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Found 10 results

  1. Why are no crystal ponies unicorns or pegasi? The only crystal ponies that are unicorns is Radiant Hope and Princess Amore from the comics, no other crystal ponies are unicorns nor pegasi. The crystal guard is also strange because the only crystal ponies that are guards are from the Equestria Girls movie. There are other crystal guards being pegasi but are NOT crystal ponies you can tell from their eyes they're not crystally like the crystal ponies eyes are. Also why would the Crystal Empire have guard/jousting armor that would have wing holes?
  2. -Redirected from my Elements of Chaos thread- WARNING: this is very much not entirely mine; this fanfic is largely based on the video game Shadow of Mordor, but (obviously), completely pony-fied! No copyright infringement intended. Enjoy! Once upon a time, in the magical land of Equestria: A famed unicorn mage, legendary in his own lifetime, is approached by the ruler of a distant land to the north, a land of crystal and ice. This king, this unicorn king, brings a gift for our mage: a hat. A hat of the finest materials, fitting only for a king. In exchange for 'so fine a gift', the celebrated spellcaster grants Sombra an audience. The two sit and talk for many long hours, until they can reach an agreement: the mage will craft for Sombra a heart, a Crystal Heart, which will be used to defend his empire and keep it safe from the ravages of the north. The two meet in secret, in the crystal caverns beneath where Canterlot would eventually be built, and there, the Crystal Heart is carved. The two part as friends, Sombra headed home with his new treasure, and Starswirl the Bearded off on another adventure. When he returns from his latest exploits, Starswirl has possesses something new, something completely unheard of in all the lands: the Black Book. The book is evil, he knows this, and so to keep it from falling into the wrong hooves, he hides it away where nopony will ever find it, until he can safely find a way to destroy the thing. When he gets back to his castle, Starswirl discovers the Two Sisters waiting there for him, with horrific news: Sombra, once thought to be an ally, has revealed himself to be evil, and has found a heretofore unknown source of arcane power, which is allowing him to bend not only his own Crystal Empire, but also the greater part of Equestria to his twisted will. Mortified, Starswirl confesses to his two closest friends that he had helped Sombra to create the Crystal Heart, in an effort to help cleanse the land and make it safe for everypony. Just then, Sombra bursts into the castle, and in an unimaginable display of power, throws the Sisters to opposite ends of the Great Hall, rendering them unconcious, and grabs Starswirl, kidnapping him back to the Crystal empire. There, Sombra uses the power of the Crystal Heart to read Starswirl's mind, and forces him to teach the power-mad tyrant everything he knows. Among other things, Sombra learns of the Black Book, and forces the poor mage to reveal its location. Starswirl does this, but in a very roundabout way, causing Sombra to be gone for more than a week, searching for it 'National Treasure' style. While the king is absent, Starswirl breaks free of his prison and begins teaching the Crystal Ponies how to properly use the Crystal Heart. Sadly, just as they are going to truly purge the land, Sombra returns, full of dark magic, his eyes burning with flames, possessed by the power he learned from the Black Book. Outraged at what he sees, Sombra kills Starswirl right there on the spot, and then, using his newfound power, he hides the Crystal Heart where nopony would ever find it. -cut to the video 'The Fall of the Crystal Empire'- End part 1
  3. Are you ever watching My Little Pony and someone says something, or a brief action is taken, that is an EXTREME plot hole, but the story just decides to gliss right over it? My first example would be Princess Cadence herself. Who the heck is she? We learned that she used to be a pegasus, but we learned that from a book. Who is she related to, how did she become an alicorn, was she a student of Celestia? My next example would be exclusively in The Crystal Empire, when Princess Celestia told twilight she needed to retrieve the heart alone. Why? If Twilight and Spike had listened, the entire crystal empire and the mane 6 would all be slaves of an oppressive tyrant. And also the stained glass only showed Spike, even though Twilight had done almost everything getting to the heart. And my last that i will talk about is Discord. Why did Princess Celestia want to reform him. He was reformed and the only thing he has done was try try to alienate princess twilight, lead them to a dangerous worm in the desert, and ask for a tiny glass of water. It would have been safer to just keep him in stone I Know in the end its just a little girls show, and this topic is purely for discussion, but this is still stuff to think about. And don't even get me started on Equestria Girls...
  4. Note: For the collection of other "Pick a Flaw" episode threads, head over to the "Pick a Flaw" blog portal (which'll be updated periodically) or check the list at the bottom of the OP (hidden under the "spoiler" tag). Well, it's back! Of all four seasons, the one liked the least was the third. It's got its occasional successes (Wonderbolts Academy, Sleepless in Ponyville, Magic Duel), gigantic duds (One Bad Apple, Spike at Your Service, Games Ponies Play), and really controversial episodes (Magical Mystery Cure). This two-parter is the lone pair of episodes that outwardly connect to the season finale. Back when I wrote my top-ten best and worst episodes, the one where it got the most attention was me placing The Crystal Empire as the fourth-worst. While King Sombra's execution was the most known flaw, it wasn't the biggest. This is where I went with the flaw that broke not just the plot of the two-parter, but the whole Twilicorn overarching plot, as well. The only thing Celestia and Luna didn’t know directly is how he was going to be defeated. Therefore, I choose "Other" (choices four through six; credit to Nuke's review for uncovering the issue with the lesson, too), as they all go hand-in-hand.
  5. Spike makes a celebrity appearance in the Equestria Games. So why is this episode about him, again?
  6. So, I did a teaser. I hope you guys like it! I know it sounds terribly cheesy but I guess that's the feel that I was aiming for. xD Give it a listen and tell me what you think!
  7. A story that I'm currently running and is progressing really slow at the same time... If you've seen this already, then refer this story others to read this if you think its worth their time. I'm just trying to show my works to everyone that I can reach.... Pardon the over-sized post. Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Read more of it here:
  8. Which one do you think was better. The Opening or the ending of season 3? In my humble and honest opinion it was The Crystal Empire because: 1) MMC had alot of plotholes (That dint sound correct) too much singing, Short, Out of nowhere, hopefully the opening of s4 will make up for that. 2) The Crystal Empire had alot of great stuff in it, a new race appeared, Explored outside of equestria, Spike actually did something in here, Also With King Sombra is had alot of moments that None of us though we would see in a little girls show such : That bloody Window in Twilights nightmare, Dark Magic, Slavery, And a tyrant who would murder his own mother for a tiny piece of crystals and had a pretty scary shadow form.
  9. I honestly never made anything like this before. but yet, I'm back making music!
  10. Hey everypony! Steel Matt here! I can't wait till season 3 comes out, so I decided to get a little ahead of my usual compositions and create something new for season 3. The Crystal Empire Orchestral/Instrumental on Keyboard