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Found 9 results

  1. With the horrible events of the Paris shootings now almost a week ago, there have been several other attacks, in Africa and threats against other European countries. Including the bombing of the Russian airliner weeks ago. ISIS had claimed responsibility. In addition on CNN today (I don't think they are the gospel truth or anything just easy to find) Earlier in the week, two planes going to France were diverted to Halifax. Then it appears yesterday was struck by another bomb threat on board a flight from NY to Turkey... It too was diverted to Halifax. I realize that this is a serious problem, and I understand that we, as Western nations need to stand up to this. I still don't believe a war is the right way. But this is getting out of control, completely and utterly. And I'm going to be flying here in about a month and a half. The thought that a bomb, may or may not be on a plane, is a very scary one. Terrifying in fact. Threatening air travel is threatening the life blood of our industries. Within hours, supplies, tourists, and others, can arrive in a location. Replenishing counties assets. Even a threat, such as the ones recently, derail flights, add time to potentially necessary assets. Now, if they manage to do this frequently, this could damage our economy worse than it already is. And made travel, for mail, supplies or leisure far more infrequent. I don't know what I'm doing anymore, all I know is I'm scared, and I don't know what the right answer is anymore.
  2. This isn't just things that mildly scare you like death. If you're gonna think of that then don't bother, no, this is about the REAL stuff. the stuff that keeps you up at night Tell me what would utterly terrify you down to your very soul For me: Open water, especially at night I've replicated several situations in my dreams where I'm eaten by a sea monster. We haven't explored most of the oceans and so to my brain it stands to reason that with my luck, I'd be the proof that some giant predator exists under there. I know it's not that likely but it doesn't matter. I don't want to find out. Just some of the things that I don't want to have the pleasure of greeting. And this, this is the king of NOPE.JPG Any of these things will make me quit life immediately The dreams are already terrifying. Getting eaten isn't fun no matter what weird fetish you have when its a giant toothed predator underwater 100x larger than you.
  3. So what is your first recollection of being truly terrified in your life? I'm talking terrified- stuff that scorches a permanent vivid memory and may cause (or may still cause) you literal nightmares. Maybe something from a movie, natural disaster, accident, warzone etc? Remember to post WHITHIN the limits of what's allowed on this forum. KEEP IN MIND THAT THIS TOPIC IS RELATIVE- EVERYONE'S LIFE IS MADE OF DIFFERENT EXPERIENCES. Anyway, what brings this up is that I finally found the unreleased full uncut version of a scene from a movie that absolutely terrified me at about 4 or 5 years old. It's the hell scene from the animated movie "All Dogs Go To Heaven." I'm Catholic and this was the first INTENSE visual conceptualization of the idea of Hell that I had ever seen... ***The computer screen lower quality bits were cut scenes lost for the last 28 years.*** This scene was the first thing in my life that truly terrified me. It didn't make me cry or anything, it just overloaded my 4/5 year old brain or something. I had a recurring nightmare where I was in a derivative of this scene (that I can still recall 23 years later)that I would have every once in a while for a few months. Funny thing is that this is my favorite animated movie and I used to watch it all the time as a kid. I think it also has to do why I like darker stuff and darker gangly characters like Chrysalis. LUCKILY I had a pretty good childhood- so a scene from a movie was my first terrifying thing . So what are the oldest horrors tattooed into your brains?
  4. Ok I want you to show me the most sariest or most confusing moments in the show so far. Just list the season and episode or the just the name of the episode, what happened, and what your reaction to it was.>>>>> <<<<< I will start this off with one moment that I almost threw my phone when I was watching the episode... It was the terrible episode .... "Too Many Pinkie Pies" when one of them says the worst line ever... "Bet ya can't make a face crazier than... THIS?!" and shows her head as if it were generation 1.
  5. You find out that the show is over. Cancelled for sure. How would Bronies react? How would the internet react? How would the world react? But most importantly, how would YOU react? Personally? I'd feel terrible for a few days, wondering the potential that could have been if the show had been allowed to keep going. Probably would write a fanfic or draw a picture to give the show a proper goodbye.
  6. We're you scared by the shrek technical goofs as a little kid. They were a special feature that showed errors that took place during the production of the movie. I was scared of these as a kid. We're you?
  7. Prologue: Well friends, we are starting on the new endeavor to find the new land for souls mining. A richest industrial scale in the universe. The source of reapers life and power and our missions to delicated of protecting and delivering souls to designated locations. Reminding me of a story, so long ago in which have given birth to new age of friendship and harmony as well as the exploit of secret societies among reapers as well as mortals. Death who is seemed to always destroy life but also the seeder of life while the Maker is the creator of everything. A planet named Zimlja, in the system of Tritaris which later would breed one of the greatest dispute in history of universe as well as the rise of the horse-like creatures called Ponies! Chapter 1: Creation in hatred, terrors and tears. If any part you don't understand, feel free to ask me. I will "decipher" or reveal to you. (I am writing the series about it)
  8. Hello Everyone! This thread is mainly to Post my artwork for my main oc Tenor as well as his Alter Ego Terror! I'm not exactly sure why but I always love working on Tenor/Terror; That being within stories, drawings, or anything really. I guess it's because I based Tenor on myself, so Terror is apart of me too(Or maybe i'm thinking way to into this but whatever). As always, I am a big fan of constructive criticism so don't be shy! Btw, Sadly i've been having Hard Drive Problems so that is why I only have anything November 2012 and so on! Sorry!
  9. a before and after picture of my Banshee, Even though i can see improvement, id like it more if id drawn it on the computer and made it look epic!!! but idk how to start in digital art tumblr: if you know any good starting digital art programs that i could start with that would be very awesome!!! please don't hesitate to tell me! I wanna make awesome cartoons like the tumblr accounts, Hotbloodedpinkiepie, Princess Molestia, and My little chubbies :3 PLEASE HELP!!!