesty). She even seemed unsatisfied to some extent by how everything resolved, sardonically exclaiming that she could've told RD in the first place just to tell Pinkie Pie the truth. Overall, it was just fun seeing AJ in a fun supporting role that really relied on her drier sense of humor. Twilight was present a little bit too, but mostly just to tow along with AJ, and if anything her presence with Applejack for most of the episode (especially towards the end) seemed mostly to reinforce that these two are still probably the most mature (emotionally at least) members of the Mane 6. Twilight's still the center of the group that holds it together and Applejack is the best member of the group for helping the rest stay grounded and level-headed, which Twilight herself often needs the most if she's starting to panic when things start getting out of control. When they're both acting grounded and mature, you just get the sense that both of them get this and really appreciate that aspect of the other's behavior, the fact that they are the least likely of their friends to lose their heads over something. That's not to say they both haven't lost it at times (especially Twilight), but when they're grounded, boy oh boy are those two levelheaded. Applejack: she has no time for anypony's bull shit Finally, this episode went to a surprisingly large amount of locations, and we got to see a lot of major or minor supporting characters (mostly during Pinkie Pie's investigation) including the Wonderbolts, Dr. Fauna, Cheerilee, and many, many more. As far as another way in which this episode contrasts "Mmmmystery on the Friendship Express" for the better, the sheer number of locations made Pinkie's investigation far more fun and interesting to follow than the one in that dreadful episode. That episode has, after they board the train, ONE SINGLE LOCATION, and it's not a particularly interesting one to even look at. In contrast, this episode went to (1) Sugarcube Corner, (2) the Wonderbolt Academy and Training Grounds, (3) Pinkie Pie's Party Cave, (4) Dr. Fauna's Vet Clinic, (5) the Ponyville Schoolhouse, (6) Rainbow Dash's Cloud House, and (7) various locales and streets throughout Ponyville! Yeah, not hard to see which was more fun to follow, especially when some locations were visited multiple times. There was also a wide variety of humor dotted throughout, from Pinkie Pie's insane brand of humor when she starts breaking down and going crazy, to Applejack's drier sense of humor, and even a whole lot of physical humor, most of which worked (aside from anything having to do with that ridiculous pie at the end of the episode). All in all, what did we get? Just a really fun episode which, while hardly perfect, was still very entertaining. The most interesting thing about it wasn't its flawed lesson, but rather simply the fact that it not only had so many callbacks to "Party of One" and "Mmmmystery on the Friendship Express," but actually improved on that second episode as well, fixing a ton of flaws from it. It's hardly one of the best episodes we've gotten this season, but as far as breaks from the litany of exceptional episodes we've gotten this season go, this was one of the more entertaining ones, and definitely not a bad final episode of the season for Pinkie Pie, not at all. I had a lot of fun watching it, and I hope most of you did as well! That's all I've got for ya today everypony, until next time this is Batbrony signing off. I'm off!!! *cue dramatic exit*
  4. I saw earlier today the "Tanks for the memories" episode, and BOY the liquid pride was real. It has become one of my favourite episodes of the series, and my favourite Rainbow Dash episode overall. It's not one of my favourite ponys, but this episode changes everything I thought about her. You have all my love and appreciation, RD. I know how it feels thinking you'll lose your best friend, and even losing it. The hibernation thing is a beautiful and clever metaphor of death. I like a lot when kids cartoons take these morals and portrait them on an understandable and touching story. Alongside, the real strength of the series is actually this; taking cute characters and then giving us all, kids and adults, a good moral that can be applied in real life. Tanks to the memories and Flutter Brutter are two of my favourites just because that. I surely hope that the incoming season 7 will be at least close to be memorable as these two episodes. Twitter! deviantArt!
  5. Hello Everypony, It's been a while since I posted here, but I wanted to show you some of my new art. I've recently taken to drawing the Ponies in a stylized form I have no idea why it comes out sideways Sorry about that folks.
  6. I mean other than Angel, the Mane Six's pets barely had any appearances in season 6, and some didn't even appear at all! Gummy only had two appearances, so did Opal, and Winona just had one. Tank and Owlowisicious didn't appear AT ALL this season! The closest thing we got to Tank is Rainbow Dash's slippers in AJ's Day Off. We had so many Rainbow episodes this season, it is surprising we didn't see him. He could've had a cameo in Newbie Dash and 28 Pranks Later. I know some of you are thinking of "wasn't he killed off in Tanks for the Memories?" You'd think so wouldn't you! Winter's waaaay past over! Owlowiscious, I think he could've had some cameos in A Hearth's Warming Tale and Every Little Thing She Does. It's bad enough that they got rid of Peewee in the show before he got to do anything, I really hope he comes back in adult form sometime in the future helping Spike out! Also it wouldn't hurt seeing Philomena again! One thing we need when season 7 comes around: more pets appearing (other than Angel).
  7. I guess I was feeling a little dark, so I decided to make Rainbow Dash depressed leaning over Tank's grave. I'm really happy with how it turned out. I added the shadows, the fog, and a lot else.
  8. Sickle Dragon is a WWII Pixel tank that was a bit modified to carry more storage. The name was given due to it once being part of the Soviet Union [sickle] and since it was also modified with a flamethrower instead of a machine gun.
  9. A bit late, but Tanks for the Memories
  10. Hello! I tried making a thing on MsPaint, here it is! Sorry for it being terrible, but I hardly ever use MsPaint for drawing (I usually just do sprite art on it) and I'm also not used to the windows 7 version (I've been using windows xp Paint from when I was four to a few months ago.)
  11. Welcome back everypony to another "Batbrony Reviews". First of all, I'm sorry I wasn't able to be there this morning to watch the episode with everypony else; for those of you who don't know, I was volunteering as a judge for the Michigan state finals for National History Day in Lansing. It was a blast, I got to hang out with some of my fellow WMU grad friends, and also read some great papers and meet some bright young students, so it was well worth the absence, even though I missed you guys too. Anyways, this is gonna be a fun review. I'll try to keep it as short as possible since there's so many good things to say about this one, but no promises. This one hit about every note right as much as it possibly could have. Also, to my good buddy DashForever, this one's for you, my man. So, "Tanks for the Memories." This one is up there as far as RD episodes go. Right now, I can only think of a handful that might actually beat it out, such as "Sonic Rainboom" (but that's mostly for the nostalgia and awesome factor). I don't know if we've ever seen Rainbow Dash this emotional, I don't know if we've ever seen such a tragic side to her loyalty, and I don't know if we've ever had such a truly bittersweet Slice of Life episode. What probably impresses me the most about it is that it didn't really build up to a happy ending. It wasn't a happy ending. It was... very much bittersweet, but in a good way. It was about acceptance, namely, accepting that a friend near and dear to RD had to go away for awhile. And ya know what, for RD, the most loyalest of ponies who'd do anything for her friends, that bucking hurt, because she couldn't do anything to stop it. Tank had to hibernate, and despite trying to stop winter itself, RD in the end couldn't do anything about it. We've seen her have to learn to accept help from her friends before to certain extents, but never in the sense that they couldn't solve the problem together. Here, all they could was be there for her. That's all they could do, and that's all she really needed. All she needed to do, as Fluttershy so aptly realized, was cry it out, and boy oh boy, did she ever. She cried, and cried, and cried it out. She cried it out so hard that she got 3 other ponies to cry it out with her (and one on the inside, I bucking love AJ for that). And even after she'd cried it out, she still wasn't completely over it, but she was ready to accept it, and that's a valuable lesson to teach all of us. Sometimes, we can't solve all of our problems; sometimes, we just have to accept that some things are going to happen no matter what we do. It may hurt, it may hurt a lot, and it may require quite a few tears from us all, but accepting the hurt, especially with friends and family by your side, is better than running away, ignoring, or fighting it. That's by far one of the most mature lessons we've ever seen in any episode of MLP, much less a Slice of Life episode, and I cannot praise Cindy Morrow enough. She really knows how to tug at viewers heartstrings, doesn't she? Gosh dang it, why are these two so cute together? So that right there about sums up the highest praise I have for the episode. There's a lot of other great things to be said about it, but those were my most important thoughts. Besides how well all of the aforementioned elements worked in the episode, there was a ton of other stuff that I loved. Tank was adorable as usual, possibly more adorably awesome than he's ever been before. I always get the sense with him that, given that he's probably quite old at this point, he's got a lot of wisdom for a pet. He seemed to keep giving RD looks throughout the episode that just said, "Hey, it's OK, I gotta go away for a little while, but I love you, and I'll be back before you know it." Some of those faces alone made the impact of the episode itself all the harder to take, but again, it worked so well. Aside from that, it was pretty funny and cute to see him get more and more tired (aside from how much it was distressing RD). Besides Tank, Fluttershy shined quite a bit as well in this episode. She really knows when tough love is called for, especially when it comes to more emotionally stressful situations, and I liked that the episode highlighted that. Then she got an idea. An awful idea. RD got a wonderful, awful idea! I HAVE SPECIAL EYES!!! Comedy-wise, there was A LOT. I'll just name off what stuck out to me the most. (1) Rainbow Dash being racist to Spike (seriously, first the dragon is completely the same as the tortoise, then the next second it's "What would you know, you're just a dragon!"); (2) angry-eyes Rainbow Dash (following her equally hilarious angry-rant); (3) Rainbow Dash making the bucking Grinch-smile; (4) the debacle that was trying to stop winter in the Cloudsdale weather factory (especially when RD got zapped in the lightning room... which seems like an awfully dangerous way to store lightning, come to think of it); (5) Twilight "Ned Stark Winter is Coming" Sparkle and the most obvious yet still amazing Game of Thrones reference EVER; (6) the emotional RD/group-crying scene that somehow managed to get as hilarious as it was sad (capped off by us learning that AJ apparently cries on the inside); (7) my personal favorite, and that's saying a lot, but one of the most amazing "Who's on First?" references I've ever heard in my entire life in the conversation that those three new weather ponies had about how confusing their names were, that was bucking PRICELESS!!! That... was... GENIUS (and also blows any time they've done the same thing with Owlowiscious out of the bucking water)!!! Heck, they even SOUNDED like Abbot and Costello! So yeah, this was a funny episode, you get the idea. Besides that, it actually confirmed a lot of my head canon about Cloudsdale, which I personally greatly appreciated since a lot of that (particularly the fact that Cloudsdale actually moves around all over Equestria altering the weather, though I'd thought that was also previously confirmed in "Hurricane Fluttershy") material will actually factor into my fanfiction later on. Not to mention I just enjoyed seeing Cloudsdale extensively again since I love pegasi and I love that location a lot. The animation, as usual, was gorgeous, and apparently Daniel Ingram has been working overtime this season. Seriously, we have had a song every episode (and yes, short as it was, Applejack's lullaby from the last episode totally counts), and this, on top of everything else, was actually RD's first ever solo song. And ya know what? It was awesome! It's upbeat, fast-paced tone and instrumentals completely complemented her vocals to a T, and I loved every second of it. Finally, it was also cool getting to see both the Running of the Leaves again, as well as Ponyville at the end of Fall and the start of Winter. In fact, I just realized that, assuming Tank's gone for awhile, we might actually get to see a few episodes at least take place in winter, something we've never really gotten to see before. We've seen episodes here and there take place in winter in Ponyville or Canterlot, but never a series of them in a row, so that could be cool! Besides that, I don't have really anything else to say about this one. "Tanks for the Memories" was just a perfect Slice of Life episode in every sense of the word, and I loved every minute of this one. It reminded me why so many bronies consider RD to be best pony, and when any episode does that for any of the Mane 6, you know it's a good one. Thanks for the memories, Tank, good buddy; we'll see you again before you know it.
  12. As it often does, this took me a lot longer then I had planed for, but I think this is one of my best so far. Full Link
  13. Pinklady

    Pets Fan Club

    This is a fan club about all the pets of the mane 6. Personally, I love all of them and i'm happy if they appear in an episode. I absolutely love the episode 'Just For Sidekicks'! The interaction between the pets are priceless. So if you would like to talk/discuss about any of them or post some images, don't hesitate My top 7 1: Opalescence 2: Winona 3: Owlowiscious 4: Tank 5: Gummy 6: Angel 7: Pee Wee I'm curious to hear which pets are your favourite!
  14. I was going to wait to post until I'd completed drawings for all six pets in Art Academy for Wii U, but I'm at the halfway mark and it's taking forever anyhow lol. I can wait no longer! I've completed Angel Bunny, Gummy, and Tank thus far; you may notice that I've... Messed around with their respective character designs somewhat: Angel Bunny Gummy Tank I wanted to focus on the pets rather than their owners, but I also wanted to include the Mane Six in some way. Hence the tails. Three more pets to go; Opal is likely next.
  15. In "Feeling Pinkie Keen", the first appearance of Gummy, the color red is displayed, and so are seven ponies. Red is a color, and there are seven colors in a rainbow. Now, there are two colors in Glaze's mane, and in "Feeling Pinkie Keen", Twi has two eyes, meaning that Gummy worked in the rainbow factory. Now, it takes a trained eye to see this, but Gummy and Tank are both Green, both have two eyes, both owned by Helements of Armory, and are both, in fact, sentient creatures! Coincidence? I think not. There are sixteen letters in "May the Best Pet Win", the first mention of Tank's name, and there are six colors in RD's mane, the manager of the Rainbow Factory. 16 - 6 = 10. Luna was banished for 1000 years, and 10 x 100 = 1000! Luna is Celestia's sister (non-biological) and Celestia was the one who banished her. So, Luna was obviously the creator of the Pegasus Device, and the ultimate overseer of the Rainbow Factory. Gummy's pupil resembles a '1', and there are two propellers on Tanks, eh, thing. 1 + 2 = 3! What's that, still don't get it? There are six Helements of Armory, and each princess, long ago, would've gotten 3 each, which brings us back up two lines, 1 + 2 = 3. So, unless you are stupid or something, you'll understand that Hasbro has been subconsciously planting all these little hints for us to pick up, in order to understand that GUMMY AND TANK ARE CELESTIA'S BIOLOGICAL PARENTS!!! Have I opened your mind to a new world of opportunity? If I have shown even just one pony the light, my work is done, and I can die happy.
  16. So me and two other friends are working on a 3D tanks game and I took on the role of game artist. This is a side view of one of the concept tanks that I drew.
  17. It's Wednesday! Have a song! Hope you enjoy! (and here are some more exclamation points for good measure: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  18. Behold: Maybe I've been living under a rock or just too wrapped up in other stuff I've been playing, but it wasn't until tonight that I heard about Hawken as I was installing the driver for my dad's new video card. Thanks for letting me know about this, nVidia. Alright, so the open beta is allegedly supposed to begin today. As of now it's still not available, but you should go to their site and register now to secure your perferred user name. This is the mech combat game I've been waiting for. If you're into mechs, have always wanted to pilot a Metal Gear, or just love to blow stuff up, this might be worth a try. Having not played it myself I can't be certain of what it'll be like, but judging by appearences it should be awesome. And it's free to play, so why not give it a try?
  19. Anybody here into tanks or other armored fighting vehicles I am kind of curious I am very partial to the M1 Abrams tanks But I also like the Russian T-72. I also have a love for the Mi-48 Russian hind and the huey helicopters anybody partial to other vehicles.
  20. So who's your favorite Owner/Pet pair? Personally mines Rainbow Dash and Tank, Both are complete opposites of each other, but there relationship works. Rainbow Dash, being a very fast speed demon, and Tank being one of the slowest animals around, Granted that with tanks Flying contraption makes him faster. I also like how in Just for sidekicks Rainbow shows affection for him, which is always nice to see. Anyway, Whats yours?
  21. @, I'm a bit meh on this one. This is the first time I've drawn Tank, so he looks really wonky, and I don't know what's going on with Dash's face. SHAME. Also, Dashey, I went to your page to get a mention of you, and I was reminded that you're a much better drawer than I am. NOW I FEEL LIKE A FOOL.
  22. So, I took a quiz in school today, and immediately after getting it back started doodling. I ended up with this! It's Rainbow Dash and Tank at their finest! Take a look! Sadly, I didn't finish, and maybe I will, but I'm not sure, so if I don't I figured I'd post what I have. If I do, I'll put that up, too. Yikes! Now that I look at it again, there are so many mistakes! Well, I gues that's what I get when I try to make quality art at the same time as taking quality notes...
  23. My first fanfic, hope you enjoy. Eager for criticism/questions/commentsA Friend in NeedThe house was easy to find. Unlike the other dozen or so cloud homes glistening in the golden rays of the setting sun, this one had been build in the pre-sororial style, with an angled roof, pillars and half reliefs showing birds of prey and the cloud and lightning emblem of the pegasus tribes of old.The visitor touched down with the most subtle of sounds. This was important: Most pegasi tended to touch down hard on clouds, relying on the soft surface to soften the impact, while others took pride in their ability to land absolutely soundlessly. The visitor’s way was actually a lot harder to achieve and the result of years of practice. It was calculated to announce one’s arrival in a nonthreatening way that reassured and soothed the hurt and the frightened. The visitor listened for a response, and when none came, entered.The living room was a mess, even though there wasn’t much to be made a mess of: Flying trophies and badges were strewn across the floor, an isolated flying suit with goggles and an ancient pegasi warhelmet lay on the cumulus that constituted a couch, half the floor was covered with dog-eared adventure novels. The only things that seemed to have escaped the devastation were the multicoloured gala dress and a series of framed photographs on a shelf. Tank the tortoise was trying to climb out of his coop, utterly unimpressed by the impossibility of the task.The visitor put down her saddlebag and listened again: There was a sobbing coming from behind the door leading to the bedroom. She walked over to the door in measured steps, like the touchdown, calculated to announce her presence without being intrusive. The sobbing stopped and was replaced by the silence of somepony listening.The visitor knocked softly on the door. ´Rainbow Dash, are you there?´No answer.‘I can come back later, if you want.´Again there was only silence from the other site of the door, but it was a silence she was used to: The silence of a proud, independent mind that had to be tricked into accepting help.‘I’ll get started on cleaning up then. I also brought tea, if you want some.’She was halfway through stacking the novels, when the bedroom door opened and Rainbow Dash entered. Her violet eyes were reddened and swollen from crying and her mane even messier than usual. Without saying a word, she picked up the flying suit and started folding it.They worked in silence, until they had returned the room the closest it had ever come to being tidy.Rainbow Dash went into the small kitchen and came back with two mugs she set down on the table in front of the couch. ‘Fluttershy, did Twilight send you?’Fluttershy took isolated bottle from her bag and filled the mugs with Pinkie’s Sugar Bomb Surprise. The stuff was so sweet, it technically wasn’t even tea anymore, but sometimes there simply wasn’t anything better. She decided that the truth was the way to go. ‘Well yes, she asked me to check on you, because you seemed upset about something.’Rainbow Dash snorted. ‘That’s so Twilight.‘ But Fluttershy could see tears glistening in her friend’s eyes. She fished a handkerchief out of her bag and handed it to Rainbow. ‘Do you want to talk about it?’Rainbow Dash blew her nose noisily, took a small sip of tea and stared into her mug for a while. Then, like a dam bursting, the words started pouring out of her. ‘ I- I was taking Tank to her to renew his cloudwalking spell. And I wanted to ask her, if she wanted to go to Cloudsdale with me for the weekend, because the museum there is having an exhibition on ancient Pegasus history and I got some free tickets, ‘cause they found out, that my family goes right back to Commander Tempest.’Fluttershy nodded, she knew that Rainbow was proud of being descended from such a famous hero.‘What happened then?’‘I- I was going to ask her, but she had some friends over from her old school in Canterlot and they were talking about one of their classmates, who invented a new spell or something. And I tried to change the subject but Twilight just kept going on about how smart the guy is and how cute he is and how she always had crush on him. And then she asked, if I wanted to come to Canterlot with her to visit him-’ Rainbow’s voice stopped. Then she burst into tears and buried her head in the cloudFluttershy reached out with her front leg and pulled her friend’s head to her shoulder. ‘Don’t’, Rainbow protested meekly. ‘I’ll get you all icky.’Fluttershy smiled. ‘I run an animal shelter Dash, I’ve had far worse.’For quite some time they just lay on the couch, Fluttershy gently stroking the sobbing Rainbow Dash’s mane, while the shadows wandered over the walls and ceiling.When the tea had long gone cold, Rainbow lifted her head, blew her nose again and looked at Fluttershy. ‘Why can’t she see? I mean, she’s a genius, right?’ She pointed to Tank’s flying harness that lay in a corner. ‘She drew the plans for that thing up in one afternoon and there was more math on there than I’ve ever seen in my life. How can she be so smart and so damn stupid at the same time? How come she doesn’t notice? You noticed.’Fluttershy felt the beginnings of a blush. ‘Well, I guess I’m just a bit more experienced at noticing these things than twilight is.’Rainbow cracked a little smile, then she rolled over on her back and starred at the ceiling. ‘You know, I’ve thought about just telling her, but she’d probably just look for a book called “Being lovelorn for Beginners” or something.’Despite herself, Fluttershy chuckled. This did sound like something, Twilight would do.“Fluttershy, I don’t want things between Twilight and me to change. She’d just try to fix it and that would only make it worse. I don’t want her to be upset.’Fluttershy looked at her friend. ‘You know Rainbow? You’re probably the bravest pony I know. ’Now it was Rainbow’s turn to blush. ‘Well you know me: Always being awesome. ‘Fluttershy started repacking her bag while Rainbow trotted into the bathroom and, by the sound of it, stuck her head directly in the raincloud that hovered there.When she returned she was flying and using her front legs to dry her mane with a towel.‘Thanks for stopping by Fluttershy, want me to come along and help you tuck in the chicken or something? ‘‘Oh, that’s quite alright. I’ve had them go to bed early, before I came over here. But I have some baby bats, who need flying lessons, if you’re interested. ‘Rainbow’s eyes lit up. ‘Am I? Race you to your cottage! ‘And with that she was out of the door racing towards the distant forest.Fluttershy smiled to herself, put on the saddlebag, stopped for a moment to pet Tank on the head and swooped out of the door into the darkening sky, following her friend. Disclaimer/Clarification: I do not think, that my story's interpretation of Rainbow Dash's sexuality is valid and I doubt it will ever be addressed in the show (I don't think theres actually any need to). I just thought it would make for a good story.