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Found 39 results

  1. Do TCB Ponies deserve mercy? The Ponies from The Conversion Bureau. In this scenario, humanity wins. The ponies had attempted to assimilate humanity, but failed. The princesses beg for peace and promise to not turn any more humans into ponies, because they don't want their little ponies to be slaughtered. The princesses wish to rebuild friendship and help humanity, without the need for ponification. Arguments breaks out between generals and world leaders. Some wanting all the ponies to be killed. Others wish to give them a second chance and show mercy and take them on their word.
  2. If the Ponies really wanted to save us in a grimdark future. Not TCB (The Conversion Bureau) way of "saving" us by turning us all into pastel Ponies, Reaper from Mass Effect logic that is. Come up with ways of canon Ponies (canon level of power too) saving Humanity, without the need to destroy us all by turning us into babbling idiots known as Newfoals. Granted, there may be other alien races just like us that are in even worse situation such as the Krogan from Mass Effect. So any other idea, that does not involve the annihilation of the Human body to save us?
  3. Would you betray your own species in a Conversion Bureau war? In which evil version (in my opinion) want to destroy and enslave all Humanity by turning Humans into smiling Pony drones known as Newfoals? How many Humans would betray their own species? As in work against their own race by becoming spies, saboteurs or even Newfoals? Given in to the Hitlerlestia's propaganda and they are misanthropes. I imagine very few would turn their backs on Humanity in the event of Borg TCB Ponies attacking and turning Humans into Zombie Newfoals. Also, in a time like this anyone who openly sided or was found out to be working with the Ponies, I think would be executed almost immediately. But then again, there's lots of poor and desperate people in this world. But I'd think many would still not want to become a Pony despite this. I myself would never betray my own species, I would go down fighting and spit in the faces of the Ponies as I die in flaming glory and defiance. And shoot myself, just before I can be turned into a Pony. For in my eyes these TCB Ponies are Reapers from Mass Effect. Edit Note: Basically the Ponies in TCB are the Reapers from Mass Effect.
  4. I found this on tv tropes: Look under Xenolestia, it's quite a humorous read. But it's also a bit insulting to the true canon version of Celestia, but that is thanks to these misanthropic Conversion Bureau stories. These stories created this alternate version of her , so it's never going to fully go away. For every story Celestia is true to the canon version, there would be one other where she's basically Xenocelestia. What are your thoughts on Xenocelestia?
  5. Note: Conversion Bureaure related thread. I can't really talk.... (just think I'm someone else) Why such hate for something so silly? (Conversion Bureau stories are hated a great deal.) We are talking about small, pastel, alien horses invading Earth to save Earth and turn all humans into teletubbies (in the mind at least) ponies that worship Celestia as a god. Why such hate for something that sounds so ridiculous? It's alien horse people coming to Earth in order to save destroy humanity by turning them all into ponies. Does it upset people, that the ponies we know and love have been turned into basically evil alien conquerors? How out of character the ponies are? How happily they commit xenocide on humanity?
  6. Warning: The Conversion Bureau (tvtropes link for info) related thread. Why not put the remainder of humanity into a reservation? Say just enough for humanity to have a viable population? The ponies will not commit complete xenocide on humanity. Humanity lives on in a small area on Earth in which Celestia (she controls the barrier) has not closed the barrier (the ponies can rule the rest of earth that used to belong to humanity) in on and the ponies can keep the human will fend and watered by dropping them supplies. The ponies can heal the damage humanity caused to Earth, yet allow humanity to live on and possibly (eventually... the human may hate them for a long... time) develop better relations with humanity? .... not great for humanity... but at least not all of them are turned into ponies.
  7. Fimfiction LINK: TCB: Skeletor The Evil Protector of Evil Humanity Skeletor is the evil dark lord of the evil Human Liberation Front. Skeletor fights for humanity's very survival against the good and friendly alien ponies that plan to invade Earth to turn all humans into ponies against their will. Yes, the humans are the bad guys...
  8. The Conversion Bureau is a series of fanfics where Equestria suddenly appears on an ocean (usually the Atlantic), and a magic barrier is set up that expands to the whole world, killing anyone it touches. The Equestrians, under Princess Celestia, attempt to force all Humans to take up a serum that transforms Humans into more Equestrians, sparking various wars. It would be very interesting if TCB reached "Canterlot-ia", where Sunny has "all this awful conflict with humanized Twily", but now has to face magical ponies who act like conquering tyrants, and a lethal barrier that grows every day. What would happen?
  9. Does anyone hate misanthropic stories? Like stories that bash the Human race, and portray the Ponies as the perfect beings, yet hate all Humanity? First misanthropy (negative thinking) may be a common trait among many sapient races. Especially if (multiverse theory/fan fiction) there's a universe of MLP FIM, where there are some Ponies with a mindset and similar intentions like Adolf Hitler. Every single sapient life form, if truly sapient is capable of doing evil stuff. (and also multiverse theory). The Krogan from Mass Effect had a nuclear war, it was only by their sheer adaptability and resistance to radiation did they manage to survive the nuclear winter. Ponies perfect? Nothing is perfect. Sure, your lives may be happier than us Humans, but what happens if the Borg, the Combine from Half Life or something like the Reapers attack? Not so perfect now, huh? Granted, the Borg, the Combine and the Reapers are jerks, but still are somewhat "perfect", at least by the survivability and killing everything part, but are not the kind of people you'd want as a friend and are also very anti social.
  10. Why not just destroy our minds? It basically would be Borg TCB, just not us actually being turned into Ponies. I'm not saying I'm Pro TCB, for I am against something that behaves like the Borg. Make us timid and behave like a telebubby and we even think we're a Pony. As in like turning us something like the Collectors (just in the mind) from Mass Effect, yeah we would be slaves to the Ponies, but at least keep our bodies and species won't go extinct, still able to breed, but still a slave to the Ponies. And some Pro Human Ponies could help us regain our minds. Turning us all into Ponies (with free will and the same person as before) would just make us kill them in most cases.
  11. Note: OK, this is my final thread on this. There will be no more Conversion Bureau threads from me here. You can shout 'yay' now. Question: Saving Humanity by destroying all Humanity? That's the basic premise of many TCB stories. Magic barrier going to erase everything we ever built and turning us all into pastel Ponies. With or without free minds, it still killing all Humans, bodies at least. Even with our Human minds intact. So, how does saving Humanity by destroying all Humanity make sense? How is that saving Humanity?
  12. Hey guys! I'm writing a Conversion Bureau fic and could use some ideas on a few elements for later in the story. First off, the hero's friends/team: At the midpoint in the story, the protagonist gains an airship of his own and with it a crew. The ship serves as both transportation and base of operations, not unlike the Normandy. So with such a setup and such a vast setting, who should be picked along the way? I'm going for a very "rag tag bunch of misfits" feel so peculiarities and eccentrics are welcome. The requisite is that they have to feel like a product of the Conversion Bureau setting. (No alicorns! Fit or not, I'm just not putting one in.) Secondly, human threats: Mine is a version of TCB where ponies and other magical species are physically superior to humans. So what could the H.L.F. do to contend with an Equestrian warrior? Keep in mind, this H.L.F. has a very strong Purity First of Deus Ex feel to them so anything they develop to enhance themselves would either be external or mild enough that they would still be considered human. Then again, not all hostile humans are necessarily H.L.F. . . . . . Lastly, locations: I already have an idea of where I want the story to go, but am open to suggestions and/or musings of additional locales across Earth and Equestria.
  13. When I read a story, I like to see views points from all sides. I hate one sided stories. OK, I'm going to use The Conversion Bureau, which is a prime example of being one sided. Ponification for Earths Rebirth (PER) want to destroy all Humanity by turning them into Ponies, Human Liberation Front (HLF) are basically scumbags of Humanity killing even Ponies that sided with Humanity as result there would be many Human defectors to join less crazy Human groups to fight for Humanity (which rarely happens in most stories) United Nations, Ponies for Human Life (which are almost never in any story TCB story, apart from very few.) Ponies for Human Life, are Ponies that have turned against TCB Celestia (which is a very OOC version of her from these fan fictions) reach out to Humans and befriend them and fight on Humanity's side against The Conversion Bureau. But the thing is, this almost never happens in most TCB stories. It's either mostly Borg Ponies killing all Humans, because Humans are evil and blah blah blah! Nopony can ever sympathize for Humanity in not wanting to see their species go extinct. It's one of the many reasons most of these stories are so bad, it's so very one sided. Because these TCB Ponies aren't canon Ponies, there are more or less just machine programmed by the fan ficttion writer of the story to hate Humanity and never question the irony of what if the same thing were to happen to them for what their doing to Humanity.
  14. Tell me the difference between TCB Princess Celestia and Harbinger from Mass Effect? Honestly tell me, to me they are both almost exactly the same. Note: Not canon Celestia, Celestia from The Conversion Bureau fan fiction series.
  15. Hello everypony. So . . . . I've been working on this one for awhile. A loooooooooooooooooooooooong while. 3 years last time I checked. Writing, re-writing, brainstorming, forgetting about it while it annoyingly hangs in the back of my head banging against the wall like a persistently suspicious Pinkie Pie! :okiedokielokie: And not necessarily in that order. Truth be told, this is what set me on the path of my career in writing. It awoke within me a passion for the art I never realized I had, and it only deepened my burgeoning love and appreciation for this show and fandom. So I want to see it completed to it's fruition, and I want people to enjoy it, if only a few. As a synopsis so those interested will at least like what they are being asked to proof/pre-read: It's a self-insert story about my ponification and subsequent adventures across Equestria and Earth. I tried to keep the usual cliches and problems about the Conversion Bureau to a minimum. Humans don't eat bowls of kittens for breakfast, ponies don't preach about how much it hurts to tell lies, and the Mane Six don't show up to hail me as the Chosen One. Your job would be pre-reader first and proofreader second. I want the story to be good before it's legible. As for style of criticism, I'd prefer the Fluttershy version of gentle nudges and corrections if that's all right. If you are interested, here is a link: the code key is "brotherhood"
  16. Would you agree TCB Ponies are like the Reapers from Mass Effect? Many TCB Ponies in many The Conversion Bureau stories the TCB Ponies behave like the Reapers from Mass Effect. Even if MLP FIM Ponies (from some overpowered alternate reality to the show itself) are more stronger and supposedly have better lives than Humans. It still does not give them the right to destroy an entire species. Like the TCB Ponies, the Reapers turn those they think are inferior to them into indoctrinated slaves and wipe out entire species, much like many TCB Ponies do to Humanity. Former Humans known as Newfoals are basically indoctrinated slaves like the Reapers servants. What if the TCB Ponies destroy somehow Humanity? Only for the Reapers (overpowered versions of the Reapers, the TCB Ponies can't win) to destroy the Ponies, by harvesting their people much like Ponies did to Humanity? And turn the Ponies into Reapers? Would the TCB Ponies be able to see the irony of the situation? The Reapers.
  17. Watch out guys! Evil overpowered pastel horses are coming to destroy us all! Our doom is at hand! Unless we can give Nicolas Cage the finest of chocolate cake to stop The Conversion Bureau. Anyway, anyone here find the doom of Humanity by pastel Ponies a little ridiculous?
  18. In the event Humanity wins in a Conversion Bureau war. A brief rundown of the Conversion Bureau for info, the Ponies tried to commit genocide on our species and many of the Ponies turned Humans into smiling Ponies, brainwashed zombie Newfoals that would charge right at machine guns to try turn other Humans into Ponies, by throwing potion bombs and overwhelming with them numbers. The Ponies were very cruel, for they even made us fight our own children, by turning them into zombie Newfoals, whom they ordered to run straight into machine guns to try turn a few Humans into Ponies. And the Ponies have a nearly unstoppable slowly expanding sphere of death called the barrier, which destroys the Human body on contact and everything man made. Xenolestia (TCB Celestia) is dead (killed by both Humans and Ponies turned against her.) the barrier is gone and the Ponies are at our mercy, there's nothing protecting them now. Should we be merciful to the Ponies, as in teach them a lesson, but don't destroy them completely? I think we should be merciful, especially if there's Ponies that fought on our side in the war like "The Other Side of the Spectrum fan fiction)" and if canon Ponies helped us in certain TCB universes. If we go all taking a page from Hitler's book and destroy them all for what they done to us. We sort of in a way prove them right. But then again they did kind of bring it on themselves, for attempting to destroy us. If we want to spare them, it might be up to our more sane Humans to hold back our more bloodthirsty fellow Humans that want revenge.
  19. Would the Borg/Reaper versions of the TCB (The Conversion Bureau) Ponies and their leader realize the irony of the situation? And maybe even regret committing xenocide on the Human race? In the hypothetical (all of TCB is really hypothetical) event they wiped out the Human race (barrier, turning Humans into zombie Newfoals blah blah blah) only for the Reapers from Mass Effect to show up, or something like The Combine from Half Life? Note: TCB Ponies within this area of the multiverse can't win the war against either the Reapers or The Combine for they are weaker than them) Or would they be too dumb to realize the irony of it?
  20. As one of the last Humans left a demon offers you a deal to give you a chance to defeat TCB Celestia and save Humanity. The Demon speaks in a deep cold evil voice as it's dark shadowy form flies in circles around you. Would you make a deal with a such magical being? (Since the Pony universe is a magical place, you may come in contact with such beings.) As in a being like the Devil, Discord or some other Demon? You will given great powers like that of the Lord of Murder (Bhaal from Dungeons & Dragons) to avenge Humanity (and bring back Humanity) after it was destroyed by Xenolestia. Among other powers you will also be able to summon angry ghosts of fallen Human soldiers that were turned into zombie Newfoals and or killed, whom would help you kill Ponies and have a fighting chance to defeat Xenolestia. As a side effect you will become a little bit of a psychopathic with an insane bloodlust and might just become just as evil as Xenolestia Poll: Make the deal with the demon. Refuse to make such a deal with a Demon, if Humanity is to die here then just fight to end without any help. Then just wish other help would come or in another universe Humanity would defeat the TCB Ponies.
  21. Do you like realistic or unrealistic fan fiction? Well as realistic as a story gets where magical Ponies are present. I like a story being realistic at least in terms of the reactions of a characters and people. Unrealistic story example, Applejack kills her whole family and everyone is Ponyville doesn't give a damn. A realistic example would be Applejack facing life in prison. Another example of an unrealistic reaction that would only happen if Human or Ponies had the mindset of Teletubbies in a weird parallel universe, Evil Conversion Bureau Ponies attacks the Human race and want them to be turned into Zombie Newfoals, and Humans is all like "We won't even fight you! Because Humanity sucks!" That's like saying Humanity in Mass Effect would welcome the Reapers attacking Earth because "we suck". Realistic example, the moment the evil TCB Ponies let humanity know what their intentions are, almost the entire Human race would go apeshit and war would be immediately declared. Whether one side or the other wins, depends on the type of TCB Ponies that are attacking and the type of Human defending, multiverse and all that stuff.
  22. A Celestia (The Conversion Bureau Xenolestia) of a Sauron like mindset uses our own children (Zombie Newfoals, former Humans) against us in an attempt to crush our resolve. Sending them to their deaths to change straight into machine guns, using them as mere cannon fodder against the Human race. Do you think the usage of Child Zombie Newfoal Soldiers could seriously psychologically scar Human Soldiers and make them hesitate to pull the trigger? But how about you? Would you be able to shoot a Newfoal child if it was changing at you? I would be able to do. But deep down my heart would be breaking. 2 I could do it, but only with the encouragement of from a friend ( fellow Human or Pony on Humanity's side) or help from a psychiatrist. 3 Other? (state in post.) ------------------------------------ Would a Human undergo posttraumatic stress disorder from doing this? Yes? No?
  23. Does anyone dislike Celestia bashing in this fandom? Let me give you quite possibly the highest caliber of extreme Celestia bashing, there actually fan fictions/fanworks that make Celestia behave like Adolf Hitler. I can sorta understand if it's a Conversion Bureau story, but most stories don't explain why Celestia had become so out of character and literally turned into Pony version of Harbinger from Mass Effect on the Human race. Oh and Molestia, enough said. I like to think canon Celestia is kind and does her best for her people and does not behave like a Reaper from Mass Effect or a purvert. Edit: Wait, meant to post in Sugarcube Corner. Sorry.
  24. Niote: Humans lose the war. Pick the following fates of Humanity. Honestly if evil versions of MLP FIM Ponies out there in the multiverse came to Earth with hostile intentions through a portal into our universe, I would rather them kill Humanity with the sword down to the last. Or possibly enslave us and force us all to live in overpopulated slums while the Ponies enjoy the high life, but leave us Humans none the less. I would hate being destroyed by The Conversion Bureau, because they are using the same tactics as Reapers from Mass Effect. They aren't fighting man to man, they use our own former Human against us (zombie minded shock troops known as Newfoals). But unlike the Reapers, the TCB Ponies hide behind their barrier like cowards. In this scenario we are both enslaved and our Human bodies are destroyed by being converted into the bodies of Ponies by force, not to mention everything we made is also destroyed. So would you rather be destroyed, Enslaved (remain Human) or be Converted (enslaved)? Good choices huh? XD
  25. A funny thing about The Conversion Bureau. Using "TCB logic" (if you can call it logic) you would have to commit genocide on countless sapient species that have made the same mistakes if not worse than us Humans across the entire multiverse. The Krogan anyone? They messed up their home world in a nuclear war, but I think they wouldn't take to kindly to the TCB Ponies coming their world to bring them harmony hegemony by destroying their entire race, by turning them into Newfoal zombies with potion bombs. So, if you want to kill all Humanity, you'll have to wipe out many other species very similar to us. I think canon Ponies wouldn't like TCB Ponies very much, at all.