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Found 95 results

  1. Okay, most of you have seen Equestria Girls and probably heard that remix of the MLP:FiM theme in the opening sequence. If not, here is a link: Anyway, my question for you all is if you liked this remix or not. Which one do you like more: this remix or the original? Vote above and put reasons below. I liked it, but I didn't really like the beginning of it. I prefer the original over it.
  2. Was planning to release this on here earlier, but forgot to do it.'s my theme for Daybreaker: Dark Sunshine. It comes with lyrics divided into two sections. It has English and Latin versions. It is based off of two themes: my theme for Celestia: I took a pipe organ piece and converted the main melody to minor, and O Fortuna, it has the same feeling as the intro and the main fast portion of the song. Lyrics: Lyrics (English) Declaration: The sun has rose New day has come To rule them all With sun fire Plan: Your new princess Has come for you Eternal flames Of wicked reign The break of day No worthless nights I have it all Now bow to me! Lyrics (Latin) Declaration Sol rosa est Novo advenisse diem, Ut praeesset eas omnia, Ignis Solis Plan Tuus nova domina Venit ad te, aeterna flammae De regnantibus impiis Et aurora Non vile nocte Habeo ei omnia, Iam arcum me! Would like to get some feedback on this piece. Note this is a completed track.
  3. The main theme of Voltex Pixel (Pony). Voltex Pixel (Pony) is an immature male unicorn pony. He is highly intellectual yet a bit shy in many situations, although he tries to be confident as much as he can. He is also very competitive and challenging, so he is always likely to try something new he never saw or tried before. Visit for full details about him!
  4. Well, the football season has officially begun. I've been a Carolina Panthers fan for a long time, and we were so close to getting into the playoffs last year. That motivated me to finish up a project I had laying Carolina Panthers Theme Song. So...I present to you: Keep Pounding (We Will Return): The Official 2018 Carolina Panthers Theme Song!
  5. (First of all, I mean I do not know English, and I'm using google translate, so I apologize for spelling mistakes.) It has been a long time (years) that I was creating a theme on youtube of my OC iGames on Stilysh, just for me to use, but yesterday I decided to publish it, I would like you to know and if you want, use it. ^-^ Here is the link to the theme: iGamesTube I'm kind of lazy, but I plan to do other youtube themes focused on mlp, not a character as unknown as my OC iGames. But I would like the opinion of everyone, what did you think of the topic? What do you think could improve? Among the various modifications, the main ones are, color changes in the fonts and buttons focused on the theme of my OC, background image, rounded edges, theater mode that occupies the entire screen, video screen with color editions and the youtube logo modified. Important tip! for the iGamesTube style to work right, youtube has to be on the dark theme! To do this, just click on the youtube profile that will have the option to change to the dark theme (from what I remember is the 6th option from top to bottom)
  6. Like many Americans back in the day, I first got into Thomas & Friends through Shining Time Station, a slice-of-life, sitcom-esque family show that ran most knowingly on PBS from 1989 through the '90s. Aside from adapting Thomas & Friends and introducing it to American audiences, it had three major hires in its run: Didi Conn, Ringo Starr, and George Carlin after Starr left. also has a very iconic intro (after George Carlin was hired) and outro, sung by Kevin Roth. I was a huge fan of this show as a kid and still am more than twenty-five years later. Earlier this year, I discovered the full theme on Soundcloud, and its calm, soothing music and vocals remain as nostalgic as ever. Have a listen:
  7. Here is the Old and New Pingu Theme on the Organ.
  8. Randomly decided to make the mashup for this. Enjoy! Sheet Music: MIDI File:
  9. Hello Everypony! Choose 3 of your favorite ponies and select a music that YOU think that should be her/his theme song. Can be instrumental or not! I'll Start: Rarity Pinkie Pie LUNA EDIT: OCs count too!
  10. Basically give a character their personal theme song. Can be a pun like Tom = Rock You Like a Hurricane - The Scorpions, or something that fits the character like Pinkie Pie = Party Hard - Andrew W.K. Twilight Sparkle - Applejack - Rainbow Dash - Rarity - Fluttershy - Pinkie Pie - add your own to the list if you want Scootaloo = I Believe I Can Fly - R. Kelly Cheerliee = Hot for Teacher - Van Halen
  11. Well here it is ladies and gentlmen. After posting a WIP for feedback, here's the final version of my Rainbow Dash theme: Ready for Anything. What do you guys think? Would love to hear critiques and stuff. Note this is a completed track
  12. So, currently composing a theme for Rainbow Dash for a contest in which the first round is finished monday. I'm on my third and final WIP for this Rainbow Dash theme. As of now, all that's left to do is add the 4th and final section of the song and then it'll be finished. I'd like some critique on what I've got so far to make sure I won't have to make too many changes. 3.wav?dl=0
  13. This is an epic theme for Gilda. What started out as a new lead sound, turned into this theme. It is divided into 3 sections: The First Encounter, The Reformation, and Friends Forever. Hope you all enjoy!
  14. I decided to practise some css for my upcoming school project I put this style out in if someone wants to test it out You can install it there by downloading stylish from I know its bit weird but i tried to put it so you dont have to scroll so much on the index page. If you want the normal index page delete everything after line 897 If you have any suggestions for improvement im happy to hear them EDIT: I changed this a bit better and removed the hovering thing It's now just a normal Purple skin =)
  15. This Thread will feature the Pony theme based on Valentine's Day. ​ These few drawings are designed using inkscape. Each one is drawn from a base I made myself. The main plan was to have six drawings of the mane 6 holding a heart which is made out of something that fits their personality with a custom background by Valentine's Day ,but I only managed to finish Pinkie Pie. But I have to finish what I have started. So over the course of the weeks, I will be submitting those drawing as I complet them. . hope you guys enjoy . ​ Pinkie's sweet affection Pinkie thinks you're a sweetie.​ I really like this one it's a nice simple design. It's totally Pinkie Pie , especially the cookie heart. I just feel that this one is a generally cute all around. I would also like to mention that I make the cutie mark from scratch, as I do with all of my art Collecting pinkies cookies? Twilight's magical affection Twilight thinks you're something magical​ The design for Twilight's drawing is actually quite the turn from the original that I had planned. Twilight herself design was the same but the background was a bit different and so with the heart. Looking back at it now I feel that the old design was better. But too bad I never got the chance to save it. In the start, I was debating whether or not the heart should be a book or or manifestation of magic - I chose the latter But none the less ,I feel this design really fits our book horse personality, wouldn't you say? When I was designing Twilight's picture I realize something traumatic... this work will be a bit more than just a recolor and a change of mane style from the next, there was a lot more that had to go into it. First of all ,for Twilight,I noticed that she looked a bit off. And then I realized she's not tall enough. So what I did was stretch her for hooves and hind legs slightly to make it fit her body type more. I also changed up her hoof placement from pinkies. I feel the placement fits her personality and her slightly longer legs more. And don't get me started on her wings. To recreate the wings. I had to make a mold out of her wings with the fill tool then stretch and shape the pieces together by scratch so that it looks like her wings are open in a more natural pose for the picture. I've then copied the wing and set it aside for future use for Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash. Do you have your library card
  16. So which movie theme song is your favourite? Personally I like the Friendship Games theme.
  17. i need help with choosing color scheme, name, and either evil or good. that's it really i can make something out of it.
  18. This here is a place where great minds can come together to create high quality OCs. Wether you have an idea for a new OC, have an existing OC that needs improvement, or just want to help others with their OCs, this is the place for you. If you would like help with an OC, feel free to ask. The goal here is to form a group of people who are comfortable working together on OCs. Please use this site's database for the creation of your OCs, links will be provided below each Weekly Theme. All criticism here MUST BE CONSTRUCTIVE, blatant insults are not welcome and will be reported. Also, alicorn OCs are OKAY, they just need to be well thought out. Each week, I will also be posting a suggested theme as inspiration for new OCs. This is NOT mandatory, it is JUST A SUGGESTION. Eventually, if we get enough people involved in this, we may even start voting on the best OC for the Weekly Theme. You will find the Weekly Theme in this post, as I will be editing it in each week. I will also post the theme as a new post so it can be seen among the recent posts as well. This way, new members can see the theme in the original post and members who are already participating in the group will see it among the new posts and their notifications. This is a relaunch of an already existing group called "OC Creation Team." The group was originally started by another member who put me in charge, but I could not edit the original post so I restarted it here. If you would like help with an OC, but you also want to stay anonymous, feel free to PM me to ask me to post your OC here for you. This way we can help you, but you aren't getting any unwanted attention. In Sickness and in Health! Now for a more interesting theme with a bit of duality. This week the theme is all about sickness. From doctors curing the ill, to mad scientists creating new ways to make their bio weapons more excruciating, we are looking for characters with a background in medical science (or perhaps magic?). Have fun! It is recommended that you use this site's Character Databases for creating your character. When you post your character here, please include a picture of your character, a link to the character's page, and a brief description of the character. If an image is not available, please be thorough in your description of the character. Click here for Everfree Empire characters (less strict, anything goes as long as it doesn't break the rules of the site) or here for Equestrian Empire characters (more strict, everything has to be believable as something that could appear in the show) Generally I will try to post a new theme at midnight Friday night going into Saturday Eastern Standard Time (USA).
  19. I hope this won't get moved from the movie section, as this is more about how the toys will influence the movie than the actual toys THEMSELVES. Specifically, what do you think the toy theme for the movie will be? Given how huge the movie is going to be, its highly doubtful they're going to just slap some extra cutie marks on them like rainbow power or Cutie mark magic and call it a day. So what style/theme do you think the toys and the movie toyline will be about? Now, what's significant here is that the toys and the show are a two way street: They each influence each other, Usually. like for example we got rainbow power for Season 4 toys and we got a meta-arc leading up to the box and rainbow power. Hasbro wanted a giant deluxe Twilight doll for the Friendship games toyline, they gave us midnight sparkle. Ect. So what do you think will go on with the movie? They will most likely want to do deluxe toys for each of the mane six rather than just make an applejack toy without any changes and stamp "Movie edition" on it, and if they make a deluxe toy they'll have to have the characters in the movie, at some point, alter their appearance to advertise those toys as tie ins. Do you see them making the mane six dress up in armor or special gear for the movie, ala Guardians of harmony? Super forms of some type for characters ala rainbow power? Ect.?
  20. This theme features a legendary synth sound crafted by the famous Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater. It is about how one starts at the bottom of the game, and rises to become victorious. Feedback is welcomed. PS. I know I need to buy a direct box for my keyboard and I'm working on that.
  21. Judging by this article on EQD, ( it seems season 6 will finally satiate that hunger for exploration I know some bronies (myself included) are craving. Now note I took this 100% at face value and have no clue of it's authenticity. How do you feel about this? Do you like the idea of exploration? Do you want it to be like current episodes and stick with the SoL-type explorations like "Made in Manehatten", or the adventure-type ones like "Griffonstone"? Or perhaps you would rather keep it in and around Ponyville? (to each their own I guess)