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Found 5 results

  1. To day I just wanted to say, that all you friends and contacts I have here on the forum. That this stallion love's you all. I think been like one and half year sens I join this forum and community. And I say it's been time well spent. I forge new friendship with people I would most likely never meet, if i didn't come on this forum. And hope you all been enjoying my company and chating/pm. Cause I been enjoying talking with you all. And sens I came here, i feel. I have not only grown as a brony, but as person asswell. I feel more free to expresses myself, and to share my thought's. Then any other place been on the internet. And this have been positive experience for me. And In general. Feel better abut myself. And think this show's, with me begin more creative then I been before. And I am, enjoying it. But enough of this this jacky feeling stuff. I wise this next year well be as good. As this one on where. Sig, signing off.
  2. Note to Reader: Short version: It's been over a year since I've came across this site. It's been over a year since I signed up to be a member. It's been over a year since I wrote my first reply.It's been over a year since I wrote my own thread, checked my notifications, brohoof'd a post, sent a private message and even added a new friend. A year since I added a new friend on the forums.... That's huge. Over that time I took a long break from the forums (because of difference reasons) but most of my year was spent in the early part of the year going into the summer. I have racked up 226 active posts, 5days 16hours 20mins and 52seconds of total time on the forums, 116 brohoofs, 949 profile views, 117 brohoofs given, 11 topics started, and 0 warning points. I would like to thank all of my friends and you, the reader for making 2013 a great brony year for me. I remember the reason why I made this account to begin with. Everyone here is part of a larger family in which we can all support each other and our struggles, or endeavors. It's weird to think that I started out just looking for some random brony video online and I ended up here, with everyone. This year has taught me a lot about myself and what I value. I have grown into a better person because of everyone's love and support.
  3. On this date, the 11th of November I first decided one evening to give a show we all know and love a chance. After being asked for a while, I finally gave in since I had nothing better to do. On that day, my life changed to the better. I saw episode 1+2 of season 3, I wanted to see more so I watched a few episodes of season 1 which lead to me watching all of them. I found out about the fandom early on, since I saw a comment that asked "How many of you are actually male, teens or boys". Because of this comment I knew that there were more people out there that liked the show. I watched a video from bronycon, since I wanted to see the voices behind the characters. After that I noticed a pattern so this all lead to me learning about the brony fandom and joining the herd. Best decision ever, to begin with I only watched it because I wanted to find Derpy and Fluttershy, since I had seen #SaveDerpy and I wanted to know who she was and then Fluttershy saying yay!~ I fell in love with Fluttershy when I watched the first episode of season 1. I could have become a brony a lot earlier, I remember seeing a comment explaining what a brony is on youtube but I didn't give it much thought. If I would I could have become a brony late 2010, but at least I joined and that's what matters. I could also have joined during the summer 2012, my brother was constantly asking me to give it a chance. After I became a brony I became obsessed the very first day I decided to give it a chance. On the 11th I watched a few episodes and found out about the fandom but then on 12th of November I was completely obsessed and was even watching videos from bronycon at school. I watched and watched until I caught up with season 3, it was an amazing experience when I started to watch new episodes premier. I started drawing ponies on the 17th November and continued doing so until today and started to do digital ones. Even wanted to make music, fanfics, but ended up making PMVs instead. Who knows what I might do next.. When I became a brony it was one of the most important times in my life, even remember the timing around 6 pm - 7 pm. On that day I was rather depressed, well more then rather and for some reason when all seemed lost I suddenly became happy. My life started going another direction, finally. Then later on 2th of February 2013 I joined the forums, I love you all. I love you all members of MLPforums, I love this fandom you've made my life worth living. Thanks to you all, this year has been the best year of my life, thank you all everypony. Brony forever! Tl;dr Been a brony for one year, it's been the greatest year of my life. You turned my life around and I'm thankful for it.
  4. Well, /enter cheesy happy go lucky mode ***BEWARE, LONG WALL OF TEXT INCOMING, HIDE YOUR FILLIES*** Let's start off with the site overall. I joined here on August 8th, 2012, 9:00 PM roughly. Today is September 13th, 6:00 PM (or 14th, wherever you are). I have made 1,411 posts since then. Now you may be wondering, what was the point of posting that? Well, simple. My post count shows how much I love this forum. On another popular forum I go on occasionally, I have about 700 posts. I have been there since November of 2011. I have never, and I mean NEVER, been so active on a forum before. The reason? Most forums are mediocre. I only go there for suggestions or help on a certain topic. Never once have I actually joined for the actual community, even less the staff of the forum. This time, it was different. For some reason, I felt a certain something about this specific forum a few days after joining. In my first night, I was welcomed by a decent amount of members, which made me feel happy inside . Then, I joined the GCT (which is now the RCT). That was the most fun I have ever had on the internet. The members were, when I started out in that thread (and still are), extremely nice and supportive, while still keeping a humorous idea for the thread. The other threads, in general, are awesome too. Most people here have something interesting to say and it really makes my nights more fun to have conversations and friendly arguments with other members in this forum. Now, the forum layout. This is one of the first things that caught my eye: Yes. Seriously. I don't know about you, but I never come across forums that post each member's birthdays (and trust me, I go on LOTS of forums). IMO this shows the care we have for each member, and usually, if they are still active, there are always birthday wishes from all kinds of members, regardless if you know the birthday boy/girl personally or not. The actual forum layout is amazing. I feel like I can actually find everything I need to find on a daily basis. The recently updated topics and recently created topics helps me find new stuff to post in, and it's in a good spot on the forum layout, above the rest of the organized sections of forums. The banner is updated frequently so the site doesn't look dull and unoriginal all the time, which is nice and peachy . Everything is placed so conveniently so I can just get to a place I want to go quickly. I wouldn't have alot of things to do besides be on my Xbox before soccer season comes around, and this gives me something fun and enjoyable to do! I also want to add that I probably wouldn't be as happy and spontaneous in real life and on the internet if it were not for this site. _______________________________________________________________________________________ Now, let's talk about the staff. This. Staff. Is. Awesome. Seriously, I may be sounding like a suck up, but I don't care, it's true in my eyes. These staff are the best I've ever come across. They are attentive, kind, humorous, and at some times, enjoyably dimwitted and annoying (Don't ban me )! They do their moderating and administrating jobs well, they are kind to the users at almost all times unless the other user is being cruel to others, and they do, surprisingly, have fun and obtain a sense of humor (something not seen in many forum staff members). Here's a story. I was on the forum I was talking about earlier (and it was quite a popular forum too), browsing, when a certain topic caught my eye. Containing foul language and a suggestive theme to it. I clicked on it, naturally, and saw a series of highly NSFW photos... I was like "HOLY MUFFIN GOTTA REPORT". Which I did. Three times in the course of an hour. How long did it take for moderators to take it down? 36 hours. Thirty. Six. Whole. Hours. We had to have our forum graced by the presence of these nasty images and the forumers decided it was a good idea to bump the post. Over. And over again. Over the whole entire course of hours it was up until SOME moderator decides to pay attention. I did not visit that forum for a while after that. For this forum, it's different. There is at least one staff member on at most times to do his or her job, and when something crappy is posted (example, there was a troll reprimanding bronies in the Welcoming Plaza a few days ago, was taken down within the first 30 minutes), they are there to banish it to the inner depths of MLPForums Tartarus. The Section and Global Moderators all do their job and take the right opportunities to be funny, serious, and relaxed, which I appreciate. I have not met a mod yet that I dislike. Each individual staff member has their unique characteristics and skills that make them awesome! Now. On to Tech Admins in particular, which would include @Feld0 and . I personally would like to thank both of these lads for keeping the site up and running in perfect shape for the most part. The only time I saw the site go down was a DDoS attack, which was fixed within an hour. As mentioned by the admins, Scootacool works his butt off to make this site better and better, and it really shows. Another thing, this forum is freaking fast. With that new speed increase, everything, even the Random Chat Thread, which contains on average 3 posts per minute, most including pictures, loads almost instantly. Plus, the site in itself runs great for my likings. To conclude, you may think that I'm giving too much positive feedback, but I mean this with all my heart, there is almost nothing about this site that bothers me. No forum is perfect, don't get me wrong, but this is the closest thing to a perfect site in my eyes. That's just why I wanted to say thank you all as a community, thank you admins, moderators, and site helpers, and thank you Feld0, for gracing our internet with a wonderful site like this. /end EDIT: I should also add in that I appreciate any mod's work that is no longer a mod, you served us well. You all know who you are