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Found 15 results

  1. Here is a Suite of Themes from Babar (1989) on the Organ. Enjoy. 😊 Special Thanks to My Sheet Music Transcriptions for deciding to collaborate. Their YouTube: More information about them: Special Thanks to the following patrons for supporting me on Patreon: [Ultimate Fan] Juke Denton [Moderate Fan] James Flores If you enjoy my content as much as they do and myself, then join them here:
  2. I'm not sure if this is the right forum to post it in but well.. It it art.. kinda. Post pictures of your special themes if you have any! Some pictures of my theme. Yes, the grey theme applies to websites too
  3. Note: Credit to @A.V. for linking to the trope on the EQD Forums several months ago, eventually leading me to inspiration for this thread. This thread is also connected to two other threads I created a while ago. One of S5's biggest strengths (aside from using the mane character's strengths to dominate the story at time) is telling a really mature story. When done right, it pulls no punches and tells a really compelling story with often mature and gray morals. S7 follows up that level of maturity in many episodes, too, but also adds another important element into it: not dominating one side of the conflict. Named "Both Sides Have a Point" on TV Tropes, several episodes present the audience both sides of the story and expanded upon that. Examples include: Parental Glideance: Windy and Bow sometimes act really hyper and get to the point of sometimes embarrassing Dash by accident. Can it get overbearing? Depends on your perspective. However, Scootaloo doesn't have parents around her all the time and dreams of having parents like them, because she feels neglected back home and doesn't have parents that stick around and really appreciate her. So, was Dash justified to feel upset at them for crossing the line? Yes. Was she justified to suggest disownment of them because they embarrass her? No! She really crossed a major line and showed a lack of appreciation for both their support and sacrifices. The episode and moral are right on the money. Forever Filly: Rarity's overbearing attitude was written to be in the wrong, and the motive to trigger it was really flimsy, but she has a really good point. She loves SB and wants to generate the memories that bonded them. OTOH, Sweetie Belle isn't interested in those same passions, but doesn't exactly say she's too old to abandon them altogether. She has a really important job and doesn't want to neglect it. Perfect Pear: One of the grandest daddies here. While the Pears' and Apples' tribal hatred of each other is very silly in today's world, it wasn't the case back then, both in Equestrian timeline and our own. Both families competed for supremacy and profit in Ponyville, leading to this lifelong feud. Given historical context, you can see where they come from. Additionally, so do BC and Bright: They loved each other too much for their families to separate them. But this plot presentation was used rather sparingly. Then To Change a Changeling aired, foreshadowing a major shift in the story structures for the rest of the season. Sure, TCaC could've written off Pharynx as some stereotypical throwback grump who hated change "just because" and wanted things to be the way they are. Instead, Lappin went for the high road: Pharynx hates the way the hive's run, because the Changeling kingdom is so complacent and doesn't prepare to keep the hive and its inhabitants safe. He has a very solid point, and luring the Maulwurf away doesn't guarantee their safety. When Haber returned to the show, the gray approach to conflicts took off: Daring Done?: Daring's upset from the collateral damage she caused. While the episode could've absolved her of her guilt and paint Somnambula's residents as the bad guys, DD? doesn't do that. At least, not entirely. She learns at the very end to be more aware of her actions and the consequences they may carry. Secondly, the citizens are absolutely justified to be upset at the statue being destroyed. Somnambula was so important to the town that destroying her statue comes across as a desecration of their ancestry and history. Mane Thing: Despite being told in Rarity's POV, the episode paints neither her nor the citizens of Ponyville as the bad guy. Rarity's justifiably upset for losing her mane, and thus loses her voice. She covers herself from embarrassment and says nothing, but Ponyville doesn't recognize her, consequently. A Health of Info: Twilight is absolutely right; Fluttershy needs to rest. The episode hammers in that lesson: FS catches swamp fever from Zecora, because she wouldn't sleep (shooting her immune system), while Twilight did. However, AHoI goes out of its way to make you understand Fluttershy's position. She believes she caused Zecora to catch it and would do whatever it takes to help her heal. Can you blame FS for thinking this way? Not at all. Marks and Recreation: S7's most underrated episode, outside of All Bottled Up. Rumble was the episode's antagonist, but he has very real reasons to fear getting his cutie mark. He loves everything he does, and he fears getting a mark will ruin his love for them. Rather than shooting him down, M&R justifies it: Apple Bloom loves making potions with Zecora, and Rumble asks her when she last did it. She couldn't answer. Was his approach (sabotaging the camp and making everyone bored) extreme? Yes. But his fears weren't unfounded. The climax handles his fear brilliantly: letting Thunderlane (a WB) lead the charge by giving everyone at the camp activities they love doing, and Rumble joins in. Zeppelin: Fame written correctly. The fans have a very real reason to be on the cruise and are treated like real people. Star Tracker's awkwardness wasn't excused, but he wasn't a stereotype, either; he's a kid who's eager to make an impression. Think about this. If you won the opportunity to be with someone you idolize, would you be excited or nervous, too? Probably so. Most importantly, Twilight also has a point. She joined the cruise to hope she'll spend quality time with her family, and she accepted IW's deal so she and everyone else would be happy. She was justifiably hurt when she missed a moment so dear to her, but the episode acknowledges that taking her anger out on her family and not sincerely apologizing to Star for accidentally stepping on his hoof was out of line. Rather than undergoing the clichéd result of having fun and damn everyone else, Cadance informs her that she can establish her own boundaries, and Twilight asks everyone for peace. Uncommon Bond: Starlight understandably wants to bond more with Sunburst however she could, but Sunburst also has his own pastimes and accidentally gets caught up with her closest friends instead. Starlight's magic trick (changing the scene and themselves as if they were kids) was creepy, but it's in character, and the episode doesn't demonize her or him for that. Shadow Play: The granddaddy of this presentation. SP wasn't your straightforward good-vs.-evil story, even though the villains and heroes are established. Villains aren't completely encased in a vacuum. Heroes have their flaws and missteps, turning them into fuller beings. SP presented a high-quality story where you can understand everyone's perspective. That's how gray the conflict is. The Pillars are absolutely justified to feel upset at Stygian, accuse him of trying to steal their magic, and eject him from their group. During a very dark time in Equestria, Stygian stole their priceless artifacts and told them nothing about it. It was not a magically friendly era. But Stygian is also a person. He feels worthless in their group, since he's basically Equestria's Squib. Yes, he was wrong to steal, but you can see where he's coming from. Becoming one with the Pony of Shadows gives him status equal to his ex-friends, because the PoS listened and comforted him. On the other side, Twilight's reason to release Star Swirl et al from Limbo was really short-sighted of her, but her motives were also justifiable. Star Swirl and the Pillars altogether are Equestria's most important figures, and bringing them back can help make Equestria in a safer place. Unfortunately, she completely overlooked the PoS, and SS was rightfully ticked at her for it. She was so embarrassed for what she did that she did that she'll do anything to prove to him she's no slouch or idiot. With the PoS released and Ponehnge destroyed, the Elements were needed to push him back to Limbo and keep the Realm secure. But what the RM7 knew about the PoS was the story Sunburst told them and the Pillars' side of the story. To use the Elements to banish him again stung Starlight Glimmer, a former villain. Blasting them felt so extreme and didn't go after the source of the problem. Her strength as a detective took over here, and she was able to piece together the jigsaw puzzle. Seasons four and five really brought forth a mature approach to storytelling in FIM by telling really risky and adult conflicts and attaching gray morals, but S7's presentation feels even more mature by telling really gray stories. Many earlier seasons' conflicts were mostly one-sided, although they did go to a middleground at times; whether they succeeded or not depended on the execution. So, why is it important to tell a gray story? Like telling a deep moral or theme, you're showing a respect to the audiences watching it. FIM is an all-ages, family-family program with very young kids as the base demographic. Like I wrote in one of the threads linked above, kids may not the mature brain development as adults, but they understand respect. You're not talking down to them by writing a deep, multi-sided story. High-quality, gray stories show children stories and characters don't have to be so black and white. Some of FIM's best episodes prior to S7 — like Sisterhooves, Amending Fences, Mane Attraction, Lesson Zero, Winter Wrap Up, Testing Testing, Flight, Fault, and Times — were told through a multi-sided conflict. S7B ran with this trope and was successful most of the time. The majority of S7B would not have benefited without that complex approach. So, here are some questions for those reading my thread: What episode(s) would greatly benefit by telling a multi-sided conflict than one only? How would you revise the episode to make it better? What do you feel about S7's gray approach to their stories? Do you hope Seasons 8 and beyond continue to follow through it? Do you have any possible episode ideas that could tackle a conflict while validating both or more points equally? How would you go about it? Which episodic themes do you want to see tackled in a multi-sided perspective rather than have just one shot down and ignored?
  4. Hey! I am working on a MLP RPG called "My Paper Pony" (post found here) and I composed some songs for the game. I decided to share them so that you'll be able to enjoy them. I have played piano since I was young and listened to a lot of video game-related music. Thus, I tried composing some video game music! I am a beginner, but I feel pretty satisfied of what I composed. Feel free to use them for your projects as long as you give credit. Hope you enjoy! Feedback is welcome.
  5. As of now the mane 6 had found friendship, got the elements of harmony, owned Nightmare Moon, owned Discord, owned Sombra, owned Chrysalis, owned several other minor Villains, learned quite amount of life lessons, helped other kingdoms, visited another dimension and are going to owne another villain... Not to forget the high possibility of a Baby coming soon and several other things like reformation of an former Villain, fan-service episode and countless meme and pop cultures references. Now my question is....what's left? I mean Sparkle Butt is princess of friendship now, was on many adventures and learned many life lessons and so on... But what else will come? There is S6 coming and if it turns out that the movie won't be the end...then what are they going to introduce in S7, S8, S9 or even S10? Another villain who was frozen/jailed from thousand years ago and now is suddenly free? Another lesson about "Don't be greedy!, "Don't be mean!", "Don't be stupid!"? I would love to see the show continue (until they fucked up really badly for me) but i wonder with what they will come up... Thoughts?
  6. This topic is in connection with Evolution of the Morals. If you haven't posted or read there, please participate. In the first three seasons, there were plenty of very lighthearted themes, typically slice of life. Normally, they were written solid enough to not talk down to its audience, but they're also very simple conflicts, many of which we can relate to. But there were some serious themes in those episodes: The difference between being assertive and being a bully in Putting Your Hoof Down. How phobias can literally cripple an individual and make him or her incapable of doing something. Hurricane Fluttershy developed 'Shy's trait beyond shyness and more of a basis of stage fright. One Bad Apple depicting trauma of bullying and how it can affect a victim's decision to bully. Wonderbolts Academy: Deciding whether to follow your dreams versus following your own morale. The academy isn't without faults, particularly the idea that they reward ponies based on their recklessness rather than doing it the right way. Come season four, the staff began to experience two areas: greyer morals and maturer conflicts. The mature morals and messages are in the linked topic atop. But the themes aren't as simple as before most of the time, either. Flight to the Finish: The moral is what makes you great is yourself. But the theme is what really brings this whole message home. Scootaloo looked up to Dash and idolized her, but her inability to fly causes her to doubt her worth. Rarity Takes Manhattan ties up the moral of how not to let someone's vindictive nature change who you are with plagiarism. Rarity makes the most sense for such a theme, for she's very savvy in both creation and production. When someone plagiarizes you, you sometimes don't know who to trust and assume someone close to you will also do such a thing. Bats! covers dealing with and sticking with your own morale and believing what is the right thing to do despite her five friends pushing for something that's against her ideals. Pinkie Pride has a twinge of jealousy, but it's less about it and more about how to deal with pride when someone else suddenly barges in, is more renowned for the same skillset, and can do it better than you. In a world like Equestria where you express yourself through your talents, to introduce Cheese Sandwich and prove how he can take Pinkie's talent to a much more professional level. Toils discusses jealousy, too, but in a very radical way. As Rarity becomes more and more recognized, Sweetie Belle is still growing up and doesn't have her cutie mark. So when her script and story are overshadowed by Rarity's costumes, it makes her feel very worthless. Was she wrong? Yes. But understand the continuity of the show and then feel upstaged; it's understandable why she's upset. Sometimes friends don't want to be blunt and honest because that means possibly straining and damaging their relationship, and Inspiration Manifestation covers this. Although Spike made a big mistake by not calling out Rarity for letting her wishes and creative urges take herself over, it was very understandable. Rarity felt completely insulted by how the puppeteer bashed her design for focusing on its aesthetics instead of utility. Spike was there to see it all, and he didn't want what happened between them to happen to him and her. In only a half-season, season five's themes were upped considerably. It's already self-explanatory, but The Cutie Map contains so many allegories, especially cultism and totalitarianism. But the biggest theme revolves around the concept of cutie marks. Cutie Marks are the pony's essence, but what if they give it up to join Starlight's village? Considering Double Diamond implied he joined the village willingly, it makes this theme spooky. Wherever you go, it's very difficult moving to a new home after living in your old one for so long, as evident by Castle Sweet Castle. The Golden Oak Library housed so many memories over the previous four, so to suddenly be forced to move feels a lot like a burden. She misses her old home, and the emptiness and coldness of her new place made her house less of a home than the rest of her friends. How about taking a well-known joke in the fandom and turn it into a serious discussion? Bloom & Gloom brought out some very serious fears and questions about what type of cutie mark she might receive someday. Would it be one she doesn't like? Would it not be apple-related, resulting in permanent estrangement? Tanks for the Memories: This is a simple one: the ability to grieve and be okay to grieve without discussing death. Amending Fences: One very common event many people experience in real life is the fact that you're excited to see so many of your friends and family attend an event you work hard for. Instead, most or all don't show up. This big theme can be, at least, halved: Abandonment: Moondancer worked very hard to help invite Twilight. But Twilight not only never showed up. She never said goodbye and left her past life completely behind her. Consider how MD was a social outcast and then needed to be seriously convinced by Twinkleshine, Minuette, and Lemon Hearts to even plan it. It heightens this feeling of betrayal. A betrayal of her word and trust. Reclusion: Because Twilight acted like she was worthless, MD's self-worth was broken. As a result, she turned down every single party, abandoned any positive quality she once had, and then studied without any goals to cope with the grief. Family shows almost never even mention its existence, but Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep? was an allegory of self-harm. In prior continuity, Princess Luna was forgiven by Celestia, the Mane Six, Luna, and the rest of Equestria. But there's a completely big difference between them forgiving you and you forgiving yourself. A lot of people who are depressed, cut, or both hide their visible and invisible scars in order to not drag anybody else with them. Luna used the Tantabus as a way to harm herself subconsciously, because the inability to forgive herself pained her so much. Why do so many kids cut? Because they can cope with the physical pain much more than psychological. Often, the pain that hurts the most isn't physical, but mental. In the other thread, I wrote this in my OP: Change the word from "morals" to "themes," and you get the same opinion. Like three-dimensional morals, deeper conflicts enrich Equestrian society by making it feel more and more real. Sometimes this world is too idealistic. While this is great in theory, it also damages the credibility of the world by whitewashing deep, dark, or mature conflicts that happen so often in real life. By presenting real-world, serious conflicts, kids are being told directly that they happen — sometimes more often than you think — and can really affect others, including themselves. A lot of people young and old cut themselves like Luna cut her own psyche. Will they ever experience at least one of these conflicts? If going by the "death" allegory, absolutely. They might experience conflicts not even explored in this franchise yet. But if you're going to approach a family-friendly audience, don't ignore the dark or mature stuff. Put them in and give them the respect these dilemmas deserve. For the most part, they succeed. With that, I have some questions for you, and I would love to see them answered, hopefully with a lot of depth. If you choose to answer them, please put in some effort to answering them. Of the mature themes in seasons four and five, which one is the most personal? Which one can you relate to the most? This can be on a positive or negative level. What other mature conflicts do you like to see explored in this show, whether it's in the second half of season five, season six, EQG, the movie, comics, etc.? As a bonus, how do you like to have the mature theme concept played out? In other words, what episode idea can you construct this conflict around? Of all the mature conflicts in this series (including ones not specified in this post, like the comics), which one do you love the most? Why do you love it? Is it because it's one you relate to, it's written well, doesn't ignore the implications, really connects to you on a very deep level, and so on? Which mature conflict in this series offends you the most? How and/or why were you bothered by it? Is it due to a bad moral, a series of unfortunate implications, improper character choices, the overall writing quality, or so forth?
  7. Does anypony know where I can get some MLP PSP themes? I have one but I would like some more.
  8. As some of you might know, I'm currently writing this very big fic on fimfiction that would be dealing with A LOT of issues in real life, which of course includes the haters. However, some aspects of the story is perhaps controversial for me to actually write them down. So I hope fellow bronies/pegasisters/any-intellectual-beings can tell me whether it is ok to include these aspects. This fic obviously has to be M-rated (mainly b/c realistic violence and gore) Question 1: Is it ok to use the "n word" in a fiction? I do realize this is a very offensive word but it is fairly necessary to convey the obvious theme it is trying to depict, Racism. I do have an African American in my story so this is a bit hard. So far I've been getting fairly ambiguous answers. So I'm turning to you guys. Do let me know!
  9. What is your favorite theme song from a tv show? Mine is either Full House or the extended MLP theme with all the puns
  10. Hello, I just realized that there are absolutely no ads in the IP.Board theme. Even though I've opted in to ads on my profile, and I've whitelisted MLP Forums on my adblocker, ads only display on the MLP Forums theme. In a poll I made a while back, I discovered a substantial percentage of users use the IP.Board theme, so it'd probably be worth putting ads in it to help support the site further. ~ Mitchfizz05.
  11. Hey, I finally found one of Trixie who is my favorite character. It changes as well and some of the backgrounds are rather nice to look at. This will definitely be used by me at all times. If you want to find them, then just type Trixie PS3 Themes into Google and click on the top link which will say "Great And Powerful" or something like that. If you want to add me than do so. PSN is: Cliff_Racer_562 as displayed on the images.
  12. This might just be me but I feel that a lot of more recent episodes feel really repetitive, I feel like there are only a limited number of lessons about friendship to be learnt, and everything else is just a slight variation from said lesson. I feel like the show should have more variety in terms of events, at the moment it feels very limited as most of the show takes place in ponyville or around there and ponyville is relatively small. It would be nice seeing other places in equestria and maybe that will open up more variety in characters and their personality or different lifestyles. We could also see how different creatures live like we've seen dragons living amongst themselves, but that would also opens how more variety. Well atleast that's what I think. Again this might just be me, but what do you think about it?

    More Themes?

    I have noticed on the little footer of the web site that we only have 3 main themes, the regular theme, the IPS theme, and the mobile theme (not really a theme though). I'd like to ask if there are going to possible be any pony-oriented themes (Rarity, Pinkie Pie, etc.) that might make the site richer and more customizable.
  14. With Season Two at an end and a long dry summer ahead, maintaining therapeutic pony levels can be challenging. While the MLP community is loaded with an amazing number of creative, talented, artistic people capable of producing stacks of high-quality pony-related fan material, there's still no substitute for the Real Thing. Thus we are faced with rewatching episodes of Friendship is Magic until the ponies return to us once again this fall ("pony season"?). We all have our favorite episodes, and I know I watch mine quite a lot. However, variety is the spice of life, and I've been pondering how best to shake things up and keep my pony viewing experience as fresh as possible. Enter Rewatch Themes. The concept is simple: planning a set of Friendship is Magic episodes based on a theme. Granted, the idea is nothing new, and though I didn't find another thread about this, it wouldn't surprise me if there were several. I'm sure other fans already do this. Be that as it may, I think it would be fun to share our ideas for rewatching the show and see what we come up with. As an example, I've been finding myself in something of a Pinkie Pie mood lately, so I'm planning a "Pinkie run" of Pinkie-centered episodes, or episodes with a lot of Pinkie in them. Here's the plan: ponyvangelist's Pinkie Pie Rewatch Theme v1.0 MLPS01E05 "Griffon the Brush-Off" MLPS01E15 "Feeling Pinkie Keen" MLPS01E20 "Green Isn't Your Color" (Pinkie's ForEHHHHHHVER side plot.) MLPS01E25 "Party of One" (The episode that turned me into a Pinkie fan, especially "Pinkamena".) MLPS02E13 "Baby Cakes" MLPS02E18 "A Friend in Deed" (The episode that turned EVERYONE into a Pinkie fan.) MLPS02E24 "MMMystery on the Friendship Express" (Inspector Pinkie. 'Nuff said.) That's a lot of Pinkie, and I probably won't watch them all in one day (yeah, I say that now), but those seven episodes should be enough to give even the most diehard fan a nice Pinkie fix. So, what kind of rewatch themes do you have planned?