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Found 17 results

  1. AJ's countryism isn't linked to her cutie mark, its the new cutie mark that is keeping her from using them. Sense the other 5 and the other ponies in the town don't/cant use countryisms, AJ shouldn't be able to use them ether sense there all suppose to be equal.
  2. Ever since season 5, the Cutie Map has become a central point to send the entire Mane 6 or just one or two out on missions, or either different characters outside of the Mane group on missions. But what is it's true purpose outside that, here I try to find out. Comments are Welcomed
  3. So, in spice of life they revealed that the map had been broken since starlight used it last. Alot of people were left scratching their heads asking "WHY?", since most people didn't even REALIZE the map was broken until they brought it up. It honestly seemed unneeded and a poor excuse to find a reason to jam Starlight into an episode where she wasn't needed. BUT, the fact is, that would have actually made a decent plot for an entire episode really. If they'd made the S6 premier, or the first episode after the premier revolve around the map being broken, and the various attempts to fix it, I think they could have made a very good plotline; It would have allowed them to actually delve into what the map "Is", try to look into possible purposes it has (Besides just being a WOW quest giver) and make it seem more important. Honestly, while the "its broken" excuse seemed out of left field, that would have been a legitimately good episode idea IMO, and I'm sad to see they wasted it.
  4. I've been thinking about the idea of Starlight Glimmer being a filly instead of a grown up and The Cutie Map happened not too long after Sunburst got his cutie mark. It would have made better sense for her believing cutie marks destory friendships at such a young age, plus her revenge and childish behaviour would have be more justified. What do you think?
  5. Holy S**t. It's conspiracy time. So I've been thinking, and it seems strange to me how the Cutie Map tells them pretty specifically where to go to fix a problem. I am 78.4% certain that there are more problems in Equestria than the map is pointing out. What if the map is just cleaning shop? It's telling the mane six where to go so they can weed out the problem, then the map gains a foothold in that area. It is telling them to go places all over Equestria so it can finally spring up and take Equestria all in one fell swoop. All it needs to do is tell it's blind henchmen, the Mane 6, where to go. Genius.
  6. Currently, The Cutie Map is the best two-parter of the entire show. It has the best pacing; a great moral; great use of primary, secondary, and background characters; and well-executed very dark themes. But one thing about this two-parter that really sticks out the most, and also helps make it so great, is how creepy this episode truly is. There's a lot of really well-done disturbing audio and imagery; part of it has to do with Starlight Glimmer's attitude and control over her village. The overall essence of her control is from one of the songs is this season's first half: In Our Town. In a thread I opened a few months ago, I highlighted and asked the audience about what part(s) of The Cutie Map that creeped them out the most. For me, one of them was this song. To echo what I wrote there, it's incredibly optimistic, and the catchy tune has a lot to do with it. But pay attention to the portrayal of the Equalists and their smiles. Everything feels controlled, and Starlight is the glue that keeps them under control. One mare had her locks unwound, and when Starlight wound them back up, she smiled very nervously. Secondly, the marching is very synchronized. Everything is done to the tune, and it looks perfect. The marches were not an added element, but an actual component to the songs, and for good reason: The song was inspired by World War II propaganda music, and many of the musical arrangements and messages you see and hear come from countries heavily influenced by this genre, like Nazi Germany. But you can really pinpoint Glimmer's tyranny from this meter (and easily the most unsettling line of the entire show): "You can't have a nightmare if you never dream." To quote my analysis of this section of the two-parter: But there's a lot more to it. Starlight Glimmer is a dictator and easily the most diabolical villain of the show. Yes, there are other nasty villains like Sombra and Tirek, but they never dove into psychological evil. While they lusted for total domination of Equestria, Glimmer intended to break you down mentally. She weakens you by stealing your original mark and replacing it with an equal sign that will completely control your personality. Then she locks you up and brainwashes you. That one lyric is Starlight's philosophy. Now I have some questions: What were your initial impressions of In Our Town? Have they changed in any way? If so, did these impressions change for the better or worse, and why? What details in the song stick out the most? They can be the visuals (animation, character expressions, choreography), audio, lyrical, or whichever. Ingram revealed on Twitter that WWII propaganda music inspired him to create this song. What's your response to it? Pretend you were out and about — in a restaurant, in transit, or in a park. Suddenly, someone told you or somebody else, "You can't have a nightmare if you never dream." What would your reaction be?
  7. I have this kinda old drawing I made when I was 12 years old when watching "The Cutie Map" that I kinda finished sketching last night. Believe it or not, my parents wanted to frame it and wanted me to color it. In fact, they saw all my shipping art I mostly made when I was 12, even my Mane 6 X Mane 6 (though the Mane 6 ones looked more like friendshipping except a picture of Rarity blushing with Rainbow Dash I made on my 12th birthday.) Weird, I know. XD Anyways, here's my (kinda terribly done) PinkieFavor sketch I made! I may or may not color it and/or make a new drawing based on it but here's it so far:
  8. Season 5 spoilers, although most of you have probably seen 'The Cutie Map' by now. Something is eating at me. I can't get Starlight Glimmer out of my head. I agree with her, but I don't. Here's what I mean: I agree with some of the things Starlight Glimmer said; I disagree with many of the things she did. First, here's the stuff about her I don't agree with: brainwashing, manipulation, lying, violation of individual rights, and cutie mark stealing. These things are wrong. Starlight was willing to resort to all of them, plus violence, to impose her agenda on other ponies. That is bad. Bad, Starlight. But I also agree with some of the things she said. In one part of the song, she sung these words so beautifully and with such conviction... Other ponies argue Do you ever wonder why? When you think your talent's special You don't see eye to eye. ...that I can't help but stop and think about them. A lot of people don't see eye to eye for that very reason. I don't know if being from the USA has anything to do with it--maybe--but more times than I can count, I run into people who think they're really special. I'm not just talking about "self-esteem," I'm talking entitlement gone berserk, to the detriment of common sense and our capacity to coexist with others. People (those under 40 especially) seem to go around seeking as much attention as they can get and thinking they have a right to never be offended or uncomfortable. Too many chiefs, not enough Native Americans. Friendship is a good thing; everyone can agree on that. But Twilight Sparkle has been fortunate enough to make all sorts of friends despite her differences and special talents. Apparently, Starlight hasn't. Neither have I. On the Internet, yeah, I have some really cool people I talk to, most of 'em here. But in real life, it doesn't work. Hasn't worked for years. All I see is people fighting, lying, over-complicating their lives with commitments they can't handle. I can't deal with these people. Starlight keeps things simple, creates a very basic common ground for everypony, and watches over them to make sure things run smoothly. That part (NOT the rest) is good. Good for you, Starlight. It doesn't excuse your journey down the slippery slope to authoritarian cultism, but at least you tried, sister. Starlight is dangerous in a way none of the other villains were, yet at the same time she's not pure evil, either. She has good ideas about organization and equality, but she has to be reasonable. There is plenty of good that can be done without taking away ponies' individuality and dreams, enough that I kinda hope she comes around at the end. People expressed great skepticism when the Mane 6 reformed Discord, but prior to that, he was the most popular villain on the show. He earned so much respect from us in his first appearance that we wanted to like him. That's what I'm experiencing with Starlight Glimmer. She has some points to make, and if she accepts that she is wrong now, she might make herself right someday.
  9. What should the name of the group from the season 5 opener (Sugar Belle, Night Glider, Party Favor, and Double Diamond) be called? I've seen them referred to as the "Equal Four" and the "Friendtastic Four". Which of these names do you like best for their group? Or, do you have any other ideas? If so, please say what it is in a reply.
  10. Besides the points that made up the plot of the episode itself, two noticeable character omissions have become an interesting topic of conversation; Princess Celestia, who did not appear at all for the first time in a two-parter, and Spike, who was written out of the episode after appearing in the establishing scenes. I've been hearing arguments to both sides as to whether or not Spike should have been written out of the plot, and most of them use the same common point: Spike had nothing to lose in comparison to the others. Being a non-pony without a cutie mark, Spike would never have had anything to lose except possibly being locked up with the rest of the Mane 6. This could either have been an advantage used to bail the Mane 6 out of a conflict at one time or another, or a disadvantage, in that there would be nothing he could do except to be an added weight on the Mane 6's backs or reduced to a damsel in distress for Starlight to use. I see that Spike being written out probably worked to the episode's benefit. His presence would have detracted from the lessons the Mane 6 themselves learned from the adventure through their own work, as well as through the villagers. Also, it calls into question how Spike would have been written had he been in the episode; as comic relief or moral support. Seeing as how the writers have been trending towards the former for him (a role which was occupied by Pinkie Pie in this episode), it was probably for the best that they didn't include him. For the one character who is the most desperately in need of character development, I see this more as a situation in which they saved him from more possible regression or poor writing in order to protect the episode's integrity as well as that of the character, rather than one where they squandered his development potential on a missed opportunity. It's a long season. That means there are 24 remaining potential chances for Spike to be written as a better character, and many of them would be without the risk of stealing anypony else's thunder. But, with all things considered, I'd like to see how you all saw Spike's omission from this season premiere. Was it a good idea or a bad one? How would he have best been handled, or most realistically been handled, had he been left in the remainder of the episode?
  11. The 5 best and 5 worst moments of The Cutie Map (My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic.) To subscribe:
  12. There are so many adjectives to describe how great The Cutie Map is. Philosophical is one of them. When I think of TCM, I think of "creepy." There are so many parts about this opener that made me physically shiver. While Castle Mane-ia is more campy, TCM uses allegories of Orwellian societies, strict communist countries, and the Third Reich and thrusts them into a TV-Y program. Even worse, a lot of the techniques used in this show are very authentic. The loudspeaker used to brainwash the Mane Six after getting stripped of their cutie marks is very similar to how North Korea uses loudspeakers to wake up everyone in Pyongyang and spread propaganda. The Cutie Map wasn't just filled with suspense. It was a horror story because of all the psychological games played on the Mane Six, the townsponies, and especially the audience. What creeped me out the most were as follows: In Our Town: This is such a mesmerizing song. Very catchy with plenty of optimism. But the little details in both the animation and lyrics really bring out the psychological horror. The marching is very synchronized, similar to marches by armies during the World Wars. The music itself is inspired by WWII propaganda. When Glimmer used her magic to bow the mare's hair back together, the unnamed mare smiled very nervously. Lastly, This meter: "You can't have a nightmare if you never dream." From my analysis of the two-parter: Starlight Glimmer's voice repeating through the loudspeakers. The Orwellian language is one reason to feel scared. But when I think of it, I think of how North Korea keeps its brainwashed citizens under control. Loudspeakers blare over the country to wake them up and remind them "how great their leaders are." When these messages are hammered while they're secluded, the propaganda becomes extremely convincing. It's an authentic brainwashing technique. To have it transitioned so seamlessly into FIM is spooky. Starlight Glimmer herself. She's not some all-mighty magical being. But a villain who honestly believes she's delivering some level of justice in an injustice world. We know she's evil, but she doesn't see herself as evil. Instead, Equestrian matriarchy was evil. She believes in the Magic of Friendship, but believes how the only way to achieve it is to be one of the same. Discord was previously the best villain because his humor provided a great mask over his villainy while accentuating it. Currently, Glimmer overtakes him: Magic notwithstanding, she's a villain that can exist in real life. Your turn. If you found it creepy like I do, what elements from The Cutie Map spooked you the most? Please describe your answers.
  13. With Season 5 pulled out of the station at last, I thought I'd make a little mini series to celebrate. I won't be reviewing S5, but rather pointing out the stuff that caught my eye while watching the episodes. That said, here is the first installment of a new mini series I call "Points of Interest" and we'll be starting the the S5 premiere, The Cutie Map. Did you guys notice anything interesting? Leave it down below! I'd love to chat with you about it!
  14. Oh my god LZRD WZRD how did you do it??? That's right, here's my video review of The Cutie Map. Like and subscribe for next week's review Comments are always welcome.
  15. Well, Hasbro has finally graced us with new pony again! Please join me below as I take an analytical look at the Season 5 Premiere episode, The Cutie Map.
  16. So here are my first impressions on the Cutie Map. I was gonna make this a full fledged review but my editing software was acting weird so I turned it into a vlog. Might make a full review later on though maybe when I learn how to use Premiere more.