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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, if you always wanted to punch a giant, this guide is for you! You can do whatever you want, but this is a tip guide that will help you become A FUCKING MONSTER! I am not perfect though, so suggestions are always helpful! So, unlike Oblivion, where you had an unarmed skill tree, Skyrim has the ability for you to use unarmed combat. You may be wondering, "well, if there isn't an unarmed skill tree, how am i supposed to get BETTER?????? HMMMMMM?" Beowulf needs no weapon boi. So, I'll tell you how you can MAKE AN AWESOME UNARMED FIGHTER. Attributes you should INCREASE TO 100: Heavy Armor Smithing Enchanting A Magic School of your choice(optional, but helpful) Recommended Race: Khajiit(does 12 extra points of unarmed damage) First, you'll need to get some heavy armor(no light pussy shit) and grind your heavy armor stat a bit so you can take some damage when beatimg up enemies. After you grind some, head to riften, and do a quest that brynjolf gives you, once you do that, enter the ratway. Eventually, you'll meet a guy named gian the fist. If you have a decent heavy armor number, you'll beat gian easily. you'll get something that fortifies unarmed enchantments Pick that item up like its a new EPISODE OF MLP. Hightail your ass to dragonsreach, use the enchanting table, and disenchant the item. Once you've done that, make sure you enchant your gauntlets, ring, and amulet. I recommend doing the star of azura quest. Make sure you get the BLACK STAR(uses both grand gems and black gems). Recommended shouts: Unrelenting force Disarm Marked for death Slow Time Dragonrend Make sure you get all the recommended attributes to 100, and be smart. If you are low on health, either go to cover and heal, or press the 4 way option menu in the middle of battle and drink a potion or eat some food. It might be hard at first, but it gets way easier as you go. YOU WILL BE A MONSTER. Like BEOWULF SAID, I NEED NO WEAPON. I plan to make a couple new blogs today, one will be about american football, the other about DOS games. Cya next time.
  2. So, today i will talk about the side i picked to support in the Civil war: the imperials. Now i supported the storm cloaks my first time through, and I got skyrim its independence. This time, i decided to look up which side to choose. I saw lots of posts debating which side to choose. I decide to go with the empire, because Ulfric is a power hypocrite and lied to the nords, plus, if he successfully made skyrim independent, that would make skyrim easy to invade for the disgusting thalmor, so I'm sticking to the empire always unless I'm a nord. I beat this side quest for the 2nd time. Now I'm saving up money for proudspire manor. Until next time, where ill say my 2 cents on how to be a fucking boss at unarmed combat
  3. Hey guys, how is everyone? this is my first blog. I've been on the forums for almost 2 years, but i just found out about this feature today kek. Today, I will be talking about a game that has wide acclaim, and my 2nd Play-through on it:The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim so, I started playing a week or two ago, and i decided i wanted to do something out of the usual this time, an unarmed character. I found this awesome forum post about it that inspired me to want to crush some skulls with my FUCKING BARE HANDS. heres the link:(, i created my character(a khajiit) and I did the intro crap, and then i headed to whiterun, to the hall of the dead, and grinded a bit by getting hit by skeletons and using a healing spell over and over again. After doing that for about 20 to 30 minutes, i decided to go to riften and get the unarmed enchantment by getting a piece of equipment with the enchantment from gian the fist. he was easier my 2nd playthrough, since i had heavy armor on, instead of the light armor of my archer. i punched that cunt into the ground and got the enchantments. I went to disenchant them. I did some quests, got the black star, joined the dark brotherhood, thieves guild, and the companions, and I became a nightingale and became the listener, and a werewolf. I did some of the main quest, and i have the following shouts unlocked so far: Unrelenting force, Marked for death, fire breath, whirlwind sprint, disarm. My insight about it so far: I like this style of play better than my first playthrough. It gives me a challenge(Playing on adept difficulty) and allows me to pummel my opponents into submission and send them to the void hardcore style. I was unsatisfied when i beat the main quest because, well, its lame. Skyrim is an awesome game though, and i will be playing it for a while, because i have quite a lot of skulls to bash. A few questions to get the comments going: Whats your opinion about the special Edition of skyrim, and if you have played skyrim, what was your experience of the game and did you enjoy it? For now though, I'll be disarming people and beating them like beowulf. Cya next time.
  4. I am a fic writer from Ukraine. Few weeks ago I have wrote a crossover of MLP and TES (The Elder Scrolls). Most of my readers liked it, but them quite a bit on that resourse. So, I desided to publicate it on central cites of MLP fandom. The problem is that I not quite enought in English, and absolutely don`t know English punctuanion, and my lexis is too poor. In other words, I need editor. I was able to begin translate it (with help of Google, of course), but I asking somebody of you to help me make it into readable form. If some of you has been interested, please, tell me. Here is Google docs. (first two chapters) Here is also original text. (God, I hope it isn`t too much mistakes in this text...) P.S. Text is quite large, 128439 words in russian.
  5. This is a story based off of a table top role playing game my friends and i played a few years back. I've been meaning to write it down but am just now getting around to it. I've stuck on a wicked bad writers block lately so i'm trying to blow the dust off of the cogs and get things moving again. The basic idea is that in an alternate universe the dragonborn was killed and unable to stop Alduin from destroying the world so a group of mages rallied together to find another solution. Rough drafts have been sitting in my laptop for awhile and i decided to take a crack at actually writing it into a story. It involves a lot of Elder Scrolls OC's and a couple of MLP OC's. It takes place after season 1 but before season 2. I hope you enjoy it.
  6. This topic is for your general thoughts on the cyrodilic empire from the elder scrolls games. I myself support them the legion does have its flaws but no government is perfect despite me supporting the empire I despise the mead dynasty for backing down to the Aldmeri dominion but I would never support ulfric or any of his racist soldiers especially seeing as how the argonians( my favorite race to play as ) are treated in windhelm and the dark elves aren't treated much better this is why I gladly kill ulfric myself.
  7. So I was watching a video from the Shoddy Cast about The Elder Scrolls Online beta, and I noticed there was a spell called 'Summon Winged Twilight.' Which reminded me that these exist, so I made this: I can't believe I didn't make this earlier.
  8. We all knew it was coming and IGN has finally released the cinematic trailer today for The Elder Scrolls Online. I don't know if I speak for everyone, but I'm pretty damn excited for this to release. Bethesda has yet to disappoint me and I anticipate for that streak to hold up. I instantly fell in love with all The Elder Scrolls games as well as the Fallout games. This cinematic trailer looks extremely badass too.
  9. These aren't real games of course, but if they were wouldn't it be great?!