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Found 12 results

  1. Not sure if anypony has done this yet, but it's a game I really enjoyed in some past forums. In this game you have to use one word of the previous song title to use in the new song title. While you don't have to, bolding the word from the previous song would be helpful Example: "Back In Black" by AC/DC "Black Sheep" by Metric "Sheep Go To Heaven" by CAKE "Monkey Gone To Heaven" by The Pixies "Gone Away" by The Offspring ....and so on and so forth. UPDATE: No just using the word in part of your response, like such: "Mother" by Danzig "Motherboard" by Daft Punk This does not count However, the following is okay: "Let Forever Be" by The Chemical Brothers "Let's Go Crazy" by Prince And The Revolution Now let's start with the following song: "Welcome To Paradise" by Green Day
  2. This has probably already been brought up, but it is something that has confused me highly. So you have Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Princess Cadence, all rulers of their respective places. Great, that's awesome. Questions though arise for me. Why is Princess Celestia and Luna not Queens? To be a Princess means you are the daughter of the King and Queen, where are they? Obviously from what we can glean, they have passed away. They are never shown, nor really talked about (unless somewhere in the comics, to which I am not privy too unfortunately, so please educate me if this is so). On the same page? Great. SO, if the King and Queen pass away, that makes the become a Queen. So why is it not Queen Celestia and Queen Luna? Or since Celestia is the older of the two, Queen Celestia and her sister Princess Luna? Why have the titles not changed? Now we also have Queen Chrysalis, which is explicitly stated, obviously, as a Queen. Why is she given the title of Queen and Celestia and Luna, and even Cadence, are not? It should even been King Shining Armour and Queen Cadence, but again, this is not so. You'll also notice King Sombra kept his Kingly title, and turned out evil, even if in the comics, he started off as "good". We have good Kings then, but hardly ever, IF ever... GOOD Queens. There has been a theory put forth called, aptly "The Princess Theory" and what it tackles is the issue as to why female main characters in certain things are called Princess without the knowledge of the whereabouts of their parents, either they are not mentioned or it is made clear that they are dead. That would boost the character up to QUEEN, but it never happens. Why? The theory goes that little girls like the idea of "Princess" because of what it denotes. Royalty, status, special treatment, yet kindness, care, beauty, and above all: YOUTH. Queen means older and MORE RESPONSIBILITY. Little girls (Disney and society assumes) wants all the perks of royalty but not the RESPONSIBILITY of a nation like a Queen has. It's less desireable to a young child to have responsibility. Disney has had a ban run, (if you notice) of making Princesses the "good guys" and all the Queens "bad guys". Have you noticed this? Queen has become almost equal to "bad guy". The EVIL Queen, trope. This has become so engraved into movie and story pop culture it's become an unfortuante staple. So therefore, in MLP, they don't call the "good guys" Queens. Notice, QUEEN CHRYSALIS.=EVIL. PRINCESS CELESTIA/LUNA/CADENCE=GOOD Why cant we break this cycle? Why cant we respect and honour the actual royal titles? Why can't a Queen be good? Why is age, wisdom and resposibility taugh to young girls (and even boys!) as undesirable? Why can't this become a positive? Thoughts?
  3. I've read somewhere that a change is coming to the, post ranks, this is along those lines I think that it would be a good idea to change the pony and above ranks to another names, such a philly, mare, colt, elder (you know ages) or somthing like that so that veteran users could pick her pony image. for e.g I love pegasus as a race and when I attain that title (in a long time from now) I want that title but eventually I'll gain the Unicorn title somthing I dont want. just a suggestion when the changes are looked at.
  4. I'll start: Batmare Begins, The Dark Niegh, and Edward Scissorhooves.
  5. (Jezz I really need to learn to make decent titles ;p.) Ahem, so, I did this a couple weeks ago now I believe(i forget exactly how long, but it was the same day I did the "Bats" cover if I remember.) and I finally decided to upload it here, since I had it lying around. Since this was done on the same day as the "Bats" cover I didn't spend as much time with it as I probably could have, and thus I honestly think it isn't that impressive, and I could have done better, but it wasn't necessarily terrible, so I figured I'd upload it, because afterall, this is a blog just for my cover attempts, both good and bad really. If you've known me long enough here, you'll actually know that I've done a cover of "Celestia's Ballad" before, and it's on my other Blog somewheres, and on my Soundcloud I believe, but I decided to do another cover, because it's been over a year since that cover, and I'd like to think I'm a much better vocalist then I was then. Plus my mic quality issues are less abundant, and overall things are much cleaner for multiple reasons. Like I said, not the best I probably could've done, I got a bit lazy on some of the ennuciations, and I still think the last note is kinda dirty, and there are other things scattered around, but it was atleast in my opinion an improvement over the last time I covered this, which is good enough atleast. Who knows, maybe i'll re-re-cover this sometime, and do it better, I could realistically re-do any of the covers i've done multiple times considering that this is a blog for cover attempts realistically ;p. Anyways, I'll let you guys listen and analyze and critique, and finish with my rambling. The recording was done the same as always, in Audacity, using my Blue Snowball mic(which I still think is a bit disappointing as a mic.) and I only edited it by removing the noise. (Well as much as I could without messing things up to much.) So hopefully you all enjoy! Oh, and after you listen to that, or before if you dare, you can listen to the first time I did this over a year ago, the instrumental isn't in this, and there's a bunch of noise because I didn't know how to audacity back then, but if you'd like to listen for comparative or referential purposes, or just to make fun of me or something, feel free! Have a great day you guys!
  6. On Blue Oyster Cult's first album, there is a song called "Then Came The Last Days Of May". The song itself, while decent, is nothing to fawn over. But the title has always stuck with me. It's dramatic and ominous. Like a snippet from an amazing story. That's my favorite song title. My birthday, coincidentally, is also one of the last days of May. But I digress. What's your favorite?
  7. Hi, i was just thinking about it, and i was curious if it was a possibility that the opening scene in season 4 will change now that twilight is an alicorn because she isn't in the theme song. so, do you think they might change it?
  8. This has probably been discussed before, but hell if that search actually ever worked for me. There should be a way to delete your member title even after your membership period is over. I took advantage of the forum's birthday event where everybody gained subscriber perks for a week and changed my member title, which seemed like a funny and intelligent idea. It wasn't. Now, looking through, I don't think that there is a way to reverse this. Unless it's something blatantly obvious because I usually miss those blatantly obvious things.
  9. Hey everypony. I know very well that this has been done before but I tried it anyway. This is the intro theme remixed in 8-bit chiptune style (not completely 8 bit). I did it on my 3ds. Check it out and LMK if you like it. Thanks!!!
  10. Give a matching title to the person above you with [noun][verb]er format! Example: Luke Skywalker Shina the Skyrender Atea the Puddingeater Jason the Fridgestealer Be creative! P.S. The 'the' is optional
  11. Instead of having the titles we have now (E.g Muffin,blank flank,Brony,etc) We Could Have a new, updated version of then (E.g Filly,God tier,Artist,ect) I can send feld0 the new things and see if he approves of them. We Can Have More than one at a time! I Have all of them at the ready! (Mods can you please send this to canterlot castle ASAP) Have a nice day and if your new Welcome to the herd!
  12. Okay, so the object of this game is to, as the name states, speak only in song titles. HOWEVER, you must make legible sense, or at least as close to legible sense as you possibly can. I'll start things off: Take On Me