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Found 4 results

  1. OK, So I was just reading an article today on the Teletubbies new house. And they have got a new Tubby Custard Train thingy, the house looks quite nice in it's renovated Decor, but here's the thing? Where's Noo Noo and the Tubby Toaster? I can see the set, it looks quite nice. How exactly do you think the Tubby Custard train would work? Basically, there are four seats, and seatbelts, connected that make the train drive, but here's the thing, there is a Control Panel. So if this is so. Then how does it make Tubby Custard and Drive at the same time? Don't you need to press a button? What is it's purpose? Anyways, so where is Noo Noo and the Toaster? And the walls are also inflatable. The house also looks smaller then it used to. What do you think? Any personal opinions?
  2. OK, so there's a new series of Teletubbies coming, probably either next month or christmas. Now, I like the fact they are rebooted it, because a few years ago I hated the Teletubbies, only because I thought they were fat and lazy. But I think I've changed my mind. You see, the Teletubbies do regular exercise. And despite having speakers, they don't control them, they are simply giving them advice like your average parent, so no, it's not communist propaganda. Now, they never even seem to get fatter. Also, they were a quintessential part of my childhood. And Jim Broadbent, who was Professor Kirke in Narnia and Horace Slughorn in Harry Potter is going to be in the series. Also, the series is going to be made by DHX, who made none other than, *drumroll*, MLP:FIM. And they know their stuff. Now, if you listen to the trailer, Po's ''Whee!'' sounds exactly like Pinkie Pie's. So is Andrea Libman, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy's actor voicing Po? Or Shannon Chan-Kent? Because Fluttershy's voice I think can also sound similar to Po's, in that it is calm and quiet. What do you think? better quality version here,
  3. So since there is a Teletubbies reboot coming out, why not ask which Teletubby is best Teletubby? I think Po is best Teletubby. She's the smallest but she's red, Has a bubble wand antenna, and has a cool scooter unlike Tinky Winky who carries a purse.
  4. Oh Lord(Or Celestia). They are bringing a new series of Teletubbies out. And they want to make 60 new episodes. And it will be broadcasting soon. I thought they said ''The target audience is too old. It is enough''. Now they are bringing it back. They may be a 5th teletubby. And they have confirmed it will be a replica set with CGI. They are probably already filming the segments with real children. They are going to local primary schools and filming those scenes. Oh God. I Reckon it will air late 2014 or early 2015. What do you think?