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  1. When I think about fandoms, I think about not only the controversy and theories these fandoms bring up, but I also look at the reasons why we join such groups. Is it for attention and popularity. Is it to seek others with similar interests, or is it something more? Me persoanaly, I see people in the fandoms I join as family. I look beyond what makes them different and treat them as individuals. While we will always have a few classic and expected black sheep, even they play a role in what our fandoms are. I love am one who has been open minded since I began to walk a path spirituality and I've began to see the pros and cons of our world. Fandoms are by far more a positive thing than a negative thing when it comes to what we like and enjoy. We all are together in liking something similarly, if not entirely. Yes fandom war will break out but they rarely harm anything other then the pride and ego of those that do battle. It's not like we all will become unibombers and destroy the world for not seeing our vision. That is what makes me pissed off about those who refuse to understand fandoms. It's a fear of the unknown. No I'm not saying all who are not fond of certain fandoms are bad. Oh no. That is something we as people part of a fandom and those that are not part of one need to understand. Well, enough of my rambling. What do you think? Why did you join the fandoms you did? I kinda gave you my reasoning and a bit of a rant on the basis of fandom. Sorry, I didn't intend on it taking this long.