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Found 30 results

  1. With Thanksgiving coming around in the US, I feel it would be appropriate to have a thread for giving our thanks. You don't have to celebrate Thanksgiving to post, of course! I'll start. My parents are the first that come to mind. They brought me into this world and worked hard to raise me into who I am today. I've known people who grew up with one or no parents. Some of them are happy, but more of them crash and burn. I've frequently worked with the disadvantaged when I volunteer, and one thing that strikes me is the relationship--or lack thereof--between the children and the parents. It's sad, but it really drives home how fortunate I am to have loving parents. When I was younger, I didn't know how hard it was to raise kids, and I am infinitely grateful that they continued to love and support me despite the inconvenience. It makes me feel guilty for even sometimes being rebellious or defiant, because I know that they just want what's best for me. So, thank you Mom, and thank you, Dad. I'm alive. That's enough to be thankful for right there. And, of course, no thank you post on this site is complete without mentioning My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I don't have a touching story about how MLP saved me from killing myself or anything, but MLP--and the wonderful fandom that comes with it--reintroduced me to my childhood. Something about the show managed to break my hard exterior and warm my icy heart. Thanks! I'd give more, but I don't want to bore you with TL;DR stuff. So, what are you thankful for? And don't forget to tell those you give thanks to!
  2. Title: Princess Spike Air Date: June 20, 2015 Written By: Neal Dusedau Synopsis: When Spike is put in charge of making sure nothing disturbs Princess Twilight, the power soon goes to his head and he begins making decisions in her name.
  3. Thanks for finally including color on Mobile.
  4. *sighs* must I? fine... Hello, my name is Eternal Nature, prince of a pocket dimension in a place you call Everfree Forest, Guardian of nature, and I'm willing to take your questions, and answer them to the best of my knowledge. (thought to be fair, I don't forsee much response, unless I'm one of the main six, or some other main cast of canon)
  5. Yesterday I asked for some advice on if i should remix some of the older music from earlier in the fandom and i've gotten positive feedback from that which had reminded me why i became a Brony in the first place so i went ahead and reopened/revived my YouTube Channel which has both of my Artist names on it Southern Brony and keyOfG and it has only one song on it which was a very basic remix of WoodenToaster's "Pinkie's Lie" on it I made just over a year ago. so here is the link to my very simple remix of WoodenToaster/Glaze's gem "Pinkie's Lie" Please enjoy, I hope i posted this in the right area and any and all feedback/critque is welcome -Southern Brony/KeyOfG
  6. Can You Friend Me On the Gameloft MLP game My Code 4d2a84 Thanks
  7. Omg BronyCan is over and by far the best weekend of my life. I had so much adventures and fun and ill miss everyone that I have met but I know for sure that in a year we will all be back together. I know a few of us are shedding liquid pride tonight Because we know that the time to make memories is over but The memories will stay and brighten our future. We all get picked on for liking what we love but what we need to remember is that any pain one of us is going though were are all going though it together because we are bronys and we are always there for each other. Never forget the friends you made this weekend because we are all alike, we all might be different but we all have one thing in common. A love for a great show. So stay united Bronys and pegasisters for together we can help each other though thick and thin. I love you all and thank you all for what you have helped me with. One last thing, Isn't it great to be different. Love, Skitter Run
  8. So I made the last of the cast for my Prism Ponies but I'm having a hard time in finding a talent for her and a name so a bit of info and ideas. Given she has unicorn blood I thought of making her a Spell- Crafter or a talent with Telekinesis.... Name is still leaving me a bit in a blank area also! Name: Uknown Age: 18 Race: Earth Prism Pony Job: chronicler/explorer Father: Oak-Earth Pony Mother: Sweetblade-Unicorn Twin Sister: Nimble-unicorn: Personality: Good Side Born Leader Outgoing Charming Courageous beyond compare Noble and warm-hearted Willing to fight the good fight to the bitter end if the cause is worthy. Honest Bad Side Bossy at times Harsh Holds a grudge Holds onto the past Young Prone to emotional outbursts. Tends to probe a bit to much and has problems backing off Rushes Cutie Mark: A wand with sparks coming out (given Nimble is her twin, I made their cutie marks match just a bit. Image:
  9. And one day, you come to realize that you love a show about adorkable cake-coloured sentient ponies that live in a land of magic, and that it is also followed by one of the best, most tolerant and friendly fandoms that ever existed. With you guys I've been able to improve, not only in specific matters, like drawing and my english (With the help of some of the most amazing amateur artists and writers I've ever known), but as a person as well. And for that I'm grateful in ways you could never understand (Or maybe yes.). As many people around here, I was severely treated like trash on school for years. Most of my life really. And finding a place like this full of (mostly) good willing people, many of them great artists, musicians, writters, animators, etc is just something that I only could've dreamed of a few years ago. When you create something people won't say it's trash, they will try to help you out, to help you to improve. Before becoming a brony I was puzzled, but now I understand, and I wish I had before. Special thanks to my best buddies around the forum: @CC_Maud_Pie Thanks for being my first friend around the forums and checking up on me! @Comrade Courage Muh brudah! @ShadOBabe The embodiment of a shipping frenzy, a great friend and awesome artist :3 @Eloquence A great writter and friend, always willing to lend a hand. It's pretty obvious how grateful I am for your help, but I had to mention you anyways. And many more! Sorry if this was a bit cheesy guys, but this is my first entry and I wanted to make it worth. I hope someday I'll be able to repay all of you. Shesh, I'm bit teary eyed right now. Until next time!
  10. Hello! Thanks for clicking on this blog, whether it was accidental or not, and welcome to the first excerpt of Universal Dimensions! Before anything, I would like to say that this is NOT pony fan fiction. Completely original and started from scratch at Google Documents! If you enjoy the first excerpt, and there is even just a few people requesting another excerpt, then I will gladly post another! Please, leave your opinions! This is all from scratch on Google Documents. If there are any grammar mistakes or any odd wording, remember that it is a rough draft. Not publishing format. It is always heavily debated with whether or not magic is bad. And, even though I always come to like it, and that I approve of it, I usually can’t deny its bad causes, which has come in many ways for everything. I believe magic is absolutely necessary for everything; after all, without it, I never would have completed my “big mission.” Magic is everywhere anyway, at least in my universe. It is used by your enemies, by you, and it flows as a powerful energy through everybody and through nature. It is only a natural force of power. Not only is it natural, but it is the basis and core of power for Angel and Daemon powers… Daemon powers, specifically. Daemons use dark spirited magic for the effect of triumph and strength, but Daemon magic is so “loose” and difficult to control that it instead is used as a much more powerful offense: curses. Curses come in all sorts of forms, but the overall definition for it is just Daemon magic enforced as an illness of cruel transition; in other words, dark spirited magic “approved” by Daemons to bring stress inside one, and duress on one. In fact, curses are one of the most dangerous effects of magic. They have different effects, varying through loss of self-control, head traumas, weaknesses, turncoat, and even Daemon transformations. Those who are infected with certain curses that grant strengths usually turn by to Daemon magic instead of “standard” magic. Standard magic is a privilege granted to regular humans, but it was never written as a rule for we people to take advantage of other powers. Standard, or nature magic, is a very strong force, with the powers of ice, fire, weather and plant life, but it just does not have such the abilities as of Daemon and Angel magic. Sure, there are staffs and weapons that consume magic for dozens of different effects, but the very magic comes from inside of you, so only those who are capable of magic, may use magic. Many people are trained by others to use magic. Very few carry it as an innate ability they are born with, people such as me; except I don’t remember ever being young. I don’t even know my precise age, which could possibly be late thirties, maybe even forties. I just always felt like I was there. Not since the transportation, but I can appreciate and like for what this place is, what my world is! Such a place for limitless discoveries and combat, with creatures of all sorts, almost everywhere you go… Such creatures also means such Daemons, and there seems to be more Daemon energy pulsing through life than Angel magic. Magic isn’t even performed by humans very much anymore; we Mages aren’t very easy to come across, and there used to be such a countless army of Mages, from what I know. But that was meant to be before I came here, and I feel like I am the only one of magic abilities. Axial and I, at least, but he is a Daemon anyway. I probably shouldn’t even think about that, him being a Daemon, for even he is attempting to redeem himself and become an Angel again, but, with honesty, he is a long way from such an event, considering his actions and attitude since the first day we met. I still wonder to this present day if it was the best of my destiny to meet Axial. I do respect him, but, hell, he has a nerve for everything; but, like I said, he is a Daemon, but I do not know if that personality is natural for dark spirits. I still remember everything that happened the first day I met him… It was as soon as I stumbled into this universe, after I had successfully finished my “big mission,” which I am not going to mention for a possibly long period of time, where I just found myself rummaged into the dirt ground. My body was aching from the universal warp explosion that sent me here, and even I refused to let myself. I rested there, with my face carelessly buried in the dirt, and just kept debating with myself what to do. It was only a few minutes when I felt some strong kicking against my back and a man’s voice. “Hey, kid, come on. You okay?” I lifted my head up and looked to my left to see a tall, armored man with bloody cloth strapped over his shoulders on each side. His chestplate was engraved with some sort of chain of symbols, leading down in what I supposed would be some sort of message. He wore a mage’s hat, and finally, he had wings. Huge wings, for a magic-enhanced human to have at least. His appearance made me look weak, comparing him to me in my robes, but these were the robes I have begun my life in, and what I shall end it in. Even though he saw I have noticed him, he kept kicking me anyway. “That blast better have been an accident. I don’t want any people screwing around with nature or coming to this place.” He helped me up from the ground, and when I finally stood on my weak, tired, sandaled feet, he studied me back and front. I didn’t move, mostly because I was extremely tired, but because of the glimpse I had of his sword and long assault rifle. After about a few minutes, he finally approached me and asked me, “What’s your name?” I ignored the pain and answered, “Crossten.” He looked at me with a disgusted face. “You are named Crossten? There was only one, noble Crossten, and he isn’t to be named after!” He came closer to me, too close for comfort. “What is your real name?” I don’t understood why I never rebelled against what he said there at that moment. He did seem intimidating, but I knew it myself that I had the strength and stance to “tell him off” about that. But instead I just stood there, with a blank face. He looked at my robes again. “You look like a Crossten fanatic, that’s for sure. Look at your clothing, trying to make a fake hero of yourself.” He felt the blood stains, my blood stains of the robes. My final battle had left many marks of blood and bruises across my body, and even one, long, fatal scar across my right eye, directly from the one sword that I dodged for my life. “Even hurt yourself to get the same look,” the man continued to criticize. Irritance was growing upon me. “I say who I am, and I am Crossten.” He prepared to backhand me, and I easily put my arm up to defend it. Instead, he lowered his arm and sighed. “Come on, obviously you are hurt.” He begun to walk back from where I supposed he came, and he waved at me to follow him. At the time, I didn’t know where the hell I was, but, just considering what previously occurred before the “teleportation blast,” I just figured this was all another universe. So I followed him, despite that our first encounter wasn’t so friendly. I walked about a few yards behind him, and he looked back at me continuously. Somewhere halfway during the walk, he asked me out loud, “What are you?” I could only guess he was asking whether I was an Angel, Daemon, or just a human, so I answered human. He stayed quiet for a minute, and I decided to ask him, “What about you, then?” He stopped walking immediately, and he slowly turned to me with a depressed face. “Uh, Daemon.” He gave me an unintentional cold stare, and I just strangely nodded. In the universe I came from, Daemons are hated as a major enemy; I mean, there isn’t too much to explain why. In reality, they are just Daemons that are hated. So if he is a Daemon, and he is this comfortable around me, then it must be normal for such beings to walk “up here.” I asked him anyway. “What are you doing here, then?” I could hear him grinding his teeth together, and he stopped and turned to me again. He sighed. “Look, I don’t know who you are, but I am just gonna tell you this now, just so you don’t wet yourself about it later. I am a Daemon from, of course, Hell, but, as you should know, we are ‘fallen angels.’ I didn’t like or believe my fate. So I escaped, oddly as it may sound.” He continued walking, and I followed.
  11. Those who follow me here on forum knows that I love to draw and lately I have given my best to show what I'm capable, I draw ponies as a Hobby among other things I've drawn in life and is still drawing Anime, and do a course in Flash animation. Well today was a day 09/09 contest worth a bag in a School of Illustrating, and everyone had to show their ability to design in a Day drawing in computer room (4 Hours). Well I made these drawings in 4 Hours ... All drawings were classified into notes I think I've posted them here, but thought I would win at the time ... for this i'm posted in forum... I just got my score for Email. Rarity Lovely (Art and Illustration College Contest of Brazilian) (By: Bruno R.) Illustration: 9.5 / 10 Imagination: 9.1 / 10 Potential: 8/10 Skill: 10/10 Shading: 8.9 / 10 Total score: 45.6 / 50 Drawing Time: 1 Hour and Fifty-three seconds. Twilight Hero - Iced (Art and Illustration College Contest of Brazilian) (By: Bruno R.) Illustration: 9 / 10 Imagination: 10 / 10 Potential: 10/10 Skill: 10/10 Shading: 9 / 10 Total score: 48 / 50 Drawing Time: 2 Hours and Ten Minutes Princess Celestia Classic (Art and Illustration College Contest of Brazilian) (By: Bruno R.) Illustration: 7 / 10 Imagination: 7 / 10 Potential: 7/10 Skill: 10/10 Shading: 10 / 10 Total score: 41 / 50 Drawing Time: 1 Hour and Five Minutes Total Score: 134.6/150 Rank qualification Accepted You Finished Contest in 5th This was the email I received from college, but clear and I came here to thank you and show you can do what we like to work
  12. DON'T BRO-HOOF!!!!!!!!! I decided to site down and draw this, not for me or any member of the forums. But for the wonderful people who run this site. All of the Moderators, Administrators, and Pony Staff. You guys work hard and i'm broke. So this was the next best thing. Just a little thanks to the great people who run this site: I just wanted to take some time to thank all of the Moderators, Administrators, and Pony Staff members because i don't think enough people do. You guys are awesome and run one of the best Brony sites on the internet, which is saying something. This site runs smooth and it's thanks to all of you. Hell, you guys are the reason i keep coming back. I real appreciate you guys allowing me to post my Semi-Grimdark drawings here, even the ones that should probably just be classified as Grimdark. You guys are fair, accepting, and fun to talk to. Amazing job! Keep doing what you do and thanks for running this great site. DON'T BRO-HOOF!!!!!
  13. Alright, I can't go on with the charade anymore, despite April Fools Day continuing onward. I am going to end all the nonsense with my Drymond Sentry persona, but I had fun (even if 90% of my posts were ironic jabs at the characters I supposedly worshipped). My personal favorite post of my shenanigans (taken from 's one status update): "I am currently making a Flash Sentry butter sculpture and putting it out in the sun. This will allow others to remember him as long as those touched by his presence do." Thank you to all those I came in contact with during my obnoxious, little tyrade, you were all great sports and for that I am grateful. Until next year, April Fools!
  14. I was going to do this speech next week on the day of my anniversary, but I think I should come out and do it now...but i'll explain that later on down the road. Hello friends, my name is HomuKitteh, just your average teenage pegasister behind the monitor watching colorful ponies have a grand time. I never knew how awesome this fandom really is until I came to this site. When I came to this site, I didn't know i'd meet so many amazing people. Memories of this place will always stick by me, good and bad. I have made friends, I have made enemies, but most importantly, friends. I thought "friendship is magic" was just metaphorically speaking, but in this case I was able to experience it myself. Those of you who have stuck by me through rough times, and those of you who came into my internet life even for a split second have shaped me to who I am today, the one writing this out before you. It makes me very, very glad that I have met some wonderful people here...and I think you know who you are. If I made honorable mentions, I would need a bigger list because a majority of you are very nice individuals. I have happily been a proud Pegasister for three years now, and it's only fair that I thank all of you. Here's a song from on of my favorite bands, that I dedicate to you: Now to explain something that I thought I would never have to. Guys, I have moved to a different forums, like the rest of the others who have decided to leave. Don't worry, i'm not leaving forever! I'll log in here every once in a while. If you would like, please add me as a friend. I honestly would miss you all. Really, I feel like breaking into tears. Love you guys!! Thanks for this amazing time here.
  15. Hey Everypony!, Thanks to everypony who joined my rp and helped making it awesome and a huge success. I just can't thank you all enough. Canterlot High is still currently open to joiners, so if you are interested you can join. The rp I made wouldn't be as awesome without everypony joining who joined, without their help the rp would have floated out and never started and already blossom, even though I made the rp yesterday afternoon. The planning page was huge success and there are more than eight members in the rp excluding me. This is a shout-out to all of the members who joined my rp. Thanks, RarityRainbow
  16. This thread is dedicated to my time and people on MLPForums. The few weeks that I have been here, it has been life changing for me. I have meet many new friends. I'll name a few. 1. Little Gamie, A funny ass guy with a great sense of humor but cares about his friends alot. 2. Skylar, He has helped have self cofidence with myself and to do what I want in life even in the shithole I live in right now, Also he helped me with my problems before it took a turn for the worse and yes I mean suicide, I can never thank you enough for that Skylar. 3. Kaza, One of the first friends I've made on this site. This guy has a great attitude and a caring nature, but if someone messes with his friends he doesn't let them get away from him. 4. PrincessOfWubs, You also have commented and became interested in my music also supporting me, thank you for that. 5. Gary Oak/Trixie, You are a awesome fucking dude man, you have a great laugh and great sense of humor, and I was one that was with you when you got banned. 6. Hertick, You also made me laugh and we had fun on skype. 7. Dusty Dasher, you are a great guy, we talked on skype though not as much ad I did with the other guys. But I love your personality. 8. Makusu2, A great guy with some great tips, you rock man, *flutter woohoo*. Anyways If I am missing anyone, just tell me and I will add you. Thank you everypony and I hope you have a great day today.
  17. Smarts

    Thank You Guys!

    I want to start this entry off by thanking this community. You see, I had a bad childhood and grew up with depression and low self-esteem. I was never liked and had no friends just because of the way I look and because people generally didn't like me. Deciding to join up with this community changed my outlook on my life. Not by much, but enough to help me get by. I thank you guys for putting up with me and my problems. I would also like to give a very special shout out to my closest friend, Mandalore Dash. If it wasn't for him, I would have never known about this place. Thank you so much, buddy! Now, as much as I like thanking you guys. I must also apologize. I know I get annoying to deal with and am generally not cool in the slightest when compared to the rest of you. For that, I'm sorry. With that out of the way, I will finish this up by saying this. MLP Forums is the best community I have ever been a part of, and that's no lie. I will continue to be a member of this marvelous place for times to come. I will most likely blog more in the future. As soon as I have something worth blogging about.
  18. Well, its been a whole year since i joined the forums, since then i've had over 5000 posts, and rightfully so, because this place is just so awesome. Seriously i want to thank everyone for being simply apart of the good atmosphere and community of people this is, seriously you guys are awesome! Even when i'm feeling down you guys are comforting, you don't just say brush it off or something, a good majority are willing to have a conversation or vent session, and while i hardly ever take anyone up on the offer, it is still much appreciated. This place is certainly very accepting, very loving, and just awesome, its hard to put it into words, but i just love the community, not only is it full of amazing talent and creativity, but many well thought out discussions, and all the discussions are very civil compared to many places, and you guys are just so loving. Not only that but basically all of you don't care about gender sterotypes, and are fine being different, and accepting others differences, aswell as not adhering to general rules of males. Heck, if i so much as maybe even put like a <3 or *hug* i'd be called "Gay" instantly(I don't understand that as an insult still.) here that doesn't happen. I just love you guys, i feel so comfortable and able to be open to people here, and i've made some good friends here, and overall had a big loving family to come to, and to have fun with! So thanks y'all, i don't know what to say, but i know if it wasn't for how awesome this community is, i'd have quit way before having 5600 something posts i have. Thanks y'all, i hope to be here for many more years to come.
  19. HELLO EVERYPONY! So I'd just like to say thank-you everyone for being so kind on these forums for the past few days I have been on. I joined just a few days ago and I already love it here. I have been going through a ton of tough times with my parents, like their relationships going crazy. My Father and Step-mother have been going through rough patches in their lives and it makes me really upset. They have been fighting a lot lately. But all of you guys have been so kind and funny it cheers me up everyday! SO THANKS SO VERY MUCH YOU GUYS ARE ALL AWESOME!!! Brohoof /)
  20. I just stubbed my toe on the dresser and hit my hand on the cabinet. On top of that I got my belt loop stuck in the hallway's handle AGAIN. Thanks, Obama.
  21. This isn't really a question or a concern, it's a thankyou, so I hope I put this in the right section. It is also part confession though, and a bit of a true story (hopefully it won't be a case of TL;DR). Some of you may already know from some of my posts that I'm a mom, I started watching Fim in November last year when the weather was bad and the sleepless nights of havning a new born meant I just plain fancied something OTT sugar cute to take away my grumps. It was around about this time that I started to really take notice of the youtube comments (because youtube is where I started to find the episodes) and I found the word brony pop up several times, sometimes among long comment strings/ flame wars, at the time it only marginally bothered me, I didn't really consider myself a pegasister then because I had the idea in my head that to be a brony meant you had to tick certain boxes as opposed to you could just be a regular fan, but a bit older than the original target demographic. When I first looked into the word Brony I must admit I did a ye olde google search and some of the things I found where not very nice there were descriptions like "man-child", "fags", "closet pedos", "zoophiles", "worse than furries". ect... and it did kinda scare me a little. "closet pedos" being the one that really set off my mom alarm bells. But having lurked on brony forums and youtube vids I realised bronies where actually pretty decent all round nice people, and if you were a non-clopper you were still a welcome member of the fandom. I realised that it was ok to be a pegasister, it wasn't a dirty thing like all the haters made out, and most of you are just great to talk to, even a heated topic here doesn't burst into a flame war. I can safely say if the fandom and MLP lives on with the same vigor and quality as you have shown and my son turns out to be a future brony I will be most proud. So to all the bronies, (even the cloppers who aren't actually zoophiles or pedophiles) Thankyou, for everything, for creating the warm and welcoming community that I'm now proud to call myself part of, and for dispelling the negative stereotypes just by being yourselves. I have no doubt I may still yet find a bad-apple, but all of you so far have been great and wether you realise it our not I'd like to say you are the pillars of this community and you make it in your own image, friendly, quirky, and fun-lovin, so thanks for being a fantastic bunch. I write this as a mom. Brohoofs for all of you.
  22. On this day, one year ago, I googled "Fluttershy being adorable" instead of listening to some crap from a teacher.......I then was linked to this site and was somehow drawn to it. I normally don't do the whole "online" thing because of how rude and inconsiderate people become when they never have to face someone. This place though, this website seemed different, so I gave it a chance. Since then, I have not been wrong in my choice to join. Thank you to Feld0 and his staff. ~Red
  23. Now that I have my hundred brohoof, I'd like to thanks each and every one of us, member of the forum. For someone associal, crazy, paranoid, not used to the forums, such as I, staying in a forum nad getting positife feedback is an achivement. And since I dont know, and cant draw everyone, I'm gonna drew those who counted the most during my experience in htis forum: Doctor Whooves: I was curious about all the “dr whooves” stuff and I just had to ask him, then I discovered one of the best TV series ever thanks to him.™/ Neikos: the first to answer to my first topic. I’m now involved in one of his “secret project that everyone can read about by checking his profile” and this guy is just awesome. Feld0: no personal experience with him, but he’s pretty much the boss around here so I guess I can hug him without making jealous. Chaotic Discord: I first met him in a “describe your OC” topic; his “Blaze Inferno” was so awesome I had to draw it. He’s also the one who gave me my first (and only for the moment) warning points for a bad joke. He admitted it was a joke, I admitted I was wrong, an understanding and nice MODO: what else? Arylett: She deleted one of my topic, we had a brief talk about it, and even if I can’t explain it (due to a very complicate personal context) she was just and nice, which help me to assume my mistakes and carry on. I also love her work as a drawer. Oh! And the weirdo in the midle is my OC. Once again, thank you all:
  24. Hi, I'm looking for an anime or a fanfiction meeting as close to what I'm looking for as possible. Bronies are among the kindest people I've ever met and rarely do they judge other people for who they are and what their interests are, so I figure this is the place to ask. ^^ I'll be totally honest with you.. it's going to take some avid anime-watching / avid fanfiction-reading experience to understand the following, but for the possibility of some of those people finding this thread: I'm looking for: ecchi / comedy / fantasy / violent / entertaining b/b romance. - Probably only want a fanfiction if it's got ponies! - Either an anime or a fanfiction will do, I'm not picky. - Doesn't need to include every single one of those aspects, but the more the better! - I'd HIGHLY prefer b/b. Hopefully you understand. - Doesn't need to be clop or hentai, I just like it a little bit pervy if possible. (To-Love-Ru absolutely NAILED this). Something around the lines of To-Love-Ru, or Please Teacher!, except b/b. Hell, it would make my day to find out there's an anime with Kei x Rito LOL. Sorry if this is in the wrong catagory, btw. Anyway, shoot. I'll consider all suggestions, thanks.