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Found 13 results

  1. So, the teen titans are back! With new episodes! You'd think that be great, but I'm not fully happy about this. There are many controversies regarding this revival, many stating it won't be the same and it's just going to be a whole bunch of slapstick jokes and whatnot. Other problems involving this is that it won't be as action packed as the previous one, and the fact that the creators have NEVER seen the previous installment, it also dosen't help the cause. In my final words, I'm going to watch it to give it a try, sure it won't be the same, but I do hope it's better than what I'm hoping right now. That, and cause most of the original voice actors such as Tara Strong will be reprising their roles in this one! So, what do you guys think? Are you going to let it pass? Or are you going to give it a try?
  2. Welcome to a new installment of "Makes Sense and Doesn't" On this picture we have a ponified Starfire, and I am having a polarized opinion on her ponification. Why it makes sense for Star to be an alicorn? Well, because she is a princess of Tamaran, that's why Why it doesn't? My logic dictates: "In Equestria, if you are a pony with a functioning horn, you can do all kinds of magic with it." When it comes to Star, it only makes sense for her to sport a horn to ...and that's pretty much it. In her world she can only do that (apart from any other physical stuff). In Equestria she would have to be able to do more as an alicorn: move objects, cast spells, etc. That isn't really her thing now, is it? I believe there's somepony else whose schtick that would be: a certain friend of Star's. Which is why I personally see her more like a pegasus. She would still be able to throw starbolts with her hooves. It would just be an unusual (for Equestrian standards) magic, but much more plausible. Disclaimer: alicorn Star still looks cute :3
  3. So here it is. The first day of Comic-Con. And BOY Was it crowded or what. A majority of the Panels I went to today took place in Room 6A. A room that I will return to tomorrow for My Little Pony 1) Teen Titans Go: I know. It's not one of Warner Bros' best cartoons. But I went there just for the heck of it, and got to see one of the episodes "The Night Begins to Shine," and it looks like a fun nod to the 80s. Unfortunately, they only showed the first 3 parts of the episode. The final part is still unknown. Oh well, I'll see how it concludes in the future. My question, which involved having Tara invoke Harley Quinn, was if there will be an appearance by the Joker, voiced by Mark Hamill, and they may consider it. 2) Unikitty: I caught a bit of the animation after lunch. But it looks like something I may consider checking out. Only voice actor Eric Bauza showed up because Tara was at a signing for Teen Titans Go. But Tara will voice Unikitty while Eric will play one of the antagonists. My question was "Will there be an episode where Unikitty is angry cuz someone tipped over her chocolate milk?" They gave a subtle Yes. Which means, I want to see this episode. 3) Justice League Action: The panel I came for, BIGLY. They gave us not ONE, but TWO episodes. The first involved Robotic duplicates of Justice League Members Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg and Booster Gold stopping Darkseid from analyzing their combat data. The other invovled Booster Gold giving a Watch Tower tour to a small group that is really Toyman, Granny Goodness and....The Joker in disguise. My question was, "Will there be a crossover with other Warner Bros properties like Bugs Bunny or Scooby Doo? It might happen. Might. 4) Rocko's Modern Life: Another BIGLY one. They had all the original voices there: Carlos Alazraqui(Rocko), Tom Kenny(Heffer), Mr. Lawrence(Filbert) and especially Charlie Adler(The Bigheads and the Fatheads). There's a movie coming out next year called "Static Cling." It's mainly a take that towards modern day technologies like Smartphones and Taco Trucks. My question, after pretending to be a customer at a Fast Food Restaurant, was "If there was going to be a spin-off based on the Fatheads." Probably not. I later gave a picture to Charlie Adler, and he liked it. It features My Little Pony's Spike the Dragon. Both G1 and G4. I'll show you all later on. 5) Batman: Mask the Phantasm: Yes folks. This movie is getting a re-release on Blu-Ray. I saw this originally on DVD, and it's a pretty neat movie that encompasses what makes Batman great. I recommend giving it a shot when it comes out on Blu-Ray. Sadly, I did not get to ask a question, but I gave Kevin Conroy a piece of Batman art that I did. I did do some purchases between this and the final panel. They happen to be two Rocket League Car sets(One for me, one for my brother) from UCC Distributor, and from MAttel: Two Justice League Batmobiles(They were in Limited Quantity. That's why I bought two) and a Kylo Ren's STarfighter. I also checked out a bit of the Adobe's Character Animator, where they showed off simplifications of rigging a character to a skeleton, and utilizing pre-set cycles(Espeically Walk-cycles) to help get them moving. And yes, I have the program. Finally, I did check out the Adventures in Voice Acting panel. I do this every year in the event I get to try my luck as a Voice Actor. But alas, I never get picked. :(. I did, however, give the guest actor Robbie Daymond a copy of a drawing I did. Tomorrow's the big one. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. They're suppose to show off what's going on with the Movie and the rest of Season 7. If I get the chance, I'll talk about em.
  4. The Trailer has recently been released and the movie will be arriving in March of 2016, What are your thoughts on it? Do you think it will be worth watching?
  5. So... TTG. What can I say about it? It is inconsistent with character traits and personalities, they made the characters annoying, and when the creators finally watched the original they used parts of it for comedy. They ended up getting mad about the criticism they received, and you know what they did? they turned the main antagonist from the original into a joke. I know people have different opinions, so comment yours below.
  6. So I'm doing chibi's for peeps Oc's at the request part of the forum. I'm doing at least 1 a day so if you want one or already requested you just gotta wait a little bit. I'll probably do 3 tomorrow instead of just 1.
  7. just a quick practice sketch. I love Raven she is my favorite titan
  8. Is anybody here a TTG fan. Raven is Tara Strong, our very own Twilicorn. If you are here, please answer these questions. Best Titan Best other Character Best Villain Favorite Episode Best Song For example Raven Aqua lad Terra Rocks and Water Fade Away
  9. Yuh, so I only did this to replace the old pony collage on my wall and well it got intense. Took me a couple days to finish it since I get distracted easily. All done in ghetto crayola/rose art colored pencils. Old collage(drawn 6 months ago I think?) New collage The biggest struggle was trying to take a really good picture with my phone without the damn lights messing up the colors too much. took 20 pictures and me sitting in the bathroom to accomplish the task.
  10. Maud and Raven face off in a contest of watching paint dry just like in Too Many Pinkie Pies. Who would win and why? It's anyone's bet, folks. Both seemingly emotionless. Forgive them for their lack of enthusiasm.
  11. What if Raven Roth and Princess Twilight Sparkle got in a fight? Couple rules: No out of character behavior to win. I think you know what I'm talking about. :okiedokielokie: One on one. No outside help. No time to prepare for combat. Treat it like a spur of the moment fight or duel. But both are in proper health beforehand. It would be a pretty tough call, since they have similar spell lists. Raven's healing factor would give her an edge, but would it be enough to overcome Twilight's raw power? Twilight is physically stronger, but would she be able to get close enough for that to matter?
  12. The Legend of the Titans In the depths of the Everfree Forest, an artifact older than life itself activates, bringing forth five, resting heroes of old. Though they don't remember much, they still remember who they are. Yet in this new land of harmony and minimal crime, will they be able to be able to embrace the chance to finally live normal lives, or will they always be needed to heed the call? Yep, if there's one thing I obsessed about more than My Little Pony, it's these guys . Oh, and as a bonus, here's a list of the current rogue's gallery: most of these are reader created. Read chapter four comments for more detail. The title is the link. The rating system goes as follows: 0 - No planned use. (At the moment. However, there likely will be eventually.) + Possible idea for future use. ++ Planned for future use. +++ Already in, mo fucka. *Possible Minor Spoilers Below* Loners Eldrich Abominations/Monsters Alternator - Currently residing in Canterlot hospital. Crazy awesome form-changing ... thing. Read about him. The Shapeless - Feeds off fear. Possibly feeds off it from those in the artifact. + (May be used in first arc) Ender - Possible creature from the moon or a planet on the far side of the MLP solar system which he calls No Cre'Her. (No other solar systems in this universe with planets.) Went insane due to being off his homeworld for too long. Shadowmist - Young Adult dragon about six feet tall. Somewhat sympathetic backstory. Possible anti-hero. Magic Negato - Zebra. Hunts unicorns. Nullifies magic. Skar expy. Badass Normals - Tech and Just Good Fighters Slade - +++ (already in) Ins4n1ty - Batshit insane torture master who also has a love for icecream. Sprinkles - Mob Seller of destructive doughnuts. This is awesome. Mist Breeze - Pegasus thief who uses her inborne weather magic for her shenanigans. Red X - Heard of the legends of Red X. Same costume, but different tech. MR. FREEZE - THE Mr. Freeze who became stuck in the artifact after a fight with Blight. Great concept. fuck yeah fuck yeah fuck yeah. ++ (There will be an arc based around him god damnit) Cyborgs/Golems/Robots Puppeter - Somewhat like the Puppet Master in Teen Titans. Sympathetic in a way. Supernaturals Relic Daybreak - Vampire daywalker who can actually shoot sunlight. Loves testing people. Kind of creepy. Necrosis Wraith - Undead mo fucka. One of Starswirl's former rivals. + (Possible use in the Captain Black arc) Videntis - Badass assassin bat-pony. Former guard. Bloodlust. Raven Mocker - Mythological creature. Steals souls of the dying. Reckoletor - Creepy mother fucking demon who morphs animals to what he needs. Wrath - The embodiment of the Everfree Forest's rage. +++ (Already in) Changelings Mystrailia - Changeling/pony hybrid falsely accused by Shining Armor himself for comitting a crime. Elementals Phoenix - Part phoenix. Currently confined to Tartarus. Thunder and Lightning - The same two fellows from the Teen Titans reincarnated. Possibly take over the bodies of Snips and Snails? Would be hilarious. + (Possible their own mini-arc) Possible Team Players Eldrich Abominations/Monsters Pandemoneum - Cousin of Discord. Bit more destructive but has a small soft side. Onyx Claw - Teenage dragon. Sparr master. Magic Lord Goldbloom - Hates bullies. Illusionist. Drives people mad. Frost Wind - Unicorn Mr. Freeze. Strike Bomb - Crystal Unicorn with a love for explosive crystal magic. Runic Fire - Uses runes as an advantage in combat. Egomaniac Blackhoof - Torture master and trap making unicorn. Mercenary. Overconfident. Badass Normals Ramming Wreck - Minotaur bruiser.. Steel Wing - Griffin badass mercenary who will fuck you up. La Muerte- Mexicolt assassin. Badass. Definite anti-hero. Gnarl and Grimoire - Most likely a pair of thieves. + (Likely will make use of them as comedic relief villians) Cyborgs/Golems/Robots Sharpened Intelligence - Pretty much a soul attached to a robotic body. Diesel - Mechanical construction of pure hate. Possibly Made by Slade. Supernaturals Captain Black Harness - Immortal Earth Pony currently tainted by the Black Orb. Cannot die. Ever. (Not just in story regards either.) +++ (Already in) Changelings Requiem - Changeling dark magic user trying to take over the hive. ++ (Definite use in the changeling arc) Fang Cloak - Decent changeling infiltrator Silent Shadow - Badass changeling infiltrator. Do not fuck with her or she will turn you against your best friend. Elementals Snowfall - Half-windigo descendent of Snowdrop. After Princess Luna's life. A taaaaad bit bitter. Blizzard - Pegasus who has seven friggin windigos in her. Very brutal combatent. Murachan - Zebra elemental master. Mercenary. Slade's Myterious Associate - +++ (Already in) Spawn - A living being of fire. Terrorist fo sure. Created Groups The Others - Badass group of thieves or mercenaries. Possibly terrorists. + (Probably will find a use for them sometime soon.) Heroes (Or Helpers of Heroes) in Ponyville and the Surrounding Areas Eldrich Abominations/Monsters The Slendermane - Silent guardian and manifestation of the Everfree Forest's Fear. Magic Starfire - Pegasus Titan able to spawn energetic green ball lightning on her frontal hooves. (Also, laser eyes. Winning) Princess Twilight Sparkle - Princess currently residing in Ponyville to begin her studies. She's fairly powerful, but not invincible. Her power is nowhere near Luna/Celestia's. Rarity - Not really a hero, per-say, but she'll fix up your costume in a jiff. Maybe she'll figure out a way to shield it from magic, too... decent shot with combat magic when in a tight spot. Badass Normals The Doctor - The current universe's reincarnation of the Doctor. He's the Doctor: Nuff said. Possibly currently deceased. Has inexplicably decent skills with sword-fighting and bo-staffs (the latter of which he prefers) Derpy - Intelligent assistant of the Doctor. Possibly currently trapped in the distant past. Somewhat decent with a bo-staff as well. (The Doctor loves Bo-staffs, Bo-staffs are cool.) Rainbow Dash - Pretty much one of the most badass pegasi in Equestria. May occasionally help the Titans out. Applejack - The most normal of badass normals. Strong hooves and a good shot with a Hoof-Rifle. Part of the Town Militia. Granny Smith - The oldest badass of badass normals. Good with a Hoof-Rifle. Part of the Town Militia. Robin - Do not fuck with him. No matter who you are. Kill him quickly or he will figure out how to take you down. Sergeant Necrospear - Captain of the Night Guard (bat-ponies) in Ponyville. Cyborgs/Golems/Robots Cyborg - BOOYA! Current robot-parts powered by magitek. Raven helps him out here. Supernaturals Raven - Rockin' demon gothic snarky Titan of black magic doom. Unicorn (who will eventually learn how to fly) Zecora - The Manifestation of the Everfree Forest's pride. Zebra magic (elemental) is her strong point, as well as hoof-to-hoof combat and alchemy. Pinkie Pie - Nopony knows what the fuck she really is. All that's known is she is fairly harmless. Do not mess with her friends, however. Sorrow - The manifestation of the Everfree Forest's sorrow. Powerful but fairly placid. Changelings Beast Boy - A literal changeling. Feeds off love. He's pretty much the greatest changeling on Trinity when it comes to animorphing.
  13. Throughout my life of TV entertainment I've noticed something about myself, I tend to like characters that are considered underdogs. The definition of an underdog is "a competitor thought to have little chance of winning a fight or contest", I've always felt attached to characters that have a disadvantage in a fight or contest, I'll give a two examples. First is Applejack. in the episode "Fall Weather Friends" Rainbow Dash obviously had every advantage simply because she's (for lack of a better term) biologically superior to Applejack, which is why her wings had to be tied up during the race, it really makes me think who would have one if Rainbow Dash didn't decide to use her wings again. She's no match for characters like Trixie, Sombra, Nightmare Moon, Discord (jk, nopony's a match for Discord alone), heck pretty much anyone who isn't a powerless earth pony like her, even pegasi can control weather, but even with all the disadvantages, she still proves to be an awesome character ready to help out no matter what the case may be, which is why i have complete respect for her. Second is Beast Boy from Teen Titans (excuse me if i get some facts wrong, i haven't seen the show for a while). Now i know Robin's the one with no super powers but he easily kick Beast Boy's butt any day, Beast Boy is the very definition of an underdog, he usually gets his butt kicked and he's not very bright, but he never gives up, he's always determined to get better (that is, when he's not being lazy), which is why i love episodes focused on him the most, the show knows he's the underdog of the team and it uses that to build his character, in a later season he went up against Slade and almost won, even though he's usually a funny guy who doesn't like to take things seriously, he can be pretty serious sometimes, especially when Terra's involved. I could go into more detail on why i love Beast Boy, but I'll move on. There are characters that have a ton of power that i like too, even though i tend to dislike characters with a heavy load of powers *cough* Silver Surfer *cough* but right off the top of my head i can think of two, Luna and Superman. Some might say that Superman is one of the most OP characters in existence (and their completely correct) but Superman risks his life to protect anyone who can't protect themselves from his foes, which is just about everyone on the same planet as him, to him saving a complete stranger is more valuable than his own life, now THAT deserves respect, and its not like he's incapable of getting killed, he gets knocked around quite a lot, heck put a kryptonite near him and he's not only powerless, but weak by even human standards, not to mention that long exposure could kill him, and from what i know Kryptonite isn't exactly a rare thing to find, sometimes his own powers can be a problem. Now Luna. Well.... what exactly can i say about this character, there's not much to say since she rarely appears in the show, its mostly head cannon stuff that makes me like her (Gamer Luna), but i can say one thing, to me she seems like she actually wants to interact with her subjects and make friends, Nightmare night looks like one of the only holidays where she's able to do so, and i think that she generally enjoys helping out ponies in their dreams, like its not really a royal duty, but more of a hobby, of course this is what i personally think about her, sometimes i even forget that she's an alicorn princess. Well that's really all i have to say on the topic (boy, this lasted longer than i thought it would), what do you guys think? I want to know your opinions on Underdogs and super powered characters.