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Found 15 results

  1. What is your opinion on Synthwave?
  2. Do any of you ponies use Chrome Extensions? Which ones? I have some basic ones like AdBlocker and a video downloader, and I also have a couple other mostly useless ones that I made using a tutorial. I'm trying to learn how to make them. Oh, and I also have Ponyhoof, which I love a lot!
  3. I could use some input. I'm building a spare/replacement computer and I wanna make sure I haven't missed anything or that everything will plug into whatever it needs to. Planning to reuse the mouse, keyboard and spinning rust drives. I'm hoping to have a upper-midrange gaming computer that would last me about five years or so {the current one is about this old, but I'm fearing for its... structural integrity. It had more than one brush with death}. Edit: With that in mind, can I get away with any lower-end components? How much of a performance drop would I get from a 570 GPU, for example? computer.pdf The total price is in Canadialand dollars, by the by, which is currently worth about 75% of the US one.
  4. I recently downloaded Virtualbox and tried setting up a PonyOS virtual machine. However, when I get past the operating system's loading screen, the screen turns black. Does anyone know how I can fix this?
  5. WARNING: VERY Long Blog Post - Remember to pause and rest your eyes Last November, I built my first custom PC, a simple budget-friendly rig with an Intel i3-6100, 8 GB of RAM, and a GTX 1050 Ti. Overall, it suited my purposes and did quite well. But, recently, the poor thing started to have problems, the biggest of which being just overall system instability. Shortly before the upgrade, it had gotten to the point where my system was crashing at least three times per day. After investigating, I determined that it was multiple things causing the frequent crashing. The biggest two were a dying motherboard and CPU. You see, when I built my system, I wasn't as tidy and careful with it as I should've been, it took a few tumbles... Anywho, back to this topic of this post, upgrading my PC. Recently, I had the opportunity to take $1250 USD and upgrade my PC. So, after much consideration with my friends in the PC building community, I settled on this parts list: CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Cooler: AMD Wraith Spire OEM Cooler I switched to Ryzen because it came highly-recommended by my friends, and it was cheaper than buying an Intel i7 and compatible motherboard. RAM: 16 GB DDR4-2400 Corsair Vengeance LPX RAM I just had to buy one stick, I salvaged the other one from my old PC GPU: ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1080 Mini PSU: EVGA 600W Semi-Modular Power Supply - 80+ Bronze certification This also came highly-recommended and has really good reviews. Storage: Primary: 480 GB SanDisk SATA III SSD Mass: 1 TB Seagate HDD This was also salvaged from my old PC because it has all of my games and programs on it Motherboard: MSI B350M Gaming Pro MicroATX Motherboard Chassis: Corsair Carbide Series 88R MicroATX Chassis with side-panel window Now that the parts list is settled, let's discuss what actually happened and what went wrong. The night before the originally-expected delivery date, FedEx pulled up with a small package from Amazon for me. The package had the motherboard and RAM in it. At first, I was not pleased when I saw that FedEx was going to be handling a portion of my order because they've always had a hard time finding my address. So, imagine my surprise when I saw the FedEx truck pull up into my parking lot. They must've thought that I lived in the building next door because they drove right past us. My brother-in-law and I literally had to sprint after the FedEx truck in order to flag it down so I could get my package. In the end, I got my package and had to wait an addition day for the rest of my parts to arrive via UPS because everything got delayed due to a recent snowstorm. The next day was busy for us. The week before, we were all doing our Christmas shopping online and, consequentially, all of our stuff started showing up. So we had UPS trucks coming, FedEx vans literally coming one after the other and our P.O. box was overflowing with packages for all of us sent by every store from Walmart to Famous Footwear and the WWE Super Store. That afternoon, I was pacing back and forth waiting for a UPS truck that had the rest of my parts to show up, I was starting to worry since both Amazon and UPS' online tracker said that my package was preparing for delivery. I was worried that they lost my package, over $1000 worth of PC parts. So, as you could probably imagine, I was ecstatic when UPS arrived and the driver said that he had two packages for me. I was so excited that I could hardly contain myself. The first package, the big one that weighed in at a whopping 9kg (20 lbs), had the rest of my parts. The second package, a smaller one, had the PC toolkit that I needed and a Rick and Morty t-shirt. After getting the box opened, I got right to work taking inventory to make sure I had everything, and I did! Actually Upgrading: The first thing I did was rather simple, I took my new SSD, connected it to my old PC, downloaded the free version of Macrium Reflect, and cloned my old SSD's data to the new one. This saved me a lot of time (and frustration) because I'd have to do a fresh install of Windows 10 and download all of the updates if I couldn't clone my old SSD. After that was done, I got to work dismantling my old PC so I could salvage the RAM, 1 TB hard drive, and DVD optical drive from it. This didn't take too long, but the wiring was a real pain, especially when it came to removing the RAM because I had cables all over the place inside that old PC. Once I had all of the parts I needed, I set my old PC to the side and got to work assembling my new one. The first thing I did was prepare the motherboard. I took the motherboard out of its box and included anti-static bag, sat it down gently on my table, and got to work installing the CPU, RAM, and CPU cooler (this is where the first problem started). After the motherboard was ready, I started preparing the new chassis. I installed the power supply and routed its cables, mounted the SSD and hard drive into the chassis' included hard drive cage, and mounted the optical drive after popping off the face plate covering the optical drive bay. After the chassis was ready, I began the slow process of installing and wiring up the motherboard. The biggest pain was dealing with those annoying little front-panel I/O cables, but I got them wired up (not properly though, this is the second problem). After that, I wired up all of the power connectors and SATA data cables for the SSD, hard drive, and optical drive. Once the motherboard was mounted and wired up, I got to hold my new GTX 1080 graphics card in my hands for the first time. It felt great, the card was heavy and had a sturdy all-metal back plate. Feeling like this was a truly magical moment, I slowly popped out the required PCI-e covers from the back of the chassis and slowly installed the graphics card into the slot on the motherboard, after hearing that click from the socket latching onto the card, I slowly pulled back and endured what I could only describe as a religious experience. I felt the ascension from being an entry-level PC gamer to being a part of the Glorious PC Master Race. After that life-changer, I connected the PCI-e power cables from the power supply to the graphics card and got to work on cable management. The task of cable management is not to be taken lightly and I grossly underestimated the difficulty of it. I never realized there were so many potential combinations for cable management, but one bag of zip ties later and the deed was done and my PC looked great (to me at least ) After closing up the chassis and admiring my work for a few minutes, the most crucial moment in any PC build was upon me, the dreaded first boot, the period of time where you'll figure out if your parts work or if a battle between you and the retailer for a replacement or refund lies in the very near future. I was sweating bullets as I connected the required cables to the PC and pushed the button... A few seconds pass, and nothing happens. Oh no... I tried again, still nothing, then I pressed the reset button by accident and it turned on . Yep, I wired the power and reset buttons incorrectly, but at least the system powered on. Then I had to wait for it to cycle and run the Power On Self-Test (POST) and, boy oh-boy, you should've seen me when it booted and loaded Windows. I was actually, literally, jumping for joy. An hour and a half of work and it all paid off. I had it, the PC of my dreams. I spent the next three hours installing all of the drivers and getting stuff up and running properly. The Problems: As with almost every beginner PC builder's second build, there's usually one or two things wrong, and I was certainly no exception. The first problem, as mentioned above, had to do with the CPU cooler. You see, I'm used to installing Intel's stock cooler, it just clicks into place with little force needed. But AMD's Wraith Spire cooler required a lot of force for me to install properly, I was actually worried that I was going to break the CPU or damage the motherboard while I was wrenching down on this cooler and, oh man, it put up quite a fight. While I was installing the cooler, it would let go of the threads on another screw holding it to the included back plate, so I'd have to go and fix that, then another one would break, and I'd have to fix that. At the end of it, I thought that I had the cooler mounted properly, so I decided to play some games for benchmarking purposes. Halfway through benchmarking a game, I get a notice about the CPU overheating, so I downloaded AMD's "Ryzen Master" software and looked at the CPU's temperatures. It was idling at 70 degrees Celsius, uh-oh... So I had to power down the PC, unplug it, power cycle it so there'd be no residual voltage left on the board, and began round two with that damn cooler. This time though, I came prepared, I held the PC down by pressing my chest onto the case while I wrenched down on the screws with all the strength I could muster. Again, I worried that I was killing my CPU or motherboard, but I eventually got all four holding screws properly threaded and tightened. That was a pain, but with the task done, I reconnected everything and powered on the PC, and sighed in relief as it booted into Windows with no issue. Then, after logging in, I opened up Ryzen Master again and saw that the temperature was now idling at 35 to 40 degrees Celsius, the range AMD said to expect in the manual that came with my CPU. The second issue has to do with the power and reset buttons being inverted. Turns out I just connected the cables to the wrong jumpers. I haven't switched them yet though, mainly because it's not important. Leaving them "as is" won't damage anything since they both have the same required connections and voltage. I may fix it at some point, or I may not.
  6. Back about a week ago, Mozilla announced Firefox Quantum, their newest, and greatest, version of Firefox yet. I decided to drop Chrome for a week and try this new Firefox as my daily driver. Here's my opinion on it
  7. Hi, I have decided that sometime around January of 2017, I will "move" to Linux and continue my phase of slowly abandoning Microsofts product line and ecosystem (mostly because of privacy concerns regarding Windows 10, but also because now that I have tried Win 10 for almost an entire year, I can safely say that I do have problems with the stability and design of the OS). This is not the first time that I have decided to go to Linux. Last year after an "upgrade" to Windows 10 from 8.1 that did not go too smoothly on my old HP convertible laptop, I decided to create another partition on my hard drive using Ubuntu's installer app, and I believe I may have talked about it in various parts of these forums once upon a time. However, back then I was only considering Linux as a temporary replacement until I could afford a better machine, having known about the free nature of Linux distros. Since I still (unfortunately) need Microsoft's flagship product as I plan on going to TAFE next year to do courses relevant to Screen and Media, which will require the Adobe Creative Cloud, and after much research, I decided that maybe WINE/PlayOnLinux/Crossover and/or virtual machines is not a very good idea and that buying a Surface for this rather small amount of software I actually need Windows for would be financially shooting myself in the foot and will only support Microsoft further than if I just do what I did with my old laptop, and make a partition for Linux so that I can still keep Windows for what I need it for. I guess the reason that I made this post is because I am a long time Windows user wanting something different, and I only dislike Apple more than Microsoft (though honestly, they're just as bad as each other), and I wanted to hear from any Linux users on the forums any tips, advice and suggestions to help me make the most out of my "switch" to Linux. Especially since me (and my family) have been dependent on Microsoft and their product line and ecosystem for as long as I can remember. If it helps, this is my current specs: I have chosen Linux Mint as my distro to make the "switch" from Windows to because I tried it inside a virtual machine and was impressed by the Cinnamon desktop environment being so much like what I'm used to on Windows, but also more organised, I have heard lots of good things about its stability and speed (I even tried it on my old HP laptop that ran Ubuntu and Windows 10 before I had to give it to my dad, with Windows 8.1 reinstalled onto it because he needed Windows) and because Mint's source code is based on one of the major distros of Linux (Ubuntu), I thought that it would be just as good, and it turned out much better as my old machine never crashed once with it installed, compared to with Ubuntu installed.
  8. Any one here know of good fix for my TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-S223C ATA Device, (MY DvD player). It seem it don't want to start up my DVD's our any other cd's at all. Well some time do it, but is on randome. I heard there where some fult in production of it, with it's softwear. But that abut all i know. If any one could help with this issue. I would appreciate it. Cause would really like to be able watch my DVD's on my computer. (P.S not sure as thing like this is posted in right place, but if you mod's don't like it, you can just move it. To where ever you feel where fit's in this kind of question)
  9. Either something's wrong my PC or this site is having trouble remembering my username and password. I used to be able to log in by pressing the button "sign in" and that was that. For the past few days now however I would be taken to the Poniverse site to log in and when I would press remember me after I fill in my info whenever I log out and log back in I have to do it all over again. What's going on? Is it me?
  10. Ok, so I've had my new computer now for a few months now I think(I'm unsure the exact amount of time.) and I've bought a bunch of steam games, especially with the summer steam sale. I also bought Skyrim, which I have been playing a bunch, downloading mods and stuff, it doesn't run super well on my computer, but it still runs around 20-30 FPS on medium settings right now. Depending on where I am. But with all these mods I have and the fact Skyrim can be kind of on the more demanding end for graphics, I got wondering and possibly concerned for if my graphics card or processor might be overheating. Nothing has happened like shut downs or anything, I've had no issues, no FPS drops, or anything to say that my computer may be overheating in any cases, but I just got paranoid being the paranoid person I am. So I downloaded two different programs that monitor my computer temperature. The two programs are Speccy, and HWMonitor. Both do basically the same thing from what I know. The weird thing is, both programs say the exact same temperature readings. And the temperature readings as i'm just sitting here with both open along with Steam, Skype, and a couple other programs that just are normally open are open, the temperature reading on my processor is like 50-60 C. Meanwhile, my Graphics card is apparently like 1-5 C. Which is really cold sounding. There are other readings it gives me, like fan rotations rate and voltage and stuff, but the temperature seems... off. And I was just worried something might be up, or if I simply don't understand the proper temperature my computer needs to be at. I'm not sure, i'm just paranoid, and don't want anything to happen to my new computer. Also while playing Skyrim, once it starts my processor goes up to like 70 C or so, and my Graphics card goes to like 13 C or so. Still seems abnormal. So yeah, i'm stumped, i'm kind of afraid I might be damaging my computer while it runs in this condition, so I don't really know what to do. I'll give some information on the computer and stuff, and I can give more, or atleast try to, if anyone asks, but for now I'll just try and give what I think may be useful. First of all, i'd like to mention my computer is not put together by me, but by the people who I ordered my computer from on the site Ibuypower It has all kinds of gaming computers on it and stuff, and lets you customize the computers and stuff, and I put my computer together on there and they assemble it and send it to me. The computer has two fans I have control over, well limited control of high low and off, i'm not even sure where they are. I usually have them on high when playing games, and low if not. There are other fans i'm sure, but i'm unsure how many. The computer also has liquid cooling in it. If you want specifics ask, but I feel they probably aren't to critical. My specs are OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit SP1 CPU: AMD A10-6800K (4 Cores) RAM: 7.00GB Dual Channel DDR3 @ 667MHz Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd F2A88X-D3H AMD Graphics: 768MB ATI AMD Radeon HD 8670D Storage: 1TB Power supply: 300 Watt And I also have cold Cathode lights, if that means anything. I imagine they don't affect the temperature, because they're well, COLD cathode, but I can turn them off with a switch. I can also try and get more specifics if anybody needs, I still have the list of parts and stuff they sent me along with the computer, and I can also check my specs with one of these programs, or just with windows. And my graphics card is intergrated into my Processor. Not sure if that would affect things or what. I know, it's not the best idea ever, but I had a budget for the computer, so I couldn't just get anything I wanted. I plan on trying to get a new graphics card and upgrade some other stuff in the future, but right now i'm broke. Thanks in advance, hopefully somehow can provide some kind of insight into exactly what is the issue with my computer, or if there is any issue for that matter.
  11. Hey forums! Anybody from the LinusTechTips forums? Whats your username?
  12. Me and my friends are tired of Tekkit, so I offered to compile a few mods and make my own tech themed modpack, I figure that since it's for personal use I don't really need to worry about permissions. We had the most fun in tekkit planning out the layouts of pipes and machines, an making complex redstone devices, and factorizing everything so we want some tech themed mods in the pack. 1.6.4 only please. I already have IC2, computercraft, and buildcraft. Any suggestions?
  13. I just made a account, and I can't quote somebody (It does nothing) and I have to click on "More Post Options" to make a post! Most buttons aren't working and it's VERY hard to use the site.
  14. Ok so for the past probably 6 months or so now I've been having problems with my computer, and I've even had times where they've worsened a bit. At first I had detected a virus or something, but I thought I had got rid of it, then I had some issues with my virus programs not working and I tried all kinds of things and it just didn't work, after a while I just gave up really. I came back a couple times with no luck. As of now I still can't access any virus protections programs of any kind, and my computer has blue screen crashed me a couple times randomly. So I decided to talk to one of my uncles who works in the computer field and is pretty tech savy(I'm not an idiot for technology, but I'm not exactly a mastermind of it by any stretch.) Anyways after speaking to him for a while I can to the conclusion that I'm going to try to restore my computer to factory settings sometime tomorrow if I can, since I am off this week from school. As far as I know I've got everything mostly ready to go, I've backed up anything I don't really wanna lose(Basically just some of my pony art and other random pictures aswell as some music.) Apparently I can't backup programs because when I factory restore it will clean my registry and everything else connected to the program, so according to what I've been told backing those up won't serve me much, meaning I'll have to reinstall those, not a big deal just some info. I have a drive in my computer thats called Recovery D: And According to my understanding it should serve as basically what I'll need to restore to factory settings and hopefully fix my problems before they escalate anywhere to dangerous. (Don't really wanna pay for a whole new computer :/) In my Recovery D; Drive I found a program that says "PC restore" and as of my understanding so far that should, well restore my computer to factory settings, I have the stuff I need backed up and I'll just have to sync and do some reinstalling(Well alot of reinstalling) After the restoring process is done. The question I'm wondering is, have I got everything together? Should I be doing anything else or will I be safe? I'm a bit worried I'll accidentally break my Laptop(I can still go on the forums on my Ipod, but I'd like not break my laptop) So should I be worried? Or is all my worries just pointless worries and everything should go fine? Before anyone mentions recovery disks. I have no idea how to make them, and I never got any when I bought my computer. So I'm running on the hope I don't need them at all. Otherwise I may have to spend some time and money getting that resolved. Hopefully any information y'all can give me that can help me finally decide with peace of mind what to do will be fully appreciated. I plan to do this sometime tomorrow if I can. So i thought I'd post this before hand to see if i'm missunderstanding or missing anything in general. Thanks in advance! Also My computer is a Windows Vista, Dell, XPS M1530. Its something like 3 years old now maybe. If you need any other info just say the word, I'll hopefully stay on for a bit before going to bed. I am a bit sick right now so I don't wanna stay up to long, I just need some more advice and opinions on the situation since if you can't tell from how many times I've said it and how much rambling I've done I'm a bit worried I'm going to screw my computer over in some way. Thanks again! If something does happen bad when/if I do my restore tommorow I can still get to these forums from my Ipod like I said, but hopefully it won't come to that at all.
  15. This is my sister's boyfriend as a pony. He is actually a pony fan, so he'll probably appreciate it: