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Found 6 results

  1. What's wrong in this episode is, Applejack runs away from her family without explaining exactly why. She doesn't lie. These are a total opposite of what Applejack is about. Because she is about family and honesty. When she writes a letter she can't come back home and doesn't tell why, it was because she failed to win a medal to earn money for the town hall. Well, first of all, one of the things you shouldn't do to your family is to disappear without telling them why and cutting contact with them. That's next to murdering them, abusing them, killing yourself, child abandonment, running away from home and it also shares some aspects of those. Thank god Applejack was OK, it worried her family and friends so much. And for Celestia's sake, she has dead parents. We don't know how they are all gone, but she should know better how it is important to be there for her family, and even when things get tough they can get through it all together. This would make more sense if it was Rainbow Dash. (Well, Applejack is the last character in the whole show to do so.) Rainbow Dash cares most about winning, the one thing differentiates Rainbow most with Applejack is her ego. Rainbow Dash would easily think anything but the gold medal would be useless. Losing the game will crush her. But her royalty would make her to do things to help the town hall anyway. (I was honestly surprised by her attitude when she said she wasn't considering for being the 1st in flying at Equestria Games.) She would try to find a quick way to fix it without her friends knowing it. Rainbow Dash is a kind of pony who fills a hole in a dam with a hoof. Later on when Applejack's friends find her, she doesn't lie about she would tell them the whole truth at breakfast. (She still doesn't tell them about the truth while she showed pretty much everything in that point what's going on and has no reason to hide the truth. It was an unreasonable plan in the first place to not show up and write a letter while she makes money at the cherry factory, but she keeps doing unreasonable things that doesn't apply to that plan's internal logic.) Then she gets caught sneaking out of town. She explains that she didn't lie because she told them she would tell the truth at breakfast, while she wasn't at the breakfast. This is pretty low. First, she is the element of honesty, so she should have more high moral standards about honesty than some lawyer. She surely knew what her friends thought and they agreed on something while Applejack clearly knew what they all meant. She tricked her friends knowingly so. She didn't tell a lie. That's what Discord or Loki would do. That is kind of what the devil would include in his contract. Being honest means much more than just not telling lies. It goes further than that to the point of correcting her friends when they are being wrong, doing what her conscious says, even when it hurts them or upsets them in a short term. She should aim at right things and pursue it in a right way. What are your thoughts on the episode or the moral standards of Applejack? Let me know what you thin.
  2. When Applejack is escaping from Dodge Junction/Dodge City in "The Last Roundup" the stallions pulling are all blank flanks. You could say it was an animation error but in "Party Pooped" the same stallions pulling Cherry Jubilee, and Pinkie Pie still don't have any cutie marks?
  3. *VWARP* Sure, Joan Rivers. I'm not doing anything this Friday! ... SHIT I do reviews on Friday. *checks date* SHIT it's Saturday Sunday. *checks episode* SHIT it's "The Last Roundup" ... .... .... Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhit. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - So this episode opens up with Appleshit practicing for some rodeo, with her good sister Shittle Bloom cheering her on, hoping that she'll once again bring home the title of Equestria Rodeo Champion. No pressure. Then we move on to Rainbow Shit teaching Derpy Shit how to shit a brick. Also, fan favorite speaking role? Dear God. The fanservice begins..... THE FANSERVICE BEGIhey, Netflix has the "censored" version of this episode. The...bastards? That hoe [gardening tool] is probably fried AF. After we get some terribly edited horrible voice acting, we move to a bunch of nitpunks in the town square chanting Appleshit's name. As if, you know, there's nothing better to do. Eh, this is Equestria. Of course there's nothing better to do. They're getting ready to send Appleshit to the competition when Shitty Pie demands a speech from her disciple. She delivers: "This is worst send-off anyone could ask for. The food was terrible, and I think Combustion Man died. Regardless, since some of you pedophiles have been cheerin' me on since I was a little pony, I see it's only fittin', to use my winnin', to wipe my sittin' pittin' while I'm shittin'. Y'all gettin' what I'm spittin'? Time for you all to die." What a fitting speech for a celery addict. D'aww, a rehabilitation reject! Meanwhile, at the train station, Granny Shit, Shitty Pie, Shitlight Sparkle, Fluttershit, and other humans are there to bid their best wishes to the apple one. Then the episode ends. ... I wish. More things happen. The other humans plan a surprise party for Appleshit, but she sends a letter saying she's not returning to Ponyville. Well, crap. I guess the Apple Market's going to Hell. Aren't apples like, one of their main sources of food? What if the town starves to death? Granny Shit can't run the farm, Shit Mac can't do it on his own, and FFFFFFUCK Apple Bloom. That's right, I've already grown tired of adding "Shit" to everyone's name. But I digress. Ponyville's sure to crumble now. But don't worry. It's up to the other five retarded ponies to SAVE THE DAY! RIP Ponyville (2010-2012) They first go to the rodeo in Canterlot and ask the cleanup crew "WHAT THE FUCK?", but to no avail. Then, a miracle happens: someone recognizes her after everyone's tired of trying and is ready to commit suicide, and points them to some remote town in the middle of nowhere. Pinkie Pie's really gotta piss at this point. Like, they make that abundantly clear. She's REALLY got to PISS. Pinkie's gnat-sized bladder, however, led her to find Applejack coming out of an outhouse. That's when Applejack lets her new slave owner, Cherry Jubilee, explain her new job. She works at a cherry factory now. Cherryjack? Sounds like Appleshit. Shipping #207 is formed. Applejack subsequently tells her former friends to fuck their feathers. That's when the rest of the gang get jobs as Applejack's cherry sorters to try and squeeze information out of her. An I Love Lucy sketch rip-off ensues, and no information is revealed. It's time to call in the big guns. LORD PINKIE PIE. The other Autobots get Pinkie Pie to ramble on for hours, annoying the hell out of Applejack until she promises to reveal why she's not coming back. Oh, but not just any promise. A PINKIE promise. Oh shit. You KNOW what happens when you break a PINKIE promise. INSTANT SODOMY. Unfortunately, our fellow celery addict breaks a Pinkie Promise by leaving town before she can "spill the beans". Shit's about to get extremely grotesque. HOLY MOTHERFUCK. O_O The chase is on to get to Applejack before she can escape! Hijinx ensues with Pinkie Pie batshit insane. I think Armageddon is here. Or was that the Crystalling? I don't remember my own fiction anymore. However, Applejack soon explains that she said she would reveal all at breakfast, but she didn't come to breakfast. This is enough for Pinkie to screw off, and her trust exercise with Rarity leads to both of them getting knocked off their group chariot. If Applejack's going through this much complicated shit just to not tell what happened at the rodeo, surely something DREADFUL must've happened. Like, she was responsible for someone's death or something. Right? NO. She just fucking came in 2ND PLACE. ... ... WHEN THE FUCK DID APPLEJACK TURN INTO RAINBOW DASH?!?!? You've got to be kidding me. We wasted 22 minutes on this?! In the end, her friends tell her, essentially, "don't be a little shit", in the sappiest way possible, and then Applejack writes a stupid letter to Princess Celestia. So concludes "The Last Roundup". --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- That was the most unsatisfying revelation, conclusion, or whatever, of season two. Even shit-storm "Secret of My Excess" didn't have such a "screw you" ending. I mean, sure I get it, Applejack didn't want to disappoint the town after everyone was counting on her. But for fuck's sake, they went through SO MUCH just to get to that revelation. And was it worth it?! No! They made up right there in the desert and everything was suddenly okay! Now, that said, I don't hate this episode. Why? Because Pinkie Pie is thoroughly entertaining in every conceivable way. From her indifference to there being a speech to her Cherry Chonga rants, she was a true success in this plotline of failure. Doesn't save the whole episode, though. I'm going to give "The Last Roundup" a 6/10. Moving swiftly forward. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ... So, that's about it. ... Oh, did you want a real explanation on why there was no Friday review? I was busy. I didn't have any time, honestly. Also, I had forgotten by the end of it all, so there was nothing I could do by the time I realized it. This doesn't mean a schedule change, though. Your regularly scheduled programming will return next Friday. ... That is, if I'm not dating Joan Rivers in Hell on Friday. You know, once dead people become demons, some of them look really hot. And that's not just a pun on the temperature down there. Like, they're smokin'. Who knew Joan Rivers would be one of them? Well, time for me to get my ding thing going. See y'all next revVVV*VWARP*
  4. I'm expecting my house to be burnt, a curse placed on my soul, and multiple hits to be issued on me for saying these things. So I've been thinking. Derpy is REEEEALY popular, like woah. I read up on Derpygate, and from what I read, it was like North Korea threatened to launch missiles... Wait. Maybe it was a side effect of coming into the fandom late, but I never really got into Derpy. I don't hate her, I rarely HATE anything on this show. I just dont like her. I'm fairly indifferent on most things Ditzy, or Muffins. I'll just get right into it: 1) Mainstream. This one is pretty subjective, but I have never been a man to follow the current most turtles follow. I always choose to save the guy no one else chooses in The Walking Dead. I don't like being just another sheep in a herd. I like having the other side in arguments, disagreements, or debates. It makes it interesting and for lack of a better word, more fun. 2)Last in the Gate. I joined the Fandom between Seasons 4 and 5 (but still know way more than some of the bronies I've talked to). I completely missed the graze on Derpy Fields. So I feel I don't have the same "she shaped the fandom" mentality that some veteran bronies may have. 3)The Last Round-up. That f**k took the spotlight from best pony. One of the greatest Applejack episodes was completely overshadowed by some 30 second cameo of Derpy wrecking the joint. The episode was so damn good. One of my favorite episodes to date (dat I Love Lucy reference *squee*) was pretty much forgotten by everyone else. Everytime you look up anything about that episode, at least 75% of the page is filled with "Derpy voice change", "Derpygate", "Derpy Scandal". I. Don't. Care. My apathy towards Derpy might not be so high if not for this one point. So how much do you like Derpy? Do you maybe share similar feelings to her as I do? Have your thoughts be forever memorialized by leaving them below.
  5. Hello every pony! Here is my first fan fiction, titled: "The Rematch." It is a bit long but I like writing in detail. I've attached the original file because I included imagery in it. Much of it is screen shots from the show I found through Google and my own art. If I just so happened to grab artwork of yours, please let me know and I will immediately remove it! I hope y'all enjoy this. It explains part of Lucky Star's background and is essentially a sequel to Season 2's "The Last Roundup." Enjoy! PS - Please let me know if any of you would refer I paste the story in an actually post! :3 Thank you all so much! I look forward to your feedback! PPS - I had to reupload the file as there were some formatting issues. PPPS - There! NOW they're fixed!....again! TheRematch.docx
  6. Hey guys, I made another drawing for the lols. I was bored so I made some Derpy related for once..