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Found 1 result

  1. Author's note/ Warning: I am SO sorry this took so long. I have been busy. This in tor recommended for an audience under the age of 14. Strong references to drugs and mild blood/gore. _________________________________________________________________________________ Fluttershy did not retreat from her fetal position. Overwhelmed by fear and the horrid pulsating noise being emitted from the enormous speakers, bibber than anypony she had ever seen. She once more shyly lifter her head to catch a quick glimpse of the crowd, dancing about with manes and hooves tangled wildly to the rhythm of the music, which was a staccato of robot and computer like noises. This, however, was to no avail, for the cyan pony with the rainbow mane was nowhere to be seen. Meanwhile, Pinky Pie was able to find Fluttershy in the miserable state and walked up to her, nudging her slightly before audibly speaking: “Hi-a Fluttershy! How are you!?” “Oh! Um…. Hello Pinkie… I’m um… O-okay.” Fluttershy managed to squeak through her fear. In retrospect, it seemed to her as a bad idea to go along with Rainbow Dash to the party. Everpony was having fun… Everypony but her. She managed to stand up on her four hooves, attempting to ignore the loud music, as she diverted her attention towards Pinkie Pie. “Oh I’m so excited that you’re here! Come on, let’s have some fun!!!” Fluttershy did not reply to the pink pony, simply following her into the crowd and towards the DJ stand, where the music got even louder. Pinkie Pie approached the small case of stairs leading up to the DJ platform and scraters. There stood DJ Pon 3, playing the loudest music. Her head-banging was interrupted by Pinkie whispering into her ear. Fluttershy did not know what she said, but suddenly the facial of Pon 3 changed to a blank, then a warm smile appeared. Pon 3 nodded and walked over to her equipment, pushing a few buttons and looking directly at Futtershy. The music changed to a slow, melodic song and Pinkie Pie’s voice echoed: “Hey Rainbow Dash! Dashie! Come here!” Fluttershy blushed slightly, anticipating that Rainbow Dash would like to dance to this quieter music. Then, from within the crowd, the rainbow pony began running, meeting Fluttershy and then saying: “What’s with this ‘lame’ music Pinkie, I thought this was a party.” Everypony else began to adapt to this situating and was now slow dancing with their partners of choice. Fluttershy gave Dash a suggesting glare, to which Rainbow Dash replied with a casual shrug. “But first, I gotta go to the washroom…” She walked off through the crowd, disappearing and leaving Fluttershy alone and lonely. She simply retreated to a corner of the room and huddles, out of sight and out n mind. Some time passed, about an hour, before a high pitched yell was heard from the washrooms. Suddenly, the music was cut and everypony’s attention was redirected towards the female washroom. Fillies stormed in, along with a few colts and murmuring was heard: “Oh god is she okay?” “Oh no… What happened?” “That’s not… Is it?” Then suddenly, Pinkie’ voice was heard through all the talking, as she screamed in horror: “Oh no!!! Rainbow Dash!” What happened!?” Fluttershy, upon hearing the name of her life’s love, galloped towards the commotion and approached Dashie. She was instantly shocked and stood there, jaw dropped in awe. What she saw was her love lying on the floor, with some viscous foam exiting through her mouth. She was lying in a stall. The toilet appeared to be severely chipped, with blood surrounding the cracks. There was a copious amount of blood dripping down her mane and onto the floor from the gash in her head. Fluttershy instantly collapsed to the ground and inched herself towards Rainbow Dash. Both ponies remained silent as tears began to form in Fluttershy’s eyes. A tear rolled down her left cheek slowly and crept its way to the bottom of her face, disconnecting and dropping quickly to the floor. She began to speak franticly: “No Rainbow Dash! I love you! Please don’t…” She was cut off then the middle of her sentence with more intensive sobbing, bringing her nose closer to Rainbow Dash and nudging her gently. “Don’t go… Please...” No response came from Rainbow Dash, as her body lay lifeless on the ground. Instantly, a squad of medical Colts arrived at the scene, after receiving a distress call. In a panic, everypony evacuated the club with the exception of Pinkie, Pon 3 and Fluttershy, who continued to cry over her love’s limp body. Dashie was put on a stretcher and rushed to the hospital, as Fluttershy and Pinkie hastily followed. Upon arriving at the hospital, the two ponies were isolated from Rainbow Dash, who was quickly taken to the emergency room. Fluttershy sat down on one of the few seats and waited for any word about her special-somepony. Minuets felt like hours, and hors felt like days. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity of waiting, a colt wearing doctor apparel, exited the emergency room and gazed towards the two ponies, with a serious, grim face. Upon witnessing the concerned face of the doctor, Fluttershy’s eyes widened and pinkie placed her hoof over her mouth. The colt inhaled a substantial amount of air, preparing to deliver the two ponies the news about the patient. He sighed solemnly, before finally speaking: “I have good news… And bad news.” He meant to say ‘terrible news’ however did not have the heart to prematurely kill the hopes of the two ponies. Fluttershy could not gather enough strength to open her mouth and speak so pinkie spoke for her: “What is it doctor?” She said in an un-natural for her, serious tone; intently awaiting a response as she huddled to Fluttershy, who was barely managing to keep her tears in. She looks at the colt with a strict face that had a hint of disappointment and anger in it. “The good news is that we managed to stabilize her… Condition...” “A-and the bad news?...” Pinkie asked stuttering, hugging Fluttershy tighter, bracing her for the inevitable response. Fluttershy continued to keep her head hung and curled on the chair as he twiddled her ears, awaiting the response. “The bad news…” Began the doctor, pausing to take a breath: “She is in a temporary coma…” Pinkie gasped hysterically; no humor detected in her strong intake of air as she looked down at Fluttershy, who finally gathered the courage to list her head and looked at the doctor. Her face was wet with tears which continued to slowly drip down her face, constantly forming in her eyes. She was overwhelmed by anxiety and fear for her love’s life. She sat sobbing the chair, unable to speak and continued to stare into the doctor’s eyes, mesmerized by his glare. “We determined that she used a substance called Blue Heaven made the toxic blue plants of the Everfree Forest. Judging by her reaction, it was her first time… And she OD’d. The person who sold her the substance must have purposely sold her too much. This substance is not addictive… However, its effects are devastating, causing hallucinations. And not only that, she collapsed in the washroom and hit her head in the rim of the toilet. She required stitches…” Now the room became silent and the ponies were shocked at what they had heard. Pinkie’s jaw dropped and the doctor hung his head. Fluttershy, however, did not become any sadder. Instead she stood up with a blank face and walked out of the hospital. She quickly galloped home, burst through the door and quickly closed it behind her. She could only hope, through her insatiable sadness and never ending tears that began to erupt violently, obstructing her view completely, that Rainbow Dash would live. Fluttershy collapsed on her bed and buried her face in the pillow as her tears made it moist. No pony was there to comfort her, so she resorted to the only option she had to make herself feel as though she was with somepony. Fluttershy concentrated on remembering her moment with Rainbow Dash before they had entered Pinkie Pie’s party. This, however, only increased her sadness. She once again began to cry violently, with no end to the tears. No one knew what was going through Dash’s head. The drug she had taken was extremely strong and would leave a mark on her psychological state. There was no telling what state she would be in when she woke up, or if she would at all… __________________________________________________________________________________________ Expect more. After reading this and part one, Read the last kiss. Then I will be making chapters. Have fun, will be poissible publishing amini book. (Writing this update from school computer so yeay, cant stress the grammar!)