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Found 17 results

  1. (Version 2.0 is the newest and latest revision of my Organ Cover of this song. Please check that one out.) I made this a few months ago. So I would like to share this with you guys. I hope you like it. And no, I did not copy off Music By Octavia! I made this to be extremely close to the original song. And if anypony is interested, here is the link to the sheet music: The post with Version 2.0 is here.
  2. Hey y'all! It would be an honor if you could check out my analysis. I have been doing drawn analysis for a couple months and just stepped into the realm of video analysis! It's all hand-drawn. For the first one, I decided to take advantage of the audio aspect and do a top 5 songs. But I couldn't resist singing along XD I hope you enjoy the thoughts, the drawings, and the singing!
  3. It is I, Chrysalis, Queen of the Changelings! I have come to fee- I mean, take your questions and answer them, yes that, yes. In time, I will gain enough enough power once again not just to attack Canterlot, but ALL of Equestria! However, until that time comes, I will have to steadily gain power, and what better place than here, the most lovable forums on the internet? It's the perfect plan, now ask away and ask frequently, I demand it! I am willing to answer any and all questions, to distract you from- well I mean, I think you guys are all curious about me right? Author's note: My ask threads have been doubled! I can't believe we don't have an ask thread for our favorite cheese snack Queen! Defer all liabilities to my attorney. Offer subject to change without notice. Returns only valid within 10 seconds flat with proof of 20% fraudulence.
  4. Well, hi there! I just made my first cover of an FiM song, well, actually my first cover ever. I think I did a really good job, and I'm hoping that you guys could give me your opinions! This is one of my favorite songs of the show, and I'm happy that it was the first song I covered. So, please give it a try, and if you like it, subscribe to my Youtube channel, cause I'm hoping to do more of these in the future! Link:
  5. Hey everypony!!!! /) So I decided to draw my third favorite princess(I love all of em') Mi Amore Cadenza!!!! This took me quite a long while to make, so I hope it looks okay!!!! Please, tell me what you think!!!! :-D :-D
  6. Hi guys, it's me making another topic again. I was unsure as to whether we were or weren't allowed to post another topic in the same week or something (I don't want you to think I'm spamming) but I read the rules again and found there wasn't anything about that. But I have something new for everyone, and I did a song dub/cover of This Day Aria Please be sure to read the video description if you can (or if you're bothered). I made quite a bit of commentary that may have addressed anything you were concerned about or questions etc. Enjoy and thanks for watching Have a pony-ful day! xD P.S. I hope this is the right place to put this topic...
  7. Okay, so something super weird happened to me in the car yesterday on the way back from my ski trip. I was sleeping listening to the song "This Day Aria", a piano version made by myself. Anyway, as I was sleeping, I was thinking about what it would be like to have a pet changeling. I envisioned one laying on my lap sleeping. I felt it's warm body on my lap. I was gently stroking it as I was sleeping. I could feel its smooth texture across my hands. Then, I touch a spot on its wing, my finger quickly twitched and then I woke. Could this perhaps be a lucid dream?
  8. this video has been removed by me, so I wanted to delete this post. I couldn't find a way to delete the whole thread, so I just deleted the videos.
  9. Here's a mini thing I did with this gal I met on youtube. I wrote the lyrics (just adapted "This Night Aria") and she sang. As you can hopefully tell, this is a song about Princess Luna becoming Nightmare Moon
  10. Not is perfect but I did my best with Luka's engrish y_y Try to be polite.... I spent a lot of hours trying to make a good timing - good pronunciation, but it's hard for me...after all this isn't my mother language VSQ by me from scratch MLP belongs to hasbro and the clips are from hub DL in YouTube descripcion. I hope you like it PD:Yep the laugh in the end is ....xD
  11. I made this only for fun. And sorry for my weird pronunciation, but well I hope you like it (and also sorry for the quality, with more -like 720p- yt are a troll with me sometimes). I need to memorize the lyric of "this day aria", I want to sing it too...
  12. Exactly what the title says! if you have a tweaked version of any verse, or even the whole song, be creative and tell! It's my favorite song, true, but it's more than probable that it has the most tweakable lyrics out of all pony songs XD. Here's one I said for life, posted a few minutes ago in a topic, and could probably be applied for many, many occasions. "This day has not been perfect The kind of day I didn't dream when I was small So instead of celebrating, I find myself just breaking Why life can't be nice for once and stop being such a bitch~" Yeah, I'm pretty sure this can be used and singed by many XD.
  13. I've seen many people talking about this. Everyone is saying that this song would be something that would come from Disney studios. But they don't say why. They just say that it looks like. No reasons spoken at all. It just reminds of Disney. Well in my opinion... I think This Day Aria is a epic song. I don't mean epic by beeing awesome. I mean epic of the kind of instruments used and the way they are used and the way it sounds like. And that epicness is very recognizable in other Disney songs. Also, the drama and many more things which I can't remember now because I am a little tired from the day I had today... Ugh~ Well I want to know if you guys thnik the same way I do. Tell me your opinions and if I am right or wrong. I really don't care if I am wrong. So, post your opinions! ;D
  14. So I heard this really cool male version of This Day Aria and had to sing it. Check it out below
  15. This is highly humiliating. Some friend of mine challenged me to do it in Japanese. I will NEVER do this again. Its for NNL, and Crispy as well since they approved. ~_~
  16. I don't really like Cadance's parts but I love Chrysalis's parts. I would love comments and advice on getting better. ^^