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Found 5 results

  1. Apparently on the WMG Page of TV Tropes. The reason why Infinity Ward split and Jason West and Vince Zampella founded Respawn, the makers of Titanfall. Is because the M40A3 in Call of Duty 4 was inaccurate. Is it true that it's illegal for a one round at a time reload weapon that is not a shotgun or rocket launcher that was made after WWII in a video game? Apparently Infinity Ward split because Activision bribed the authorities to keep the weapon in the game. Is this true?
  2. Hello and welcome to the Titanfall Discussion topic. Here you can obviously discuss titanfall, where you can perhaps set up private matches with fellow fans and play some Mech V Mech battles. Right now lets get started
  3. Hello everyone! I just got Titanfall the other day (holy heck it's like 60 GB) and I was wondering if there is anyone here who plays Titanfall on the PC? The matchmaking isn't that great and it'd be nice to get a little team together and share tips and whatnot. For reference my Origin ID is 'tenorsounds'.
  4. I have no pony friends to play games with pls halp. Gamertag is Cheesythumbs. Anyone? P.S. I only have Titanfall on Xbox one but have alot on 360 and will be getting more soon. Would like if you had a mic, but you don't need to. Am I breaking a forum rule by doing this? I feel like this is supposed to go somewhere else that I don't know about. Ah, fuck it. gooby pls add
  5. About The EQSC: The Equestria Space Command is a Friendly, non-competitive Halo Clan where Bronies and Pegasisters can get together and Play games such as: the Halo franchise, Destiny, Titanfall and many more. We Do NOT require our members to change their gamertags, Armour, Service tag or Emblem to join, neither do we check on your K/D Ratio or percentage for completed games. Join Requirements: You must own An Xbox 360/Xbox one Console with an Xbox live membership A copy of any of the said games above Must be A Brony or Pegasister Code Of Conduct All members and admins of the EQSC must follow these rules at all times! Bullying of users inside or outside the clan will not be tolerated. (Teasing or Trolling is an exception to this rule but there is a limit to it) Any drama that involves members inside or outside the EQSC will not be tolerated. This includes trying to make forum threads that are specifically designed to humiliate/embarrass/upset another member of the clan. Do not post NSFW content outside the NSFW forum. If you are part of another clan, do not advertise your clan on the EQSC website. We also do not have tolerance towards users advertising the EQSC on the websites of other clans. Respect the words of the Admins. Their decisions are final and have every right to change their decision. We also have some rules for signing up to the clan. Please answer all questions honestly. The community won't trample you if you're different. If you are a member of another clan, please consult with a member or admin of your clan so that they are aware of your membership with the EQSC. Non-Bronies will not be accepted due to the fact that the EQSC is a gaming community for members of the Brony fandom. (Please do not be offended if you are rejected by one of our admins for not being a brony. If you are and you accidentally said 'No' when you meant 'Yes', just submit the form again. If you are not a brony but can get along with bronies well, please state that, we may make an exception for you.) Anti-Bronies are prohibited from joining the clan for the safety and welfare of the EQSC community. (NOTE: We do not hate users who are not Bronies.) Users who break the Code of Conduct will be given a private message from the Admin concerned. This also comes with a point system for users that come with a consequence. The Equestrian Academy The Equestria Academy was founded by DaScottishBrony in February 2014 as a community for Bronies and RWBY fans alike. The idea originally came from the high amount of RWBY fans within ally clan Equestria Space Command (A Halo clan for Bronies owned by TSRookie195). A number of existing EQSC members joined the Equestria Academy to help the community get off the ground. Code of Conduct To keep the Equestria Academy experience a pleasant one, we need rules and for our members to follow them. Here is the Equestria Academy Code of Conduct and Joining Requirements Join Requirements To join the Equestria Academy, you will be required to fill in the application form on the Recruitment page and you must pass the following criteria: An Online Gaming profile on Steam, Xbox Live and/or PlayStation Network You MUST be a Brony/Pegasister OR a fan of Rooster Teeth's RWBY. (We accept anyone who is a Brony, a fan of RWBY or both. We will not exclude members that only has one of our passions.) There are no specific games and platforms we support. Code of Conduct Members and Admins of the Equestria Academy are required to follow these rules at all times: Bullying and Trolling of other users inside and outside the clan will not be tolerated. Do not post NSFW content outside the NSFW Forum on the Equestria Academy Forums. Do not advertise the Equestria Academy on the websites of other clans and/or communities. If you belong to another community, do not advertise your clan/community on the Equestria Academy website. Respect the words of the Equestria Academy Admins. Their word is final and they reserve the right to change their decision at any time they desire. Rules for Applying to the Equestria Academy are on the Recruitment Form on our Recruitment Page. EQSC Clan Page The Equestrian Academy Page