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Found 55 results

  1. I want to know about your favorite team in the NFL. Here's my favorite team, and it is my hometown team also! Here's my taste of the my team. http-~~-// (It is Seahawks if you can't notice which one)
  2. Good Day, my name is Vardakas, mostly known as Balareth, i make animations on my own. I am looking for talented people who can contact me via Skype or PMs, we can work on a animaiton project i am developing. At the moment i am requiring this Staff: -Background Aritsts -Voice Talents (male and Female, both are very required) -As for the animation as well, i'll handle the whole animation part but if you want to enter as animator is required to know Anime Studio Pro, Flash is not gonna be used. -We are gonna work on Skype, if you are fully willing to join the team PM in this page first. This is a great oportunity to create a new empire with new species, in our team nobody is discrimined by gender, nationality, race or sexual preference, we are all part not only of a glorious team with constant progress but also a safe place to relief your stress and sadness, you will receive suport from us, we are like family. I gathered few members already, and even if is my vision nobody is really the leader, you have the chance to talk and express yourself about the animaiton progress, you are free to suggest, propose or complain and we all gonna listen to you carefully. This animation is not about ponies, but before you leave please listen: as a voice actor or bg artist this is a great chance to expose your talent to the world, first youtube, then newgrounds and if we receive enough suport we can start our own plattform to those who choose to follow our example, time will decide over things. Because there are shows who create intense love for itself if we analize it step by step this would be our chance to bring the best to make a new world based on what we decide, your voice is gonna melt the heart of the fans, YOUR fans, wouldn't you like to see fan art of your fursona? fanfiction, videos or even videogames? We are gonna make history on the internet, while i handle the hardsest part that is animation i only ask you a little contribution that is gonna be greatly rewarded, because your name and the links of you is gonna be on the description, i'll give you fully credit for your work, i have faith on this project that is gonna change forever the view of the users we are gonna be the founders of a new fandom that are the felines, not only cats but majestic lions, fast cheetahs, strong panthers and most species in anthro form we are gonna be the voice of the new generation. We are gonna make all users to raise their paws toward us creating an empire 100% original and free from Copyright Issues. If you want to participate this will mark a new begining of your life, a reason to fight for. This is not only my project, is OUR project. Feeling depressed? feeling down wondering what the heck you been doing with your life? have you ever feel you dont have a purpose to live? well i am offering you a reason to live, a mission, a path to happiness, a work that is gonna be immortalized on internet. If you are good with your voice or drawing skills you are most welcome we will accept you as one of our own and i call you, Dear Founder of the Feline Empire, i salute you. We are all Founders, Me and my friends including you. Remember, if you wanna contact me, PM me with the title of Feline Animation and ill give you the details and all answers you want. Fillies and Gentlecolts, for many years we have followed a wonderful world and a awesome comunity like MLP and the Brony Fandom, now is the time to start to be the gods of this world, Felnes are gonna be friendly and compatible with the brony fandom so you dont feel you are treasoning the fandom, you are helping me to bring in a newborn kindom where magic and science meets and epic adventures awaits. I dare you to show me the best of you. Our time has begun.
  3. This here is a place where great minds can come together to create high quality OCs. Wether you have an idea for a new OC, have an existing OC that needs improvement, or just want to help others with their OCs, this is the place for you. If you would like help with an OC, feel free to ask. The goal here is to form a group of people who are comfortable working together on OCs. Please use this site's database for the creation of your OCs, links will be provided below each Weekly Theme. All criticism here MUST BE CONSTRUCTIVE, blatant insults are not welcome and will be reported. Also, alicorn OCs are OKAY, they just need to be well thought out. Each week, I will also be posting a suggested theme as inspiration for new OCs. This is NOT mandatory, it is JUST A SUGGESTION. Eventually, if we get enough people involved in this, we may even start voting on the best OC for the Weekly Theme. You will find the Weekly Theme in this post, as I will be editing it in each week. I will also post the theme as a new post so it can be seen among the recent posts as well. This way, new members can see the theme in the original post and members who are already participating in the group will see it among the new posts and their notifications. This is a relaunch of an already existing group called "OC Creation Team." The group was originally started by another member who put me in charge, but I could not edit the original post so I restarted it here. If you would like help with an OC, but you also want to stay anonymous, feel free to PM me to ask me to post your OC here for you. This way we can help you, but you aren't getting any unwanted attention. In Sickness and in Health! Now for a more interesting theme with a bit of duality. This week the theme is all about sickness. From doctors curing the ill, to mad scientists creating new ways to make their bio weapons more excruciating, we are looking for characters with a background in medical science (or perhaps magic?). Have fun! It is recommended that you use this site's Character Databases for creating your character. When you post your character here, please include a picture of your character, a link to the character's page, and a brief description of the character. If an image is not available, please be thorough in your description of the character. Click here for Everfree Empire characters (less strict, anything goes as long as it doesn't break the rules of the site) or here for Equestrian Empire characters (more strict, everything has to be believable as something that could appear in the show) Generally I will try to post a new theme at midnight Friday night going into Saturday Eastern Standard Time (USA).
  4. Hey does anyone here play Paladins ? Looking for some people to make a group with how do you move a conversation?
  5. Hey everypony. Thought I put this up cause I have a plan, yet it may take a while to get this up and running. However, I am currently finishing up one of my fan-fic: My Little Pony: The Day Equestria Stood Still Now this story, I want to turn it into a Fan Film, but a film with a length of 2 hours............yes, 2 hours long. As a Halo Machinima Director, Writer, and Voice Actor, thought I change in direction, and thought it would be nice to add some action and sci-fi to MLP a bit. I'm gonna give a run down on the story, as well as a list of characters, and a crew to assist me on this. So, to start thing off: PLOT: This fan fic will be a mix of genre's, with some action, sci-fi, and dark type (not to dark though) of setting. Now to being, this story will feature a non-canon, who will be the main antagonist of the story. This villains name is Khaoios, having a sort of reference to Greek Gods, Koios/Coeus, and Prometheus. The story focuses mostly on the Mane 6, and all of Equestria's inhabitants will play a role, into learning more about the Alicorn and what way they could stop him. The setting of the story will be all over Equestria, as well as out in orbit. Rather not spoil the rest, but once im done writing the story, I will post it here. *This fan film, will infact have some resemblances like in the main series where certain episodes are a mimic of some games, tv, and films. I will reveal that info later. WHAT I NEED (no limit): Animators/Artists Editors Script Writers (Once im done with the regular story, I will PM you the story) Musicians (You can freely create music to fit the moment of the story. I will also add some of music you hear in Machinima's) Sound Designers (I will be adding some familiar sound effects, most of them are explosions, glass breaking, roars/growls) Voice Actors/Actresses (I will need a lot, and may ask a few well known ones on youtube as well) COMMUNICATIONS: I will be setting up Skype (b/c one of my pc's has a problem, so we will be communicating mostly through there). Want to say one thing, though, there is no rush whatsoever into making this fan film. I am looking forward to seeing volunteers, VOICE-OVER ROLES:There will be a lot of characters featured in this fan film, so I will provide a list below for all of you, Also, if you want, feel free to drop a demo file, so I can hear them which would be great, Here are demos lines for each character: - Fan Film Audio Demo Lines 1 - Fan Film Audio Demo Lines CAST: Main Protagonists Twilight Sparkle - OPEN () Rarity - OPEN () Pinkie Pie - OPEN () Applejack - OPEN () Rainbow Dash - OPEN () Fluttershy - TAKEN (@@EbonyTails-VA) Spike - OPEN () Supporting Protagonists Princess Celestia - OPEN () Princess Luna - OPEN ( ) Princess Cadance - OPEN () Shining Armor - OPEN () Doctor Hooves - OPEN () Main Antagonist Khaoios - TAKEN (@) Other Characters (Some of these characters will have short or long roles) The Wonderbolts (Consisting of Spitfire, Soarin, and Fleetfoot) - OPEN (ALL 3) - Spitfire () - Soarin () - Fleetfoot () Cutie Mark Crusaders (Consisting of Applebloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle) - OPEN (ALL 3) - Applebloom - TAKEN (@,) - Scootaloo () - Sweetie Belle () Big Mac - OPEN () Zecora - OPEN () Derpy - TAKEN (@@PrincessLena) Daring Do (Yes, she will make an appearance, the story will reveal her role) - OPEN () All other minor characters, (There will be lots of them, so if you want to voice a minor character, post the name and image of the character). Doctor Cabaleron - (He will also make an appearance, yet he will remain as a neutral character working alongside Daring Doo and the Mane 6) - OPEN (@@Theo) - Minor Characters (@@Mushroom Mutate, @@maydrock, @@Flareon, @, @@Windsmith, @@PinkiePieJr, @, @, @@EngiFalcon, @@KalaTurtle, @, @@Shadow Mist) CREW: Director - @ Assistant Director - @ Writer - @ Editor(s)/Script Writers - @@LZRD WZRD, @@TheSydeGuys Film/Film Editor - @, Special Effects Editor - Animators/Artists - Musician(s) - @, @, @ Sound Designers/Editors(s) - @
  6. Hello, and welcome to the Redraw Group (I may need to come up with a better name for this). I'm starting this as a way for people to improve their skills as artists by using the art of others as a guide for drawing their own original pieces, or redrawing the original as practice. The idea is that posting something here gives permission to others to redraw your artwork or use it as a guide for the purpose of this thread. The artworks can be anything unless it's NSFW. Both traditional and digital art are allowed. I'll start by posting some of my own work. Keep in mind, art that is posted here is only for the uses listed above, use in any other way is strictly prohibited unless otherwise stated by the owner of the work. I would like to see some of your work so I can try to improve my skills as well. The goal here is to share our work with each other and inspire each other to try new things. The Rules: - List the name of the original artist of the work you are duplicating. Their name on the forum (or whatever website they are best known at) A link to their website, artpage or Youtube Channel A friendly mention that this is beyond a reasonable doubt THEIR work and your duplication is inspired by such - Be sure to the original work can be found in your post and proper credit is given to the original artist for that image as well. Add a link to the original artwork if it is on another page or website. If it is on the same page indicate which item it is on that page (check after posting to see if your post started a new page. If it did, add the link to the page the image was on.) Information about whose work the link leads to must be included. - Keep your advice friendly and your criticism constructive. Don't insult anyone. Don't claim to be better than someone else, that is a matter of opinion. - Try not to offend anyone. Don't post NSFW content here. Don't post anything that is hateful or mean. - You are still on MLPforums and must also abide by their global rules.- You MAY NOT for ANY REASON use an image posted here outside this thread unless the artist says otherwise. Example: You may NOT use another artist's drawing of your OC as an avatar.- While MLP related art would be preferred, it is not required.- If you are posting your own, original artwork, you should label it as such to avoid any confusion. - This group is always open to new members, and there is no need to ask permission to join as long as you follow the rules. If you don't follow the rules above, your post will be reported. If it continues, further action may be taken. My originals: First, Seamore Sandwich and Ink/Quill (Ink and Quill are identical twins, you can never be sure which one you are looking at). Links to their bios are in my signature. Then it's the Dimond Spider. I am granting special permissions with this one. If you want to use it as an enemy in your Roleplay, you may, and for that purpose you may copy and paste the following image into the Roleplay. Just be sure you give me credit for it if you do, and please keep the creature as described in the following link. If you choose to redraw it and use the redrawn image elsewhere, remember to properly credit me for the creature's design there as well. Keep in mind these permissions do not extend to any other content in this thread. Diamond Spider Sadly, I could not find my old dragon drawings. I know I still have them somewhere. They were on a level far above these drawings. I guess I will just have to draw them again.
  7. Hello! We need a wide range of Creative Bronies for a project. The project is called 'Fear and Loathing in Equestria'. It will be a full length pony SFM film. We are currently looking for a large range of volunteers. This includes Voice Actors, Script Writers, Audio Editors, 2D animators, Editors, and Musicians. We need quite a few Voice Actors for Extras and Background Ponies. We also need musicians who can play and arrange film scores and rock. If you are interested send me a message or leave a reply stating how you would like to contribute. We're thankful for any and all help in creating this project! Please ask any questions you have. -Sincerely, The Management
  8. (I think this is where I put this here, sorry if I messed up!) If Ponyville had a football team, who would you pick, and what positions would you put them in, and why? There are 2 things I would like to point out for my choices, but of course, this is not mandatory. 1 - I'm gonna use the classic 4-4-2 formation to keep it simple 2 - I'm including attributes, but not species specific powers. For example, Rainbow dash being able to fly would be cheap to include, so her flight doesn't count, but her speed does, does that make sense? In the same way that unicorn magic would instantly be impossible to beat ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1 - Goalkeeper: Lyra - They only reason I thought of this is because of the fandom introducing that she is obsessed with humans, even though most of the fanart or jokes is based around human hands, and goalie is the only position that wears gloves with finger holes. Maybe this could give her a boost in confidence? I dunno 2 - Defender: Bulk Biceps - My thought processes went exactly like this: "Defenders need to be big and bulky...Wait, that's it! Bulk!" Maybe his soft side would be his downfall, but I'm willing to take it for the giant wall he is 3 - Defender: Big Mac - I like how when I thought "Big and Bulky" I thought of Bulk Biceps instantly, but it took me a good 20 minutes to think of *Big* Mac, literally the other half of what I was looking for. Again, his size would help, as well as probably having strong legs from bucking apples, so good for tackling? 4 - Defender: Royal Guard - Its only as I'm typing this that I realize this was an awful choice. Yeah, I just figured "They protect royalty, technically their job is to defend." I dunno, I guess I could've gone with Shining armor or Flash sentry, but I'll stick with my single generic royal guard 5 - Defender: Tom - That's right, Tom the boulder. But, picture this. Rarity would never play. Well, not on the pitch at least. What if, Tom is the physical side, and Rarity helps him move with her magic! Did I forget about my rule of not including unicorn magic while I was dazed with a high temperature when I thought of this idea earlier? Maybe, but that's none of your business...Ok, look, I only kept it cause I liked the idea of 2 in 1 kinda player. 6 - Midfielder: Discord - With types of tricks he can do, he could easily confuse and trip up his opponents. And I don't mean the kind he uses in the show, I mean football tricks, like showboating! Yeah, it's only wordplay, but I could see it working! 7 - Midfielder: Pinkie pie - Unpredictable. The element of surprise is strong, especially when it comes to Pinkie. She could easily make it seem like she was gonna do one thing, but instead do something completely different. But nothing wall breaking like in the show, now THAT would be unfair 8&9 - Midfielders: Spitfire and Soarin - Think of the speed! Think of the pace! Think of the chemistry these 2 would already have on the pitch! Not in a romantic ship kinda way, just since the Wonderbolts have chemistry with each other, now how each other performs, these 2 would be perfect together in midfield, being able to read each other so well. 10 - Striker: Rainbow Dash - Like I said in the example, she's fast. Like, it'd take something special to catch up with her. On top of that, anyone who's seen the first equestria girls knows she can score goals, so she's got decent accuracy too! 11 - Striker: Applejack - Like before with Big Mac, she's probably...scratch that, we KNOW she has strong legs from bucking apples. Could you imagine how powerful her shots would be? And if I remember rightly, when she was racing again RD with the barrel obstacles, she did very well, so I think it's fair to say she got pace too. TL;DR: Lyra Bulk Biceps Big Mac Royal Guard Tom + Rarity Discord Pinkie Pie Spitfire Soarin Rainbow Dash Applejack And maybe Celestia as manager? You know, because of leadership
  9. I recently started returning to TF2 and I was wondering if anyone who looks at this thread as used MLP names or references to weapons and hats. I am wondering if there is any reference or MLP themed name that could go on my Unusual Bonk! Helm (the effect is Circling TF logo btw.) I am also looking for strange weapon suggestions. My inventory can be found here: If you do have a suggestion and wish to help me with suggestions, post it in this format: (TF2 weapon's original name) - (The weapon's new name after renaming it) - (Optional: A description.) Here is an example I have made myself: Strange Quick-fix - Fluttershy's gift of sharing kindness - Default weapon description (basically no description.)
  10. "Man is a gaming animal. He must always be trying to get the better in something or other." -Charles Lamb Read more at HIRING A UGC IRON TEAM! REQUIREMENTS: At least 900 Hours on tf2 At least 30 Hours on the class to play Basic knowledge of map rollouts (Soldier/Demo/Sniper) Must land at least 1.5% of airshots (snipers, headshots count as 2 kills) Microphone THINGS YOU DON'T NEED: P2P status! Hats! Items! Competition Experience To pay! Contacts on my channel! League: UGC Iron Highlander NA Time Zone: PST You don't need a good computer! I use a macbook from 2008! Phone: +1(209)6142980
  11. Hello there! Team Permafrost, a new e-sports team for multiple games, is currently recruiting for it's new League of Legends branch. I am Looseleaf, the League of Legends branch team manager and top laner! If you're a cool dude who's decently good at League and wanna join a ranked team with similar chill players, I am currently looking for players who are the following: A) Respectful Somewhat Decent at the game C) Highschool Age at least D) Dank Memers If you are interested, all positions on the team listed below are up for grabs. Top (Since i can migrate to other positions): Jungle: Mid: AD Carry: Support: Still interested? You can visit the Team Permafrost site @ If you'd like to contact me personally, you can send me a PM or post your interest on the forum!
  12. .... bananas are good!” Ladies, gentleman, and Daleks ... I present to you @Odyssey and Blue Moon (the guy appears to be a today ... what a wonderful holiday). Two unique companions, well liked, bloody talented, and possessed of all the knowledge they need to know to survive as a companion ... Namely, I am definitely a mad man with a box! Both Blue Moon and Odyssey have been seen for a long time by staff as the epitome of great contributors to MLP Forums. Genial, approachable, intelligent, active, mature, and respected by the community. All of this and they both know that at the end of the day this little corner of the internet is about connecting with people and having fun. It is for these reasons that we have asked them to join the MLP Forums staff as Sectionals in some key areas where proactive moderation is important. Blue Moon will be working alongside PathfinderCS and the FiM Team Leader DashForever (Kiboat) in Ponyland. For a long time have we watched him grow, and I have no doubt he will continue to do so as a member of staff. Odyssey will be jumping into an area where we have sorely neglected: Octavia's Hall. She has been instrumental in assisting in the upcoming tweaks to the section, and will be one of the guiding forces for the artists (current and future) that use that as a platform to share their creations and ideas. Join me in welcoming them to the Forum Staff! To both of you: these are the best words of advice I could give. “Do what I do. Hold tight and pretend it’s a plan!” Obligatory Rarity emote
  13. I've been working on this for a while now for a couple I know that play Halo Team Doubles together and I just got around to finishing it this afternoon. I have many projects in the works and I like to have them done within a week but my schedule is always hectic so that doesn't always happen but I keep the ball moving along any way I can. I hope you like it. All my Art is free because I believe All Art should be free for everyone to enjoy and be inspired by. I do free personal projects for anyone that wants anything done however I will be gone for the next 3 months so for those that want one soon, I'm really sorry but it will have to wait.
  14. I saw some people doing it and decided to give it a shot. If I would show this to some guys I know they would beat me until my slow and painful demise.... Also, today is Boca's 110 birthday! YAY! Fun thing is that I didn't know that, creppy coincidence I guess. I'll use it as a tribute nevertheless. Well. First, some context: Here're the pics. (Got lazy with the background, just pics of the inside of the stadium with a couple of filters in Photoshop.) Original: Hat version, because Argentina. What d'ya guys think? Is there any emponehment of your team around?
  15. Hello Everypony ! Some of you who've see my new signature or some of my recent RPs might have seen or heard me mention a tram of ponies I put together consisting of chaotic characters from the show . Known as the EOD or the elements of disharmony . For those that don't know my version of this group consists of 13 characters . Here is the full list Discord ( who is obviously their leader .) The cmc Diamond Tiara Silver Spoon Sunset Shimmer Dash Pinkie ( co leader ) Trixie Spike. Lightening Dust Gilda .( Gilda isn't in my sig due to space but she's in the group ) So you may ask why is there 13 well 13 is thought to be a unlucky number and that makes it chaotic . Plus its a odd number . Anyway now I have a few questions for you 1. What should their ekenents be ? 2. Should the younger member be honorary or full fledged ? Who will replace Dash and Pinkie ? Finally should everyone of them have an opposite element of harmony ? I'd appreciate your answers . Also if I posted this on the wrong section I apologuze I honestly had no idea where to put thus ? And yes I now the title of thus topic sucjs before anyone says anything ! Anyway that's to all of you in advance
  16. Hello Everypony and welcome to UPFT ! Today your favorite ponies will go into teams of 3 to take on each other in the most exciting contest in MLP history ! You just select a team in order to participate . Here are the tens established so far . Team unicorns rule ( Twilight , Rarity and Sunset Shimmer ) Team Wild West ( Applejack , Big Mac and Breburn ) Team princess ( Candace Celestia and Luna ) Team insanity ( Cheese Sandwitch , Pinkie Pie and Discord ) Team wonderbolts ( Thunderlane Spitfire and Soarin ) Tearm ego trip ( Rainbow Dash , Trixie and Lightening Dust )@ Team anger issues ( Fluttershy , Iron Will and Gilda ) Team fire breather ( Spike, Garble and the dragon from dragonshy ) Team darkness ( King Sombra , queen Chrysalis and Tirek ) Team misunderstood ( Sweetie Belle , Babs Seed and Silver Spoon Team troublemaker ( Apllebloom , Diamond Tiara and Scootaloo. Team Waifu stealer ( Flash Sentry , Shineing Armor and Blueblood Alright guys select your teams ! Mine is team ego trip ( ego trip is best team lol )
  17. Hello Every pony. I thought i can bring something up for my project that is in progress. it Might take while to do this but i want to get this up and running so far i have 20 Bronies that are helping me with this and i just want more help to get this project running. Five Nights at Blu's: Crossover fan film This is a crossover film of Five nights at Freddys and MLP i got this idea from the Mike Schmidt comics at tumbler and i have to say it is very well done so i want to make my own version with a OC the reason why is i want to be more original and that is made by me and our team and i just love the idea of this project now another thing is Blu Spark why is he a wolf well the reason is it is part of the story that he can change to a pony and a wolf like a ware wolf so it works like that and why is my OC a wolf i just love wolfs and i got this from Dr wolf with more of a original look and that is what the project is. but my little toon is a canceled project why well that idea does not work and its just to random but Five nights at blu's will. PLOT: The Plot is about a Blue Colt turn in to a Animatornic and turn back to life. The plot starts that Blu was Bitten in the Bite of 87. Foxy put the Blue colt in a spare blue wolf suit. Blu was a Animatronic for a very long time he was possessed by the fith child as he gets very angry. He wished that he was alive and see alot of great things in Equestria so hey climbs up to the roof and hears a voice that would guide him to life. 3 years later Blu is a alive pony/ wolf he has a bad apartment and a very bad job he works at Freddy Fazbear Pizza and so far got a raised to the day Shift. he also has a meeting at Las Pegasus so he fly's away with his wings but a bad storm comes in a a flash of lighting hits his wings as he crashed at a village could Ponyville. he has not that much bits as he bought a cupcake at Sugarcube Corner. he meets the mane six as they where giving him a welcome to Ponyville. blu just left and goes to the train station to buy a ticket he lost his ticket he heard a voice somepony said they have a extra ticket the mane six have one so Blu goes with them for a big adventure of his life. WHAT I NEED Animators/Artist Editors Script Writers Musicians Sound Designers Voice actors/ actress Spoilor: QuoteQuoteQuote Some one Dies COMMUNICATIONS: I have a group called nightmare studios so add me on skype by darcybelle3 and the name is Biscuit and we are good see yea there VOICE-OVER ROLES: i Will have roles and if you want to do a roll please post it : > CAST: Main Protagonists Blu Spark - OPEN () Twilight Sparkle - OPEN () Fluttershy - OPEN () Pinkie Pie - OPEN () Rarity - OPEN () Apple Jack - OPEN () Rainbow Dash - OPEN () Spike - OPEN () Supporting Protagonists Princess Celestia - OPEN () Princess Luna - OPEN ( ) Derpy Whooves - OPEN () Discord - OPEN () Dr Hooves - OPEN () Freddy - OPEN () Bonnie - OPEN () Chica - OPEN () Foxy - OPEN () The Puppet/ Marionette - OPEN () Main Antagonist Golden Freddy - OPEN () Toy Freddy - OPEN () Toy Bonnie - OPEN () Toy Chica - OPEN () Toy Foxy/ Mangle - OPEN () Purple Stallion - OPEN () ​Other Characters (Some of these characters will have short or long roles) Cmc - 3 OPEN () Apple Bloom - OPEN () Scootaloo - OPEN () - Sweetie Belle - OPEN () Bon Bon - OPEN () Lyra - OPEN () Dj Pon 3/ Vinyl Scratch - OPEN () Octavia - OPEN () CREW: Director - @Biscuit Assistant Director - @kiwi Writer - @Biscuit Editor(s)/Script Writers - @ice chan,@nightmare Film/Film Editor - Special Effects Editor - Animators/Artists - Musician(s) - @lightingrunner Sound Designers/Editors(s) -
  18. Hello, fellow citizens. It is I, Otty, back from the grave. I'm sure all of you are aware of a growing conflict... Today, Koukatsu violated the agreements found within the Treaty of The Feldian Order and created HIS OWN Chigens Appreciation Day, which goes against our original planned Chigens Appreciation Day. This is an act of war. Fellow members such as Artemis, Chigens, Makusu, Lightwing, Proton, Windhover, Star Gazer, and many more allied members have joined together to recreate the United MLPF Members of the Feldian Order. Join our cause! It's the right thing to do~!
  19. Announcement! Castle crashers is 75% off on steam until January 2nd! making its price $3.74 USD. Now is the perfect time to purchase a great game and join our team right? What is Castle Crashers you may ask? Well simply put it is an indie action adventure beat 'em up game! Similar to what you used to see in old arcades from time to time. It is available on steam for $14.99 and often goes on sale for 50% off more more (sheesh what am i salesmen? xD). This game does NOT go well with a keyboard and mouse, and honestly a controller is super recommended! Headsets and microphones are also recommended for communication purposes (kinda important for insanity mode) Playing together: This game is much more fun when playing with friends , So I created this thread to help people get together and enjoy the game together! Personally, i have been needing people to play with. I dont know about you guys 'n gals but i love the game! Recently I have felt an itch to get back to it and try to finish insanity mode but to do so we need a crack team of grade A awesome people. Naturally the main platform will be through steam (yay steam!). so first off ... Current Goal: Gather the team, and level up to Insanity level ranges. I will be the leader of our great team (as I already have the insanity mode progress and aiming for my first golden skull). Have a helpful steam guide to show inform you of each character's strength and weaknesses, and a guide to unlocking each character. Join the team! I figure to put in the effort to putting groups together and ovrall qualified people (for insanity mode) so that it would be easier for us to find eachother, and coordinate having people of similar level ranges (higher level's do not matter if you cap all stats). For simplicity sake please try to follow the format I made below, so that I may add them into a comprehensive list on this first post of our teams.(this is important as multiple people cannot play as the same knight). And as a suggestion, a King would be very helpful as I am certain the healing will save us plenty of lives in the long run. Fencer and Industrialist seem to also be invaluable and both arecurrently available for our insanity team! Please note:We will be adding eachother to steam friend's lists to keep in contact, to prevent abuse we will handle that through PM's rather than posting your steam alias (Nickname) openly. However, should you so choose, you are free to openly post your steam on the forum, or on your contact list. Primary Knight: Blue Knight: Level 83 grey skull achieved Secondary Knight's: None If you have any feedback to structuring the character resume format, please do share! Let us make this easier for everyone and make that list one smart cookie (helpful and well put together). And of course, discussion is more than welcome! questions about battle strategies, secrets, tips, etc. Laslty I need info on when you hit the level where you have enough points to cap every stat, I forgot what it was, I think it was something in the 60's? Team 1:
  20. So here is the scenario: Earth is under attack by ... Aliens, Evil Wizard with Orcs,..uhm overzealous One Direction fans, or some other such threat demanding desperate measures. Scientists have constructed a machine that can pull five historic heroes from Earth's past (no mythic figures or quasi-mythic figures; sorry King Aurthur) to combat the threat and lead the forces of Earth into battle. For the sake of scenario... the machine turns said heroes' abilities into magic, technology, or something that means they can actually deal with the threat of unspeakable Evil ( And so George Washington doesn't have to defeat invaders from space, with a musket and his false teeth). You don't have to use my combat roles in how you assemble your team, but please provide a short explanation of some sort of why you picked each member. Here goes mine: 1. Leader- Scipio Africanus Defeated Hannibal during one of Rome's most difficult times. So organizing forces to deal with a capable enemy that is already hounding you, is something he is used too. His determination and leadership abilities would also enable him to organize the other team. 2. Strategist- Zhuge Liang So yeah, probably alot of what is said about him is fiction but if 1/4 of the actions, inventions, writings, and so on attributed to him are correct... He is still one seriously tough cookie in terms of strategic acumen. 3. Offense- Erwin Rommel (... not time for debate, but just as a note: he didn't follow Hitler's orders to kill prisoners and civilians, and eventually became involved in a conspiracy assassinate Hitler... moving on) Easily one of the top Commanders of WW2. Famous for attacking quickly, using ambushes, and being near the front lines which inspires any under such a commander. Was much less reckless than others and could be more flexible on the battlefield, making him a better choice than others. 4. Defense- Jean Parisot de Valette Led a small force in the defense of the island of Malta, consisting of a little over 6,000 ( 3,000 of whom were basic local militia) against the Ottoman Empire forces of 22,000-48,000 ( let's say at least 30,000 likely). Which he did at age 70! And his conduct in the battle was quite likely what led his men to drive off the enemy forces. Don't need to 'defend' my choice much . 5. Special/ Auxiliary- Uesugi Kenshin One of the most powerful daimyo of the Sengoku Period in Japanese History. Skilled in Tactics and renowned for his skill on the battlefield, to the extent that some of his men viewed him as a 'god of war'. His overall strength of personality and abilities, would make him useful as a back-up or if a special force needed a leader for a particular task. Also... It would feel wrong not having a Samurai of some kind on the list . So that's my team, what team of guys and gals would you select from History?
  21. Is anyone on here a member of TBNC? (Team brony North Carolina)
  22. What is your favourite selection of Pokémon to put into your team ? My team would be; Togekiss with the moves extrasensory, Wish, Air slash and Ancient power Serperior with the moves Leaf blade, leach seed, coil and Mega drain Jolteon with the moves Pin missile, Thunderbolt, Shadow ball and Toxic Meowstic with the moves Disarming Voice, Psychic, Charge beam and Substitute Azumarill with the moves Aqua jet, Bounce, Play rough and Brick break. Dragonite with the moves Flamethower,Ice beam ,Dragon dance and Dragon Claw. so what are your teams ?
  23. Storyline: After sweeping every single traces of disharmony,Equestria stood in a peaceful state for days. However,there is still one enemy hidden in the depths of Equestria. An enemy Celestia fougth moons & moons agos. Armed with the Elements of Harmony,Princess Twilight & co. will have a long & torrid battle against the ruthless Spirit of Death... What i will need: -Animators:I'll need both Flash & 3D animators.The Flash animations will have to look as close as the show's. -Editors -Story-boarders -Script writers:Without ones,the film will be as good as the Twilight saga. -Musicians:Because MLP without musics is not MLP.There will be mainly orchestral ones. Speaking of music,the film will also intend to have songs just like in the show. -Sound Designers:The ones who takes care of background sounds. -Mixers Contact: I'll be mainly posting my Skype account. Have the best of luck! Crew: Animators: ShootingStarMLPFIM, SparkGlasses Editors: Stallion Hoovrick,~Alicornification~, Soren Nightwing Script writers: LZRD WZRD, Sweets, dusk.night,PinkCupcake21, Stallion Hoovrick, roguesoul, Harmoy's Echo, BlueSkittleWolf Lead Script Writer: LZRD WZRD Story-boarders: Sweets, Dawn Wing Musicians: Myself, Thunder-Dash, Pinkcupcake21, websterhamster, child of the night, Arkane Sound Designers: Stallion Hoovrick, child of the night, Jerry, Arkane Mixers: Arkane, Jerry, Thunder-Dash
  24. hello every pony OzSNIPEoZ here looking to recruit some ponies for league of legends ranked team or just to have some fun with if any of you are interested then add me and comment down you're ign (in game name) so i know who adds me, hope to see all my fellow bronies on the rift.