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Found 8 results

  1. How can they forgive Starlight Glimmer after all she's done? ? It's insane! She's created several apocalyptic times lines during The Cutie Remark, one of which seems to be a lifeless ash wasteland. All that awful things over losing a single friend? Does Starlight Glimmer deserve forgiveness? Should she be executed or exiled? All she got was a slap on the wrist for doing all that. How it would play out in a more realistic setting. Starlight Glimmer: I'm sorry. Can you forgive me for all I've done? Princess Twilight Sparkle: Nope. What you did was unforgivable. If you don't go into exile, I'm putting you under a guillotine. The End (cue end credits music)
  2. In the Nightmare Moon time line, there's no sun? Why isn't everyone freezing to death and starving to death in that time line? No sun, no food, no heat. Thus, everyone freezes to death or starves to death. The act of getting rid of the sun would cause a massive world wide mass extinction event. Panic, riots and disorder among ponies would happen. And there won't be any animals left either. Maybe some ponies could live in caves, deep underground, eating worms and mushrooms to survive, but for the most part, everyone is dead.
  3. Before this month is over, Season 6 will have come to an end for My Little Pony. It's been a long one and we're about to go out in style. Before I do so, I'm gonna rewatch all 5 Season Finales: This week, I'll be rewatching both "The Best Night Ever" and "A Canterlot Wedding." Next week, it will be Magical Mystery Cure and Twilight's Kingdom And the following week, The Cutie Remark, plus I'm gonna rewatch Star Wars: The Force Awakens just for fun. Also, each rewatch of a season finale episode will be followed by a selected episode of STar Wars: The Clone Wars. Why? Because I still enjoyed that series. Anyway, I'm off to go rewatch "The Best Night Ever" on Netflix followed by the Star Wars:The CLone Wars episode "Ambush."
  4. So, here's a question: What's your headcanons about rarity working as Nightmare moon's maid in the S5 finale? What paths in life do you think she took that lead her to being Nightmare moon's personal maid, how do you think her life goes right now, and what do you see her personality and goals in life being like in that timeline? crazy headcanons perfectly okay
  5. Anyways, as the topic says, I'd kind of like it if in either a comic or an other episode (Most probably a comic since I know the show hates to get into depth on stuff like this) they tried to revisit the bad timelines of the cutie remark. While the plot between Twilight and Starlight was good, it kind of threw out the real payoff of an alternate timeline plot, letting you see and talk to alternate reality versions of the characters, like interacting with alternate Pinkie, fluttershy, rainbow dash, ect. I honestly don't care about seeing them revisit the concept of a villain altering time, but it'd be cool if they established those timelines existing as a "many worlds" type deal and had the mane six in some way end up back in the alternate timeline and having to help their alternate selves. (Hell, according to what Discord says in the comics about Time travel altering the past being utterly impossible, it kind of makes it seem like it should almost be canon that they were being just shifted into alternate timelines instead of altering a single time flow) There's a rich bit of plot potential in having the mane six meet their alternate selves (like Rainbow dash meeting her soldier self from the crystal timeline) and talking to them to have them kind of discuss the differences in their lives. Plus, the mane six helping their alternate selves succeed in saving their timeline seems like it would be a more epic plot than just talking someone out of childhood trauma XD I just think closing the book on the timelines we saw without exploring them seems like it was throwing out a vast amount of potential.
  6. so here's a question. How common do you think fully functional prosthetics are in MLP? Dash in the cutie remark timeline had a fully functional metal wing, which shows that, at least in that timeline, its possible to create metal prosthetics that are controllable by the pony they are attached to. So, do you think that's a magically enchanted prosthetic, or a mechanical prosthetic? Do you think that Its a technology or magecraft developed SOLELY in the Sombra timeline and not available in the Prime timeline? Do you think its incredibly expensive, slightly expensive or common? We've never seen any pony besides Dash have a functional part after all, even though ponies with non-functional limbs are shown to exist (like the wheelchair pony from rainbow falls), so its probably that there's a reason for them not being common. Also, how good do you think such wings are? Auto-mail like quality from FMA so they're 100% as good as normal flesh and blood ones? Clumsy and awkward and its only because dash is so good that she can fly with it?
  7. Does anyone agree that The Cutie Remark outright destroys the idea of Equestria being an utopia? The King Sombra segment alone proves this. War and death is now truly a real thing in this show and seems to outright smash the idea with a sledgehammer that Equestria is an utopia. It can fall into darkness if they aren't careful.
  8. In anticipation of the Season 5 Finale Two-Parter: The Cutie Remark, I did this little video to the Lord of the Rings: Return of the King song: Edge of Night(Pippins' Song)